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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Five

I think only after the words came out of his mouth and when he saw my mouth wide opened did he realise that he shouldn’t have said that. “He’s harmless Honey, don’t worry about it, he’s a man of God, a big church goer, prays a lot” I knew he was now lying trying to cover the truth. HM came back and was on the phone I heard him say “stand still, stop moving around” if somebody like him said that to me I would have shat myself by now, I didn’t matter if he was saying it over the phone for all I knew he could be watching me through a window with a rifle that has a telescope and can see my every move , I would be under the bed hiding if I was the person at the other end of the phone. “You keep moving around and you lose the network when you do that I can’t hear some of the things you saying” he said , woow, I was relieved to hear that it was for network purposes and not for any dodgy business he spoke to the person for a few minutes then got upset and told the person to give the phone to another person and then I heard him say “If I ever hear any complaints about you again, I will send you to your maker faster than you can say it’s my property.” Then he hung up and smiled at me and introduced himself, I have no idea what he said his name was I was just still in shock over the last sentence of his call. Mthobisi was now busy talking with the other two guys and not paying much attention to HM. HM said “MT, your idea of opening a church at that section in Hillbrow worked, the cops have left us alone, thank you my brother. God is goodo.” Mthobisi nodded and said we should go. We left and drove to my mom’s place, my sister’s car was there and so were my friend’s cars, I looked at Mthobisi and asked “did you invite them here?” He shook his head, it must have been my mom’s doing. I walked in to a bunch of people, friends, family, everybody was just happy to see me alive, my mom told me that she had called everyone to come and see me, she didn’t want me having to explain to each person so every person that was at my “funeral” was there at my revival, whatever the hell you call what was happening. My friends who knew hugged me and were the only ones with dry eyes everyone else was crying including my sister. I was happy to be back home and as much as we were celebrating my return we also had to mourn my father’s death, which was the saddest part about all this. My mom called me to the side and told me that my father’s death was not my fault and Mthobisi told her how I was blaming myself for his death, she told me he was very sick and had gotten worse after I had died. I thanked her for saying that even though deep down I knew the truth, the lie still felt good to hear. I mingled a bit with my family, it was my mother’s side of the family that was there my father’s side said they had no time to celebrate or even welcome me back because they had a funeral to arrange, I didn’t blame them though. Victor was his loving, supportive husband to my mom, my mom was hurting, I mean who wouldn’t, that was the father of her kids, Victor was very understanding and patient with her, I loved my step dad. My sister and I decided we would go later to our dad’s parent’s house in Spruitview because that is where the funeral was going to be held. In all this time Andiswa was avoiding me like a plague I didn’t get it, she would speak to me in a group but each time I would try to chat to her privately she would come up with excuses like having to pick a call with her phone on her hand not even ringing, I figured maybe she was still in shock or whatever Andiswa was a bit overly dramatic about things, I asked She Rocks if she had noticed anything different or strange about Andiswa she said she had been acting very odd lately, they had thought that it was that time of the month and had just left her to be.

