Realities – Chapter Forty Seven

I had not expected that meaning I did not think I had done a wrong thing allowing my husband to pick up my phone. If you are married, and your partners phone is a no go zone then you should already know that something is wrong. If you have to delete text messages so that your husband or wife does not have to see them then you are already in the danger zone. That had always been my mantra and for it now I was paying. With all that had happened today I honestly had not thought that George could be so dumb to have sent me such an explicit text.

Who is smarter, your brain, your heart or your injured ego? That’s right, most men would forgive cheating if their ego was not in the way. You can’t win such an argument as long as he is not using his brain to think. Get him to use his brain and not his ego and he will forgive you. Most women don’t get that because after we are caught, we panic too. I had to think fast!

“It’s not what you are thinking!”

I said to him immediately.

“I am going to call him right now and put him on the car speaker so you can hear the conversation for yourself. I am not texting him first!”

I won’t lie, what ever happened next I was ready. If he said yes to the sex I was ready to beg for my life. I was in the wrong and I knew it. There is no point acting as though I was not. However, I also hoped he would not be dumb enough to say something stupid. I connected the phone to the car speaker and I dialed. When his phone rang that was the longest dial ever. I was nervous and scared but if you are gambling on something you have to have conviction.

“Ah Doc I see you got my text?”

He said as soon as the phone was picked. What the fuck was wrong with this guy? I don’t usually swear but had he really just said that.

“George I am with my husband right now what the hell are you talking about? I am going to report you at work for this?”

“Your husband? I don’t understand!”

He said. What did he mean he does not understand? He knew I was married.

“I sent you a message saying that your patient, Anna Shivambu, came out of her coma. Please explain the husband part am confused?”

Wow! What a save! He had been playing along and wow again!

“You sent me a text saying we had sex now my husband wants to divorce me!”

I said angrily because I knew now that he knew I was in trouble and he had to save my ass.

“I don’t know what I pressed. Eish. I am so sorry doc I really am. What must I do? Must I come apologise to your husband? What if he beats me up? You know I don’t like violence. Ah Doc no no but he should know that you would never cheat! I am just a nurse and you… ah I am so sorry! Can I have his number so I can explain?”

He pleaded. I don’t if my husband was buying this but I know I was. He must have done drama at school no wonder why he is a nurse. These nurses are dramatic tu, ask any doctor and they will tell you.

“He is listening right now you don’t need his number!”

I snapped.

“Ah my chief, honestly, I don’t even know what to say to you. I am so sorry about this. I was sending it to eish, yah neh, these things have a way of getting you caught somewhere somehow, I was sending it to a woman I should not have been sending it to. This is my punishment. I am so sorry.”

He said.

“George give me your number…”

My husband said. I was surprised by that. George gave him his number. And my husband hung up.

“Love I did not cheat. I promise you. Tomorrow you can take me to George and you ask him in front of us what happened.”


My husband asked!

“We are doing it now! He is at work right!”

I replied that I did not know.

“I am not stupid Nothabo. I might not have proof for it. By you saying ‘I am with my husband’ it was an automatic tip off! He knew what to say. Even if you were telling the truth or not, it’s now lost in that!”

He said and he was right too. If you are cheating with someone who knows you have someone else then the moment you say your MAIN is there they know what to say and what not to say.

“I am not going to fight you because I am in the wrong right now. I am being honest but please if it will fix us, let’s go to my work place and ask him. You will humiliate me obviously in front of my colleagues but I don’t mind because this is more important than me!”

I said. I was trying to drop of reverse psychology in there just to make him feel guilty but he seemed unmoved. I was too scared to touch my phone so I left it there in the middle. I was not protecting George but myself. I could not warn him that I was coming so he was about to get the shock of his life. That was another risk I had to take. We drove in silence because I feared that the more I begged then most definitely the guiltier I would look. Inside me though, my heart was beating hard on my chest.

It’s not a lie, after you have been married for as long as I have you start to take things for granted. That was me. When all is going well you don’t care about much that’s why you think you can take chances. However when all that is threatened you actually realize that you have so much to lose. At that point I had a dumb thought of confessing. Maybe I should just tell him the truth about what happened and we will be done and done with it. This way we could fight it out and start healing. My phone rang at this moment and I jumped to see who. He did not budge. It was my mother. Only now she was calling.

“We are in Jhb but you did not say where we should go? I want to know what’s going on right now Nothabo!”

