Rumblings – Chapter Eighty Six

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“What is it?”

Tidimalo whispered when he could see my face was in dispair. He knew me so well that’s why this man should be mine not this wanna be Joburger. Have you ever seen how these girls who come from out of Jhb all of sudden want to act brand new and like they own the place. We grew up in this city of gold, not you, but you want to act like you know everything. I saw it in university especially. Girls from Limpopo of all places and the North West would even change their language to try speak Pretoria Tswana just so they can be cooler than girls already from Pretoria. This wwas her right now, a baby in town and already acting like she owns the place (ok play nice Faith I told myself). I gestured to him that she wanted to cut my throat, meaning my mum.

“You didn’t tell me she was beautiful dude!”

Thulare said to Tidimalo. Because I was on the phone I don’t think he intended for me to hear that.

“Of course she is you moron that’s why I will break you if you ever hurt her. She is good people so you treat her right!”

He told Thulare. Dwee guys, I am right here so I can hear everything, I felt like saying but my mother was still alive but screaming on the phone.

“Well my cousin is prettier than her!”

Nozipho said drinking her alcohol. This girl had a problem with me. How could she say that. I did not even know who her cousin was.

“You should meet her Thulare I think you would like her!”

She concluded. I wanted to jump over and strangle her but at this stage I am sure my mothers blood pressure was rising even over the phone.

“No thank you Nozi I am doing just fine right here!”

He said in an annoyed tone. I could kiss this dude right now but my mother had me. You know when you are guilty of something and you know you have been busted the words don’t come out easy. I knew why my mother was calling but I did not want her to hear that I knew. It would only make her angrier which definitely was not something I liked. My mom is like the hulk ok, the longer you keep her waiting the angrier she gets. She is just like that. She is gets more dangerous if you allow her to over think things which made me even more scared.

“Mum I am too far right now! I can’t come now! I need transport to get there!”

I said but she would hear nothing of it. She was definitely angry at me but I tried to calm her down telling her that I would be there as soon as I can. At that point the DJ decided to play Kuze Khuse which made the place sound very loud and very festive!

“You want to party when I am saying come home! Who do you think is taking care of your child? I said come home now!”

She said and hung up immediately after. She was very angry. What had he told her? What a stupid man? A grown man who is a snitch really? He started this fight now he was running home to report to my mother. Sies on him!

“I am sorry guys I have to go! My mother is livid about something and she says I must come home now!”

I told them when I sat down. Thulare was visibly disappointed whilst Tidimalo was more concerned than anything else!

“You killing the vibe though now I will be holding the candle for these two and that ain’t nice!”

Thulare said softly in a weak attempt to get me to stay. At that point I felt that scared child who would say, ‘you don’t know my mother’ but I just said it was not a good time and asked to be taken home.

“We can pick up my cousin if you want she is in Jhb and we can maintain the foursome. No vibe will be killed Larry!”

Nozipho chirped in. This bitch! I wanted to punch her now really she was becoming annoying.

“No thank you! I am taking her home then I am coming back to pick you guys up!”

Thulare said standing up. I gave Tidimalo a hug and held on extra long to piss off his little date. She was so petty and immature and I could shee her roll her eyes. I also gave her a hug to make her look stupid.

“Your friend doesn’t like me much!”

I heard her say as I walked away. I wanted to turn and give her a piece of my mind but I had bigger things to worry about. When we got to the car he opened the door for me again. A girl can get used to this.

“What’s going on? The truth please I have no time for lies!”

He said to me as as soon as he got in. I told him the necessary truth that my mother was angry at me for going out and not telling her. Normally when I go out I tell her so today they had caught me by surprise meaning we just left. He said he understood so maybe he should come in and apologize for me.

“Hell no!”

I said in incredulously!

“Are you crazy! My mother shines if there is someone she can embarrass you in front of so you are definitely not going to do that!”

I said and I laughed because the thought was funny in my head.

“Imagine on our first date you see me being scolded by my mother, I would never handle!”

I said to him and fortunately he found the funny side of it! He changed the topic by saying he did not want to pry anymore and he trusted me at my word. Nice one. I thought he would go quiet but he did not. He started cracking jokes about Nozipho andd said he noticed she really did not like me. Normally I don’t like a guy who gossips but there was something about the way he spoke which made him sound like a friend. The drive was funny and quick. When we got to North Riding I told him that it was best he drop me off the corner so I could walk the rest of the way. I was not sure what mood my mother would be in so I think it best I do this alone. He said maybe he should stick around by Bellair Mall just to make sure I would be ok. He said he would wait there for an hour and I must call him.

“Can I have your phone please?”

He said exposing his hand in a gesture for me to hand it over. I gave it to him and he typed in his numbers.

“Those are my numbers. If you want me you will call me. I already have yours so it’s fine.”

He said. I liked him. He was sweet but are all guys not sweet when they first meet you? Women do not end up broken hearted or as baby mamas because guys were mean to them, no its because guys were sweet to them. Something always changes! Why am I being a pessimist. I started walking. I called my sister and asked her how mom was.

“She is sleeping now. I think she was so angry it knocked her out. Mfethu what did you do?”

She asked me. I told her I had no idea but was coming to find out. When I got home my sister gave me that child like you are in trouble eye. I wanted to laugh. We were not kids anymore but my sister had this moments. She was serious about this envelope thing because she was still stuffing them even now.

“How dead am I?”

I whispered to her. She said she did not know but by the looks of it I should just did my own grave. There she goes again being dramatic. I knocked on my mothers door softly. The woman must have been standing at the door because I did not even finish the knock and she opened the door!

