Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Seven

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I have always wondered what it is like to have your father there to protect you. When you grow up without your father, having a man protect you really is not all that necessary as you grow older because it’s not something we are used to. We are taught very young that men are useless. This is why this is the one country where the majority of working women have no respect for men because we do things for ourselves anyway. I am told if you go into Africa women worship their men but for someone like me it’s not the same. I am educated and raised by a single mother so for me I see men for what they are. That does not mean that I have daddy issues just the reality of this world. So many guys I know complain that we do not respect them but how do you respect these immature people.

“I asked you a question sir! Why are you here asking about pregnancies?”

My father asked him angrily. He was not polite about it that’s for sure! I was stuck in the middle because I was not sure what to do or say. Ok this was embarrassing. My boss here and my father standing him down.

“I am sorry sir I did not know you were here! I thought Aurelia said you live with your mother!”

He said turning back towards me! My father was not letting it go though.

“But still, how do you come and knock on someone’s door so late at night! That is disrespectful and even if it was just her mother, what kind of mentality is that?”

My father pressed on. Wow what a question! I had not thought about it but my boss had insinuated that he was here so late because a woman ran this house! He had not even thought twice about knocking on my door because of that! It’s a pity he missed my mother because she would have told him off! She does not take shit from men!

“Leave now!”

My father said angrily!

“And you,”

Pointing at me,

“Close the door behind you!”

He turned and went back to the lounge. My boss walked back and said,

“We will talk on Monday!”

He held his head as though someone had died! He had come all this way to get answers but that had not happened! Poor guy! I bet you anything this was going to be the longest weekend of his life. Why do you have affairs if you not willing to face the consequences.

“How do you have men come to your mother’s house so late at night?”

He asked me as soon as I walked back. First impressions eish! He will never believe now that I was the good girl in the house and worse when you already have a baby you look the promiscuous part to someone who does not know you!

“No its not like that. He is actually my boss and I got the job through a friend of mine who is…dating him!”

I almost swallowed my words.

“Dating him? Are you mad! How old is she? You must stay away from him you hear me! Quit your job!”

My father said angrily. Listen to this man! His insanity really had levels.

“No, I am not quitting my job because getting the next one will be next to impossible!”

I said calmly but I was right. Nowadays when you have a job it’s like having life. There are so few jobs and any girl can tell you that even if you have a male boss who makes your life uncomfortable by his advances towards you, the job is more important than your pride. I know the government likes to tell us women that we must report such men but reality is, after I report him then what? Usually if it’s a private company I am out of the job and no one wants to touch you because you appear to be a trouble maker! This is why when you have another mouth to feed like I do, that child comes first!

“How do you not see that this man is creepy and probably will one day try and get with you?”

My father asked. Because he was new to me I did not know his tones. I know many girls will have issues having such a discussion with their father but I did not know him so he was as good as a nobody.

“Will you give me a job if he fires me?”

I asked him defiantly.

“I need the money to raise my child. Men are sleazy everyday so at the very least let me choose the sleazy man who pays me! If I was unemployed I would still be hit on by men who will not offer me anything and you know it’s true. He is not my boyfriend though and doubt he will ever be but I will not quit my job!”

I told my father. I think he saw he was not going to win this fight so he changed topics.

“May I please hold your daughter?”

He asked me but I corrected him and said Amo was a boy. He apologized. I went to take him from the couch as I had laid him down when I went to open the door. When my father held him he immediately cried. I guess he could feel that he was in the arms of a stranger.

“You have to take him to see a Sangoma so that they can do their thing and ward off evil spirits!”

He said calmly! Say what?

“When a child cries like this it means that he can sense evil so he must be cleansed!”

I come from the generation that believes that most things traditional are bullshit probably with the exception of lobola. Lobola is important because it makes a man look serious and is the one tradition we must keep but sangomas and ancestors can just chill! Get the fuck outta here with that shit!

“I don’t believe in such things. He is just unfamiliar with you!”

I told him. See I was polite about this.

“You also used to cry a lot. Your mother and I took you to hospitals and clinics thinking that you were sick. They said it was colic but with you it was severe. Eventually we took you to a Sangoma which was actually recommended by a medical doctor. Within a week of going there you totally stopped crying!”

He said looking up to me. I did not believe him My mother is a medical officer she would never believe in such things but the way he said his little story I could tell he was convinced by this.