I had even forgotten about her. It was getting late so I told her to drop and I would call her. She refused and said she did not even have clothes to change in the morning the way I had made her move so fast. That created another problem. I told her I would come see her. I was going to book her a hotel but she refused that too and said she wanted to sleep at my house. It was more comfortable she said. I had to say yes right there and then but I could not do that without asking my husband. I looked at him and he did not look at me.

“I will call you back mom!”

I said and hung up immediately.

“My mother is asking if she can sleep over tonight!”

I asked him.

“Does it even matter? Your family comes first always and their needs. Everything we do revolves around them. When my mother comes over you are pissed off as he’ll and you can’t wait to get rid of her. When I am with your mother I go all out to keep her smiling which you know is no mean feat! Since when do you ask me then? You do what you want anyway!”

He said. Normally I would just say come anyway but today was different. I could not disrespect him like this with the way things were going down but I also needed his support right about now!

“I will book her into a hotel, it’s fine!”

I said. He did not say anything and I also think it was for the best. I called my mum and told her she would be staying in a hotel. She asked why and I told her it was for the best in case police came looking for her. She asked me

“The way you are such a good liar lately. It really makes me wonder!”

He said when I hung up which was so true. I had lied to her with such ease it was almost second nature. They say if lying is that easy to you then you are not a good person but then who the hell is they.

As we drove into the hospital parking lot the panic in me was immense. Why had my husband insisted. On us coming even though I haad already said that it was not like that.

“He works with me in paeds so let’s start off there?”

I said as soon as we parked. I had to maintain the angry posture so that it looked at so though I too was a victim in all this. My husband had been to my hospital enough times to know where everything was.

I spotted him standing by the lifts. Fortunately it was in a rather secluded spot of the clinic. Doubt this area even had cameras.

“Please honey don’t cause a scene. He did say that he made a mistake!l

I said to my husband.

“I won’t. I just need to talk to him.”

He said.

“There he is by the elavators.”

I told him. I figured I could control this especially now that there were no people around.

“Eh George!”

My husband called out as we approache him. He had not even seen us. I heard him say,

“O shit!”

As he looked up to see who had called out!

“Sir, I am really sorry, that was a…”

He didn’t finish his sentence because out of nowhere my husband took out a knife and stabbed him in the thigh! Before he could scream out loud my husband closed his mouth and said,

“I am not stupid. You do not make a mistake like that. No man does. I checked my wife’s call logs and before you smsed her you called her meaning you knew exactly what you were doing! Chief, don’t forget I am a man too!”

He let go of his mouth and I thought George would scream out as the blood was pouring out now but he didn’t.

“It won’t happen again sir!”

He said as my husband pulled out his knife and started walking away.

What had I done?

******The End******



Michael. Nkululeko Maphoto


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Dear Mike

Hi Mike and the dear readers.

I have attached my whole story for you

I have been contemplating on writing to you for the past two years but I have the courage now; Im afraid this will be a lil long. Please summarise if you can Mike.

I was raped by a family relative when I was 19. He had been making advances at me and at the end raped me. I was a virgin by then and when this happened; I couldnt tell anyone but did tell my brother who was close to me. After the rape I lost all purpose and all the dreams for having my own family so I decided even if I die I dont care. He had taken a very big part of me, he had my innocence. I was really hurt by this and I swore revenge to this man but all he could say was that I was made for him, he continued his advances and told me that he had a daughter whom the family shared with him and because he and the mother of his child where not together I was the only one who could strengthen the family relationship. I did not tell any other person because I am hell sh*t scared of my family even my own mother. I then decided to see where he was going with this. We were now together and then after my 21st birthday he decided to tell my mum that he wanted to marry me but I was still vengeful of him, I am not even sure what revenge I wanted for him but then my family sat me down and accused me of all sorts and then the relationship stopped (me and him).

It continued after some time and then one day he told me that I had an sti, where I had gotten it from I dont know so I went to clean up and then continued with him. We broke up again coz of I dont know and when we were back together, he had impregnated a gal who was 16 at the time, I dont know but I felt that when I was with him then I know where my innocence was so I just let that issue not bug me. I know the gal and the gal knows me. I am 24 now and yes, me and him are still on and off because I jus feel alone I feel empty, I have had 2 other relationships between the breaks but I just let them go because they were serious but I felt that I had lost my purpose in life and didnt wanna drag them along.

This guy now has 3 more kids from different mothers, one from my family, one from his homeland, one from this girl and I think another he is unsure of.

