Rumblings – Chapter Eighty Two

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I think when God made us women he made sure that much as we were soft, gentle, loving and caring, he put in a button in us that when triggered we could be the opposite of everything above. I know most men think they can get away with whatever they want because as women we tend to play dead when pushed and forgive or cry… for a while! A lot of guys will readily tell you how much murder they get away with by virtue of the fact that they believe they do as their women don’t really know how to fight back. Guys for example think that when they cheat they are the ones with the last say, lol please, the moment your woman finds out you cheated do you think that it ends there for her? No! If course not! You just don’t know it! We are good at being cunning and normally when we revenge our deeds are final. This was a different case altogether though. This was a grown man and his family whom one morning had woken up and decided that why not punish this little girl for having the audacity to carry our baby and our first grandchild. To them ke sfebe nna I had done this to either trick or trap their child. Even the thought made my blood boil. Now they were trying to scare off my friends or anyone that could protect me! How dare they?

That night I had a nightmare. I dreamt that Tidimalo had really died in the accident. They had stood there laughing saying I should have known better. It was a sad dream which eventually I would wake up crying from. That’s how deep what they had done sank into me. Had they really tried to hijack him though? To what end? People that don’t live in Jhb will never fully understand the true roughness and ruthlessness of this place. I hear so many people saying they want to come stay here but the crime alone should tell you what a bad idea that is. Literally every good person is just waiting for their turn to come. You not even safe in your home and especially your driveway. It’s a sad existence we live that’s for sure. Amo had a restless night so I guess that helped as I had to wake up and take care of him. Eventually I slept fully.

In the morning I woke up and bathed. As soon as I was done I got a call from Aurelia asking if she could come over because she needed for us to talk about her situation. I told her that she could not at that moment because I had a few things to do.

“Well that’s too bad I am outside your house already!”

She said. I looked outside and indeed there was her car! Fuck what was she doing here! I had plans for my day and this was not part of it! I was so annoyed. Super annoyed. Don’t you just hate it when people show up at your unannounced and expect you to cater for them. To be fair though she was going through a lot right now so she needed me. Aurelia had been there for me like no one else when I suffered so I was going to be there for you. Girls don’t often reward each others loyalty for some odd reason but I was not going to be like that to probably my last remaining true friend.

“Ok I am coming!”

I told her as I finished up. I am not the type of girl who takes hours to bath I simply don’t get what will you still be washing after 45minutes. You just finishing water and giving Eskom yet another headache. I went outside to her car and I could see she was depressed. She had been crying too by the looks of things. My heart broke.

“Aurelia what’s wrong?”

I asked. She started crying saying that she was confused about what to do. I often say this, I don’t understand why girls cry all the time because you tears are not going to miraculously solve your problems. Its true. It’s like sulking because something to materialise, well, eish, get up and do something about it! I obviously didn’t tell her that at this moment but I am serious about this, stop being so weak!

“Aurelia what do you want? Who do you want?”

I asked her straight up. The problem with us girls is that we have a tendency to beat around the bush when we talk. We never get to the point!

“I am in love with Lunga but at times I get the impression that it’s just a game for him. When we go out I sometimes catch him looking at other girls. We laugh about it yes but I know he is lusting meaning I can’t trust him!”

Is that not the story though of all South African guys! They want more when they already have a beautiful girl at home that is waiting for them. It’s really hard to have a relationship under such circumstances when all we have are boys! Yes, South African men are mostly little boys who run around waving their dicks as they want every woman they can get their hands on! Mshini wam my ass, they need to fucken grow up.

“Then there is the father. I actually think he is in love with me. I am a priority to him. He would rather leave Refiloe in bed to come see me and fix a problem he has. Unfortunately he is taken. He takes care of me financially as well which is a bonus but you know if I really wanted to I can access my trust fund and take care of myself so it’s not just about the money!”

I have said before I thought Aurelia was clever. When we first met her we knew she was rich. Here she was chowing this man’s money whilst she was saving her own! I won’t call her a hustler but you got to give the girl credit. She had an apartment and a car even which the more I thought about it was from Lunga’s dad. Her phone rang, she showed me the caller ID, it was Refiloe!

“Good morning how are you?”