“I will think about it. So where do you stay?”

I asked him changing the topic and acting interested in getting to know him better.

“I live in Zacharia Park close to Southgate! I am remarried and have two kids. I never meant for this to happen. I am not that kind of man who abandons his children but life is what it is.”

I had not asked him all that but he had chosen to tell me all these things. I heard the car pull into the driveway and knew my mom was back. Thank God too because I was running out of things to say. When my mother walked in she was glowing. She was so happy and I think it is because he was here. They had bought a lot of food so I called my sister. She refused to come out of her room.

I got an sms.

“Why are you having lunch with Lunga and now his dad just said he was at your house?”

That was from Aurelia!


*****The End*****




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this and all you are doing to help people.

I am in my first year university and my life has taken the Thandeka route. I am in love with this very rich Nigerian man from Johannesburg. He spoils me with money and shopping sprees. He however seems to love through his money as we never have proper conversations and he is very evasive. I don’t know what job he does but he has introduced me as his girlfriend to most of his friends and even sister. He wants us to go to Nigeria but he says I must ask my parents first as he does not want a scandal. My mother would never say yes to this but I dont want to disappoint my man. Should I lie about this so I get to go? How do I get him to open more about himself? He is 29 by the way. He has no kids or wife from what I have gathered. I am always at his house so I think I know lol.

Thank You


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  1. He doesnt hv a wife or kids in mzanzi but wht abt nigeria????? Y take u there if he is nt an open book. Open ur eyes sweety……u might not even make it bck to mzanzi. He knows very well that ur parents wont agree so he jst said it so u can trust him but deep down he knows u wont tell them. This guys r good for playing them but no commitments, they r jst too much esp when he doesnt tell all.

  2. Ayanda DO NOT leave the country without informing your parents! How long have you been with this guy??? How are you even going to trust him when he’s “evasive”?.. I know a girl who left for Nigeria with her bf and was forced to stay there, she ran away and came home once but that guy went to her house and dragged her back to Nigeria because apparently they got married n he accused her of kidnapping their baby.. gyal.. don’t be stupid. Nigeria is not Dbn, that’s another country, hitch hiking back won’t be as easy.

  3. Human trafficking is real! Haven’t you watched banged up abroad??? You’ll find yourself a drug mule.. how do you just wanna leave the country with someone you hardly know?? You don’t even know how he earns his living.. yoh.. im scared for this Ayanda girl. Someone please find her and tie her up so she doesn’t leave with this guy O_O

  4. Thx Mike
    Q&A follow yo heart bt from my side dnt go there if u dnt even kno his workplace so hw abwt in a foreign country?

  5. Thanks Mr Maphotho

    Q&A : Ayanda cc don’t jump ship n go to Nigeria with someone you don’t know, I’m saying someone you don’t know coz you said he’s a closed book doesn’t open up to you, and how sure are you that those people he introduced you to are his friends & sisters? The truth is u might lie to your parents & run to Nigeria & never come back, so don’t lie to your folks dear, of course they wouldn’t dare approve u yo go there, coz thy want the best for u even mine wouldn’t approve of that, so cc I say don’t go there with the stranger u call your boyfriend coz u clearly don’t know him, we don’t want you to be part of the statistics of human trafficking

  6. Koda what’s going on with girls and nigerians money???
    To me you don’t sound like someone who’s in varsity,you can’t be thinking like this sisi,kanti ufundela ntoni if you can’t think…

    Go and explore Nigeria sisi and forget about your degree.

  7. Thank you Mike 🙂

    Ayanda : You know how they say love is blind? They talking about people like you.
    This guy is flashing and dangling his money infront of you…money you dont know how he earns just to entice you and make it as it all is rosey in his world.

    Sisi you need to catch a wake up call…THATgirl is right..human trafficking is real lovey and you not going to Durban, you are going to a foreign country where you dont have family or friends and and you cant just hitch hike back home.

    Why is this guy taking you to Nigeria?? He cant open up about what he’s doing here and he wants you to go to his turf…

    I say dont go. There’s just too much at risk here. Think of your family if not yourself.