He sent me an sms that i go and see a doctor coz i have that i have passed to him….from were i dont know an infection and you have passed it to me. He is not happy and wont have me infecting him

I feel like I am possessed….ngathi ngithakathiwe ngalo muntu

I need reason to create a life for me, I am almost done with my degree and I need direction

I need your prayers to overcome this, my family has tried and as they say I am reason why the family has broken up. I need prayers, baptism, God i need i need or whatever because I am wasting my life away

Please help me, i cannot live like this



21 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Forty Seven

  1. Thanks Team… Clever cunning husband, now it’s war – the game is on!!! Nothabo – you should be worried gal, akasile umyeni wakho…
    Q & A: mmmmhhmm

  2. You are just causing unnecessary feelings so u can stay with this guy I suggest u try forgive him and move on

  3. Nice Chapter Mike,thank yew
    Bcs you have finished your degree,me think you should move to another province to look for work there,have a start somewhere and don’t tell your family or him,once you have dealt with your issues you will create isibindi to go back home and face everyone,you need a psychologist to help you figure out what’s wrong or where had it gone wrong,you not bewitched,you were violated you need help to find yourself again….you are old enough to stand alone

  4. You need to realise that you cannot change the past, only the future. You know what they say about anger and revenge, it is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die. You are taking poison everyday but somehow expect him to die from it. You need to forgive him for what he did to you (karma will settle the score for you, forget about revenge). And most importantly you need to forgive yourself for the past few years and the part you feel you may have played in getting your life to where it is.

    You also arent saying much about other aspects of your life. Do you have sibling and relationships with them? Do you have friends that you can talk to and do things with? You should focus on keeping yourself busy, improving yourself and making yourself more self-sufficient.

    You need to leave him!! You need to get tested also, he is clearly sleeping with other people.

    I wish you all of the best dear

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, what a chapter. Phew!!

    A2Q mmmmhmm indeed KaManyosi.

    This guy could have you on a wicked spell of devious ghetto science nonsense and wena you just going along nje, puppet like….WTF!!
    And this brother of yours, okae yena and what the hell did he do about this idiot? Eintlek grend sharp WTF is happening there?!

    I thnk being quiet is the best thing for me rather, its Womans month and I honestly cant understand how You are allowing this to perpetuate.

    Happy Monday Fam

  6. Thanks team for daily dose. Nothabo what have you done?

    Q&A My dear sister seems like you’re ready to contract Hiv as this excuse of a man sleeps with every woman he meets. Please run for your life,find a job in different province and get counselling . All the best in taking back your life

  7. Nice one Mike.
    Had Sizwe known he muffed he after the session, would have killed George.
    Q&A that ish is deap. Professional help my sister. there are a couple counselling centres around jozi (church based Methodist), trained qualified counselors. Sometimes blogs aren’t the answer seek help.

  8. Yhoooo clap once, Nothabo ayeye. But you serve him right if he can do it what would stop you from doing it ??

  9. Lol! Sizwe took a page from Mthobisi’s book?. Nothabo is in shit. And it is only the beginning, can’t wait for Wednesday.

  10. then Sizwe finally becomes Man enough for you Nothabo, what a drama. thanks Mike and the Team

    QnA Im speechless. how did you allow this man to violet you all this years, the person who raped you to be on and off with him. I don’t understand, I doubt I want to have a relationship with the guy who rape me. because he has left a scar that I wont be able to erase it. maybe its your way of finding closure. though it doesn’t make sense

    my advise to you is leave this man and start focusing on you, start loving your self and finding your purpose you have a degree that should count for something

  11. Thanks for a nice read Mike, so Sizwe is a ruthless person he is keeping it all inside? For a question and answer really you fell in love with your rapist and have a relationship, he is your boyfriend if you’re are not happy with him leave him you’re not possessed you’re ok you love the guy with three kids from three different baby mama’s at your presence what else do you want him to do to show you that he doesn’t care about you. Walk away with the sickness you have before he leaves you as a single parent.

  12. ???? Sizwe my bae. Ayeye Nothabo, now I feel for you. The part were you said “when you married for so long, you take things for granted” So true, I can relate. Thank you for the life lessons Mikey.

  13. Hi Mike Thank you for the good read. Can you please check for spelling errors before posting. I’ve noticed that the male nurse Nothabo slept with was Richard in chapter 45, now in chapter 46/47 he is George…….Thank you once again.

  14. Nice chapter Mike,

    QnA sisi you need professional help + time to heal + spiritual, emotional, physical healing. What you are doing is not right, so please seek help as in yesterday. Literally. Good Luck and stay Blessed.

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