She said picking uup. Why the hell did she pick up for? Now was not the time to be getting herself into deeper trouble. They spoke for about a minute.

“I have to go. This woman is really pushing for me hey now I feel bad.”

Yes she should. I know so many girls who in spite of being helped by a certain woman they still go and sleep with her husband. Fine we met Refiloe later but it was the very same concept.

“You are making a big mistake. You need to stay away from this woman! She is not your friend!”

I told her. She agreed with me and said that was another complicated part of her story but we will discuss it later because she had to go home first and freshen up. Was this girl mad though? Women just don’t listen!

“Wait let me just call her husband first because he came here asking for you?”

I deliberately said husband for it to sink in but she did not look fazed.

“Hi boss. I am at my house with Aurelia you said I should call when we are together!”

He said he was in traffic he will talk to her later. I had called for other reasons not about Aurelia but all in good time. When I walked in I found my sister making food. She asked me where I was coming from and I told her I had been outside with Aurelia but I was leaving. She said she wanted us to discuss some more about moving out and I told her we will do that when I got back. Fair enough. I told my sister that I won’t be long. I put on a cap and sunglasses. It was sunny so I didn’t look odd. I took a taxi and went to town. Town to Midrand. In Midrand I went to Festival mall. There are some Telkom call boxes there. My plan was in motion. This guy had tried to kill my friend, I was going to destroy him. In Gauteng, if you are worth your weight in gold, there are radio stations you all listen too when you are stuck in traffic. I had called in once or twice before to contribute in discussions. If you don’t listen to them, someone who knows you does. My phone has a radio so listened to two stations to make sure which one had the best and most heated debate and was taking call ins. At the right moment I found my my gap. I dialled the number and acted as though I was going to respond to whatever topic they were discussing. The lady who picked up was so nice, I told her I wanted to comment and she said she will tell me when I will be LIVE with the presenter. I think they were discussing taxes or something deep like that but people underestimate the power of a woman in distress.

As soon as she picked up I started crying which took them by surprise. The presenter even asked if I was crying about taxes. You know they are not going to hang up on a crying woman live on air! What? Hell no! Every woman’s group from here to Bhisho will burn their bras in protest. ANC woman’s league will toyi outside that station until it closes down. Advertisers will pull out!

“What’s wrong young lady?”

She asked me,

“My name is Miriam Kaleka, I am 15years old, I have gone to the police, my teacher at school, but no one will listen. I am being raped every day by my uncle!”

I cried so pitifully in a changed voice.

I swear even on radio you could hear a pin drop,

“Err… What?”

The presenter said stunned!

“His name is Simphiwe Gumbi and I need your help! He has an insurance company that’s why they won’t arrest him! I am scared to go home I want to kill myself!”

I said and hung up the phone!

I had to get home quick.

I did not feel bad!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike.

Please hide my identity I have been reading this diary ever since it started I have been ashamed and afraid of being judged for the past 3years the story about the girl who had four abortions gave me courage. Anyway this is my story three years ago I joined a chatting site 2go to be exact started chatting with a guy I grew to like then our first time that we met we spent the night together and after that we had what I thought was a relationship two months down the line I found out I was pregnant I know I was reckless and irresponsible when I told him he did not want anything to do with me or the baby he said I got pregnant with the intention of making him my ticket out of poverty because he only learnt of the fact that I was the breadwinner I am taking care of my now 18year old sister because both parents have passed away. To cut the story short he has never maintained the child in anyway I am scared to take him to maintenance court I fear he will shoot me because he owns a gun.
Whenever I look at my daughter I have this anger towards her sometimes to a point that I wish God would take her I have had to carry the responsibility of raising her all alone worst of all I have no one to talk to because our family we have never seen them since we buried our mother who was the last surviving parent.

Please advise me on a way forward!

Thank You


Dear Readers

We have been asked to make a retraction by the daughter after a phrasing we used on Khulubuse Zuma which caused discomfort and unhappiness. We apologize for the insensitivity and disrespect we showed and the name was retracted from the story the same time we got your complaint. It was not something we made up but took from an article For that we apologize. We will endeavor to steer clear from mentioning public figures.

