Rumblings – Chapter Ninety One

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I can’t say Aurelia had not warned me that my working with him would involve me snitching on her. Men who are like him are possessive and controlling. He wanted to know every movement she makes and everyone she associated with. To some extent you can say he was in love with her but that dangerous kind of love. To have gone all out to secure her friend a job shows to what lengths he was willing to go to keep her. This scared me. There are girls that think a. Man who is possessive is his way of showing how much he loves you but then again these are also the same girls who believe that if he hits you he also loves you. Nah family we should not be about that life. Nobody owns us and we need to get that in our heads as girls. Aurelia was sinking deeper into this toxic thing.

“Sir, I have done nothing wrong because I do not know if there is anything going on between them. Besides Aurelia likes…”

I hesitated and kept quiet and he jumped in and said,

“Likes what? Speak!”

He had fallen for it I had done that on purpose!

“She likes older men. She says small boys are immature and only want to sleep with you. Older men she says are sensible and mature enough to know when to push and when not to!”

I said. Men! These things are weak. I had played to his ego. All he had heard there was that he was the man and also to back off. I could see he was trying not smile but before I could be asked anymore questions I said,

“Can I go to work now?”

He looked at me for a moment and I thought he was about to release me when he said,

“No! I still think something is up. I need you to do me a favor and if you do it well I will increase your salary by 20%!”

He said thoughtfully. In this economy 20% is a lot of money so most definitely I was listening.

“It depends on what it is!”

I said not trying to sound too eager but to be honest who gets a salary increase on the first day at work. I was in luck.

“I want you to date my son!”

Say what! What was this old man smoking?

“No sir! I can’t do that. I am not his type.”

I said defensively,

“What is his type then since you know so much?”

This man was relentless, he was fishing. He was hoping I would say someone like Aurelia to prove his point.

“I don’t know his type but he looks like the type that likes girls that dress well and laugh at all his jokes. All my clothes are from Mr Price and no offense sir, boys like your son see me as a gold digger from a mile away simply because I am poor. I am the girl they use for sex then pass around their friends when they are done with me! No! Not for 20 percent!”

I was right too. These cheeseboys they know a girl with no resources from a mile away. They judge you the moment they see you and already know what they are going to do with you the moment they hit on you. Mostly you are used for sex and then you drop away. Most girls, especially the so called pretty ones, don’t even realize that usually when a guy hits on you, your role is already predetermined. Nowadays guys don’t want to date unemployed girls because they say they are expensive. It takes a lot of money and resources to bring her up to standard only for her to then cheat on him with another guy who only noticed her now when she was all good and fancy.

“And sir I have a child, your son is not ready for that!”

That was my ace card. I know the thought of a girl having a child scares most parents (guys) shitless. It’s like saying the girl has the plague.


He jumped up in his eureka moment!

“That’s exactly what he needs to mature up, responsibilities!”

He said standing up and paced back and forth.

“And you are wrong, my son is not about the clothes. However, I will give you r3500 today even to shop for clothes in his taste. I have made sure that you guys sit together and the first project you are on you will be working together. At the end of the month you are going to Eastern Cape together for a conference on behalf of us. Your team leader is Orapeleng Chelopo but she is not yet in. Things better go according to plan!”

He said. He had decided. I was being pimped out to my best-friends possible baby daddy. A voice inside me was screaming that I should say no to this ludicrous offer but eish, greed and curiosity got the better of me, I said nothing of that sort. I walked out a traitor and went to my desk.

“What did the old fool want?”

As I walked to my desk I could see Lunga on the phone talking to someone. I walked slowly because I did not want to get there. What was I doing? I was not this girl. Aurelia was already Brooke from the Bold and the Beautiful which made me who really? As soon as I sat down Lunga said,

“What did the old fool want? He is always scheming!”

I could see that whatever beefs took place at home were clearly being transferred to the office space.

“Is that what you call your dad?”

