Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Four

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“I am going to hell for this!”

I told my self as I looked at her. I really was. I had never been tempted by anything in life I guess and here at my first temptation I had capitulated. I was justified though! At what stage do you look out for number one and say that money is more important than friendship. Is this not part of growing up and being a parent where you put your child first and make sacrifices. I had a child and a job which I could be fired from at any time meaning that I was at a point of living in nervous conditions. I was just looking out for my family and now I had a chance to get a lot of money which would secure my child for life. A lot of people will tell you that you are being selfish for breaking off a friendship for money but if my child gets to eat for life is this not what a mother does, put her child first! Had I not warned Aurelia for so long too that this path she insisted on going down on was going to be her downfall. Why then was I being the bad guy in this situation? Maybe I will even give her half of the money who knows? Everyone will benefit from that!

“Do we have a deal?”

She asked me looking me in the eye. I don’t if I am just weak or a betrayer but I answered immediately,


“Ok that’s good. You tell no one of this, even Aurelia. The less people know the better because once you allow more people into the situation they want to dissuade you.

We shook hands, she stood up and walked out leaving me standing there for a second. Shit, she drove me here! By the time I got out she was gone. She also left me with the bill like what the hell. Serves me right though for being the bad person that I was. I know I should be telling myself that I should call her and say I change my mind because this woman was about to use me for her own benefit. I stood to lose the most but Vele money is money, the more the better. I was damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I had to walk back to the office and it actually was not that close. The car fools you. It gave me a long time to think about what I had done as I walked to the office.

“Where have you been I have been looking for you?”

Orapeleng said as I walked into the office. I was sweating from that walk.

“There is a problem already with that contract we are on but that’s not the point. As one of the new girls tonight we wanted to take you out for a drink or two just to get to know you!”

She said with a smile. Who goes out on a Monday? I told her that I had plans and it kind of felt rude.

“No my mum gave me her card so I can shop for work clothes. I absolutely have nothing to wear.”

I told her. She looked at me funny and I thought at first she thought I was making up excuses. When people know that you are from the suburbs they immediately assume that you have money. The thought therefore that I had no clothes for work and needed new clothes must have made sound like a cheesegirl.

“I would love to go but my mum is a nurse and shopping is a foreign concept to me so I can’t make it tonight that’s all.”

I told her. She laughed and said,

“People might not see it but I actually grew up in Orange Farm, in a shack. We used to share a communal tap and toilet. I got lucky when some NGO took me to school and here I am today.”

She said opening up to me. Funny enough I don’t like it when girls get all emotional on me and tell me sad stories about themselves. It means you will never see them different as there is some element on sympathy you start to attach to them. I do admire her though because she had overcome so much to get here where she was.

The day ran smoothly after that, or rather what was left of it. Lunga was not by his desk even when we knocked off. He simply disappeared. When knock off time came I tried to call him but the dude was nowhere to be found. I should have known he would ditch me I guess. I was not happy at all walking with so much money on me. I had to get a taxi now. As I got to the road I heard someone hooting behind me. It was Lunga. He apologized for being late and said he had had errands to run for his father. He did not go into detail. I did not ask either. I was just grateful and relieved that he was here. We were so lucky in that traffic actually flowed for once.

“Thank you for taking me! I thought you had changed your mind at some point!”

I told him as we parked in the parking lot.

“Nah its cool. You are my boy now so we need to have each others back! My dad is up to something, I can feel it so we have to be vigilant otherwise we will both lose our jobs!”

He was being too sweet though!

“What would happen if Thulare bumps into us right now?”

He asked me. The guilt just swept through me. That was a very good question though because he worked at Investec just opposite Taboo. He could come to the mall anytime. It would like I was doing something with my best friends boyfriend that’s for sure.

“Don’t worry I called him for you? Like I said I am meeting a friend so you will have someone to shop with. I am sure he will take you home!”

He said smiling. I thought he was joking too but in seconds there walked up Thulare with a big smile on his face. They greeted like old friends. Irony was not lost on me. His father wanted me to seduce him, his mother wanted me to divorce her and now he was becoming my friend. This was a sweet thing he had just done.

“Hey love. Why didn’t you just call me? Lunga told me you got shy really?”

He said laughing at me. I just had to ask. When did they get to exchange numbers because last I checked we had left before we got to all that. Why can’t girls have friendships like guys. They make it seem so easy. With us its never not complicated. He said they swapped the moment they started talking. They didn’t even support the same team it was so that they could laugh at each when one loses. Lunga said he was late already so he left immediately.

“I am so glad you came but what do you know about women’s shopping especially for work purposes?”

I asked Thulare and he laughed. He said that since he works corporate he has seen all kinds of dress codes and he had an idea of what he thought looked good on me.

“If you allow me, and are game, I will pick all the outfits for you! If you don’t like what I choose you can always say no! However if you agree, every outfit I pick you will try on for me! Right?”