    I knew this girl once, we used to go to primary school together and reunited when I was in tertiary. She got married to a Nigerian guy who claimed to be a “business man” but she didnt quite know what kind of business he does. Two years in marriage, guy asks the girl’s family if they can go to Nigeria so she can meet the rest of his family…Two weeks in Nigeria the guy calls the girls’s family to say she passed away…”food poisoning” they claimed. When they returned the body, the family discover all her intenstines were removed…and later it was discovered that the guy had used the girl’s body to import drugs.
    And that my angel…is a true story.

    So becareful. You cant go around trusting people, who cant even open up to you about what they do….

  8. Ayanda why would you wanna go so far with someone you clearly don’t know?do you do any reading?being introduced to the friends and “family” he has here in SA says nothing, don’t be naive nana u won’t make it back.

    1. they know that fresh students in varsity are easily hooked with money, u don’t love him, u r just fascinated with being spoiled and all of that, he doesn’t love you either, you wouldn’t have written for advice if he did.
    2. “his house” could be another place he is renting to take girls like you especially since he has the money
    3. you don’t know what he does?RED FLAG! that’s all i’ll say
    4. Nigerians claim they are family when they’re in the same circle, possibly doing the same things,in on the same plots and all so don’t be taken up
    5. do you know about a lady who got married to a Nigerian, went to Nigeria for another wedding and happened to die while they were there, when her body was sent back to SA for her family to bury her it was found stuffed with drugs.

    how long have you been with this man? listen,not all Nigerians/ foreigners are bad, I’ve been with a couple of them,some good and some bad, my sister is married to a Nigerian, he is my brother, we are tight and we talk, I think its through his guidance and advise that i didn’t end up astray, My closest cousin has been with a nigerian guy for years now and has only been doing Nigerians for the past few years. what i am saying is you can find urself a decent foreigner if thats what u r into, i have had a lot of experience with Nigerians thats why your story worries me,the little you have shared raises eyebrows. Don’t allow yourself to get exploited or even killed for is the root of all evil, kena skolo ngwana rona and make your own money, ul never go wrong with that.

  9. I don’t know if it’s me or what but i really feel you not putting enough effort in your stories anymore, this chapter was just a chapter nje…BUT nonetheless thanks for the read.

  10. ayanda
    plz i beg of u. do not leav the country with this man. gul u dnt wanna b a statistic plz i beg.
    t wud b stupid of u if u do. i knw he prob seem legit to u but nageria is not jus another town ts another country so gul sit down n focus on ur studies plz

  11. Thank you Mike….

    Wow PillzBerry, I had the very same story and I didn’t believe it thinking that people were being their Xenophobic self…@ Ayanda, please read the comments cc before you rush to the sun set with mystery man.

  12. Ayanda
    Yoh.. Don’t go to Nigeria. Focus on your books,I’m sure you want to graduate. Money can b very tempting in varsity especially when u r not used to it. Find a way to make your Own money and keep yourself busy with things that will help you grow.. Don’t waste your tym trying to uncover who this man is, U might not like what you’ll find out. U myt even put yourself in danger. If he wanted You to know who he is u would know already. Be honest about your where abouts all d time. I’m scared for you.Some foreign men r genuine n date for love bt Most have hidden agendas. Be careful.When You play with fire u might just gt burnt.
    I was speaking to a guy that does my hair n he told me straight up that he is dating a SA woman for the money she brings home n for d sex, he literally said he doesn’t love her. He’s actually saving all d money she throws at him for an engagement ring for his woman back home. But girl is head over heels even introduced him to her family. Just b careful dear. Time is precious, don’t waste your time on useless things.

  13. U r in love with him. R u sure? Take away the money n gifts would you still b in love? R u willing to spend d rest of ur life with a man you can’t even have a conversation with?

  14. Hhayini guys 🙁 🙁 uphi u Jackzorro???? Mxm this nigga disappears for days naye akazi yin ukuthi ngiyamkhumbula?

    Ayanda sisi yeka ukuphapha! Klaar!

  15. Good Morning family? Haai Mike, I never complain but today gona ke ya gana straight. O re ropile, mara anyway, I still the appreciate the time effort and doing this for us.

