Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Three

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Finally the power was back. The awkwardness had to end. Lunga and I where taken around and introduced to everyone and how things worked. It’s a good thing I wore flat shoes. We walked for a good hour but when we were done I think I knew my job thoroughly. I just wanted to go back to the office and by the looks of it so did everyone.

When I got back I had a missed call. I did not recognise the number that had called me. I don’t call back numbers I don’t know. It’s a waste of airtime so if they wanted me they would have to call me back. Besides I was too busy at the moment. Orapeleng was now at my desk and she wanted to talk! After all that really.

“I am sorry about what went down earlier on. There are always politics in the office and you might not see it because you are the one being accused but a lot of the girls here are always nervous when a new girl comes into the office!”

She said to me. What kind of job environment was this where being female meant you had to be scared of who could be sleeping with the boss. I had counted on my return and they were right when they said the ratio of male to female was three to one. My problem however with this was that if the company had the opposite in numbers people would complain saying the company favoured men to women. What is wrong with having a female dominated company? Is this not what we as females should be wanting? I just could not understand the pettiness. What’s worse, it was other women questioning it!

“I don’t know what I did to make you think that of me. If you look at me there is nothing extra ordinary about. I am literally just another girl. I would have understood if I was prettier maybe or had so much attitude but I don’t know hey!”

I said to her. I am honest with myself and no, I don’t feel sorry for myself. Facts are facts, there are women who walk into a room and men just start running around trying to get her attention. It’s those women you find in the gym, the home of single women and on Date My Family. Then they are women like me, no one looks at us the first time we enter but whats great about us is that usually we are the ones that get the ring because we actually have more than just good looks. So for her to think I was his type just by my entrance the girls had really gotten it twisted.

“I am sorry about that. Please don’t tell on Boipelo and please speak to your friend not to go to his father. I know he has already said he will let it pass but I am just making sure. We were best friends from high school and would really be sad to see her go!”

She said. Maybe I was reading into the wrong signs I don’t know because I had already said I wouldn’t. Only now could I check in my desk. This man was brave. What if someone opened my desk and stole it? O wait, I could say that to him. He would be none the wiser. I had to remind Lunga that we were shopping today.

I was scared to put the money in my bag for fear of it being stolen. Our offices were next to some shops and my bank was there so I snuck out and ran to deposit it. I was also conflicted on whether or not I was going to put my mum debt by using the account like she had asked me to. Did not seem fair.

When I got to my desk again my phone had rang again. It was the same number. This time I decided to call it back.

“Ah thank you for calling back. It’s Refiloe, Aurelia gave me your number and said I could trust you!”

She said. Ok then if this was not awkward then I don’t know what is.

“Yes what can I do for you? Your husband is not in the office!”

I said to her. Don’t know why I told her that because she had not asked me that.

“No thats fine. I am not calling for him, I am calling for you. Is there a way we can meet today and talk?”

She asked me. She sounded so calm but I could not for the life of me think of what it is I had done nor what she wanted.

“Ok that’s fine. When?”

I asked her.

“Now I am outside! I know my husband is not her e o don’t worry.”

Ok now I was feeling set up. This could not be good. I told her I was coming out just now. When I went to the car I half expected Aurelia to be there because they were always together but she was not. It was just me and her and I really wanted to turn back. When I got to her car she did not come out meaning I had to go in. This was cloak and dagger stuff. She drove off with me as soon as I closed the door.

“I have to be back soon. Is everything ok?”

I asked her. She looked calm but I could see she was anxious about something. This was so awkward.

“I just needed to have a personal chat with you, woman to woman please!”

She said. This woman had never approached me. She had made a beeline for Aurelia when we met and always made me feel like excess to requirements.

“I don’t have a problem with but no offence ma’am, could you not have asked me over the phone? I am always available!”

She said she was taking me for a quick lunch she said and all I had to do was sit there and listen. It was obvious she wanted something big I asked why she had left Aurelia behind and she said she felt it best she had this conversation without her as the fewer the people who knew it the better. What if she was trying to fire Aurelia? That thought made me smile because I maintain that those two should never work so closely together in any case. Maybe this was a conversation I had to have with her since she was and giving me an opening.

“Aurelia is working on a project and she is in a shoot as we speak. She won’t need me for a few hours so she does not even know I am here so I would appreciate it if you don’t tell her we met!”

She said, “But she gave you my number!”