He said. Well that was a challenge! Normally when you go shopping with a guy, he tends to spoil it for you because he sulks and makes you feel bad for taking your time. Not Thulare, I must have tried on a thousand outfits and he kept on encouraging me to try on more! He had taste too, he never gave me anything skanky or uncomfortable. He never made suggestive comments. I only realised how much time had flown when some of the shops were starting to close down. I had not even eaten. He said he could not do supper with me because he had to go see his daughter in Soweto by his mother’s place! I tried to call Lunga to tell him I was leaving but his phone just rang. I sent him a message instead.

I don’t know why people want to move to Jhb because the traffic is situation is just out of control and what’s worse for the second time today I was caught in load shedding. It took us two hours to get home but for every minute I was laughing. He was such a funny person and it came so naturally. How was this guy single though?

When we got to my house he came out of the car to help me with the bags. I put them by the door and walked him back to the car. I did not want him to go though, no lies. He was just too perfect.

“I am about to kiss you now, please don’t punch me…”

He said with a smile on his face. I moved in closer and our lips met for the first time ever. It was warm, sweet and soft, yes, did I mention soft. As I was getting deeper into it I heard a voice I knew too well,


The man’s voice said from behind us. He had walked out of the door and I didn’t even hear it.

“Oh wow mate, small world, what the fuck!”

Thulare said pulling away from him going to the owner of the voice! He stopped and turned to look at me and said,

“How do you know my cousin… well cousin in law is more the word but wow! Dude what are you doing here?”

He said with disbelief in his voice! I can’t blame him. I had the same look and sound in my voice when I said,



******The end*****




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto


Dear Mike

I’m a 23-year-old female and I ‘think’ I am addicted to masturbating (clitoral stimulation ONLY). I enjoy it so much not a day passes by without me doing it, sometimes twice a day. I have a bf, and I’d like to believe that he satisfies me because I really enjoy the sex, it is on point.

I try to understand why I do it, and I’m thinking maybe 1. It is because he doesn’t pay much attention to my clit. 2. He doesn’t go down on me, and I’d like him to, I’ve talked to him about it and he says he’s working on it. 3. He gives me good sex but I rarely come from just the penetration only.

So maybe I do it because I love clit stimulation but can’t get it from him (or that’s what I’d like to believe).

I’ve done it all, I’ve used a make up brush to tease, back of a pen to slightly stab on it, I’ve used a clitoral pump, humped on a pillow, pinching…u name them

Family, how do I stop, or atleast reduce the number of times I do it? I would like to stay the whole week without touching myself, like normal people do.

Thank you.




30 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Ninety Four

  1. Thanks Mike

    Addict, all I can say is “YOH”. lolest, askies for laughing shame. I hope someone has a good advise for you.

  2. Interesting problems. Unfortunately the more you self pleasure the less likely you will ever have an orgasm at the hands of another unless of course they are masterbating you. Masturbation is more than rubbing as in its a mental process. You have a fantasy or something you fixate on to reach climax. Figure out what that constant fantasy is and you will find that it’s allure or excitement will wane as you transfer these thoughts into your man or men

  3. Honestly “Addict” there is nothing wrong with it. its actually great and its not because your bf dont do you enough. but its grt in a way that you are learning your body and it boost your sexual desire and your own self confidence. so i say go girl, dont stop and dont feel like you an addict, coz you not.

    Thumps up to you. i would like to do it everyday too but i just get lazy and slp.

  4. Mudenda oh my gosh. addicted, please guys help us I do the same. I have a boyfriend whom i can say is the best between the sheet he always make it special for me and try his best spending more time with me in bedroom but I cant help it while am sitting alone I always feel like fingering myself

  5. Hahahaha this chapter just made my morning….WOOOW is all I can say.

    Addict : Lol hay I cant stop laughing at your letter hey….Humping a pillow you say…and pinching hahahaha hay inene..
    Atleast there’s some health to your addict I guess…and its not like you cheating on your man.
    But I do get you not coming from juust penetration, had the same kinda issue with my man and welll…he sorted me out šŸ™‚

    Thank you Mike …Monday Made šŸ™‚

  6. Eish. Its late for Faith. My one concern is why Faith is alwatsvtalking about boy’s loyalty and she doesnt see the need to warn Aurelia about the father,Lunga or the mother?

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome start to the week.


    I think I’m addicted to your addictive story of addiction….. how does one comment on this without arousing…. I mean raising a few eyebrows. I think nothing wrong of your addiction shem, I think more people need it. Your tools of choice are questionable but then again, people often do weird things when they are under the influence of horny. I say toothbrush on sister, a luta continua šŸ™‚


  8. Great chapter Mike. Yaanong Thulare is gon dump Faith. Mxim.

    @Addict, I don’t think you’re addicted because that would mean I’m also addicted because i self pleasure every day all the time, in my spare time and all. It is my way of relaxing nje (My me time). But back to you. I concur 100% with what Refiloe said. Maybe you should also try to explore all parts of you besides clitoral stimulation. Or when you’re with your man try positions that give you access to your clit. Try playing with yourself in front of him. Let him see what turns you on and how you want to be done.