    @Ayanda, eish! Where do I even begin?!! Talking as a big sister: You are doing your first year so you are still a baby to be thinking about all of this. What I gathered from you is that you think you are in love with this man when in actual fact, you are not. You are fascinated by all the monies and material he gives to you. If those things were not there, would you still love this man? I doubt it. So nana, concentrate on your books, finish school and work for own money. If this guy really loves you like he claims, then he will wait for you.
    Now, talking as a woman happily married to a Nigerian guy. Not all Nigerians are the same. Same as South Africans, there are good ones and there are bad ones. I am one of the lucky women to be married to one of the few honest nigerians. Nigerians are not raised the same as us South Africans. Nigerian men are raised to protect, care and provide for their families, it doesn’t matter how but it is thier duties. Then on the other hand, nigerian women are raised not to question their husbands but just accept whatever happens. So it doesn’t surprise me that your man is like that. I went through the same thing but I had to sit him down and teach him that I am not a nigerian woman and I was raised to be an independent woman who respects her husband. Your story has a lot of loopholes in it. Yes, your man might not have a wife and kids back home or he might have. Only he knows the truth. There are some who don’t have wives back home, yes, like my husband. He didn’t leave any wife or kid back home. You wanting to leave the country without your parents knowledge, that is the most stupid and dangerous thing you can do to yourself. Before I introduced my man to my family. I made sure I knew exactly how he makes his money, his family, not only the ones in SA but also in Nigeria, and no, I didn’t have to travel out the country to know them. After ticking all the boxes I took him to meet my family. He paid lobola and his family from Nigeria were here for the wedding. We prepared to go visit in Nigeria but I was skeptical so I told everyone I can so they can know the plans and when we are coming back and everything they needed to know. I even asked one of my cousins to go with, just in case. Today I can visit Nigeria by myself and I was not used as a sacrifice.
    Maybe you might not pick up what I am saying to you by telling you my story. Let me summarise it for you. Take your time and get to know this man. Ask him questions, you deserve the truth. I know a lot of families are not accepting of their daughters dating nigerians but your family needs to know. Don’t ever leave the country without your parents knowing. I am not saying this because he is nigerian. Even if the guy was from Canada, I was still going to give you the same advice. If I was your mom, I would actually refuse you from going and tell you to finish your studies, and don’t be blinded by material things. You know what you have to do but if you are a gold digger, then continue enjoying those benefits and get on that plane without your parents knowing. If you dig your own grave, you will only have yourself to blame and no one else. Good luck to you!!

    @CarolM, how you dey my sister? Baba God na you bless o!!

    Enjoy the rest of the day family. mo ni ife ti o al

  16. Dankie again Bra Mike,QnA well sisi I’m glad that most people that are commenting on ur issue are other Sisters so please listen to them coz they know what they are talking about.I mean u know nothing about this guy n “Nigeria is another country not Dbn”’s so true ke sisi so pls mamela lento uyixelelwayo or Uzodibana nembila’zithutha ndiyakuxelela.

  17. My dear Ayanda how naive are you, i feel sorry for your parents who have raised from infancy clothed you, put you to university but now because of a foreigner you would rather choose to lie to them and go to another country? Sisi you are such a shame your parents have labored all these years in vain? You would rather throw all your bright future away because of money? Most of these Nigerian men are so wicked especially Igbo, i have dated a nigerian before and sisi the stories he told me, he has been duped by his brother so many times. Even the fact that he is here a pastor duped him and said he was coming here for a conference and when he arrived he took his passport until his visa expired, so sisi lumka you cant choose umafikizolo over your family

  18. Ayanda awuyeke uku spita unake izincwadi zeskolo, how many girls would want to be at Varsity?? wena udlala ngale thuba. look for a witressing job and make your own money ngoba easy money izokulahla phansi. #annoyed

  19. Guys you have said a lot n its true actually i also know of that story of a guy who took her bride to nigeria n returns her back ina coffin but i also hve my couzins who are very happily married to nigerians so not all of them r bad and as for the chapter ai Mike usirobhile kahlehle sujwayele sekuze kube ncono Missteps

    1. thanks slotta even if he is bad i think its better if the man tells you what he does, when i met my bf he told me everything about him including what he does, meaning he gave me a choice of being with him knowing what he is all about

      not all Nigerians are the same

  20. Mike nna I want to know from you, as said by this diary girl, S.A men are immature, kanti why are we always compared to people who are just here acting all matured and understanding while back home we all know they have wives and girlfriends who hates their existence to core and ae even scared the hell out of them because of their arrogance, and here we say their women are submissive

    While we know they are just scared of them, the Nigerian brother would never allow a sister to make something out of their life, whether its woking or opening a biznes of their own own

    Mike kanti why are we always undermining the manhood of our S.A brothers while we have the guys with bigger machines in Limpopo, and the very same guys, Vendas/Tsongas, will kill or die to have a yellow bone by their side?

