Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Two

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Have you ever read those whatsapp forwards which say, “If you don’t forward this to 15 people you will die!”? Yes those ones, a lot of people actually believe them. No joke. Usually they are preceded by such a beautiful prayer which makes you sit up and appreciate. No one ever questions who wrote it but clearly Jesus must have Whatsapp if he knows who to kill for not forwarding it. Funny enough, that is what it means to be a single mom especially at the beginning. When your baby daddy who has resources threatens to take your baby away you actually believe him because much much as you say you will fight for your child, with what? No matter who tells you what and when, money makes the world go round. Yeah every now an again we allow ourselves to dream that there are things more important than money but who are we kidding? Oscar Pistorius is going home not because he is innocent but because his money saved his ass so yeah keep telling yourself that money is not that important! My boss had made it clear that they were no off days especially if you are new the way I was. I had to go to this maintenance court if it killed me. Being a woman at times is punishment!

“What’s wrong?”

Lunga asked me with a concerned look on his face. I guess the shock of what Mudenda had just said had revealed itself there.

“It’s the father of my child. He wants to take my baby away!”

I told him with a defeated voice. You cannot expect people who do not have kids to understand what it means to have this happen to you.

“I am sorry to hear that but I am sure you can fight for it!”

He said. I knew he was being sincere but I ddont think he understood. I felt like calling Tidimalo right about now for advice as I was about to burst into tears. Orapeleng arrived and said we wwere going to the factory to see how the process works and she. Needed to introduce us to the sales team. Now was not the time for a road trip, I needed to fix my things.

“Can I drive my own car, I will follow you guys from behind!”

Lunga said. Orapeleng said a snappy no and explained how for all company related business we use the company Quantam as it was part of the marketing. It had all the branding and insignia of the company. Lunga looked in discomfort. I guess he was so used to driving himself that being driven in a taxi was not his thing. It was not just our team that was going. Another three people were coming with us but they were there for different reasons all together.

I sent Tidimallo a message telling him what Mudenda had just said. He did not respond. I realized that telling Thulare would only make him think I had too much baggage meaning I would drive him away.

“Faith, I see your personal life is keeping you busy must we stop the car and drop you off here?”

I heard Orapeleng say in the distance. She was right my mind was so far away. She had been explaining some things and I totally missed it.

“I am sorry I got distracted!”

I said in response and she snapped,

“Well pay attention! I am not here to baby sit either of you!”

I was so embarrassed. The other people in the taxi who had introduced themselves Portia, Boipelo and Shami. The driver and Lunga were the only guys with Lunga sitting in the front. The girls laughed at what she had just said giving me my first taste of office politics.

“Some of us didn’t get our jobs because we screwing the boss!”

One of the girls said and they laughed. Thank God Lunga was there because he turned aand said,

“Say that again!”

The girl who had said it, Boipelo, said out loud,

“Why are you protecting her? Girls like this bring other girls down. Some of us work our butt’s off and she rocks in here and gets favours! You know I picked up after everyone for six months before I could even be allowed to look at a project. Look at you?”

She said to me with so much disdain I could literally touch it.

“It’s my first day too so do you think the same about me?”

Lunga asked her,

“Ok guys calm do…”

“No Orapeleng shut up!”

Boipelo was one of those ‘I know my rights’ kind of girl and instead of listening to Orapeleng she continued!

“You protecting her like she is your sister or girlfriend. In the work place we look out for each other and don’t get ahead because we can suck dick better than the next girl nor because we can open our legs faster than the next! Sies!”

She said mimicking a spit,

“But what makes you think I am sleeping with him? What gives you the right to say that?”

I asked her and at this stage all her friends were giving me looks.

“No girls wind it down. It’s done Boipelo come on. We all don’t make the same life choices so drop it.”

Lunga was not done though. He went after Boipelo,

“What is it you saw? You have all the answers and you are both judge and executioner!”

He said glaring and she laughed and mocked him saying,

“Look at this little boy trying to impress a boss that’s. Not even there. Little does he know that most male stuff get fired. How many guys did you see in the office? What do you think happened to them?”

The girls laughed,

“You talk too much Boipelo, drop it!”

It’s funny but actually I had not noticed that there were way more females than male at the office. He was definitely complying with BBBEEE requirements that’s for sure.

“I was just putting this little boy into his place!”

I got my chance,

“Well this little boys father happens to be the very man you call boss and are insulting!”

I said out loud. You could hear a pin drop. I was surprised because I thought Orapeleng had known. She acted like earlier on.

“I… I… didn’t know. Shit!”

Boipelo said and not one of her friends backed her up. Not even the feisty Orapeleng. Getting a job is as hard as getting a man to marry you in this country. It’s damn near impossible and every girl in this company car knew this. They had not realized that there was a potential spy amongst them. I started whistling because oh well, what else could I do. The tune,

“His got the whole world, in His Hands…”

I don’t know why it just came to me but it felt appropriate to remind Boipelo that Lunga’s dad owned her ass and for this moment, as long as she was under his employ, she was to worship him! With all that had happened though it was so tense in the car. When we got there the taxi was super quiet.

“There is load shedding unfortunately guys meaning that what we need we can’t get now! We have two hours to kill!”

Orapeleng said. She could not look him in the eye though. She went to speak to the girls leaving us together.

“I don’t like the way that girl spoke to you. That was uncalled for and she made you seem cheap and easy! You are my friend and I will never be comfortable around her!”

He said looking her. She kept on looking down but I could see she was looking at us. I was not expecting that from but what’s worse, his father was paying me to seduce him. I felt so cheap. A part of me wished he was just saying this to make me help him get back in Aurelia’s good books I don’t know.

