Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Eight

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The problem with friendship is that much as we tell each other that we should not get involved in each others business, as friends it’s often the first thing that happens. Girl friendship don’t last forever because we are stupid. Most of our friendships break up over who said what and when to whom? If it’s not that it’s because we feel betrayed by the fact that our friend is doing better than us etc. We are never fully happy to see our friend succeed and worse add to her circle of friends those new friends that we see her make from her new life. With men it’s different. You will find your boyfriend who is an accountant somewhere still drinking with his boys that didn’t make it. I was therefore very scared of what Aurelia was going to say about this. I already didn’t have enough friends again something, which we women pride ourselves on and then wonder why we don’t succeed in life. Did you know that most employment opportunities come via hook ups, especially between friends and family? If you don’t have ‘many’ friend then your chances of being hooked up plunge. Aurelia had gotten me this job and look at me now.

“It was not even that hey. Lunga called me and wanted to come to my house. He was already on his was and I was not going to let him be in front of my mother”

I told her. She did not seem happy with the response,

“But still you should have told me Faith!”

And she was right but how?

“You were hard to reach and you know it! Things are bad we really need to talk. Mmuso was here and he wanted to know about the pregnancy? He also wanted me to break your newfound friendship with his wife! He even threatened to fire me and you know I need this job!”

Aurelia panicked,

“Eish what did you tell him?”

She asked me. She was scared.

“Nothing. My father asked him to leave!”

I told her.

“Your father?”

She asked confused. Hell I was confused myself as those words slipped out of my mouth.

“Yes my father but that’s another story. Let’s deal with yours now please!”

I reminded her. Aurelia was one of those people that changed stories so much in a conversation that usually we ended up forgetting how we even started the conversation in the first place.

“Ok cool. So what do I do Faith? Do I tell him I am pregnant but what if the child is Lunga’s?”

She asked me. I think she thought I had answers over such thing which was way before my pay grade! O crap just realized, I had never actually told you my boss’s name! It was or rather is Mmuso. It’s always nice to say my boss though because it feels like I am employed and where I come from, calling such an old person by his name takes getting used to.

“I don’t know. You need to first go check how far along you are then be able to count back to it!”

I think that makes sense right. Count back the weeks and try and remember who you were with that time. Simple and straightforward until someone says,

“Eish that’s another problem. I am usually with both of them days apart. I don’t know how but it almost seems like they want me at the same time!”

Crap I forgot! Aurelia did not know that Lunga was just using her to punish her father.

“I am actually willing to break up with Mmuso so that I can continue my relationship with Lunga. He is younger and not married so shouldn’t I pin the baby on him!”

Men don’t get it! If you are rich and successful, no matter how big a whore you have for a girlfriend, when she gets pregnant, the baby is yours! Fine in this case the father was rich but look at her decision making, it was based on who had a better chance of giving her a good life! Keep your dicks in your pants!

“Aurelia you can’t tell me that you sleep with both men the same week? Come on now!”

I scolded her,

“Days apart even! Eish I feel like such a bitch now. There was a day when Mmuso slept over and then in the morning he left. Around two same day, Lunga came through and we did it!”

Immediately I jumped up!

“Couldn’t he tell the difference? I heard that if you sleep with two guys the same day, the second one can tell the difference?”

She laughed at me and said,

“You making me laugh when I feel so bad right now. I am not this person and look at the mess I am in. I have fucked up. I am going to have an abortion. I can’t keep this baby!”

Imagine I heard the word abortion but I was still interested in the sex with two guys in one day, who does that?

“No please answer my question first?”

She did not even hesitate,

“If your vagina can push out a baby and go back to its original position how much damage do you honestly think a dick can do? It’s all in your head. It’s your guilt that makes you get caught because your body will not react the way you want it to at that moment!”

