Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Six

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A lot of girls say that they hate surprises but only if it’s not expensive gifts or things that benefit them. If your man surprises you with a present, money or something nice I doubt very much you will complain about hating surprises. So when I say I hate surprises please take it with a pinch of salt because the surprise I hate is this one! I was not ready and don’t think I will ever be ready for him walking back in like this? Decency would be that I needed to be told! Yes I am not a child that needs pouts, (not the sexy pout you do when you take selfies) no I mean pout in anger! Why had my mother not told me that my father was coming over? I do not find it amusing at all that she could just allow him to rock up without telling me. This was unfair. The whole day she had made me cook without telling me why. I had not complained and done my part. Does this mean she thought I will somehow poison him if I knew he was coming or maybe I was going to run away? Ok fine probably would have disappeared. How could she have thought this was a good surprise though? Come to think of it, my mother does not do surprises, she does what suits her best hence she is selfish and impulsive. She is that parent who makes decisions for you and expects you to do what she says when she says! Story of my life.

We looked at each other, my father and I that is, him with love and longing and me with defiance and anger. I don’t know what it is that made me angry but whatever it is it was from a deep place. He tried to come over to me and hug me but I just had no energy for him. I did not hug back. He was a stranger and I did not know him. In fact he did not know me either. Did this mean I had daddy issues?

“Hug your father back Faith!”

My mother said sweetly but the words fell on deaf ears. Did she expect that after all these years my loneliness would be miraculously fixed. I was not a child your bribe with a sweet but a mother myself.

“I need to go check on Judith and mom the food is not ready, please check on it!”

I walked away with Amo on my chest. I was on the verge of tears though. How could she expect me to be happy all of a sudden. I believe we still need to be re acquainted before she could make me cook for him and call him father. All my life I had grown up being reminded by my mother how my useless father walked out on me. She had never let me forget it and she ain’t the only mother that does that when she is angry. A lot of single mothers are guilty of this, sies!

“Don’t worry she will come around! She is the sweet one!”

I heard my mother say as I walked away. I walked to Judiths room and knocked. I could hear her crying. I tried to open the door but it was locked.

“Judith please open the door!”

I asked her from outside. I could hear her shuffling her feet as she came to open. I entered and opened the door.

“I am sorry about what happened! It’s my fault. I told mom you had run away with Amo!”

I said as soon as I sat down.

“How can you even think that?”

She asked me again. She was right though, how could i?

“But why didn’t you put a note on the fridge or something?”

I asked her and she did not even look at me when she responded,

“Since when do we do that in this house? When have ever left notes around for each other! Even if I had, how would you even have known to look for a note on the fridge?”

She asked me and guess what, she was right! Black people do not leave notes for each other! That’s a fact. For me to have expected her to suddenly have white people tendencies that would have been a stretch. Amo started crying and immediately Judith stood up and took her for me! This child was hers, not mine! Immediately he went quite. I actually felt jealous because my child was more attached to my sister, a person I clearly did not trust. I was failing as a mother.

There was a knock at the door. My mother came in and told us we were being rude we must come join the guests because they had come for me. She did not apologize to Judith at all nor acknowledge her tears. How deep was this though? Clearly we had been both wrong but usually in black families, a parent never apologizes for disciplining her child.

“I am coming.”

I responded. She left and I turned to Judith and asked her if she was coming too.

“You want her to hit me again!”

What a question! Wow! I looked at my sister and again something I had not considered hit me,

At what age should parents stop hitting their children?

I am too old to be hit meaning hell no should my sister be hit! It had not crossed my mind but the disrespect in this moment was actually quite profound. She was a grown woman talking about marriage and here she was still being treated like a child. My mother seemed to be turning against her favorite child. What had changed so much thought in that time?

“Ok if you decide to join us that would be nice!”

I said as I left the room. I took Amo because he was going to be clutch in there when I wanted to ignore.

“Ah Faith, I thought we had raised you wrong not to come greet me like this!”

My uncle said in that strong steady voice of his. In my haste to run away from that hug I had actually not greeted him. This was a no no. For one, black children greet elders but secondly and more importantly, the patriarch of any family is usually worshiped. This is like one of those cardinal sins actually.

“No malume I was just overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in!”

I said talking about my father as though he was not there! I looked down, a show of humility I guess and it seemed to work.

“I know what you mean child but it can’t be helped. This has happened and is happening now so let’s make the best of it!”

