Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Nine

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What is your first thought when you hear that someone you were just with has died? I believe it’s denial! Shock is the reaction that comes after but denial, now that’s real! I laughed when she said that! That was crazy and why was she calling me! Was this some kind of April Fools joke because if it was then it was not funny! We were not even in April so this woman must just chill. I have never lost someone close. I have grown up with the disappointment of not knowing where my father was but that is not loss in that sense of the word. Loss is someone you care for and you know you will never see again. It is something final, permanent and sudden. It is not something you want to readily acknowledge hence something you would rather avoid. This was me. My defensive mechanism told me already that come what may, say no. Hell no, this was Tidimalo, the guy who was supposed to rescue me from all this, my knight and my together forever. Why had I not told him I loved him though? I know why, when you are a single mother you are scared to simply just open and give your heart away again too easily. It’s true. When you are a single mother your protect your own for fear of what happened to you happening again. This is what our baby daddies do to us! They curse us for life. They get to go and fuck some more girls whilst we are scared of our own shadow and left telling ourselves that this should never happen again. That is our reality. We are scared to love again and if we love again we are scared to show the new guy all of ourselves for fear of being left again.

Judith walked in and asked me what was wrong. I thought I had said I was in denial but I guess the look on my face betrayed something else, fear maybe, panic I don’t know but something was there enough to make her ask.

“I am on the phone with Tidimalo’s mother and she is saying he is dead!”

I said almost sarcastically because the thought was just too crazy,

“Ugogo lo wa hlanya!”

She said and shook her head in disbelief but I could see that she too was trying to process that information. We both were. I remembered she was still on the phone and I spoke,

“I think it’s a misunderstanding Mme there is no way. It’s Tidimalo Mme, you know he is always around the corner somewhere!”

I said and don’t ask because I don’t even know what it means.

“He is always with you. I hoped you would know more than I do. The police just called and said he was dead. How can they just say it like that as though he was just a piece of meat though?”

She cried. Ok now phase two was sinking in. She was not joking and this was not someone who could be lying. I would really like to meet a police officer and ask him or her without offending them if they go for sensitivity training. I am not kidding, in my experience with them, twice now they are so rough and not willing to understand nor use a softer approach. Even rape victims have complained about this. I am too scared to ask because you never know, you could end up being arrested. I understood her though because of my past dealings with them.

“Mme everything will be fine. I will try my level best to find out what’s going on and I will get back to you I promise!”

I told her. I almost told her not to worry because her child would be fine but hope is the cruelest of things to give in such a moment so I rather held back! I was a super woman I know but I could not raise the dead. I hung up on her. Now the shock was kicking in.

“This is serious. She is serious.”

You know when your own sister cries over a friend of yours whom she hardly knew or spent time with you know he was a good person.

“I don’t know what to do? Who do I call?”

I asked her but she was crying already meaning conversation between us was dead. She was crying like those Durban girls after the July when their sugar daddies left for Johannesburg to go back to their wives and girlfriends.

I took my phone and I was stuck. For I am sure at least an hour I sat there frozen with my hands shaking not thinking straight.

“Judith, this can’t be right!”

I said to her but she now had her head in her knees. I could not think fast because my brain would just not process. It was then I remembered that I had a few numbers of some of his friends because he sometimes smsed people with my phone when he was here. Oh I never mentioned before, some of his friends had girlfriends who did not allow them to hangout. If I dated him I would probably do the same because they were a bad combination together. That’s why he often used my phone. I called the first number I could find but the phone went to voicemail. Tidimalo often said that voicemail so early meant his boy was with his main chick. Guy world is complicated and filthy. The second number the guy picked up,

“Tidimalo dude what happened to you, you fucken left with the hubbly and you been gone for hours! Where is the booze bru and why are you calling with her phone?”

The guy asked as soon as he picked up. I knew him as Thulare but Tidimalo often called him, Larry the king. I had actually never met him.

“It’s not him, it’s Faith. I just got a call from his mom saying he was in an accident and he has been killed!”

Saying those words I remember is what made me cry and breakdown!

“Eh don’t joke, Senzo switch the fucken radio off now…”

He screamed at someone behind him!

“This is not funny, he just went to get more drinks we waiting for him. He called saying he had to go to Diepsloot because he knows taverns that sell this late!”

I could hear people in the back ground asking what was going on and he was getting angry at them telling them to hush down,

“His mother said he got a call from the police! Find out more information for me please!”

Thulare explained that they were actually in the South but he will find out what he can. He turned around and told them what had happened. I heard silence and some girls scream. See why I always had a problem with Tidimalo, he was always surrounded by women and all of them hotter than me. How was I supposed to ever fully trust him?

My sister and I said that there was nothing we could do this late and both stood up.

“I am sleeping with you today!”

Judith said. It was like he was her friend!

“Ok that’s fine but…”

There was a knock on the door! It was 11pm at night for heaven sake!