I responded instinctively changing the topic.

“Yes. I know when he is up to something. He does not have a good heart and usually everything he does has to benefit him somehow. We did not get these jobs by chance trust me. He planned this!”

Was my face that obvious? Did I betray so much in the few seconds I had sat down?

“You being paranoid!”

I cautioned him and he just laughed it off. He probably thought I was this plaasjapie that’s why he never took me seriously even though I was probably more educated than him. I have seen it a lot, rich people tend to think that they are smarter than you even when academically their are dumb as fuck. That was Lunga for you, hot, but dumb! Crap, I shouldn’t look at him like that!

“I need a favour but only if you have time!”

I said to him with a serious look on my face.

“What is it?”

“I need to go shopping for work clothes after work and I don’t have a car. If you can, only if you can, can you please take me!”

I asked him politely.

“It will have to be Sandton City because am meeting my mate there at Butchers. We won’t take long but whilst you shop I will be with him. Is that fair?”

He said. I actually never thought he could be this easy going, maybe I had misjudged him.

“Yes that’s fair, thank you!”

“Ahem ahem!”

Someone cleared their throat above us.

“You must be my new team members. Already making date plans on the first day, wow that has to be a record!”

She said. I took one guess and she confirmed,

“I am Orapeleng Chelopo and I am your team leader! I take it you Lunga and you are Faith!”

She said shaking both our hands. Orapeleng, how do I describe her. She was not skinny but not thick as well and full of confidence, short natural hair and very little make up, tight short skirt and stiletto heels. When she walked you could feel the force because she had that power walk that made every one else trot after her.

“We have just opened a new tissue factory in Midrand and we need to get orders. Our plan is simple, we don’t tender but we give business to the people that tender. This means that for every tender briefing that has this product wanted we attend and give every tenderpreneur present our card. Whatever price they have for tissues we underbid that person by 50 cents a roll. It doesn’t sound like a lot but if your have an order of 100 000 rolls trust me it makes a difference!”

She said in one swoop. Talk about getting straight to the point. I was impressed and intimidated.

“100 000 rolls wow people shit a lot huh!”

Lunga said absent mindedly. It was funny I wanted to laugh but I wanted to impress my team leader so I looked at her for direction. She just rolled her eyes.

“So where do we start?”

I asked her changing topics. She said she had to go pick up some forms she would be back and strode off. The way she walked threw her ass all over the place and I noticed many of the males look at her as she walked away. Deep.

“It’s only day one and you already kissing ass. Impressive!”

Lunga said to me with a chuckle. Funny enough I was not impressed by that statement so I ignored him.

“I need to know how to get back into your friends good books. She has been ignoring my calls since yesterday over that statement I made. I am sorry.”

He said apologizing to me.

“But why did you make it though? That was wrong!”

I said to him.

“It was wrong for you and right for me. You all want us to think the same way as you and agree to your views but if I don’t agree I don’t agree. Some of these things are facts which can be proven. I am sorry though. I will pretend that the world is beautiful like you want me to!”

He said. I know somewhere somehow he made sense but I was not going to entertain it. My phone rang and it was a private number. I don’t like private numbers but I picked up because I had not put my phone on silent. It would be odd not to after it made such a noise and thank God I had taken Mshini Wam as my ringtone. It was Mudenda,

“I got a call from my lawyer. We have the maintenance court on Wednesday at 10am.”

He said casually.

“I can’t make it, I will be at work! I started my new job officially today I can’t be asking for leave already!”

I whispered on the phone. I did not want people to hear I had maintenance. Suddenly I felt embarrassed. Maintenance always sounds like it’s for “those” people not educated ones like me. It feels like you can’t fend for yourself.

“If you don’t come my lawyer says we won’t give you anything and must fight for sole custody as you can’t put Amo’s needs first.”

He hung up.

Did he just say that?