He was right about one thing, this was awkward! Very awkward.

“You mom and I need to go buy food since you didn’t cook!”

He continued and stood up immediately. I smelled a set up but I could not point it out to them for fear of being rude.

“We will be back just now?”

My mother said and walked out with my uncle. This was not working for me. I needed to get up and leave. Amo was playing and I could see him looking at his grandchild adoringly.

“I am going to my room. I have nothing I want to hear from you!”

I said rudely and coldly.

“You are my daughter so sit down and listen to me!”

He said snapping at me!

Hawema! Look at this nigger trying to be great! I did not stand up though.

“I am sorry that I left you like that. It’s was never my intention. As soon as I found out I came. It’s not the easiest thing to do but you will always be my daughter!”

Maybe I was being too harsh! At that very moment there was a knock at my door! I went to open and there stood my boss!

He shouted,

“Is she pregnant!”

My father walked to the door to find out what the commotion was about!

“What is the old man doing here asking if you are pregnant?”

My boss stood frozen. He had not expected for a man to be here!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Mike and Fellow Readers.

Thanks for the morning dose, your stories never disappoint.

Here’s my problem, its a bit long and would probably bore some people but please bear with me.
Thing is I met this guy early last year, and we hit it off. This guy had just left church, he ‘was’ a born again Christian. I am this guy’s first everything, first girlfriend, first to sleep with him and etc. This guy is in his late 20s to be precise.
Last year we went somewhere, and some guy bought me and his friend’s girlfriend wine. When he asked me where I got the wine, I lied about it, and told him I bought it with my own money. Well he bought the story until this year when someone chose to tell him, well he dumped me for that(I really thought it was a small issue), we got back together, and two days later he broke it off with me again, saying I’m a liar and that I’m not what he thought I was. Now two days after he did that, he dated a girl 10years younger than him. After I spoke to him about how much I love him, he dumped this girl. We spent the weekend together and fixed things. Now a day after that, this girl sends him a message telling him how he curses the day he met him and how much he hurt her. Well this guy blamed me for everything, and said if I didn’t lie he wouldn’t have done what he did. He feels bad for this girl and wants to break it off with me to go back to her. I love this guy so much guys.
I am out of things to do, should I move on or what? Or should I fight for this guy?
Eish guy Lerato Le Boima.
Insults aside.

Thank You


Hey Friends

Please support and buy the book if you have not already. The twists of all twists are yet to come and the book reveals the real story of Zulu Girl Goes To JHB. I guarantee you will enjoy.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

34 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Six

  1. Haybo! That old man, you don’t just rock up at someones place and ask stupid questions like that! Thanks mike and the team

  2. Mara can’t you see the game wine girl?

    The man is acting like a caged bird now he is free so he will be ‘wild’.

    Let the man go.
    As nothing you do will return ur man.

    Except and move on.

  3. @Winegirl sweetie just leave that lame excuse of a man,he acts like a kid he doesn’t know what he wants…this is what happens when a guy starts having sex at his age,uyadunyelwa umqondo uyahamba period!! He’s inexperienced in everyway,you are a woman who needs to be with a real man who’s been around the game for quiet a while to recognise the good thing he’s got….let that little boy go to teenage girls who are 10 or 15 years younger than him that’s where he belongs,just let him reclaim he’s teenage years that he lost.

    1. Hawuuu Feli…why would he publish the book if he’ll post the chapters online again.
      Go buy the damn book and read….

  4. Thanx Mike and team for the daily dose.

    Wine Girl…1st question: Why did you lie about the wine if it wasnt a big deal as you say??
    2nd Question: How old are you? I feel like im reading a diary of a 15 year old teenager with your dilemma.
    This guy is in his late 20’s and he still undecided about what he wants? Maybe the fact that his only getting into this dating game now plays a role in his decision making or lack thereof in his case.


  5. What I find rather disturbing is that our support to Mike is selfish. We are happy to write comments on the blog, thanking him for the daily dose, etc, but when it comes to money, we don’t support him. Mike had to stop ‘Missteps’ as we were not supporting, I mean what is R5 a week?? Now, our favourite book is available, finally, hayini bantu khaniziphathe kakuhle. UMike doesn’t have to do this, but he does, and we can NOT live without this blog!

    1. Hay Sis ndothuswa yilonto nam , hence I tolkd uFeli lo asking if the chapters will be posted on line ba makayothenga incwadi le. I mean this guy is sharing his incredible talent with us and doing sooo much to help people kodwa people now dont want to return the favour. I wouldnt be surprised mna if he’d decide to shut down this whole operation and then we’ll see where people get their daily dose.

