Rumblings – Chapter Eighty One

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When you marry a rich man, even your family marries him too! It’s funny when I say this because the shoe fits just as well when it’s the guy marrying into the rich girl’s family. The richer family takes precedent and that doesn’t matter how big your dick is as a man. Money talks and rules over everything big and small. Your family much as their happy about your new found love they also know that if you fuck it up with her you fuck it for them too. Worse if that girl is an only child she will still be spoilt in marriage by her parents like they did when she was single. Mudenda’s father in all honesty I had not expected this. He had always been nice to me until the day his son found a richer girlfriend. Why should he care about the daughter of a nurse if he could have the daughter of a millionaire? I bet you most mothers would not make too much noise if their 17 year old daughter brings home Patrice Motsepe old as he is, as a boyfriend. That was what I saw in Mudenda’s father. His son was going to marry in a wealthy family and as a small time business man he was marrying into it too. Don’t you know that parents are gold diggers too! Yes it’s true, your parents especially if you are not as rich as others, will love your normal simpleton boyfriend until you bring home a rich man as a potential. Even your mother’s advice will change. She will start telling you about how your security is more important than anything else and how you must want the best for your kids. They start to resent your simpleton because he has no car for example and will openly compare him to the rich friend that has been dropping you off. The gold digging gene is not reserved for young women, parents are guilty of it too.

I went and waited for him outside! Smokers have to be the most abused people in the world. 90percent of the places they want to smoke at they are not allowed. Imagine, he had had to walk all the way to the corner just to get his fix. This is what I call punishing yourself for nothing. I was not about to walk to the corner though this late so I waited and fortunately for me he walked back within minutes of me getting there.

“I know who did this to you!”

I told him as soon as he got into earshot.

“How can you possibly know who it was? Let’s not accuse people simply because you have a grudge with them or something!”

He asked me a bit confused so I explained the phone call to him and only at the end did I mention that it was Mudenda’s father. His jaw just dropped because I am sure like me he did not full believe that someone could actually do that.

“This is too much drama for me! These people are dangerous!”

He said as he sat outside on my stoep.

“I know and I am sorry. Are you going to the police with this?”

I asked him. He said he was not because what story was he going to tell them. No, he was going to get insurance to replace his car and he was going to move on.

“You make it sound like you are moving on without me Tidimalo ah!”

I exclaimed. He was. There was no “we” in how he was speaking. Had that family ruined my future yet again! If they had I was going to ruin them! They are playing with me!

“Do you blame me? I almost died tonight. I am not trying to be a hero! This is not TV where I get to come back another time.”

He said clearly still traumatised about it. I don’t blame him though to be honest because now my enemies were becoming his enemies and they were not playing fair. I am certain if I was in his shoes I would want nothing to do with him too.

His mother arrived. Thank heavens she didn’t cause a scene and start crying in my front yard. My mother would certainly have woken up this time around. She hugged her son and told him what a scare he had given her. Tidimalo said he would call me tomorrow but I shouldn’t stress about that other little thing because we were still cool. Wow. He had just referred to me kissing him as little. Bury me now please!

I walked in and I found my sister breastfeeding Amo! Hello! Yes I said breast feeding Amo!

“Judith what the hell are you doing?”

I asked her angrily or confused I don’t know really!

“He doesn’t like the pacifier so I make him breastfeed because his mother never ever gives him the boob!”

She said in an attempt at humor! Ok that’s true I hardly ever breastfeed him I hate it and I don’t want my boobs to sag! My sister was a full C and yes guys loved her boobs now, wait she gives birth and they sag! She doesn’t know how this goes neh. I was too weak to fight and I am not even sure if that was ethical.

“Don’t worry, mum said it’s fine and it’s the easiest way to nurse the baby. I often replace it with his bottle!”

She said trying to explain because she could see I was clearly disturbed.

“We need to talk though?”

She said.

“Staying here is not working for me! You guys accused me of kidnapping Amo. Seriously guys. How could I even do that?”

She asked me. With all that had happened today I don’t think I was paying too much attention to her. I had even forgotten shem!

“It was just a misunderstanding Judith and I am sorry. You know mum never apologizes but I am sure she is sorry!”

My sister’s tears started rolling down her cheeks. I don’t think I can blame her though. This house seemed cursed. When one thing went wrong everything else seemed to go wrong with it.

“So I was thinking that we move out and find a place together. I will get a job and we will share rent. I have some money put aside, don’t ask where I got it but for at least three months it will be good for us and Kagiso can contribute. I already asked him! He said only if I am working will he contribute!”

She said and she was serious. She was forgetting one minor detail! The big man on her lap sucking on her tit!