I needed to buy poison “mxim” to put in his food this weekend!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike

I have been with my boyfriend for over 5 years now. In these years my man has made so many promises I’ve even lost count. I don’t ask him for money, if I’m broke I borrow and pay him back as soon as I have money. My problem is he hardly takes me out or even buy me presents valentines day or my birthday. In birthdays, anniversary and valentines day he would rather spend time with his family or friends than me. When I tell him that I would also love to get things from him that I can brag to my friends he always says that he doesn’t have money then start making promises. The worst promise he likes which irritates me is this one: while we were still in varsity he was like “baby wait till I get training imma spoil you” when he finally got his training contract he was like “baby wait till I get a permanent job” now he has a job and I’m waiting for that day he will be like ” baby wait till I’m part of management or own this company ”

I’m not trying to be a gold digger or anything but I’d really appreciate if he says let’s go out for lunch without me suggesting and PAYING!!!! The reason why I’m still with him is cos I love him a lot but he really makes me feel unappreciated.


am I being unreasonable?


47 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Ninety One

  1. yes you are, you rely too much on material things to feel fulfilled in your relationship. you cant say he doesnt appreciate you just because he doesnt spoil you or buy you gifts.

    some guys are practical and would rather focus on ensuring your needs are catered for, before catering for your wants. otherwise go be a side chick to a rich business man. he will def spoil you and shower you with these material things u feel will make you feel appreciated. but just know that he will only do it to ensure you give him nice times. and when he gets tired of you he will throw u and all those gifts he got you out of the window.

    yes a guy must provide like u women like quoting in the bible. but gifts and presents are luxuries, they are not needs.

    1. He doesnt even spend those important days with her. Is that not a need? Girls are actually easy when it comes to gifts. A bunch of roses which is like 20-30 bucks from the side of the road will go a long way. Its the gesture more than the actual gift. She doesnt sound materialistic at all. I mean by now he should be talking about a long term commitment and not ‘spoiling’. The reason he says this is because he knows he is lagging behind in that department.

    2. I think you need to go back and read what this lady said and understand it,only then will you realise your totally off track..

  2. But Jozey what needs is he catering for?? Would it kill him to take her out for lunch once a month nyana. And he doesnt even want to be there physically, let alone emotionally, on birthdays and anniversaries?

    Haai Anonymous. You are not being materialistic at all.You are not asking for him to pay for your Peruvian weave so lets please disregard everything Jozey just said. You are not being unreasonable at all!

    This man does not seem to appreciate you. Gifts, lunches and anniversaries aside, do you feel like this man really wants you in his life? This is the bigger question that you need to ask yourself.

    1. did you miss the part where she said she wants him to do these things so she can brag to her friends? what fuckery is that.

      wanting to use him so she can compete with other people.

    2. @ M. just because she didnt list the needs he caters for doesnt mean he isnt doing it.

      women have tendancy of having a victim mindset when complaining about something and always disregard the good the man does, and only lists the bad, just to paint him in a negative light.

      what reasonable person would stay with someone for 5 years if they are doing nothing good or adding some sort of value in their life, love alone wont sustain a relationship.

      1. Jozey i disagree, i was in a same situation as this lady, if this guy can’t do the simply small things what makes you think he’ll do the bigger and meaningful staff. this guy just doesn’t appreciate her n he never will, simply as that.

    3. I am with you on this one M, relationship is a nika nika and he sounds like someone who just takes, takes, takes. Borrowing you money? No no no…he does not appreciate you at all. My bf is broke but when I visit him, he would take me out with the little money that he has. Anonymous you are not being a gold digger but we are women, we deserve to be pampered and appreciated sometimes.