    1. I have tried that with my boyfie, when we are having doggy I would rub my clit but he cums before I cum, I always tell him I have not cum and I can see that bruises his ego, I always have to finish off after him. Eish its sad

  9. Eish Addict, self stimulation is not necessarily a problem, it becomes an addiction when you cannot function without it, for example if you cannot fall asleep before masturbating then you have a problem. I self pleasure all the time too, especially now that I’m single, but I can go days without touching myself and feeling ok. Get yourself some toys, couple toys that you and your man can use together. There’s this vibrating ring that you can use with your man, he’ll put it on his D and in turn when you are riding him it’ll give you the clit stimulation that you need during penetration, and the bonus of it is that it helps his performance as it restricts him from cumming too soon. You can get the simple 1 from a Clicks, I have the Jelly C-Ring & 1 called Twitter, they are magic!
    Then for hygienic purposes so you keep your stimulation safe and clean, I suggest you get yourself G-spot vibrators, ooooh girl trust me buying 1 of these is an investment for your sex life, and you can also use this with your man as well, and it helps you understand your g-spot and what it likes, while stimulating your clit at the same time. And they are not even that expensive and worth every cent!
    So instead of viewing this as an addiction and a problem, turn it around and get enhancers that you can introduce to your partner, he’ll love it too and you’ll be a very happy woman. Next time when you self pleasuring you can do it while on the phone with him you see.

    Gosh I need a man!!!

  10. @ addict, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that coz I’m guilty too. I agree with Kayleigh, it also helps me relax and my man knows I do it and he gets all turned on when I tell him I was pleasuring myself. So go on girl and have some happy time. Maybe tell your bf and see how he reacts. Good luck…………Nice chapter, thanx Mike. This Mudenda guy uyandibora maan yerr. Can’t Faith be happy na?

  11. Lol @ addict I Guess u and I have the same problem but I wud not like to think of it as at that…I also do that every morning or before I go to bed and I’m also one of those gals who hardly cum with penetration. I use to feel bad about this but now it’s normal hay so ua not alone n there is nothing abnormal about playing with your self.

  12. What are the odds….Just her luck or bad luck rather!

    @Addict, kudo’s to you for sharing that, some of us would never! I don’t however think you are addicted, its just self love and self stimulation. They say it relaxes the body, he he he!

    Jackzorro, your opening line is the one! LOL

  13. Thank you Mike that was a good one

    People people people as a women I know how you feel addict and if we are true to ourselves ladies you never reach climax easily it is something that is very rare and some men just do not get it that it is only about penetratrion
    I was in a relationship for four years and not even once did I reach climax and till I met a freak like me then now I do because he knows that its just not about penetration so ADDICT if your man does not compromise in muffing you and knowing your body please yourself love rather than cheating because some women cheat because getting some new joystick will help them be satisfied

  14. faith needs to stop letting these people complicate her life he should tell lunga the truth about his father,s intention and be loyal to her she ddnt sign anything that reassures that the bosses wife will give her the money

  15. Addict
    There is nothing wrong with you. As time goes by the number of times you do it will decrease. I used to do it daily for almost a year but I got over it. I think as women,when we find that one spot that makes us come,it’s hard to stop masturbating. It gives us the sense of fulfilment knowing that we get our own bodies aroused. Try doing it in front of your partner. That will teach him how he must touch you down there. I enjoy doing it when I’m with my man.
    Aroused already

  16. @ addict, you are not the only one, just I dont use foreign object on my vjj. Come to think of it no black man has ever made me come, I have only discovered what an orgasm was when I dated a white man!

  17. Ta Da Mike

    Seems we have as many musterbation / self stimulation / sex addicts etc as we have sexologists in the house. Au, family, lets pray bit. Don’t “overrate” sex pls.
    Marvin “Gy” must be happy in his grave (may his soul RIP) singing the chorus again & again , “sexual healing”

    Did U know that sex makes jst 10% of a health relationship. But that 10% has a huge value bcz without it all problems start, cheating, divorce etc.
    So girl, jst do what U have 2do but I don’t know how I can make U set a limit on yo actions bcz 2much of anything is not gud 4yo soul. – PapaG

  18. Addict… you are not alone. I can’t go a day without masturbating, even if I will see babe in an hours time I still do it. I’ve used all sorts of things, carrot, humping on a nose of a teddy, pillow etc. I also thought something was wrong with me but I feel by touching myself I get to where no guy can get me

  19. Tnks mike yho Faith u are in trouble Q&A I also had same problem but I kept myself busy avoiding being alone and spending more time with bf and telling him how I want things done down there

  20. Nice chapter!

    I just had to comment :)…Addict you are actually not an addict shame. Self pleasuring is healthy and great. I have a bf and he does make me orgasm but not always and I also have to put an effort. You should try stimulating your clit while he is inside you. You can do so when he is on top or doggy and other position where u can aCcess ur clit. He can stimulate you with his finger just have to help him with the pace and stuff. I self pleasure and its relaxing and makes me sleep so much nicer.

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