“You stupid girl! What the hell is wrong with you?”

She screamed at me and pushed me backwards. For a moment there I thought she was going to hit me so I covered my face!

“What did I do?”

I asked her moving backwards!

“You called the radio station this morning and accused a grown man of rape are you crazy?”

I felt like asking her if grown men don’t rape but now was not the type to be a smart Alec!

“What are you talking about?”

I asked her acting surprised.

“Don’t you lie to me now! I know your voice even if you try and change it!”

Had she heard the radio? Nope I don’t think so. My mother listens to those black stations such as Thobela, Ukhozi and Legwaila so there is no way in hell she could have.

“That man came to my house – I told him never – not my sweet little girl and then he played me a…”

For a moment she couldn’t find the word then it came back,

“Yes he played a podcast! I know my daughter ok and I know your voice! How could you do that?”

This time I had to be brave and I stood up angrily to face my mother!

“That was not me! I did no such thing!”

I said. She took out her phone and went to the Internet! Yes mother can do that, can yours? She went to the station and under podcasts played mine. I stared at her defiantly.

“That was not me!”

I told her angrily. I had to be angry because I was doomed.

“Well you can say it’s not you but because it so big a story the police are now involved and they want to do voice recognition what what? Faith you were never the stupid one, your sister was! Now you could end up in jail for being so petty!”

She screamed many more things but I was not listening,


Because she was right!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

How are you and greetings to your readers!

Mike I have a problem. I am a serious no nonsense type of girl but before long I realised that if I did not lower my standards I would never get a man. I am fairly successful and attract all sorts of guys. However I find flaws in all these guys mostly because they cheat. Last weekend my friends and I got drunk and we decided to count how many people we have slept with in the last five years. Because I am a serial dater I actually never realised that in dumping anyone who does something to me I have become loose myself. In five years I have slept with 11 guys and I did not even see it creep on me. I am properly ashamed of this.

Is there anyone who can advise me on how to keep a man and how to forgive one when he fails me?

Thank You


20 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Eighty Six

  1. on which stores can i get ur book Admin.
    Coz nw i keep my eyes glued on ma 4n coz of dis gr8 helluvah of a story

  2. THANX Mike for the read. QnA, dear u e beta in 11 yrs u slept with only 11 guys, approach a gal now and ask her how many guys she has slept with and u gonna find that what u did is just an understatement to what others did. Don;t beat yourself up about it, there are worse things out there.

  3. mamosa, never drop ur standards, there will come a time when u will meet that man that wnt disappoint you, so just hold in there

  4. OH Faith, i hope you find your way out of this one

    @Mamosa, it sounds bad yes but not as bad as you put it,

    You do not have to lower standards so u cn keep a guy nd u do not hv to date strait aftr every broke-up ,

    tke your time alne nd decide wat u wnt in a man , do not dump a man bcoz of one flop he did,

    we talk throu these things and if tlking does nt hlp only then you consider quitting.

  5. Joh Faith just blackmail to expose the dude for what he did to Tidimalo…. Thanks Mike

    QnA, I cant advise you on that, the 1st guy I slept with is my husband but I have heard of stories worse than yours, people have slept with 11 guys just this year only and some have even slept with 11 guys in one month so compared to them, you are a virgin.

    I dont think there are tips of how to keep a man, just dont open your legs for every guy you date, ok?
    its ok not to have sex in a relationship, it shouldnt be built on it.

  6. Jah neh Faith uzoba strong.Q&A sister I don’t know what to say but don’t lower your standard for any man. 11 in 5yrs is nothing, there is no advice of keeping a man the man only States if he want to stay if he don’t he will can do anything for a man and worship him but he will leave you so why worry about them

  7. Q&A

    I think going forward you should wait on the sex and get to know the guy 1st and if you don’t like him then you haven’t slept with him.

  8. Deny deny deny Faith so many ppl could have a voice that sounds like yours mpaaaaa u r not his only enemy I know you have it in you to make them all look stupid 😉


  9. Oh poor faith….Whenever she tries to get her own it blows up in her face. You can miss me with Nozipho’s bitchy behavior, uyabhora shame.

    Mamosa…I could not have said it any better than Khanyie..

  10. Sho big Mike as always
    I think its time Faith must tell Tidimalo what she did for him,maybe he can change his mind
    Well you didn’t tell us much about yourself but still I don’t think you are that bad as others have said your man is out there you will find each other sooner or later… Here is my QUESTION to all the Ladies. When you say one must not open her legs until she knows that he is the one. What will happen if the guy does not certisfy her at all sexually? Ladies please help

  11. Q n A. in 5 years its only 11??? thats just fine don’t worry about it cos there are some who slept with that 11 in just 5 months

  12. Faith, you know how convincing woman’s tears are right? deny it till you believe it yourself.

    Q & A . Sisi, I am also kind of strict when it comes to men, but have only dated and slept with less men. Try and write down what you really want in a partner, what are the must have characteristics, what are you willing to compromise and what are your no go areas. mawuzazi ukuth ufunani, then its a bit easier.

  13. jahh faith mara yerr

    q2a whether or not 11 is too much or okay for 5 years is beside the point the real point lies with a partner that compliments your character njeh

  14. Kanti people sleep with how many partners vele?? 11 is nothing really?? I lost my virginity 10 yrs ago but the number of my sexual partners is not even half of 11. My 90days rule really works for me. #shocked for years

  15. Faith, deny until your face turns blue anyone could have done that, this Thulare guy unless he is playing but he doesn’t sound so bad, I hope Tidi can see what an idiot her about to be girlfriend is.

    Thanks Team

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