      Not to be mean or anything but people tend to take advantage when ish is free and will be quick to complain and throw toys out the court kodwa umntu akafuni kukhupha a simple R5…R5 for two chapters nogal….aaagggggg man.

  6. Dumelang Bagolo

    Question does the online store deliver across the border, tried to read terms and conditions on their page it doesn’t say much.

  7. Wine Girl…

    You did say you were his first this-and-that right? Well then this dude’s just on an exploring escapade and you possibly pose as a limitation to him.

    All these stories about silly things being your fault and his indecisiveness is just that- silly. Late 20s you said? Let’s add childish too.

    I’d cut my losses before wasting any more of my time. But if you enjoy this op n af, then have fun ! #PingPong


  8. Yhoooo ayi im sorry but both of you are jst sooo childish its not even funny who still does that like real now guys break up today n tomorrow u back together na both of ur’ll jst need to grow up like for real n u fight for the most stupid things even 16 years dnt fight over, n dat guy is better off wif dat gal hu is 10 years younger becoz his maturity levels r that low n i think you shud get ur self a guy 10 years younger nawe coz u jst the same as him geez lying abt sumthing as stupid as to hu bought u wine

  9. Wine girl. You and this man really not to grow up. You in your late 20s and you are lying and breaking up over wine? He keeps dumping you and coming back to you? You both really need to grow up. You sound like a match made in heaven so stay together and be lame together don’t drag others into you nonsense. Just grow up. Read a book every now and again cause clearly your commin sense is questionable. I don’t know what more to tell you but wise up and grow up

  10. Lol, death by ‘hawema, nigga trying to be great’. Is there any other way of getting weekend editions besides smsing

  11. Mike iv been trying to order the book online bt m failling.Can you perhaps assist with steps to follow when purchasing the book.

  12. Thnx Mike for not disappointing….i hv 2 questions QHA!!!…1>hw do i subscribe cz i cnt dzeal wthout reading missteps,angikho stingy ngowam uR5 chin thiza yam…..2> i hate buying online bcz of the Ts&Cs not forgetn the small print so is the DOAZG book on shelves o juz online QHA?????

    1. Missteps :You send an sms “Missteps” to 36106 which will sms you a code back and open the blog diaryofazulugirl on your phone using your web browser and NOT Opera Mini as there are difficulties when using this channell. You scroll down where it will give you a box to “unlock” the chapter. Enter the pin ONCE and ONLY ONCE ON ONE CHAPTER. Because if you enter it twice then it wont again on the next chapter.

      Read FAQ’s you will get the step by step on how to use the sms service.

      The Book im not sure if its available on shelves I bought it online. Its quite easy hey. As long as you provide the correct address where they can deliver the book to,. Remember , Mike and his team are here to answer and help with anything or problem you may encounter.

      People complicate things when they are soooo easy if you just follow the instructions as they are and not do your own thing, because thats where things go wrong.

      All the best Tammy……

  13. I know how difficult it is to love a guy like that. Do yourself a favor and move on. He does not deserve you girl. He is not honest with himself and he is a hipocrite…

  14. PillzBerry I was not fighting I was just asking because I wanted to understand its not that I would not buy the book, so you can only buy it online k’phela?
    And as for Missteps this weekend I sms’ d and received a 5 digit pin I entered it and read one chapter when I tried using it for the second chapter it said invalid pin and when I sms’ d again but I did not get a reply and no money was deducted from my account. Please help me with that because I could not read the other chapter and could not move on to the bonus.

  15. Great read Mike
    winegirl,leave that pathetic man who doesn’t know your worth,who would dump someone who claim they love because of lying about who bought her a wine,that’s so wrong and stupid i’d say.His selfish,he only thinks of himself

  16. lol I literally died by the name wine girl hahaaaaaa. @Abisola you are worse lmao drunk in love? coz of drinking wine behind her back lol lol lol

  17. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto: Great stuff!
    Winegirl, I think yo BOY has been buying cases of wine & has been drinking with this underage new girl. Why don’t U ask to join the party, drink together & have a 3-some.
    Move opposite directions & take this as a learning curve. UR still young & U might kiss nine more “frogs” b4 U meet the one. If yo paths cross again in future gudluck but don’t bet on it. – PapaG

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