Rumblings – Chapter Eighty Eight

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I understand the need to put your family first but what this Nozipho girl was doing was downright bitchy. She was picking a fight with me over someone I was not even sure I liked and because she wanted to get me away from Tidimalo. A lot of us girls to be honest are guilty of that. If we meet a new guy and he has a female friend, even one he has known since they were kids, we want him to get rid of that friend. Why is that? We are jealous over a girl we don’t know for a guy we have known for less than a month. This is petty and this is what she was doing. She had taken one look at me and unfortunately decided that she did not like me. Is this not true of many girls though that you can walk past someone in the mall and she will frown at you like she knows your or did something to you. I once had an incident with Zama at Menlyn Mall, where we were walking and this girl looked at us up and down, rolled her eyes and frowned her distaste towards us. Zama went over and asked her what her problem with us was because we did not even know her. She gave us so much attitude and Zama wanted to smack her but well, we are civilized people after all. That’s how Nozipho viewed me but it’s life. I was not even going to be drawn into this argument because much as I knew Thandeka I was alone in this situation and they were three.

“I can’t believe you insisted I should come. I don’t like shisanyama places because I feel like the men who come here are the type to be taxi drivers and thugs!”

Nelisa said as soon as she sat down. I really have to go to Bloemfontein to see what’s so fancy about these people. She is not the first person from there I had heard who was all high and mighty. Nozipho seemed annoyed at that because clearly this was her type of joint and I won’t say I was surprised at all.

“I wanted you to meet my new man!”

She told her and put Tidimalo on the spot. I know he hates that. I smiled inwardly because I knew how this would end. He prefers to be in the background and to be introduced almost by mistake as opposed to being paraded like a child. He greeted her politely. She was actually nice. She asked him funny questions of how he was going to take care of Nozipho because she did not know anything about Jhb. The joke became on her as she teased her cousin about having too much Bloem in her. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not but she hardly acknowledged Thulare which left me to be with my guy. He was not taken in by her either because much as many other people were stealing glances in our direction, he never looked at her. His eyes were locked in on mine.

“Don’t worry…”

He whispered to me,

“I see her end goal but I am not that type of guy!”

He said stating the obvious. I did not need reassurance to be honest but it was good hearing it.

“I can’t stay guys, sorry Nozi. My man won’t like it if I am here.”

She said checking her phone. For someone so young she really was quite uptight. She made it sound as though her man controlled her movements. She was not free. Thandeka also was on the phone the whole time. I am certain she was having some kind of problems because from where she stood I could see her try to explain with her hands to whoever she was talking to. Everything happened so fast because within thirty minutes of their arrival both Nelisa and Thandeka left. Nozipho looked very sour that her great hope had not taken the bait. Now she really was forced to talk to me.

“Dude, did you see that Rex and his boys are here?”

Tidimalo asked Thulare when we were eating.

“Rex as in Pontsho?”

He asked,

“Yes the one and only. I haven’t seen that guy in a while hey. Even when he called me I had to look twice to recognise him!”

Tidimalo was saying. I tried to make conversation with Nozipho to ask her questions and talk about people. She was hostile but I was relentless.

“So where are you staying?”

I asked her.

“I live in Douglasdale!”

She said as though irritated by my question. If you live in Jhb there are these places with nice fancy names but the problem is if you actually go there it’s the hood most place you can think off. Douglasdale is hood but was not going to advise her to find a safer location to stay. She was a big girl after all. I am sure Tidimalo had advised her too to that end but this girl seemed to have a mind of her own. Eventually we all had to go. I did not want to get home late so I told Thulare and he said he did not mind. He had things to do anyway. As we were using one car we went and dropped of Tidimalo and Nozipho at his place. You could actually see the huge smile on her face because to her it meant she had won. She hugged me when she left and held Tidimalos hand when he hugged me to prove a point. It was weird. I was not going to put much thought into it anymore. He seemed to like her so what could I do. As Thulare and I drove away I got a phone call from Aurelia. She sounded in distress,

“Where are you?”

She asked me as soon as I picked up.

“I am on my way home should be there in 15minutes. Why?”

I could hear that where ever she was there was music playing in the back ground but it sounded like she was in the bathroom.

“I am having dinner and drinks with Lunga and guess who shows up, your boss!”

She said in a panic. I honestly don’t know what Aurelia wanted in life. Drinks when you are pregnant? She did say she was pregnant right now I can’t even recall because I now felt I was being told too many stories. This was irresponsible of her no doubt.

“I need you to come so that it does not seem like I came here alone with him. Please I need you this is bad. I am going to walk to the entrance so it will seem as though I took so long coming back to the table because I had gone to pick you up!”

We discussed which entrance and she hung up. Fortunately for her I was pretty close to Monte Casino. When I got there she had already called twice more I think because she thought I would cancel. I introduced her to Thulare and we went to the table where she had left Lunga on his own.

“Look whom I found!”