God Bless

Mike Maphoto

21 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Eighty Two

  1. hey i feel your pain wena at least it wasn’t even a relationship, my baby daddy and i were in a relationship for two years when i fell pregnant he first said i should abort and i told him its either he is here or not i am not doing that. two months later he came back and he was there through out my pregnancy, two weeks before i gave birth he left for Limpopo (his home town) because of work and i never saw him again, i wasn’t working at the time and things were tough a year later i got a learner ship and now im permanent, studying towards my diploma (the company is paying) my daughter is a happy 5 year old. i am sharing this because i want you to look at that child and see your blessing and love that child with everything you’ve got God doesn’t give us imithwalo that we cannot handle if im doing it and doing it soo well so can you. i wont lie some days i do wish that baby daddy was here but then i tell myself probably God made him leave for a reason so sisi be strong and take care of that baby and don’t forget your own dreams.

  2. Thanks Team… Aweeeh jcoooohhhh, Faith yyyyoooohhhh… Give that woman a bells!!!! Clap once! Nice read, and your statement about some men being big boys and going around waving around their dicks…. I can think of a few that think that b’coz they are monied, then everyone has to put up with their crab.

  3. Thank you Mike, hayibo there goes our freedom of expression!!!! Inzima into yokuba kunabantu ekufanele engathethwa amabibi wabo, MNXIM…

    1. Yehake Enhle….ndisenda xakwa…if people dont want their dirty laundry to be aired then they should bloody kjeep it in their washing machine…sisgezo sodwa esi….kanti this freedom of speech has conditions na??

  4. Faith,o na le sebete sistas phela mtho eo e dirileng is very deep
    QA love ur daughter dearly nd forget da jack ass,o tla fola ngwana

  5. Halala Faith you go girl. Thanks Mike and team. Q&A Sister’s what Ntosh is saying is so very true Molimo ha a re fe meroalo e tla re hlola. Love you Daughter with all your heartn children are indeed a blessing.

  6. Can someone explain to me what is this retraction about K. Zuma? What did mike say in the story that insulted him? Im confused.

  7. M sorry but retraction for what??Hai suka they must get lives shame… U doing a wonderful job wena Mike… Pls keep it up!

  8. Lol lmao *death* the article dou lol lmao GOLD ne tl tl tlt tl tl tl tl. Uyenze kahle waxolisa Mike. Vele u shldnt be making fun of ada ppl’s “mistakes” (we’ll just call it dat 4 now) lol Khulubuse dou loooooooooooool

  9. @ miss what what, uthe he’s corrupt- which he’s proven to be. I don’t know why this Zuma family and co. think they’re above the rest of us. We’re not dumb ey! This country is not exclusively yours (I do hope you’re reading this). Mike shouldn’t have retracted that phrase, the truth isn’t meant to be sensitised.
    @ Q&A it shouldn’t be about the baby daddy, it should be about your daughter. She shouldn’t be punished for her father’s sins; she’s your baby first and foremost…her joy and wellbeing should be what you concentrate on. Don’t harbour feelings of hatred and resentment, they only set you back in life- let it go.

  10. Faith is just awesome.
    QnA I can’t relate. I never planned my pregnancy but every time I look at my son I feel nothing but love.

  11. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto.

    I think yo retraction is in order. 1doesn’t have 2b a lawyer 2know that using ppl’s FULL names without their WRITTEN CONSENT is playing with fire. Even journalists need 2get most of their stories thru legal deptmnt; hence ppl are reported as “allegedly” until they have been formally charged. Enough said.
    Q&A: Unfortunately most of us men often run away from our responsibilities but unless U fell pregies by “mistake”, as a woman U also need 2take part of the responsibility sisi. U still had other options like abortion, adoption etc. So U just need2 change all that “hate” U have 4d “disappeared” excuse of a father into “motherly” love. Bear in mind this child is just an innocent soul, a product of both yo ecstasy.
    Try 4giving yoself 1st 4not thinking ahead ngeskati kumnandi. Then 4giv the “sperm donor” too as “karma” will get him. – PapaG

  12. Faith and Judith, special cases, thanks Team Mike

    As for retracting- i think its unfair that freedom of expression its depended on who we talking about, worst of all that was a copied comment not one that was started by Mike and the team, oh well.

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