Rumblings – Chapter Ninety

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It’s a touchy subject this thing of girls dating foreign men but guess what South African men, you don’t own us! That’s what most of these men don’t get. They behave as though we belong to them and the answer is no! As a woman I will date whoever I want to date and from what ever country I choose! You would think educated suburban people would recognise that but Lunga clearly had not. I thought he would run after us but I guess the bill was on him so he had to settle that first. For Aurelia though it meant she had avoided her boyfriend and sugardaddy bumping into each other in her presence in one stroke. Well played. We met Zama and Essien outside and she immediately said,

“We having serious network issues and now we can’t get hold of his parents!”

It was not necessary to explain. I told her we were leaving. She asked me why so soon and I avoided answering. I just wanted to go home though because it had been a long day. I also had to prepare for work since with all that had happened I had almost forgotten that tomorrow was my first day. I should be excited but I was not. My mother had ruined it for me.

“When are you coming to visit us? You used to sleep over by Zamas place all the time when we were just dating but now that we making official you no longer want?”

Essien asked with a smile on his face but I know he was not joking. It’s true, when they dated Zama was my best friend in the whole world. How could I tell him now though that it was because that she had slept with Mudenda which also meant that she had cheated on him. I opened my mouth to speak and I think Zama thought I was about to speak the truth because she jumped in and said,

“Why are you putting her on the spot like that? Faith and I are cool.”

I would never have done that to her though meaning she did not trust what I would tell Essien. it was awkward.

“I will come as soon as Zama says come but you can’t be there Essien as we need to do girl stuff!”

I said to him and he laughed. We had a cordial goodbye and Aurelia said she was going home. She wanted peace. Still Lunga had not come out. I guess they were wiping him down. He deserves it though. Thulare and I walked to his car. I was so exhausted. He told me that his mother was sick and he had to go see her the following day after work. She was in hospital and today he had not gone because they were having a prayer meeting so he was not about that life. I am that religious either but I do appreciate a man who believes in something though. It just creates stability. We got into the car and he said that next time I would drive because he was not signing up to drive me around all the time.

“I really had fun today!”

Thulare said as we stood outside my house. Deep inside I was praying that he did not try to kiss me because even now I did not like him like that. Tidimalo had been right, I needed to fix myself first before I could even try to get something out of other people. He said he had to go and opened his arms up for a hug,

“I also had a good time. Please check up on me tomorrow I am so nervous!”

I reminded him. That was my way of saying call me please. I did not want to be obvious so I gave him something to work with. He said he would call and asked for me to go back inside so he can drive away. I was not sure what he meant until he said he wanted to make sure that I got in safely. That was sweet. I walked away with him staring at me and joked saying,

“Don’t look at my ass!”

Of which he laughed and said it was too late as I was throwing it around like that as I walked. He really was nice. When I walked in I gave my sister the meat I had brought back from the Centurion. She loved it and asked me how things had gone with mum who was already sleeping or rather in her room. I told her not good at all but I will talk to her after I hold Amo because I had missed him so much. She said Amo was in mums room and I knew this was my my mum’s attempt of making sure that when I walked in I talk to her. She said she was done with the envelopes and she never wanted to see another envelope again. Now all she wanted to do was get paid. I was actually proud of her for stuffing all those by herself. I went and knocked on my mothers bedroom and she said come in. When I entered she was reading a book and Amo was playing next to her.

“I was worried you would come back after I was asleep. Sit down let’s talk!”

She said to me! I didn’t disobey,

“I know you don’t like the decision made but am only trying to protect you. Things have gotten way out of hand and now we are denying Amo the best in life because of this. You did not make this baby alone no matter what you tell yourself so help me help you do the right thing!”

She said to me with a smile. I again tried to explain why this was not a good idea but I concluded that I would do it for her just so she know I was not disobeying her. She then sent me to get her purse. She gave me r300 and said it was for transport and lunch for the whole week and also said,

“Take out my Edgars card. You must go shop for clothes for work. Your budget is r1500!”

She said. I wanted to cry. My mother is a nurse and people who know nurses know that they don’t earn that much. With that salary she had given us a home and education and here she was again. This is another reason why it was so hard to disobey her. Now I really had to go on that trip.

“Lunga came to my place to apologise. All is cool now!”

That was the text I got from Aurelia but that’s what she did not get, all was not cool, not by a long shot! I called her!