This I was going to research. I moved on to the issue of abortion. Either you are for it or against it, that’s it. Funny how I never actually really suffered during my pregnancy alone but now my views had changed so much. In university I was pro abortion. I often told myself that no smart person gets pregnant when they have nothing to show for it and take care of the baby with. It’s just simply the dumbest idea no wonder why SASSA is bankrupting the country. Now that Amo was born, he was my greatest joy meaning my views on abortion had somewhat changed. I was against her losing her baby regardless of what mess she was in!

“Abortion is dangerous let alone what if you never have a baby again? I hear it damages you psychologically as well!”

I said to her as a warning. I was only partially correct though because the risk is not as high as we tell each other. I wanted to use the God and morality argument but she was not that religious anyway. You find your friend who is dating and sleeping with many men get all moral on you when she says don’t abort yet she is a little devil herself! I was not going to be that friend.

“I need to do this though because I don’t want a baby. It will mess up my lifestyle and Refiloe says she wants to get us, yes you and me, a modelling job. She was already talking to some people and will both get a huge contract to do a few shoots for some perfume brand.”

Only now she tells me! Money vs. morality and money wins all the time. Ask a guy if he will have gay sex for a million rand and most will shock you with their answers!

“Where do I get into this? I don’t have your looks!”

I told her!

“Yes you don’t have my looks and the fact that we are so different will make the campaign so worthwhile!”

My friend had just called me ugly but the fact that my ugliness was going to make me money I did not care. We agreed to talk in the morning in person because we had so much to discuss!

I put the phone down and I had not even moved when my phone rang again and the caller ID read,

“Tidimalo Mum”

I had even forgotten I had her number.

“Hello mme!”

I said when I picked up and immediately I could hear she was crying.

“There has been an accident, they are saying my son is dead!”

Say what!


******The End******




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Dear mike

I’m a 25 year old iv been with my man for 5 years now we have a 2year old baby girl. He was very nice & charming took me on trips and always dined me once a month. The problem began after he paid lobola for me.  He beats me up he doesn’t want to give me a cent and always says I’m his wife. I don’t feel like I love him anymore but he just told me he is HIV positive that’s y he was acting strange. I’m scared where will I find a partner who loves me with this disease. It hurts but I don’t blame him I just want to be happy with my kids.

Please advise me on what to do?

Thank You




47 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Eight

  1. Thanx mike Ncaaah tidimalo though eish ku rough ku wrong.

    Siza my dear that man of yours is making an excuse to beat you up.he should go for counselling Okanye umyeke sisi ungaphela ngamadodza angombanayo.

  2. Thank you Bhut Mike…this chapter just reminded me of Gossip

    Eish Siza, this is a tough one hey. Your man should not be abusing you, you dont deserve that. No one deserves that.
    How does he justify beating you because he found out he is HIV positive. That doesnt make sense to me. How was that a way of solving things…or even working through them. How did he think beating you up makes you feel?
    These are questions I am asking you directed at him…

    I will never understand people that are abusive…I guess im too nice a person. Alas, please go get tested first, because you dont sound like you know for sure that you are HIV positive. Regardless the outcome though, there is life after this.

    There are alot of women who are HIV positive and are happy. Look at Criselda Kanada, she just recently got married and living happily HIV positive. Go to your nearest clinic my angel and find out anything and everything you can about your Status and what you can do, to better your life.

    Focus on yourself and your kids…I say dump this no good fiance of yours, because in my opinion abusers never stop. Unless he gets proffessional help to get to the root cause of his abusive nature – then okay, maybe..still sceptical though.

    But take a break from this relationship before it gets intoxicating and just do you….just because he paid lobola doenst mean you too are married…and it doesnt mean that he owns and DEFINITELY doent bind you to him…so take some time out nana.

    All the best nhe…and remember, you are not alone , talk to people .