“What about Amo? If we both work who stays with him?”

I asked. She had thought that through too and said we will get a nanny or one of our poor cousins to come stay with us. Her words not mine. Lol, eish, we all have those cousins whom we take in out of pretence of having a good heart but usually they become de facto nannies for free and usually don’t even pay them. It reaches a point where they end up stealing from you and you end up telling everyone how ungrateful they are when it was you who abused, underpaid and did not treat them well. African families for you.

“It’s expensive to get a nanny. I don’t even know how much I will be getting paid. Let me find out first and then we will decide! Is that fair?”

I asked her. She seemed convinced and agreed for us to call it a night.

I had no intention of sleeping though. Yes I was exhausted too yes but he’ll will freeze over first if I did not revenge on Mudenda and his father for trying to teach me a lesson!

Never mess with your baby mama because we do not go down that easily!

Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this.

I am 21 years old. I was born in a family of five children and am the second last born, 4 girls one boy. Two of my sisters were kidnapped, raped and killed when I was 15. They had attended a party to celebrate passing matric. The family was devastated by this. Three years later my parents died in a car accident coming from a funeral. My brother took us to therapy because after the sisters and now them it was hard to cope. A year ago my brother was shot and killed by the police in a case of mistaken identity. He was coming from work and they thought his car was stolen. They killed him only to realize it was the wrong person and his car was his. The family was compensated and oh, even for my parents life insurances paid out so we are more than comfortable. Am studying 3rd year accounting at Wits.

Now I am left with my little sister. She is 18 and I am scared I am going to lose her too. All these deaths have messed her up. She is promiscuous and this year alone has slept with over 10 men. I know this because we are in therapy. She says she is waiting to die too so she wants to live life to its limits. I turned to church and God when all these things happen. She is 2 months pregnant and she wants to abort because it’s messing with her partying plans. I don’t want her to abort because I will raise the child alone if I have too. There is no one left. She doesn’t know who the father is but I don’t care. We need this baby. I am so scared. I feel like my family has been punished enough and losing my sister or her baby would kill me. I can’t deal any more.

Please help me with advice. I need to keep my sister and her baby alive.

Thank You


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  1. Thank you Mike…

    Witsie, I hardly ever comment but your letter brought me to tears. I dont know what to say to you because I cannot even imagine the kind of pain you are going through. You are so young yet so strong. Loosing a loved-one is one of the hardest things to go through and after so many loses and you still find the strength to carry on is big sisi. I respect you for that. I dont think there is much you can do for your sister especially because both of you are already going through therapy. But DO NOT GIVE UP ON HER. No matter what decision she takes. You are the only one she has, and she is the only one you have. And lastly, pray, pray, and pray.

  2. Thanks for the great read Mike….

    Wow sisi you such a strong young lady…. I’m sorry for all your losses but I must say only a few can do what you did…. I mean move on and find reason to live. You’ve lost somuch but you still strong and standing firm. Although it seems to be the opposite for your sister…. I pray for ur sake she realises that she has a life ahead of her just be there and support her all the way. Even thou you want the baby its up to her what she will do cos from what I read it seems she doesn’t listen to you so you need to prepare yourself for what ever she decides to do.

  3. Yep………Faith is going in for the kill! Go Faith.

    @Witsie, by the time I got to the end of your story I was soaking in my own tears…I am so so so sorry about all your tragic losses. Life can be so cruel. You can only beg your sister, at the end of the day if she wants to do it, you won’t be able to stop her. Kwaze kwabuhlungu. I really hope she changes her mind. God be with you both

  4. Dear Witsie

    When all else has failed, you turn to God. Clearly you and the therapist cannot reach out to your sister. Now you need to pray for her, pray that she finds herself, pray for courage as you try and help her, pray for wisdom so that you may always know what to do and say, pray that she may find her way and purpose once again. I have to say you are one brave & strong girl continue praying for strength and protection. Your only option now is prayer plus a miracle. But God says we should ask and we will receive. Tell God your needs, your fears and it will all be alright. As you pray, have faith and your sister will find her way.

  5. Witsie Siswami you are a very strong person and I can’t imagine going through so much pain at a very young age . I will only PRAY for you sisi and God is faithful and I believe He will be faithful to you also


  6. @wit mina sis I understand your problem but I know a guy who lost all his family memebers and left alone with an aunt which was married . This guy work hard and he got bursary to be doctor and he got married and had so many kids so nawe God will provide you with a family when the time is right. Anyway you are Very VerY VEry Very strong nothing is impossible if you continue with this mind set.Try to remove negative thoughts in your mind and be positive. I will suggest you get a copy of a Book called A MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI it is only 180 Cna . Lastly Pray at all times

  7. can these people please leave faith alone now so she can be happy
    @witsie gosh u,re very strong im loss of words not many people can survive so much losses and still keep going pray for your lil sis maybe one day she will see that what she is doing is wrong my the lord protect

  8. So you can breastfeed when you have never had a baby? I was breastfed by my grandmother and that still shocks me because her last born was my mother who was 19 when she had me, but I didn’t know it’s possible if you have never been pregnant before.