    4. You guys are making statements based on only one side of the story.

      why on earth has she stuck around for 5 years if this guy is doing so much wrong? what reasonable person would do that?

      your arguments are flawed.

      you are delusional if you think love alone has kept her there for 5 years

      1. Joze thats the only story we are hearing and your advise is just plain idiotic… the dude cannot even afford to spoil her with basic needs and yes spoiling is a need to us women so nje thula uyabheda

  3. ‘When a rich nigger wants you, and your nigger cant do nothing for you’
    I would much rather have a chick that strives and hustles for what she ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’ than a settler in this tough economy. Anonymous my dear, times are tough, a broke nigger is not worth the procrastination at all. He is eating you, emphasis on EATING, and he aint even paying your bill, thats just downright cheap. Is this guy even seeing a future for you two? You seem to be wasting your precious time and assets on a bad business venture.

    You can find a guy who can spoil you rotten, love you unconditionally and wife you, or you can have a guy that f*cks you senseless, be detached from romance and offer little or no financial benefit whatsoever. Which ever route you take, remember that in order for you to achieve whatever you want, being selfish is not negotiable, its a Must. So woman up and set your gawdamn priorites right. You could be driving a Merc, this thing called love aint gonna feed ya.

    Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

  4. Dear Q&A. My bf (of 4years) was also like that in the beginning of our relationship, I just started spoiling him whenever I could. He never celebrated birthdays before I came into his life, now he looks forward to it coz he knows I spoil him rotten and now he returns that favor. Maybe you could try showing him how to do it and he’ll catch on and do it for you.

  5. Yes you are unreasonable. He provided what you need right? he gives you his time right? he is committed to you right? he is planning his future around you and tells you about it right? what i’m trying to point out is that look at all the things which are going right in your relationship and be grateful for that. Be content and satisfied because no one person can have it all. There are other ways in which he might be showing his appreciation e.g. cooking for you,helping you with chores, painting your toenails or plaiting your hair etc which maybe you are not taking note of.

    At some point you will feel as if you are tired and even think of leaving him which if you do you are most likely to regret. I’m telling you this because you remind me of someone who shared your sentiments 6 years ago and after she left the guy got his big break and she was very bitter because she was there in the beginning, built him up and supported him through his struggles and all; yet she got no piece of the pie because she chose to leave him (by choice not pressure from friends and society) and another woman (whom he married within 2 years) got to enjoy the benefits of a man already made by another woman.

    Patience my dear patience, as long as you communicate this things to him, he is taking notes and he will sure correct them when the time comes for I know that most men highly regard a woman who sticks by their side through thick and thin and would do everything in their power to ensure that their woman is taken care and well catered for once the have made it.

    1. cooking her food? you call it appreciation? guys let’s not confuse things, anonymous did not say this guys is broke, she said he’s not spending on her. I would never advise someone to dump their man just because he’s broke, but anyday I would advise someone to leave a stingy nigger who only takes from you but is not willing to give. yhu he-e

      1. Unfortunately she is a side chick a guy in most cases only does such when he spends the material part of his investment with another while she is what is called “Safe House” because she is so willing to go out of her way to pay he would rather keep her in that position for his own purposes.

    2. If you are not the “the one” for him he will be an okay partner to you for the rest of your life if you allow him. Then 6 months after your relationship ends he will marry another woman who he will spoil rotten. So there is a possibility that she is not “the one” for him. It might have nothing to do with letting the next woman reap what you sowed, you were never going to be that women that sowed in any event.

    3. Aaa he will leave her as soon as he gets the big break…..if he cant take her to nandos…even students take their gal friends to nandos with their prents money

  6. I totally agree with Jackzorro, know your worth, if he cant spoil you now, when will he ever do that? if your man aint spending on you its clear he is spending on someone else. Don’t be naive to give a man ALL OF YOU while he doesnt even give you half of him. You love him, I GET IT but the million dollar question is DOES he? i dont think so, talk is cheap, if he says he loves you yet treat you the total opposite than girl you need to kick him to the curb and find yourself a man that treats you the way you deserve, its enough that you have wasted 5 YEARS of your life on a boat that aint herding anywere!