“So late? Are you expecting someone?”

I asked my sister whispering!


I went to the peep hole to see who it was!

Shock factor!

There at my doorstep was Tidimalo and I opened immediately.

My sister fainted as though she had seen a ghost! Why does she always have to be so dramatic though? My sister is a better actress than half of the people you see on South African TV who are there just because they are pretty!

“I was hijacked! They dropped me in diepsloot and I have probably run fifteen kilometers to get here and you were the closest person I knew I could get to! I need to call my mother and tracker!”

He said clearly exhausted!

I didn’t care!

For the first time in years I jumped into his arms and kissed him square on the lips!


*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and Readers

Hey guys, your blogs are all amazing and you have no idea how helpful the letters and comments are for a social retard like me.

Anyway, I wrote you a letter about a year ago telling you guys about how my Ray’s dad was being a bum. Well I’ve since sorted my life out. I have a job now and am studying through unisa so there’s hope for me. Now my problem is that I’m sooo single. I think I’m pretty attractive in fact I’m above average but I only just seem to be attracting guys that want to booty call me. I haven’t dated or been with a guy since I broke up with Ray’s dad 3 years ago. Before it was because I didn’t want to date while unemployed and I just generaly wanted to get my act together before dating, I didn’t want to be that kept woman I’m not the type of girl that even spends a guys money. My friends tell me I look high maintenance but I promise I’m not. Now it’s just these guys that take interest in me just want to sleep with me and move on when I tell them it won’t happen.

Ray’s mom


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  1. I can relate to Ray’s mom, I’m also attractive myself, and also have been told that I look like I’m high maintenance which is not true as well. I too get asked out by guys who want booty (it seems like the good guys are taken) last guy I was with was my baby’s father and that’s over a year ago. I want to date too but where does 1 get the right guys who are not looking for booty? my question is the same as yours Ray’s mom as I’m going through the same

  2. So today’s Q&A is looking for love good luck sis wishing you the best of luck , if I had a brother I would hook you up ,

    bathong where is Jackzorro

  3. Ray’s Mom, I know the feeling as I guy I’m often told I look as those hit and run type of guys. I just wish that you’d not rush into a relationship as it itself comes with a lot of baggage. Further more there are nice respectful guys out there hope you find what you seek or else may our paths cross.

  4. Shooo, thank goodness Tidimalo is alive!

    maka Ray, you need to relax and continue raising Ray, a good guy will come along eventually.

  5. I have come to understand, our comments usually influence the storyline Mike uses. Tidi dies, we are devastated and then Mike brings him back. So cool. Ja ne, but am I glad he is alive.

    Now can Faith already…uhm. Never mind.

  6. Wow, that’s is all i could say. A very nice weekend starter… Thank you Mike.

    And it is my birthday today yippie….

  7. Yyyyyyiiiiiippppppiiiiiieeeeee!!!!! Tidi is alive!!! thank you, thank you Mike.

    Ray’s mom they always say love happens when you least expect it, so be yourself, enjoy life and raising Ray – don’t rush into anything just because you feel you are ready. Let the rotten potatoes run along the right one will stick around. Maybe you just need to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. Keep those legs closed. I hope you find the love you deserve.

  8. Rise of the dead! SA & its crime. I guess 1 of the hijackers is dead. Trust the popo to assume its the person that owns the car is the 1 that died. They couldve compared the photo on drivers licence with deceased.

    Q&A/looking for love: I think usually at ur age(dont know how old u r but because u have a child I think u old enough) most guys want a “sexual” relationship. Not saying they only want sex but usually there is no lets take it slow or 90 day rule. Sex is part of the relationship. If u looking 4 a no sex before marriage or I want 2 wait until I am sure or ready ull keep looking. These things are trail & error. Some work some dont.
    Hope u find ur love though.

  9. Gosh!!!!!I was already crying…Mike dnt ever do that 2 me again,phela Faith&Tid remind me of me&a certain guy….but 1day is 1day…

  10. I’m reading this at work, (library’s front desk nogals) every time the tears start to come out i’d pretend i have something in my eye just to avoid stares…#was really feeling the pain Faith,Judith and Tidi’s mom was going thru#…Mike U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!…#strusbob#

  11. Geez Mike u almost got a guy all emo. Nice chapter though.

    Ray’s mom you dnt go around looking for love, just takea chill focus on ur bby and studies and b yourself, and only then will the right man FOR YOU will notice you amd come for you. But b carefull of how desparation cn lead you into the arms of the wrong man.