She said cheerfully to him. Now it looked as though we had just bumped into each other accidentally. Thulare was a bit confused but I squeezed his hand so that he must play it cool. He knew that she had called us here.

“I didn’t think you were the type to hang out in Monte!”

Lunga teased and greeted Thulare. That’s what I appreciate about guys. They can meet for the first time and they will talk like they have been best friend for years. Thulare and Lunga hit it off immediately. Lunga was wearing a Chelsea watch something which made Thulare, a Man United fan dig into him. Sad to say their conversation became about soccer but that gave me a chance to speak to my girl. She showed me where my boss was sitting with his wife and she said they actually had not seen them yet. We were sitting at a rather hidden angle which made sense why they had not spotted them. Seemingly even Lunga had not spotted his parents.

“Why are you drinking?”

I asked her!


I gestured the pregnancy. She told me not to worry about that! I don’t understand? Had she taken care of it? What the hell? My eyes opened wider in horror! She gulped her drink and I could see she had been crying earlier on but I was not sure could have been the drink. She was drinking whisky!

No! No! She could not have done this! My phone rang and it was my mother. She was with Amo so I had to pick up so I took it to the bathroom. It hung up but she called again immediately as I entered the bathroom.

“It’s ma!”

She said and she sounded happy. I told her I knew it was her she had a caller identity remember. She had gone to see Mudenda’s family in an attempt to smoothen things after the whole radio thing. It was supposed to be a parent’s only meeting but I had asked to take Amo with so that they know what is at stake.

“Are you sitting down because I have news?”

She asked me. Why do I need to sit down to be told news though? I told her I was, which was a lie because I was standing in the girls’ toilet.

“We came up with a decision all three of us. Actually it was that girl’s father who suggested it and initially I was opposed to it but I think they convinced me it was for the best.”

Just get to the point mum, a little voice screamed inside me. She was going round and round in circle.

“We decided that Mudenda, Meladi and you should go away on a weekend together so you can settle your differences! Meladi’s father even made the bookings when we were there so the three of you won’t say no! The other two are being told at this very moment as we all agreed to do it together. In return Mudenda’s father won’t continue the investigation into who made that call!”

She said. In her head she had made the best out of a bad situation but in mine a very loud voice was screaming,


*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a 22yr old girl and I have a very low self esteem; I’m tall 5’8, have long and ugly feet, crooked smile. These are the main factors that make me lose self-confidence, don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to the Lord but sometimes it just gets worse…Lately I have been really depressed, I was repeating my 2nd year doing one module and I finished it in June now I don’t have any modules for this semester but I’m back at res. I came back because I wanted to keep my room for next year cuz I can’t afford to lose it.
Now I have been stressing and feeling depressed because I can’t find a job (yes, I’ve BEEN applying) and with my low self esteem things are just getting worse. I can’t go home because of wanting to keep my room although they might kick me out and also my parents were never married and my mom doesn’t have a steady place, she’s unemployed and my dad I feel like no longer counts me as his. He gives me allowance every month but that’s where it ends, no phone calls no nothing. It’s similar to dad’s paying maintenance only difference is he never went to court for it, we really don’t have a relationship we used to be close though but somewhere along the line life happened. I told him about this but he just told me I know what to do, of which I don’t.

I know I’ve listed a lot of problems but can I just get advice on any or all maybe if possible. I feel like it’s the end of the world for me.

Thank You
Depressed &Hurt

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  1. Another good one Mike.

    To Depressed&Hurt- It sounds to me like you are looking for trouble where there is none. For the fact that you can realise that you have low self esteem- means you should be able to seek help to boost yourself up and stop complaining. You act like you are the only one with problems when there are people out there with so much more. Okay- (1) chop off those ugly feet you have, (2) do not smile anymore that way no one not even you will see the crooked smile, (3) i am not sure what you can do about your height- i am 5.6 so what- it is not like i can strecth myself, (4) your absent father at least gives you an allowance- there are kids out there whose fathers do not even care they ate or are clothed or getting an education and (5) there are people with Undergraduate, Honors and even Masters Degrees (a friend of mine has a Doctorate- graduated last year- she is still looking and guess what, she works at Pick&Pay in the meantime) who cannot find a job and they are actively looking (lets not speak of a second yr student).

    The only advice you should get is ‘Stop the pity party. Grow up and realise focusing on all those things that are wrong only attracts more wrong things in to your life’. There are worse off people and i am in no way trivialising what you are going through but girl, get your mind right- you need to take the bitter with the sweet and keep marching forward. It is not like your whining will change anything. STOP this- you are an adult and soon to start your 3rd yr. Gear yourself up for the battle ahead.

  2. Well…there is a disaster waiting to happen…oooorrr it could turn out great..sometimes talking helps..though we may say things…harsh things when we are mad and faced with frenemies.

    QnA : You need to find a life coach love…go to love life or try at the camopus im sure there is a therapist or a life coach there. Two, go to church ( not that im insinuating that you dont) but try and interact with other girls…you will be amazed at how other people have insecurities… even the most beautiful people have insecurities.