Myself, Mthobisi, my sister and her husband and my friends we all decided that we would go together to my dad’s family to pay our respects. We drove in a convoy to the house in Spruitview, I hadn’t been there in years, there was a lot of people coming in and out of the house, location people once they hear there is death in the family they will just keep coming for tea and cookies until the day of the funeral when they come for food and alcohol at the after-tears. We got dirty looks from the family, these people had no chill even death couldn’t soften their black evil heart. “What do you want?” One of our evil aunts asked my sister and I. Naledi told her that we were there to pay our respects to our father “you can go in but not your sister, she will bring us bad luck.” She said pointing at me “I am going in, bad luck yama-simba” I said angry now, how dare she. “Yewana ntombazana, you were dead and as soon as your father dies you come back to life, you and your mother are witches, worst of all your father dies at your mother’s house.” I was going for her, I was going to rip that old weave that had blankets and probably was a home to spiders, of her head, nobody speaks about my mother in my presence like that, Mthobisi held me back and told me we should just go sit in the car and let Naledi and my friends go in. I was not happy but the last thing I wanted was to cause a scene in front of all those people and end up disrespecting my father’s memory, so I agreed and Mthobisi and I went to go sit in the car while Naledi, Lwazi and my friends went inside, this was bullshit, I was sitting in the car fuming, “Does this mean I won’t be allowed to the funeral too?” I asked Mthobisi, poor man didn’t have the answers, I don’t even know how I expected him to know that. An hour later they all come out crying, I don’t even know why Mthobisi and I waited we should have just left but we were there so I asked how it went inside they said it was sad, death is always sad. Andiswa said it reminded her of my death, which brought everyone into an awkward silence. “Did they say when the funeral will be?” I asked breaking the silence, Cleo answered “Yes, it’s in three days time. Can we do lunch tomorrow to catch up?” That’s Cloe for you, she never just sticks to one conversation, we all agreed to lunch then drove our separate ways, Mthobisi and I went home. “Can you believe that woman’s nerve calling my mother a witch?” I said walking into the house, Mthobisi was in his own world I just continued talking, yapping about my father’s family and how I didn’t understand them and their hatred. I must have spoken for two hours straight with Mthobisi just adding an “hmmmmm, okay” here and there, it’s true what they say woman can talk. Mthobisi made diner and we ate and went to bed, the following morning he told me I was still talking about my father’s family even in my sleep,that made me laugh.

In the morning Mthobisi said he had to go to work and run a few errands and I could go with him if I wanted, I told him I was meeting my friends for lunch and would ask Cleo to come and pick me up since I was a bit scared to drive ever since the whole shooting saga. He told me not to stay out too late and if I feel scared or there is any form of threat or danger I should call him, I agreed and he left, a few hours later Cleo came to pick me up and we drove to News Café for lunch. She Rocks was already there “this thing of you always being early is really annoying” said Cleo to She Rocks, I laughed and said “Cleo you should really learn from She Rocks you picked me half an hour late.” She Rocks said with a smile “people who show up late show that they don’t respect the person they are meeting and they think that they are better than them.” Cleo rolled her eyes and said “and where did you steall that quote from?” we all laughed, Andiswa arrived, Cleo said to her “Andiswa did you know that you being late is a sign of disrespect to us?” Andiswa apologised for being late and looked very nervous once again, we ordered drinks and started chatting about what has been happening since I had been gone. Andiswa finally broke “There is something I need to tell you guys, you might hate me for it but I will feel better after telling you.” She Rocks said “Geez Andz, you scaring us now, what’s up?” Andiswa continued “well, the shooting that we went through brought back a lot of bad memories, you know about Mfundo..” Cleo interrupted her “Ohh come on Andiswa, Mfundo of all people. I thought we had moved on from that.” Andiswa protested “You might have moved on Cleo because you are used to shit like that but I’m not. I had nightmares for months after we killed Mfundo, then when I finally thought that I was okay, then Lesedi had to take us to some shady guy who go us shot at and Lesedi “dying” and that just brought back a whole lot of memories and I started having nightmares again about Mfundo and I would wake my man up in the middle of the night with my loud screams.” Cleo again interrupted “please don’t tell me you told your boyfriend?” at that point we were all cringing and holding our breathes “I had to Cleo, it was an everyday thing, there was no ways I could hide it, but that is not the worst part.” “Jesus there is more?” I said fearing the worst “He convinced me to go to the police and said that is the only way I could clear my conscious.” Isn’t that what church and prayer is for though, to clear your conscious? I thought . All three of us at the same time said “please tell us you didn’t?” She shook her head and started crying “I did, he took me to the police station and I told them everything. I am so sorry. I thought with Lesedi dead there was no ways we could go to jail because she’s the one that pulled the trigger and when we found out that she was alive but was not coming back to Joburg and had changed her name it still made no difference so I didn’t see the point of telling you guys but now, now that you are back it changes everything.”


Oh God, why didn’t I stay dead? My best friend was sending me to prison. Love them all but trust no one.

I knew this day would one day come but I didn’t expect one day to be so soon…


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  1. When it rains it pours. What will MT do when he finds out that Lee had an affair and that’s why she killed Mfundo?

  2. lee your life is really messed up dear..MT will find out about ur affair with Mfundo….i sense another dead body

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