I said. She explained that she had lied to her and said it was because she could not find her husband. What a weak excuse but if Aurelia had not seen that then she deserved to be lied to.

“Did this woman know about Aurelia? Was this why she wanted to sit down with me?”

I asked myself panicking now because she was being overly mysterious for no reason. At the shops we went into one of the cafe’s where she order a tea (not even coffee) but green tea. She asked me what I wanted and much as I was hungry my stomach was in knots because I was so scared of hearing what she wanted to say. Married people have issues. Most of them when you look at them they don’t even look happy and looking at her I could see the stress lines through the thick layers make up. Let not people lie to you about the beauty of marriage without giving you the other side!

“I need you to do me a favour and please call me Refiloe!”

She said to me with a now serious look on her face. What was with people asking me for favors. It’s like I was either the only trustworthy person left in their lives, the most desperate or the most deceitful.

“Yes maam, sorry Refiloe, what would you like me to do for you!”

I asked her.

“I think my husband is cheating on me and I would like you to find out!”

I wanted to laugh out loud. I should have seen this coming. How many times have you heard that statement that the wife always knows. Men think they are so clever keeping in the shadows but this reality is real. I was not about to tell her with who. I felt bad for her though because if all the office girls knew he was a cheat imagine how much they were laughing at her as well. Every time she walked into that office I know how women are, they laughed! She thinks she is high and mighty when she can’t even keep a man. That’s what we say right.

“Refiloe… do you realize that you asking me to spy on my boss and if I lose this job getting another one will be next to impossible as I will not have recommendations!”

I told her and I was not wrong either. Which company executive would hire me knowing that I could do so much damage?

“And why me?”

I asked her. She hardly knew me she explained that I was the oonly one she had in that office to tell her who was in and out of his office. Why was I being put into the middle of everything though. The husband wanted me to seduce his son so he could stay way from Aurelia, the wife wanted me to spy on the husband, the son wanted me to make my friend who was having an affair with his father to get in good books with him. That’s enough to confuse anyone! What a twisted family but the scary part is that in all this, the only constant was me! I was like a link.

She took a sip of her coffee and said,

“I never said you will do it for free! According to our prenup, if my husband cheats and I have evidence, I get 60% of everything and that my dear means if you give me hard evidence I will give you not less than five zeros!”

She said looking at me straight in the eye.

Fuck the friendship!

Did I just say that out loud?

*****The End*****



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Hie Mike

Hello readers

Thank you for publishing ‘Wasted’s letter and thank you for the responses im sure she would have appreciated. My name is Lee and ‘wasted’ was my friend and i feel sad to let you know that she passed on last Thursday (fire). I would like to pass a message to both men and women alike that things are not what they used to be. Pray for your lifes and of those who are in your life cycle because what was happening with my friend was a sore sight. Had tried to talk to her out of the on n off with this guy but we always knew she would be back with him. I do not know why because at times she would burst out crying about that n one could feel her sadness but she would always go back. I dont know what made her to be like that and i urge people to pray. I dont very much like to be all spiritual but with her case it needed some of that intervention. People need to speak up or forgive than live a life of uncertainity and regret.



Dear Lee

We are sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Life is short and precious. Our prayers are with you, her family and friends. She is with God now let her rest…

Yours Sincerely

Mike and Thozama

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  1. GReat chapter today tlhe,I think the first that would come into my mind is screw the friendship,but I don’t know after few thoughts….mmh…is there such a prenup agreement though,even a hard copy like that doesn’t stop a man I guess Eish loving is difficult….
    Lee am so sorry for your friend,I have a friend like that,she decided to marry an abusive psychotic bf kA October,I feel so helpless,I decided not to go to that wedding,but again other friends says it’s her choice,I told them they were not present the last time he went psychotic on her,it was horrible,I have received threats as well as a carrying friend,i think it won’t end well but I don’t know how to rescue my friend,prayer works I believe,but standing in the gap for someone takes a lot from you…you make it personal that God answers….but I hear you

    1. Tebogo it is called a “Chastity Clause” meant to make a divorce as clean as possible while punishing the guilty party by them forfeiting their patrimonial share in the estate two people would have built together…It is effectively a way of making sure that because you will be high earners both of you don’t jeopardize your financial welbeing for sex while making sure that you also keep the cleanliness of the marriage.

    1. Dear Mike

      Hi Mike and the dear readers.

