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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Three

Andiswa came inside to find us, she found me standing there with both guys, I quickly told her “you won’t believe this, Mthobisi and John know each other.” Andiswa who was now tipsy laughed and said “wow, what a small world. Are you in the same business?” She asked with that naughty grin of hers. Mthobisi smiled and said “sometimes.” Andiswa said it was getting late and we needed to get to my place so we could do that video skype with Emily she had already sent Cleo three more texts reminding her not to forget. I said my goodbyes to the family. Naledi had passed out from all the wine and was snoring in her room. We drove to the North to my place in Andiswa’ s car, the guys said they would go to Muzi’s house for drinks Mthobisi didn’t join them even though he was invited he said he had people to take care of and I couldn’t help but wonder if Tebogo the guy who got us shot was not one of the people that Mthobisi was going to take care of. While driving to my place I told Cleo about Mthobisi and John she told me to get out of that relationship immediately because she was not about to lose another friend. Andiswa said “friend that relationship of yours with John seems to be cursed, first it was the HIV scare, now this? Maybe there is something big that the two of you are meant to achieve.” I smiled and looked at her through the review mirror and asked “do you really think so Andz?” Cleo laughed and said “or maybe the two of you are meant to kill each other, I say get out Rock Star while you still have a chance. Look at all the measures that Lee had to go through with Mthobisi, do you want to suffer like that?” Andiswa “guys I still can’t believe that we have just come from Lee’s funeral.” She shook her head and said “I hope she found the peace that she was looking for.” I said then told everyone that we needed to stop talking about this it was sending me into depression mode again. When we got to my place the first thing I did was fetch my laptop so we could do this thing with Emily. “Does anyone have something that they wold like to brag about? Rocks Star any new heels that you bought recently so we can show them to Emily before she shows us the ocean that she bought.” Cleo asked, you got to love Cleo and her crazy comments she makes us laugh. We were an hour earlier so we decided to open another bottle of wine and tequila and play the “My life sucks game.” How this game works is you pour shots of tequila for each person and keep one shot in the middle and each person must say the reason why their life sucks whoever’s life sucks the most that person will have two shots instead of one, their shot and the one that’s in the centre of the table.

Andiswa started “my life sucks because my husband cheated on me with our nanny I forgave him but I am struggling to trust him now.” We lifted our shots and drank up and put a piece of lemon on our mouths after.   Andiswa was next “my life sucks because my best friend is gone and I have fallen out of love with Muzi who is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” both Cleo and I screamed “what?” she signalled for us to drink up which we did, I quickly asked “Ohhh my God Andiswa, this is big, when did you fall out of love with Muzi? The man is a doctor, how do you even fall out of love with a person?” She stood up and said “this is a no judgement table remember? I don’t know how it happened, I just don’t feel him, I can’t stand him touching me, I avoid spending time with him, when he gets called in for emergencies in the beginning I used to hate those but now I’m happy when that happens. I think I’m just too independent and I love my space and being on my own.” Cleo said “okay, it’s life these things happen, dump his doctor ass and stop wasting his time.   It’s your turn Miss.” She said pointing at me. “My life sucks because just when I thought things were going my way….” Theo’s phone rang it was Emily she told her that she was ready. We logged in on Skype and made the call “Hey Emy” we all said as soon as we saw her face. “Hey chikitas, how you doing?” Cleo responded “not so good we were just playing my life sucks and I was wining until you rudely interrupted us.” Emily laughed and said “I want to hear the whole story, and the truth this time. What exactly happened with Lee?” I explained the story of how we were driving one of Mthobisi’s criminal friends and how we ended up in Naturena getting shot. Emily stopped me there “okay, I’ve heard this before I want to hear what happened after Lee got shot.” Cleo took over, “I told Rock star to stop the car but she wouldn’t so I stuck my arm out the window I don’t know why, I think to ask for forgiveness or to show that we were not fighting with them, but well they shot at my arm, look at it now.” She said bringing her arm in a sling close to the laptop camera. Emily laughed and asked us to continue Andiswa took over “Lee had been badly shot, she kept going in and out of consciousness to be honest with you I don’t know where she was shot I was on the floor the whole time praying, I heard Cleo say she got shot in the heart but with Cleo you can never trust.”

Cleo pinched Andiswa and she laughed, I continued where Andiswa left off “Anyway someone must have called the police or they were patrolling the area and I thank God for that because , they stop the security guards that were shooting at us and we asked them to escort us to the hospital, there was a private hospital 10 minutes away from where we were and that’s where we rushed Lesedi to, we sat and waited outside the theatre while the doctors operated on her trying to remove the bullets before they do any more damage. One of the nurses told us to go and get Cleo’s hand checked we took her and while she was being checked we waiting in the waiting room, Cleo was done in less than an hour they said the bullet just grazed her arm it’s no big deal but she was all drugged up, she fell asleep and so did the rest of us in those couches at the sitting room.” We woke up the next morning and when we got up we were told that Lesedi had passed away.” Emily said “I am so sorry you had to go through that guys, it must have been so traumatic for you.” Cleo said “you have no idea.” Emily continued “a few months ago Lee spoke to me about wanting to leave her husband I didn’t take her to heart until a day before the shooting I had called her to tell her on her phone and couldn’t get hold of her so I called Mthobisi and he said he would ask her to call me when he got home which she did, I told her I was coming to Joburg and she told me about this crazy plan that she had of wanting to disappear and asked for my help, at first I thought she was joking but I realised the girl was dead serious, no pun intended. Anyway she had this crazy plan.” Andiswa interrupted “Yes we know about it, we were helping her with the plan.” Emily continued “you guys don’t understand what I am trying to say.” Cleo said “Oh my God Emily are you going to make Lee’s death about you too.