    Good luck

  12. Ey Mike, your books are amazing. Sometimes people hear me laughing, and sometimes they see me crying and it’s all because of you.
    Never been so happy ka mistaken identity than I am right now, I swear I would have stopped reading Rumblings had Tidi died. Phela he’s the reason I extended an olive branch to my baby daddy :)…

  13. Big Mike u r a star, we held our breath for Tidimalo
    QnA I understand u want him to wait until after marriage, if so , what if he doesn’t satisfy you? Well keep on trying. Gud luck

  14. Yey!!!!!!!! thank you Mike *literally with a grin on my face* m so excited that faith’s knight is still alive, i even forgot to read the letter lol let me go back to it. thanx a million for not killing him Mike lolz

  15. aowa guys nna i didn’t see anywhere where mama Ray said she wants to wait till marriage for sex, but i mean who wants to be with someone who only wants to bang her?nna I’m with you mama Ray, ul eventually find someone who seez u for the worthy woman you are,just keep behaving and carrying yourself as such, don’t be anxious, all in God’s time.

  16. wow Mike I actually felt so relieved and jumped up and down that Tidimalo is alive, nice turn around of events. woooza weekend

  17. Great read…thank you Mike…today’s chapter had me nearly crying at the office….too emotional and wow…super happy Tidimalo was not the one in the car when that accident happened…lets hope Faith finally realises life is too short and loves up Mr T. … they deserve to be happy together and are already facing Faith’s battles together…

  18. Thank you Mike,

    Happy Birthday Sonti, hope you have an awesome day. May God Bless You Abundantly!!

    Great Weekend eerbody…

    P.S: Where Jackzorro ngempela? I see him and Kayvee are playing hide n seek… #come out now guys #game over

  19. Mike!!! Don’t ever scare me like this again man!! Phew!! The suspense!

    You are too good man!!

    Thank you thank you!

  20. Mikey Mara do u know u r good heh,,,u r damn gud ek se,,I soo luv Tidi wa Faith being alive shem

    MamaRay just focus on u n Ray spend time with friends n just hav fun gf ur mr ryt wil cum along,,,or u can get wit Golden who knows we might b attending the DOAZG family wedding soon,,#winkxxx

  21. Ray’s Mom we are in the same boat. I had my daughter a year ago and it seems like every guy who hits on me only wants to have sex with me, nothing more…… its quite boring hey, i’m more than just my looks and these guys just don’t seem to see that.

  22. Thank you Mike. You never dissapoint. Everyone here loves your work. So i wish we also prove it tomorrow by buying premiers. Let us show Mike that we really do apreciate his work. Lets stop being typical South Africans. Night clubs are full, people are buying dumpies for R18 but they come and say they dont have money. Please people lets support Mike not only verbal. For this is the talent we appreciate.

  23. Maxwell we don’t even have that R18 for a dumpie…ranweswa ngwaneso..@dee a woman shud b banged my dear dats WHR love grows..#emotions gets attached by that

  24. Thank you all for your comments. Thank you Dee for hearing me. Guys I don’t mind having sex but I won’t if that’s ALL you want from me, I’m 24 I’m at that single is sad phase of life. Plus it’s been 3 years, think I’ve concentrated on Ray enough. Thanks a mil though guys you’re all amazing!! A big LOL @ DOAZG wedding!!!:)

  25. Emotional is the word, losing someone close to is really not a nice feeling, it leaves you empty,and with wonders, tears were just falling down nje #enduring faiths pain.
    You really a star mike do keep up the good work , after having us think tidimalo is dead ???it take a genious to do that. Big up to you my brother.

    Dear Rays mom
    You dnt have to lose hope ,there are still good guys out there with good intensions. Those that also want a life long partner like you , pray for the kind of man you want , and I assure you you will find him, just don’t be too hard on yourself .

    Where is Jackzorro though , this is so unlike him bathong its been two weeks now without seing his comments, could it be his playing hard to get or something is seriously not well with him? Mike can’t you follow up with him bathong ,just so we know he’s ok.

  26. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto.
    No sure if I was so attached 2his character so much but I thot a passive character usually gets written out of a story thru death or a sabbatical.
    Love the twist tho but was batting on U bringing in another character in his place who wud spice things some more.
    Q&A: I believe in ppl who work hard 2make their dreams come true. Its easier 4some 2say wait 4the right man to walk in your life. I believe U also need 2create a path 4the Mr Right & make it visible without outright advertising/making it 2obvious.
    Tricky 2get it right but go out to movies/church/town/shops etc with yo kid. Dress well & be polite also even to those below yo “level” as U give yoself more practice in dealing with different ppl. C a guy U fancy, dont be afraid to strike a conversation. Do yo research on him, if he is single then he is yours to lose.
    Go to soccer games/gym etc. Develop a hobby. U neva know where U will meet yo Mr Right.
    If UR looking 4a job U have 2make “looking 4a job” yo job. Only when looking 4a men its slightly different as U have 2AVOID looking TOO DESPERATE.
    Gudluck – PapaG.

  27. Pheeeeeeew what a relief looooooooooooooooolz Judith mara…I have been a bit behind guys new position iyangisebenzisa sterek

  28. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew what a relief, he is alive. Judith though kwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks. Kiss/emotions! we always blame emotions.

    Thanks Team

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