    PillzBerry <3

  3. Tjo Mike please not Tidi hayi ndiyacela angafi yini Bawo. Critical yes kodwa aphile torho ndiyacela.

    Siza that is not an excuse for him to beat you up. You did not give him the disease so why is he taking it out on you? You should be the one beating him up for cheating and bringing you this. He needs professional counseling – you too and as PillzBerry said you also need to get tested and use protection from now onwards. You can still live a very long, productive and happy life even if you were to test positive.
    all the best

  4. Hi guys i really need ur help.I want to go to school next year to study to be a social worker,bt i can’t find any information as i live in a small town.I want to apply where i will get a busary as we poor at home,so is there anyone who knows of any funding thats given to people who wants to be social workers?if u do plz can i have the info plz.thank u.

    1. Lerato…give me your email address I will try and get you the information you need.
      Also indicate where you are based now and where you want to go study.

      Email Mike as well im sure he can hook you up with alot of social workers. Or if you have the time and data/airtime…go to previous chapters of the week, i.e rumblings and realities there was a letter I think her name is Priscilla or Princess not sure now.

      She basically was infected with HIV and did not have anyone to talk to and is not from SA. And wanted to start a group/forum for all who are infected and affected to get talking about HIV. There were quite a few social workers who commented on that.

      So gathher the names and ask Mike if he can maybe hook you up with them ,they will better equip you as I will only do this on the internet.

    2. Hey do ur cao application sisi ,fill in everything esp the funding option ,apply to as many varsities as u can,study hard because with good results u will def get funding .

  5. aouw Mike hleh why Tidimalo, I have a feeling Mmuso or Mudenda had something to do with this. cant wait for the next chapter

  6. Mikey please don’t do this, Faith’s Tidimalo cannot die no no no……
    Thanx Mikey for great read as always,

  7. Awu Mike kanjalo nje ayi ngeke tidimalo cant die i hope ders gonna b sum twist mayb he borrowed a fwd his car mayb “lunga” but tidimalo cnt die

  8. ah mike please don’t do this to faith. its really not fair she needs to be happy and Tidimalo is the right guy for her

  9. Thanks Mike, Im praying 2 be Lunga not Tidimalo plus they are using the same car.. Plz make that twist.. lol. Great work Mike and ur team.

    Q&A. Plz go and test coz it true, you sound like you are unsure about ur status. It doesnt mean if ur partner is HIV positive, u are also HIV positive, chances are you can be HIV Negative. Go and test, it free only 15 minutes of ur time is needed. Plz take PillzBerry’s advice..

  10. Hi Lerato,there is a bursary from social development that ll be closing sometym in October. Am a social worker maself an studied thru it. Plz leave yo contact details with Mike n ll hook u up with application forms.

    Good luck

  11. thanks Mike :):)

    Ai! its good Mike you can kill that character Tidimalo hes blerry slow nje.

    Siza, Either you leave that manipulative abusive scumbag, or stick around and enjoy and being his punchbag…
    the choice is yours…

  12. Oh Mike… Bathong… You just had to kill Tidi, why mara.

    I had hope that Faith would find love again. How sad.

    Thanks for the read Tiger, you rock….

  13. This must be a mistake, NOOOOOO not Tidimalo hle. Mike please stop killing characters we have grown to love.

  14. Ai Mike o bolaya thata maan,not Tidimalo hle
    Siza,whi said ppl with HIV can’t find love?ur so cld man is abusing u,itlhotlhore grl,its nt the end of the wrldt

  15. Hi Siza

    I’m a lil confused. Is your issue the abuse or is it the fact that he’s infected you with a disease? Either way one looks at it, neither means the end of your life. You’re 25? Well hun you’re still young, there’s hope to find another.

    As for the money bit, you can approach the relevant court to compel him to support you financially, whether during the susbsistence of your marriage or if same ceases to exist (i.e, if you get divorced). If I were you I’d gooi in a protection order aswell coz this man is clearly unstable.

    Him saying that you’re his wife; well, ting ting…you are. I missed the context there, askies.

    Many times I’ve heard women say, “the beating just started and never stopped”. Act before its too late, get help; if not for you then for the sake of your child.

    All the best.


  16. Thanx big Mike
    Eish I hope its not true not Tidimalo
    Zola did he tell you that he was going to test as his partner? ..mhhh smthng fishy
    Gud luck

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