Everything just has to be about you, so what if she told you about her ridiculous plans to fake her own death, they were crazy plans and we were willing to go through with them because we loved Lee. Now can we stop discussing her and talk about how we are going to get you to move back to Joburg.” Emily’s face was getting irritable which is something that is hard to achieve the girl was always chirpy about everything, one of those life loving people that are really annoying “okay guys, since you don’t want to listen I have no choice but to show this to you, I thought I would ease you into it but you leave me no choice.” Cleo laughed and said “wait, wait, wait, don’t show us, let me guess, you bought a new house? Is that why I didn’t recognise those curtains? Is that what you want to show us Emz?” She snapped “No Cleo, that is not what I want to show you.” After all the wines and tequila at this point we were a little drunk but I don’t think Emily realised that to her we were just an annoying bunch of people, I smiled and said “your house got repossessed so you down-graded and you no longer have a car, you use public transport now.” She laughed and said “you guys can be so childish at times. Here goes nothing. She pushed something in front of the camera, we were all just laughing amongst ourselves at this point at our stupid jokes and no one was paying attention to what Emily was doing on the laptop screen. She shouted “here you go.” We couldn’t see clearly but I now realised that what she was pushing was actually a person, “did you find a man?” I jokingly asked, she shook her head and fixed the screen on her side the voice on the chair said “Hey friends.” The glass I was holding dropped on the floor, we all went close to the screen to take a closer look Andiswa said “It can’t be, we,we, buried you, we…..” then fainted….

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  1. Yoh…… Now I pray MT don’t find nor know about this …..not when mother in law is was already kinda suspicious….. Nice read as always

  2. Thanks Team. I have a feeling that Lee’s freedom will be short-lived, Mthobisi and his mother-in-law will get to the bottom of this.

  3. Lee’s back 🙂 … Mthobisi will be digging lee’s grave very soon. Just wish umtho anga connect idots abt the call ka Emelly just days before uLee afe and her not showing up on her friends funeral .

  4. Omg, Lee is alive. Was the shooting not real. Pls explain Emily what happened after the hospital.

    Mthobisis mom did say how come was Lees body not shown…lol….Lee!

  5. Damn you guys are gifted! Mike n Thozama I am speech less! !Good work guys such à rôllercoaster of émotions wow!

  6. Thozama is writing skills are amazing. I am always left speechless after reading Missteps, the suspense, the twists. Damnnnn you are brilliant Dear, keep up the excellent work team

  7. Thank you Mike and the team…great present on Saturday for a first time Mother of a beautiful baby girl…..greatful for your work and efforts you put in together with the entire team…..feeling all blessed

  8. OMG yaaay I can’t believe I have tears of joy over a fictional character! I’m just super stoked Lee is alive! Once again Mike n Thoz never disappoint

  9. Oh I knew Lee wasn’t dead but I thought the friends knew about this, but them fainting says another thing. Poor Mtho… I just hope that he never finds out about Lee.great read can’t wait for next weekend.

  10. You guys are a-maaaaaazing writers! I feel like I am watching a series when I read Missteps. This “My life sucks because…” game is definitely something I am gonna try with my girls. Great things are coming from this blog!

  11. Only one word for this, wow!…
    you guys are amazing . I literally believed that Lee is no more and ddnt see it coming that she is actually a die hard:-):-):-) .

    I like your work guys( mike & Thozama) and the quality you bring in it. keep up the good work.

    When you good, you good , damn!

  12. but where is Neo, I’m worried, Lee can’t leave her little boy alone, i so wish she had not done that, she should have discussed her fears and worries with her husband and reached an agreement with him eish i’m sad. Mike please tell mtho i’m single, i won’t run away from him

  13. but Mike when are we having a book on missteps?….di premiums every week would almost equate to d whole book if not more #plz do consider#

  14. Hi Mike, i live in Moz and havent been able to read this blog in ages! I know you charge to read Premium Missteps chapters, and im happy to pay – but how does one even do that from abroad?! ? hellppp!!

  15. Hey Mike am from Kenya and i really enjoy reading this brilliant work and would love paying for the premiums as well please please advice on what to do please help

  16. I agree with you Tshidilicious, the writing skills of Missteps are amazing, one really don’t know what to expect every week. and every time Im reading the book I get all kinds of emotions, the suspense, the twist, the humour and the sadness. I really don’t know what to say Im just happy Lee is alive

  17. You guys are really good at what you do,I really didn’t see this one coming,I was so sure that Lesedi died and Congrats Tebogo Thelma on your beautiful baby girl

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