“Aurelia how long are you going to leave like this?”

I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

She asked back as though clueless about what am talking about.

“Look at us, we are ducking and diving in restaurants as though we are common people. Is that normal to you?”

The word “common” was carefully chosen because it was what she used for “ratchet” and I know it sunk deep. Girls like Aurelia readily laugh at other people who do exactly what she is doing but hardly ever take responsibility for their actions. To her every one else was worse than her and she was just a victim of circumstances whilst all those other people had brought this upon themselves.

“I will handle it ok!”

She snapped at me!

“Why are you snapping now? You knew at some point we had to have this conversation? Did you have an abortion?”

I asked her. She thought I had forgotten the part she had said itss taken care of to me! What did she mean by that? Now I wanted to know!

“You are a fine one to talk! When I said don’t take the job from Lunga’s dad you refused to listen even after he had hit me! Now you want to act holier than thou as though you did not put me in a situation where I can’t dump him without risking your job! What should I do under those circumstances?”

Ouch! That was a low blow but a true one. Getting a job is hard and I needed this job. It’s not even about being selfish buut I had a child that needed to eat and it’s not like I had options. You know when government tells us women that if you have an STE (Sexually Transmitted Employment) you must come and report so that the person chowing you for you to retain your job can be arrested, they forget to tell you where you will get your next job! Only employed people laugh at you but to the rest of the unemployed itss a whole different story. He was not even chowing me that’s the funny part yet I felt guilty.

“You know that’s not how I meant it but you are heading for trouble. When this blows up Aurelia it will be bad! I told you to stay away from his wife, you didn’t listen, his son, you didn’t listen, him you also didn’t listen! Yes you are right you told me not to take the job but one day have a child when you are unemployed and your only option is SASSA then you will understand why if that man had asked me to suck his dick to get the contract signed I would have done it gladly!”

I said losing my temper. She was now blaming me for trying to advise. She was right yes but also wrong in that she needed advice badly yet kept making excuses.

“Goodnight Faith!”

She said and before I could even reply she hung up. She was angry at me. I don’t think I was being ungrateful though because under the circumstances she needed to stop. I went to bed angry.

In the morning though I had to be positive. I did not want any distractions because this was going to be the biggest day of my life, first day of work. We can all go to school but that does not mean we can all get a job. Never forget that. Maybe it was the excitement but 4 O’clock I was up yet I lived 20minutes away on a route that hardly ever had traffic. On a day like this you don’t take a taxi, hell no. My sister was even given the big car, my mum’s car to drop me off. She was working the night shift. Work starts at 8am but by 7:10am I was there and guess what, the office was locked. The receptionist only arrived later after 8am and laughed at me. Lunga arrived with his father but he was not looking at me in the eye for some reason. There were more people in the offices as well. All in all the company the company had about 15 people.

“Faith come to my office please!”

My boss said after we were given a desk. We were sharing and Lunga was told by his father he was starting from the bottom so that he could understand the business. There would be no special favors.
“A man has to work and show that he can earn a living to take care of his family.”

That was the pep talk he got. I wanted to ask him, what about a woman but obviously I did not. When I got to the office he closed his door and said I should sit. He sat down on his side and said,

“I need you to tell me what’s going on between Lunga and Aurelia.”

He said sternly.

“I have no idea sir! They are friends I guess I don’t know!”

He was not buying it.

“Lie to me again and you are fired!”

First day already!


*****The End****

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  1. I’m confused now, what was happening when Faith and Lunga first met?! Wasn’t it her first at work?! And when Faith was offered a lift and lunch by Lunga!! Can you please explain to me Mike.

  2. deja vu? I am confused… I thought her first day at work was when she called Lunga a son of a bitch with the boss listening?

  3. Hi Guys
    Since there is no questions.
    Can we look at the HIV Forums and make comments there on any issues that you can think of. You don’t need to be an expert, but you must share your “ignorance” so that information is shared as you may never know whom you will help.

    I tried to make my comments on few matters earlier today, so it is your turn.

  4. Thank u Mike and the team. your work keeps me from doing mine lol

    finding a job is hard siyavuma mara hai kanje. lol manje uzophilela ama threats? nonsense.
    Faith must take her own advise and cut all ties with these people.

    and another thing Mike, can u please bring Judith to life. I would like to know her better as a person rather than just Faith’s support system. I mean she’s even driving her around now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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