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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine

The way that Roger stood up, I swear I thought he was going to run, I mean who wouldn’t run after hearing that, I didn’t blame him. “I’m sorry I think I might have heard you wrong, you want to, you want to….” he couldn’t even say it “Yes Roger, you heard right, so do you think you can help me or not. I’ve been running away from my husband for weeks, I just can’t anymore, I’m tired of playing victim, I want to attack back.” He looked at me with sympathy in his eyes and asked “is he abusing you?” I nodded, hell yeah this was abuse, it might not have been physical but this feel somewhere under the definition of abuse. He hugged me again and said “there is no friend that you are waiting for is there?” I shook my head and said “no, I have nowhere to go, I don’t know anybody in this city.” He told me not to worry he was going to protect me, white people love playing heroes shem, if this were a black man he would have ran very fast, black man don’t like interfering in other men’s business, they are more like you got yourself in you will get yourself out and walk away very fast without even looking back. I thanked him, he told me he was here on holiday with his friends and they were staying at some beach house and I could stay with them there until we figured out what to do and my husband wouldn’t think of looking for me there. It sounded like a good idea but the last thing I needed was a bunch of drunk people asking me twenty million questions about my life, I had to be by myself and I could not afford to get any more people in my mess, I had already put my friend’s lives at risk as it was, I needed to handle my shit by myself. I thanked Roger for his generous offer and told him I could not accept, I needed to be alone and didn’t feel like company as I had a lot to think about, he was so sweet and said he understood, he suggested I stay at the Waterfront Spa Hotel, I told him that was a no-no because I had previously stayed there with my husband and that would be the first place he will look for me, he knew how sentimental I was. Roger offered to drive me around Durban to look for a hotel, we walked to his car, this man was too damn fine, he had a body of a man that lived on the beach, six pack, blue eyes, dark hair, I couldn’t help but keep staring at him, “so are you a model or something?” I asked while we were walking, he laughed and shook his head and said “I get asked that question all the time.”

I mean he was wearing shorts that go up to your knees and had a shirt that was unbuttoned showing off his perfect body, I was literally drooling I am even ashamed to say but the guy was just hot, he’s the type that will make you blush just by looking at him before he could even open his mouth, the funny thing was I felt really comfortable around him, like I could trust him. He took out the keys from his shorts and a yellow Ferrari’s light that was parked in front of us flicked “Wait, what? That’s your car?” I exclaimed “Yes” he said going to the passenger’s seat to open the door for me, I had never been to a Ferrari and the only time Mthobisi ever opened the door for me was when his car was still new and I had been eating chips and my hands were dirty so he didn’t want me messing his new car, I went inside and I was like “Wow!! even the chairs in this car feel different, oh my gosh, your car is absolutely gorgeous, I so wouldn’t mind dying in a car like this, but I hear even if you have an accident in this you don’t die, you don’t even come out with a starch.” He looked and drove off and said “you are such a funny person.” I asked him if there was any Formula one hotel around he shook his head and said he didn’t know, trust a rich person not to know the cheapest hotel in South Africa. We drove around and he kept taking me to fancy expensive hotel and before we even got out the car I would tell him it’s too fancy and probably had cameras in every floor and all my husband needed to do was bribe security and I would be found. We finally settled on a City lodge hotel. I choose the ground floor unit, in case I needed to run again I was not about to jump from the eighth floor, can’t afford to kill myself and die for the second time I was not Jesus I was not going to rise from the dead.

We went to my room, I needed to shower it had been a long day, Roger said he would wait at reception while I showered and we will go and have diner afterwards. I put my money bag in the safe then showered and changed and went to go meet Roger at the reception area, he told me I looked beautiful in my black dress, I had planned to wear that on my first diner night in Mozambique but due to unforeseen circumstances, that’s my husband who is never forseen, those plans had to change. We drove in his Ferrari again to some fancy restaurant, thank goodness I had dressed decently everybody in that place looked elegant, he ordered some wine for us, and then we had starters, white people and hundred small food with different names, I did not realise how hungry I had been I could not wait for the main course which was a disappointing small piece of steak and some three small carrots and three slices of green pepper, the black person in me wanted pap, this is why I could never date a white man we were too damn different. While having diner we had very interesting conversations, he told me about his life, he was married before and was now divorced, had two kids with his ex-wife a boy and a girl, to white people divorce is not a big deal you can be married ten times and no one will judge you, I could not imagine myself being a divorcee, to most black people that is like admitting that you have failed, I know of a married couple who hated each other but would not get divorced because they are too worried about what people would say, so they stayed in the same house and slept in different bedrooms. I asked Roger if he had a girlfriend I don’t know why I asked that but he said “yes” I loved his honesty he said him and the girlfriend were taking a break because she didn’t know what she wanted she wanted to move to Australia and he didn’t want to move with her because he would never be able to see his kids as often if he stayed overseas, she was not understanding of his situation and blah blah blah, damn the man could talk, we finally had desert then he drove me to my hotel, by then I was bushed all I wanted was my bed, he gave me a hug took my numbers and I took his and he left. I went inside my room and first thing I did was check if my money was still in the safe and it was, I changed into a t-shirt and shorts and threw myself on the bed, I was too exhausted for words. I got an sms from Roger “Got home safe, thanks for a great evening.” I replied “It was such a pleasure meeting you, thank you for being my hero.” He replied “I wish I could come and sleep outside your door just to make sure that you are safe.” Good Lord the man knew all the right things to say, I sent a smiley face and a good night Roger. He replied “Good night Lee, can we do breakfast tomorrow?” before I could reply he called and said he was tired of these back and forth text messages I laughed and said “okay but we can only talk for five minutes I want to sleep.” He agreed but the conversation was still going on half an hour later, Roger was just such a cool, chilled person I had never connected with a stranger like that so quickly, forty five minutes later we said our goodbyes and I immediately fell asleep.