    We are no so bad because this people use pills to get it up but we don’t…

    If you asked me whether I dislike Nija brothers when it comes to handling women, my answer is yes, they talk bad about women, especially our own S.A women, and the stupid women are always ready to jump with the likes of gorilla in bed, and they expect the Tswana guys not to drown while shagging em….

    Ausi don’t go Nigeria, make your own money and free yourself from those Nigerian chains that are tiring u…

    From Your Loving Brother, Mr 37

    1. Mr37.

      Can I just reassure you that not all S.A women are like that. I am a proud Xhosa girl, who is in a relationship with a Xhosa men. I have never dated a Foriegner and have absolutley no Deisires to do so. And no, I do not have a problem with them shame. One of my closest friends is from Zim and I looove her too bits.

      I dont like foreingers because most of the guys I have come across – I simply do not like how they talk to me. They talk down on me and umntu will never say please or thank you – I hate that. And yes they think that they can “buy” us. Which infuriates me even more.

      One guy even said to me that its easy to get a SA woman because we love money. Haibo, have we been demoralised to that na bethuna??

      I love my SA men, because in all honesty I relate to them better. Im not ignorant or anything an yes I am most aware that not ALL foreign men are like that but the few that I have come across have the same mentality when it comes to SA women so no thank you.

      And here is Ayanda , so young an naive that she is “proving them right” in their little theory. Im not sure how Ayanda would feel about her Niger guy if he didnt have money.

      1. @PhillzBerry, everyone has their own choice and preferences. It is just unfortunate that you met mostly those arrogant niggas who think they got it all. And trust me lovie, nigerians can get reallllyyyy arrogant. I have to agree with you on some things. My husband said it to me that it is true a lot of nigerians think SA women are “easy”. I asked the question, what brought about that mentality?I didn’t like the answer I got. “Where we come from, you don’t meet a woman today and two hours later you are shagging her. But women here is SA do that and it helps if you have money”. I felt ashamed and disappointed in my sisters. My next question was then why did you decide to marry me if you think that about SA Women? His answer was apart from every other quality that I have that he is looking for in a woman, the one that stood out for him was that it took a year before I could agree to sleep with him which he found very rare in SA women. I am glad you don’t generalise on them. Maybe I should hook you up with his brother lol!!!
        @Mr 37, I find it very irritating for SA guys to talk like that about us girls dating or married to nigerians. I, for one, have dated SA guys and nigerians before. Both have their own faults and it just happened that I settle down with a nigerian and not a SA, but even if I settled with a SA guy, it wouldn’t make a difference to me. And for your information, when I met my husband, he wasn’t “rich” or “monied” like you all make them out to be. We accumulated everything we have today together. And you are so misinformed my brother. Not all nigerians have big guns like guys from Limpopo. Get schooled and be knowlegeable about facts before you go generalising. You would never hear me say nigerians are better than SA’s or SA’s are better than nigerians. You all have your own faults. I love my SA brothers to bits, but I also love my foreign brothers equally.

        1. Kayvee…Lol if I wasnt happy angel , I would take you up on that offer 🙂 just to see if your brother in law has it in him to persuade me otherwise.

          I must admit though, when you do find the right Niger or foreign guy..they sure treat you like a queen 🙂 now thaaat is something I would never say no to…

          Anyway…im happy you found your prince. I guesss il be coming to your for marriage advice, lol.

  21. QnA I rarely comment on these posts but today I feel compelled to. I am the lucky few who got a good Nigerian. Lovey look, Nigerians are close and united people, everyone is a sister or brother or uncle hey. I need to tell you a few things:

    1. You don’t know what he does? Lovey if he trusted you will know everything, everything hey.
    2. Have you spoken to his mother? Or father? Do you have their numbers? Trust me you will know if it is the real parents. If not keep walking he is not serious.
    3. Have you seen his passport? Or documents? these men call themselves John here but his name is actuallu Oguchukwu, lol this is real.
    4. You talking of going to his country? Whp invited you? His parents? Do you know people are sacrificed there for their riches to grow? Don’t be fooled.