“Don’t report her. Imagine the tension in the office if you do? Everyone will hate you and us! Let’s go make peace”

I cautioned him. I had to convince him even further but eventually he agreed and we walked back to the girls. They were surprised when we got there and went quiet.

“I am not going to report you! it was never my intention anyway. Yes he is my father and I am one of the workers just like you. Contrary to what you think Faith is not sleeping with my dad either. I know his mistresses!”

He said so casually. The girls I think we’re confused by this because no one responded. I got an sms at that moment. It was from his father. Now I was so ashamed.

“I won’t be in the office when you get back. I have put the money in your desk. Do not let me down. I want results!”

This man was serious. I walked away and called Aurelia. She needed to know what was happening.

“Hi, it’s Refiloe, Aurelia is in fittings. Will tell her to call you when we are done!”

This girl doesn’t listen! I am tired of begging someone to listen!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good Day Mike,

I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you for reading my letter.

I have a 12year old son whom his father only sends money when I threaten him or report him to his bosses.

My problem is that he is a Mozambican citizen, we met when we were studying together. I would like to know if is there a way that I can get him to support his child through the court even though he is outside the country?

I have asked around before but told that due to jurisdiction, the court cannot get him to pay maintenance. His parents used to send some money for school fees (which happened for a few months) and because of his lack of responsibility they stopped helping him with that. Beginning of last year I reported him to his bosses (sent an email to the chairman of the board in his company, yep Faith tendencies) explaining my situation, he did not respond but he sure got the message because a few days later he sent me an email saying “thanks to you, I’ve been suspended from work”, of which I responded that “not good enough, they should have fired you”. 2 months down the line he started sending money but in September 2014 he stopped again.

I have been begging him since then, he kept making promises that he will send it, he is currently having financial problems and now he is neither answering my calls nor responding to my emails.

Please, if anyone has info on how do I go about getting this loser to support his child through the courts.

Thank you for your help



14 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Two

  1. Anonymous
    Cut your losses and look after your son the way you did before. You’re being too preoccupied waiting for the unguarenteed… don’t stress yourself out like that.
    Taking him to maintenance court is impossible. With his financial situation it will be a measly effort anyways

  2. As much as some might disagree with me on this but I think you should just let him be. You can’t force a person to be a father when they don’t want to. I went through a similar situation and I told myself that I will raise my son on my own and God will make a way for me and he did. 2 years later my son’s dad came back to his life and he is now not only financially supporting but he spends time with his son. Even though sometimes I have to chase him for the money, I just appreciate the fact that I don’t have to chase him to come fetch his son or to take his son for a hair cut.

    Being a single parent is difficult I know, I have been there and every day I hope that today won’t be another day whereby he will leave my child again. I provide the best for my child and if I can’t afford atleast he has my love.

  3. Q&A
    ausi just take care of ur son u cant force a growup men to take care of his own child, i know very well the single parenting is not easy but people out ther got more problems than that some of us we are in more situation than urs, i am a single mother of 3 kids from same man, whom i tried to take to maintenance since 2009 even today i dnt knw his cent but my kids are doing so well i gaveup on the maintenance thing am taking care of my kids mind u my 1st child is 10yrs and the other ones 7yrs twins everything i do for them i do it alone so crying for maintenance for one child is just a waste of time coz u wil never want to continue with ur life whil u r busy trying to get maintenance money, if the man want to be a real father u dont hv to drag him to court first. vuka sesi odirele ngwana wagago

  4. Q n A, dear what is stopping you from taking this man to court, just bcuz he is mozambican doesnt mean that it is not possible. Take him to court, him having financial constraints has nothing to do with his child, he should take responsibility. He must pay maintenance

  5. I love the way Lunga told Faith “You are my friend”…..that i got your back kinda situation. Too noenoes man πŸ™‚

  6. Nkosazane Anonymous

    South African law allows its citizens to claim maintenance from a parent living in a foreign country. The Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders Act 80 of 1963 is a piece of legislation which regulates foreign maintenance processes.
    However it is important to note that not all foreign countries are recognised under the Reciprocal Enforcement of Orders Act. Chief Directorate: International Legal Relations in the Department of Justice and Correctional Services (DoJ & CS) has a list of proclaimed countries. This means such countries have a special arrangement with South Africa whereby maintenance orders granted in one country can be enforced in another.

    You must contact the nearest maintenance court or offices of the Department of Justice to get full advice on Foreign Maintenance and to find out whether the country where the father of the child is; is recognised under this act so you may proceed to get a maintenance order.

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, great one indeed buddy.


    Let that fool be, stay in touch with his family, just incase the boy needs rituals from their side. Hope this will be a lesson to others also. Kwaze kwakude e Maputo or Xai Xai or wherever this idiot came from.


  8. Anonymous, you can file for child support in Mozambique through the SA (DoJ &CS) and Mozambique Embassy. The funds will be attached and remitted to you for upkeep of your child. Yes it takes a few months to set up but you will never have to talk to him again and you are guaranteed to receive funds for your child until he turns 18, as funds will be attached by the state. You can also apply for back pay for the years this man has skipped out on child support. He doesn’t have to be a parent to the child he has clearly shown he has no interest but he does have to contribute financially to the upkeep of the human being he helped bring into this world.

    This is for your babydaddy and all absent parents
    Gosh can people just not have sex if they not willing or able to deal with all the consequences that come along with sex. Even “protected sex” has an element of risk involved, no method is 100% fool proof to pregnancy or STIs, so when you indulge even if there is only a 3% chance of pregnancy assume the risk knowingly or don’t do it if you know you can’t handle having kids. Sh** I’m not celibate because I don’t love sex, I know I can’t risk getting pregnant.

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