  7. Anonymous, this guy is not serious, spending time with his friends or family on the important dates of your relationship? Empty promises? Not taking you out, borrowing you money. When you go out, you are the one paying. You sound like a good woman who never demand a lot from a man so he is actually useless, you don’t need such a loser in your life. Phela this guy ukudla ngaphansi nangaphezulu! Iyo!

  8. Anonymous I’m assuming you’ve been turning down some rich niggers so u can be faithful to a broke one. this guy doesn’t even spend time with u on special dates yet when u go out u take him along and pay!!!!!!!!!!I do me a favor please GERRARA here!

  9. Anonymous, looks to me that we not dealing with a case of a broke nigger here, we dealing with a case of stinginess. Let me tell you something, men show their love by providing, its in their genes, I think its time to face some cold facts here, maybe brother doesn’t love you as much as he claims to. Time to re-evaluate the relationship my dear. Dump him and look for not a rich man but a provider, otherwise you will forever buy dinners until Mr man decides he can’t eat no more.

  10. Anonymous lahla skatana seo!! Stickers and Jozey, ke kopa le duleng fatshe! U guys are as stingy and fuck! As for borrowing your girlfriend money?? Senajwayela ukudla abantwana babantu mahala! Jackrozo, a100000 likes for ur comment!!

    1. Actually my gf has access to my accounts and is free to take money from my account when she feels the need.

      and i also give her when she asks, she isnt deprived of anything.

      so your argument is flawed.

  11. Anonymous, it’s good to feel appreciated in a relationship. I don’t think you are being unreasonable, as you put it, you initiate going out and pay for the outing, why can’t he do the same. Why do people like settling when they know exactly what they want?

  12. lol lmao @ Jozey: “your argument is flawed” is a euphemism for whaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????? lol lmao lol day made. best come back ever

  13. Anonymous, tswa ……
    what will dat love gives u ha wena o sa kry nix?lol o tlo dula ka those #bby wait till I,,,,,,, #,and end up lonely
    Tnx team

  14. Jozey, you sound so stingy right now, “my gfriend has access to my accounts, blah blah blah blah, so your argument is flawed” PULIZ how you wish.

    Sticker, when she is broke, she has to borrow money from him and pay it back. How is that providing for her needs? He would rather spend time with his family on special days, how is it than you say he gives her his time? He makes promises he can’t keep, and you call that commitment? What big break do you need to take you girl out once a month? The guy already has a permanent job dude.

    Girl, you are not being unreasonable its time you stopped spending your money on him, its his turn to tuck into that wallet.

    1. Omg Kodwa jackzororo lmao ushaye khona….amajita wa today don’t want to be responsible… If ua working n can pay your own bills they just relax and don’t c da need to spoil u ah nna I give up Shem..

  15. Ta Da Mike – great work as usual. Also nice new feel & touch on the website. They say change is as gud as a holiday & mine feels like I’m btwn New York & Egypt or something. Exited & confused at times but I will get my bearings right eventually.

    Q&A: U don’t need 2C a counselor, Um sho both of U can take an honest check box answer sheet wth questions & mark each other’s sheets afterwards. Answer as honestly as possible & discuss afterwards to get 2the bottom of it.
    List up to 20 questions including how U feel abt yo partner, if UC a future 2gether, if U feel loved or neglected, if U want out, if the r/ship is worth sticking on, if U feel the other is putting in more than the other financially, emotionally etc. RU ready 4next step?
    Decide after analyzing all the answers. Some decisions we avoid taking sooner but will not change if U take them 5yrs later. Myb U might save yoself some pain now. – PapaG

  16. Kelle u not the only one I had to use my other 4ne to open this blog .Q&A u can’t date someone for 5 years and he still treats u like that . Jozey then if u give ur gf access to ur account y contradicting omunye umntwana, eish Jackzaroo well said Buddy. Mike we really need the like button plz make a plan

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