The following morning I was woken up by the sounds outside the passage, I tiptoed to go hear who it was but it was just people staying in the hotel walking pass. I quickly went and showered when I came back I checked my phone and I had an sms from Roger, “please let me know when you are up so I can come pick you up for breakfast.” I replied “I’m up, can we have breakfast in my hotel?” he replied and said he was going jogging in the beach and I could join him if I wanted to. Hell no, walking in the beach is hard enough with all that sand as it is now imagine running there, I said “maybe next time, besides I have already showered.” He said he would join me for breakfast after his jog, no wonder he had a body like that the man took care of himself. Well this was a blessing in disguise I could go have breakfast now since I did not eat enough food the previous night, and besides Roger would probably want yoghurts instead of real food, I suddenly realised how I would not want to be his girlfriend, I would starve to death. I decided to call She Rocks to find out how much Mthobisi knew and what exactly he knew, her phone was off, this was very strange, she never switches off her phone even when she goes to meetings she would rather put it on silence than keep it off, I thought maybe it was the network and tried again shit it was really off, I started panicking and thinking what if she really did move to Brazil but that was not possible she would need Visa’s and stuff to go there, she wouldn’t just leave and then another thought crept in my mind what if Mthobisi and his people had taken her and were keeping her hostage somewhere torturing her and demanding my whereabouts, I wanted to call Emily but was too scared I kept thinking what if Mthobisi had her with him and was taking her everywhere hoping that I would call her so he could track me down, I was losing my mind with all these crazy thoughts, I decided fuck it I was not going to wait for Roger, I was going to go and indulge on some breakfast and just have yoghurt with Roger when he arrived so it didn’t look like I ate a lot, that’s how us women roll, we show you what you want to see in the beginning of the relationship and few months down the line we reveal our true colours. I got dressed in jeans and sneakers then went to go have breakfast, there was few people in the room which made me feel comfortable at least I was not going to be the only one in there,safety in numbers, I got myself toasted bread, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and coffe and went and sat at my table and ate, I was enjoying every bit I had not realised how hungry I was, half way through my breakfast the gentlemen who was sitting at the corner stood up, he had been reading the newspaper whatever he was reading must have been very interesting because he had not put that paper down not once but I wasn’t paying much attention to him, there was a couple sitting behind me that was fighting over money, I deliberately sat next to their table so I could hear their conversation, it was entertaining, it was a coloured couple and the girl was complaining that the guy was spending the money recklessly buying alcohol for people that they had just meet.

I kept giggling to myself each time the guy would try and defend himself because his defence was weak he kept saying one day they will also be bought booze by strangers and she should stop being so negative. A few minutes later the guy who was busy with the newspaper sat right next to me and said “Hello wifey.” I literally jumped off my chair and feel to the ground, everybody turned to look at me Mthobisi said “she’s fine guys she was just surprised to see me, I came to surprise my wife.” People said “ahhhh, how sweet.” And went back to their food, I wanted to scream “help, he’s not my husband” but he calmly said “now, now Lesedi, don’t cause a scene or do something stupid, you’ve caused me enough shame and embarrassment.” I looked at him and gave him a confused look and said “I have no idea who you are.” He looked at me straight in the eye and said “what?” I replied “I don’t know who you are, I know your voice because I have heard it before but I don’t know your face, I don’t know who you are.” His shook his head and said “are you telling me that you have amnesia? Do you know your name?” I smiled and said “yes, I am Melisa.” He laughed for a good five minutes at this point I didn’t know if he bought my amnesia story or not I just sat there like an idiot waiting for him to finish laughing and when he was done he said “cut the bullshit Lesedi, you know exactly who I am. Do you know how I know that you don’t have amnesia my beautiful wife? Well, that’s because if you had amnesia after your so-called death you would not have gone back to Tebogo’ s house to go steal his money. Imagine my shock when after we had buried you I went to Tebogo’s house to kill him for getting you killed only to get the shock of my life when he played me his cctv footage of you and your dear friend Emily walking in his house and then walking out carrying two bags stuffed with money, this was good Lesedi it was really good, you had me fooled, fuck you had all of us fooled, but your games end right here today. I am going to finish what you started, getting rid of you should be very easy since everybody already thinks you are dead.” I felt my pants getting wet, I had just peed myself in public, I knew I was not going to get out of this alive, my time was up. I had messed with the wrong men.

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