      I have attached my whole story for you

      I have been contemplating on writing to you for the past two years but I have the courage now; Im afraid this will be a lil long. Please summarise if you can Mike.

      I was raped by a family relative when I was 19. He had been making advances at me and at the end raped me. I was a virgin by then and when this happened; I couldnt tell anyone but did tell my brother who was close to me. After the rape I lost all purpose and all the dreams for having my own family so I decided even if I die I dont care. He had taken a very big part of me, he had my innocence. I was really hurt by this and I swore revenge to this man but all he could say was that I was made for him, he continued his advances and told me that he had a daughter whom the family shared with him and because he and the mother of his child where not together I was the only one who could strengthen the family relationship. I did not tell any other person because I am hell sh*t scared of my family even my own mother. I then decided to see where he was going with this. We were now together and then after my 21st birthday he decided to tell my mum that he wanted to marry me but I was still vengeful of him, I am not even sure what revenge I wanted for him but then my family sat me down and accused me of all sorts and then the relationship stopped (me and him).

      It continued after some time and then one day he told me that I had an sti, where I had gotten it from I dont know so I went to clean up and then continued with him. We broke up again coz of I dont know and when we were back together, he had impregnated a gal who was 16 at the time, I dont know but I felt that when I was with him then I know where my innocence was so I just let that issue not bug me. I know the gal and the gal knows me. I am 24 now and yes, me and him are still on and off because I jus feel alone I feel empty, I have had 2 other relationships between the breaks but I just let them go because they were serious but I felt that I had lost my purpose in life and didnt wanna drag them along.

      This guy now has 3 more kids from different mothers, one from my family, one from his homeland, one from this girl and I think another he is unsure of.

      He sent me an sms that i go and see a doctor coz i have that i have passed to him….from were i dont know an infection and you have passed it to me. He is not happy and wont have me infecting him

      I feel like I am possessed….ngathi ngithakathiwe ngalo muntu

      I need reason to create a life for me, I am almost done with my degree and I need direction

      I need your prayers to overcome this, my family has tried and as they say I am reason why the family has broken up. I need prayers, baptism, God i need i need or whatever because I am wasting my life away

      Please help me, i cannot live like this


  2. Bhejane the letter was posted on Monday 17/08/15. My condolances to wasted’s family and friends may her soul rest in peace.

  3. Nice read Mike
    Condolences to her family.
    I hope lee it wasn’t self inflicted.
    I am re-emphasizing what i posted after reading her letter. As ma’africa we need to go for professional help, physical support groups. Not to bash your blog Mike-isto or blogs in general, but some issues are not for this platform, and some comments are dangerous not knowing physiological state of the person.
    It would be nice to hear from old letters as well.

  4. Eish Lee, askies. May God give you and her family divine strength through this trying time. Only if He had know the Peace of Jesus but all is well, I just hope we can all trust and confide in Jesus because He is the only one who can give you eternal peace and strength to overcome any situation. All hope is not lost

  5. hi
    it was not self-inflicted. it was an electrical fault at her flat but we found her too late.
    I guess rest is what she has finally gotten and as much as i am sad but i am happy that all the suffering has ended.

  6. Had to go back and confirm also, shocking. So she never actually got to read our replies if she died thursday. Im a bit confused though, did she die due to fire? Was it suicide? Anyway, me thinks after all the trauma she went through in life, she is probably at peace now. Always sad to hear of someone’s passing, this is no different. Condolences to you Lee and her family.

    Thanks Mikeesto, awesome chapter buddy.


  7. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. she will not be forgotten. Rest in peace

  8. May her soul rest in peace.
    Without sounding insensitive, how does Lee know who is Wasted?

    On the issue of consulting professionals, though I agree but sometimes we wish to get more opinions and some of us are able to distinguish between help and rubbish.

    Again, on issues such as HIV and marriage we normally need to hear from people who have experienced the issues we are facing.

  9. Oh my word! So this tiSh is true? #OMW.
    May “Wasted’s” soul rest in peace.
    My deepest condolences 2her family & friends. The Good Lord is 4all of us.

    Thnx team 4the infor-teinment.

    I stil hav a lump on my throt tho after learning that this was a true call 4help that ended so tragically/accidentally.
    Nonetheless, its a lesson in disguise that we shud never take anything on face value. With teenage/adolescence suicide on the rise, Im sho most of us read news online.

    NEVER “push” someone “on the verge of committing suicide” Its tough out there. #khuthaza – PapaG

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