    QnA Your story is touching, I would also be trying to convince my sister to keep the baby but I guess its her choice. Eish I don’t know what to say, this is deep. God will see you through it all.

  9. Sorry for your loss my child. Pray have Faith and don’t give up hope God is always watching when you least expect things will change. I’ve got a son who lost his dad in 2013 he still not coping so I know exactly what’s going on. Keep going for therapy and talk about everything soon you will be able to remember all the good times and smile about them although its sad at the same time. Its life sometimes it takes away the people we love and leaves us empty. I hope all works out may God grant you strength and the wisdom you need.

  10. Witsie
    You are a very strong woman! I applaud you for that. The best advice I can give you is to STAY STRONG, for yourself and your sister. Never give up, God is with you and stay strong in Prayer.

  11. @ Wits my boyfriend’s father shot my bf Mother and short himself as well, and my bf had a younger sis 12 year old to be precise as they were dealing with this it was hard for me because I had to step in and help hi raise his lil sister, 3 years later my bf was short accidentally at a party and he died on the spot.. it was the most tragic thing that had ever happened to me now because I was left with his younger sister who was a teen and she behaved exactly the way your sister is… I wanted to give up because I was young myself but my conscious wouldn’t let me, I turned to God for when all else fails his love is endless It was not easy but I prayed and I had to try and step in her shoes to understand what she was going through…I agreed with everything she said to gain her trust and I supported every decision she took, I told her for me to go with her for abortion she must agree to come with me to church she agreed because she was young and scared..we went and booked for abortion together we got a date. and I told her the least she could do was go ask for forgiveness at church for what she was about to do.Just as the bible says God was with us just as that day at church they were preaching about how you can find peace in the lord and how God is forgiving and is there for us and how He is against abortion and all. After that service she saw life in a different view, she kept the baby and the rest is history… now I have a beautiful niece and she adores her child…trust in God and He will be there for you…if you need to talk whatsaap me at 0799436890

  12. Thanks Mike for the read,
    Iyooooooo Witsie what you’ve been through is very hectic Nana and you’re so strong. I’m not gonna answer your question but tell you how proud I am to read about a strong young woman like you, tjoooo hle Jehova a ofe matla hle and se ka lahla tshepo all will be well with you and your baby sis.

  13. Thanks Mike

    Witsie, you are an amazing woman, God will help you and answer all your cries. Don’t give up on therapy, it is helping you keep sane at the moment. stay strong Nnana

  14. Witsie my deepest condolences about ur loss u soo young yet u have dealt with a lot; Therapist may try but if its not working for ur sister u need to drew closer to God. I nearly didn’t read this letter becoz I read the daily dose at work but something now told me to read this letter. We will pray for u Standwa Sam with ur sister ofcause. Nika idolo kutya kwalo u can be amazed how God can change ones situation

  15. Faith hee hle!tlogela gangster net sol
    Weitsi,i feel ur pains and ur little sistas pain.wrong turn for her,mare eish

  16. The Talented Adv Cmndr Maphoto – Dankie

    Witsie UR VERY VERY strong my daughter.
    UR a “born-free generation” too as U don’t mention if any extended family is involved in yo upbringing. Sometimes money is not all but having said that some relatives are there 4money only.

    I can’t say I understand what U going thru as that’s so deep even 4us grown ups. Pray hard. Bring the Pastors home when yo sister is there & pray 2getha. I wish U both well – PapaG

  17. Sis I pray that the Lord touches you, that he heals you, Iam 39 and lost my 2sisters and a brother 7 years back, last year Oct my little sis died and 2months back my mum died. I know what you going through its very hard but stay close to the Pastors let them lift you in prayer coz sometimes its hard to pray. Your little sis needs prayers, I even tried to get my niece to come stay with me and her baby who was born on the day we buried my sis. She refused and I was hurt. Just cry out to the lord to make a shift in your life. You can get my email and contact me. I would love to mentor you even as you finish your studies and just to sit with u have coffee and give you a hug, all my so called friends and relatives dissappeared so only strangers consoled me. Its still a journey. Bro Mike thank you for this platform.

  18. are you all saying, I can breastfeed without ever being pregnant. interesting world we live in. life is really hard. I am sorry for your losses.

    Thanks team

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