    I got pregnant the guy called his parents, they immediately came down to prepare the lobola. I was communicating with his parents and family throughout. The baby came, the baby naming happened. Look love is good but let it not make you foolish okay? You should never go to Nigeria without family. I went there for the traditional stuff with MY FAMILY as company. Go where? For the what? NAWAL OOOO. Don’t be stupid, this guy is not serious, Nigerian men ask their women for advice, the other ladies can vouch for me. What you see in the movies it is along the real life. I am Zimbabwean so no it wasn’t beneficial to him but I do know of ladies who were fooled. Don’t be one of them.

    You want to see if he trusts you? Ask for his laptop’s password I know he has a MacBook, (I am talking about the one he keeps on him, not the extra one) ask for his documents, and lastly tell him you WANT to know what he does. Do you want such a life? Does he have legal businesses? Ask these questions please.

    Sorry for the long letter but alot of the SA women are used by Naija boys.

  22. Kayvee, when I updated my comment I didn’t even see yours, if you check the time, I was still typing while you updated, I don’t know why you telling me about your husband, when you have a decent Nigerian you can seat down and give me back the microphone, thanks, when we comment about Naija brothers we can not comment on one or two percent that you met, I know what I am talking about when I say this people are arrogant, abusive and manipulative, be happy you got the one with a small willy but that doesn’t change the ratio that the Nigerians brother are the bad existence the S.A women ever had, and lona basadi ba S.A lere tellisa ka bafana bana cos you are always telling them negative things about us hence they find a reason to call one another to flood this beautiful land with their bad genes,

    Kayvee I can not make a research about things that I know, this guys are bad, and that is all. It broke my heart one day when I overheard this morons discussing how they were screwing some girl in varsity, well I don’t have a hairy triangle but at that moment I felt like I had one, the way they were goin on n on about it, I don’t say hate them but please ke kopa leska ba fa tu, please!

    1. As soon as someone resorts to being insulting and disrespectful in a conversation, then that is the end of that conversation. No wahala my brother.

  23. Hi guys!! And thanx Mike. Ayanda, please don’t go. These people are honest if they are serious about you. Am talking from experience. Am not married to 1 though. I ran the second he started introducing me to his whole family. And when I say his whole family I mean, the 1st time I went out with the guy I spoke to his mother on skype. By the second date his uncles arrived in sa to cum speak to my parents. I RAN!!!! He was just moving too fast for my liking. And mind u he hadn’t even seen my “yellow boned” cookie. There are honest once but I’ve heard of so many horrible stories about them. Ur’s seems shady.

  24. Can people stop placing the ‘tribe card’ here and focus on advising the poor child…each person has a specific taste of their own when it comes to relations…PS there’s no bad one…

    Ayanda…that’s not love darly…besides the cash and the house…you do not know him. Why must you ask for permission ‘TO AVOID SCANDAL’…iScandal sa’ntoni?!

  25. Sis, I beg you, finish ur studies and forget Nigeria, why is he not taking you to a holiday destination first? I go to a Nigerian church never have I seen such wicked people, they all sell drugs and testify how good the lord has been to them. I have 3 friends married to them and my hubby’s sister too, they alls share the same problems, money not a problem all these ladies drive suv’s but are constantly told there Foolish south african women, don’t think, useless etc but come Sunday there all hands in the air worshipping. Rather get an education and only after ur degree can you decide. My brother inlaw even has the guts to call me when he fights with my squeeza and tells me that the lobola he paid for my sister in law he can marry 20wives in Nigeria, who says such to their inlaws. Baluhlaza sis.

  26. Lol che wena zama!!!u don’t have a problem.ur problem is u wanet us to knw ojola lekhowa.hehehe u braggin baby…chessa Mrs lekgowa.invite us to d wedding plus keqetetse dikuku kgale.

  27. heh Ayanda Ayanda!!! my dear open ur eyes its 2015! you don’t know nothing abt this boyfriend of urs really so how can yu be so blinded to want to go to another coutry with him? this is how ppl cum bak in body bags or neva cum bak at all..sweety its all abt money chow his money bt dnt leav wth that guy sorry shame I refuse!!!

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