    With work…everyone struggles with that…but go out and speak to people, you will be amazed at how people are willing to help , you just need to advertise yourself more.

    I hope you get the help you seek love.


  3. Thanks Team. That’s the most bizarre suggestion I’ve ever heard off – weekend away with an ex, highly pregnant woman and a guy that has slept with both these ladies. ‘Telemundo’ episode….

  4. Dear depressed you have nice life problems, feeling like you’re ugly should not be one of them. Fake it til you make it, I’ve seen “ugly” women with more confidence than pretty ones. Look into call centres and be a waitress. And at your age you can do promotions too. Gumtree has a couple of those. Good luck. Besides you don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

  5. That is a million disasters waiting to happen.someone’s going to get slapped, hit and strangled.sooo wish craycray Judith would’ve came that would have been drama all the way…just keep Amo away from that delinquent couple

  6. im with you Faith – Hell no
    you cannever trust those people they need you outta way
    as for Bloem girls if you new you were gonna stay faaar way from them with their shenanigans and dysfunctional families and unresolved dramas
    nosipho is a Prick……

  7. Depressed and hurt you need to learn to love and accept yourself girl, there is someone who you are better than, we have seen worse, you are God’s image…. i also have ugly flat feet but i wear shoes that reveal them like nobody’s business, i have flappy arms that doesnt stop me from wearing sleevless tops/things…. learn to love yourself for who you are, make peace with it my dear and remember GOD LOVES YOU.

  8. Ijoooo go tlo dubega moo,,,

    Depressed and hurt aowa gal stop lukin for things where there’s non,U know I have long arms and thighs my husband used to tease me bwt them n will get hurt but one day I asked maself kana who teases me yeah My husband if they bothered him he wouldn’t have married me and I started luvin my arms and thighs n now sumtyms I even forget,,,long story short learn to luv and accept who u are and the things u can’t change

  9. SiyabongaMike

    Motho wa MODIMO

    1 u r whts wrong with you.
    2u r wht u think
    3wht u give out is wht u gonna receive.

    Stop paralysing ur thoughts n self

    N think positively abt itself n ur life appreciate n love urself n everything will fall into place.

  10. Thanks Mike

    depressed and hurt, what is your problem exactly? You are getting an education most people can only dream of. You don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. You are sheltered and clothed. So kahle kahle ukhala ngani? You are what you see in yourself. Self-love sweetheart, you can’t expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself. get the universe to recognize you by recognizing yourself first. As for getting a job, maybe you should start with getting that qualification first. We have graduates who have been job-hunting for years, the competition is quite high, even in waitressing, receptionist, clerk jobs you are competing with graduates.

  11. Depressed n hurt.

    I am a graduate, have been applying for almost 2 years now and i am still at home. I got a temp job but the contract got suspended till “further notice” just a week after the appointment date. I do not even have a father so I do not even get an allowance. My mother…well, i won’t even go there. But i do not complain. I wake up each day, grateful.

    My point is, some of us don’t have half of what you have. Stop sulking and be grateful. As for being ugly, haike! I thought we were all beautiful in our own way. Count ur blessings!

  12. Print this letter and send it to your parents as well. Love and beauty starts with you. You have managed to get yourself your room at res so don’t add stress to yourself. You have done well. I wish your father can read how you feel and see that you need him. It’s you who choose not to love yourself, its not us just remember that.

    I just read a quote that says “Be like the weather it takes no nonses to criticism” You are beautiful period. You don’t even need boiz to tell you that…..

  13. Dankie Adv Cmndr Maphoto

    Depressed & Hurt, I think UR mostly depressing & hurting yoself unnecessarily. U can make friends with 2girls sharing so1 of them uses yo room free of charge or @half the rent etc. If UR sharing then carry on paying & leave yo roommate alone. (I hop its allowed) U will kill 2birds wth 1stone.

    U will boost yo self esteem/confidence by making new friends wth “strangers” current res-mates & that will giv U tym 2visit & try mend yo r/ship wth yo Dad. Don’t do the mistake of trying to “hook” them back 2getha dear. Dont!

    Now, girl pls, know this fact: U can only change things that R changeable. Knowing the diff btwn what is & is not changeable is WISDOM. W as parents send U 2school to learn wisdom. By the luk of it, yo father might be beta off drinking that money bcz U putting yo horses b4 the cart.
    Appreciate some gud things in yo life & work hard on improving the ones not so gud/bad. Like some1 said, life is a mixture, take the sweet wth the bitter.

    How abt U find an old age home or orphanage centre close2 home & donate yo time there. U will C ppl that don’t have what U have & myb that can giv U a diff perspective to life. & when U graduate U will have a gud ref on yo CV.
    Whoever told U lyf is easy lied 2U. I heard some1 say, ” Life is not operated by remote, stand up a change it!” – PapaG

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