Realities – Chapter Forty

As a doctor I have seen it all, women who have tried to dab their honey pots with Dettol or Jik (I kid you not) after having sex just so their men don’t find out that they cheated! It’s unbelievable how much our feba behavior makes us so creative and yet so dumb in our decision making. Ladies tell me, if you can push out a baby out of that tiny hole then honestly how can a dick, no matter how big it is sense that you have just had sex? Really now ladies! You should know better. Your honeypot is a muscle which expands and contacts depending on the hormones going through you and where your mind is at. With that said I knew that he would never feel it! Secondly and most importantly, women are hypocrites even against themselves. We have all been cheated on several times and we never find out on the first occasion of his cheating. Have you ever considered how many times you have ever had to suck him off after he had been inside someone else. This is especially true if you stay with your husband or boyfriend and he is someone who likes going out. If he went out and you had sex with him when he got back you can rest assured that at some point you shared something with other woman. Now that I do it I am called a whore, a slut and some say sies… Sies to you for always allowing men to get away with what they dish out to you regularly. When will we learn as women that our power lies in teaching this bastards that whatever they can do we can do better!

“I am so horny already and already wet, please love I want you to muff me!”

I said to him. He was very confused. He liked it when I gave him blowjobs but never seemed to like going down on me. It’s funny really because a lot of women have to blowjob men who won’t muff! Where is it written that his mouth is better than yours hence why it can’t go down on you. Never! I am not even being feministic but simply fair. We parked at the back of the hospital in the dark corner I mentioned. He used his phone to navigate to me after I jumped to the backseat. I took the phone from him and told him that for today I wanted him to use his senses to locate me. I was not sure what he wouldd find there so let’s not take chances. I was actually quite horny.

“I am not sure how to muff properly though!”

Dwee! I was never sure how to blowjob either but you made me do it too so get over yourself I thought. I was patient though. Today I will teach him.

“I will guide you don’t worry!”

I told him with my eyes already closed. He was not sure but he crept in. I could feel the spikey ends of his beard prick my inner thighs.

“Don’t tongue fuck me, use your tongue to find my clit instead…”

I told him as he started to lick. It’s a good thing I had used a condom with Richard otherwise he would be licking other things.

“Yes that’s the spot, the little ball like knob you are…. aaaargh!”

I groaned as he found the right spot. It was heavenly and amazing. Men say there is a lot of things that they don’t do and can’t follow but who are they kidding, when they do it they are great at it. I kept him there for a good five minutes and I orgasmed once. This was the second time today I had reached orgasm. When he moved away to try take off his pants we heard some of the guards talking as they were walking towards us.

“Crap, we have to go!”

I said to him. I am sure if I could see in the dark his face would have been ash now with disappointed.

“Ah come on can I just stick in once I am so horny too now!”

He said disappointed but the voices were getting closer!

“No love! We have to go. Are you trying to get me fired!”

I said making light of it! We moved back to the front of the car and he drove off grumpily. We drove past two security guards who were working towards the car. I don’t think they had seen us though. When we got on the high way I decided to return the favor! See what we drive automatic cars as opposed to manual. I opened my husbands zip and proceeded to give him a blowjob. I think I took him by surprise because we had long ceased to be a sexual couple. He was so turned on by my actions and was having problems keeping the car straight. This is Joburg and we house the most overzealous metro cops. Jhb Metro Cops are like that friend in the passenger sit that tries to push more game than the driver. He will hit on you like he was the driver and it is his car. They are not even real police and the often seem to carry that bribe chip on their shoulder no wonder why they stop us so much. The blue lights went on behind us. He was driving a BMW and I honestly wonder who the hell buys all these expensive cars for them. As our car is an SUV I told my husband not to worry because he had not seen what we were doing.

“Step out of the vehicle please sir!”

He said calmly when he walked to our window.

“Is there a problem officer?”

My husband asked as he stepped out. The officer explained the drunken like driving and askedd my husband if he had had any to drink tonight which my husband denied. He said he needed to administer the test to make sure because such erratic driving is dangerous. My husband complied and said that it was fault he had caught a cramp whilst driving. I wanted to laugh so badly but I held it in. My husband was a good liar.

“That’s not good enough an excuse for you to do that!”

When he saw that my husband was not drunk he gave him a ticket and drove off. At this stage I am certain my husband was no longer horny because he hated fines. So much for a romantic night of us lovemaking.

“Tomorrow first thing in the morning we are leaving for Bloemfontein so please no stories!”

I told him as soon as we got home.

“But love I want to stay behind because I am not comfortable with us both being out of town with Lintle there!”

He said trying to wiggle out of it the worm!

“You are coming with me Sizwe! That’s that. As long as that woman is around here you go where I go! I am not joking!”

I said sternly. He did not argue with me anymore as he got into his pj’s. I think he thought I had given him a blowjob because I wanted to bribe him into coming with me.

“Are we not going to continue what we started earlier in the car because you still owe me!”

He said cuddling up to me cupping my breast! The moment for me had passed though and I was cold already. It was not my fault he could not keep the car straight when I was doing my thing.

I turned around giving him my back and opened my mouth to speak. It was so quiet which made my voice even more eerie in the dark.

“If you ever cheat on me again I won’t leave you. I will wait for you to sleep, suck your dick hard and when you think you are about to get some, I will take a scissors and and cut it off!”

I said clearly and to the point!

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

He said confused!

“You slept with that woman. I told you to be honest with me and you were not! Have I made myself clear?”

I asked him again.

“Yes. I am sorry!”

He said all confused. That was the whole point. Now he was asking himself how I could have made love to him, or an attempt at it, knowing that he had cheated!?

Every woman knows her dog!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this.

I have been dating a well known soccer player for three years. He was my first and still is the only one I have ever slept with. He has cheated several times already and two weeks ago he asked if he could marry me. He bought a ring and all and went down on one knee. I could not bring myself to say yes because much as I love him I know he will cheat. He does not understand why because he knows I worship his ass. I know if I say yes I will be opening myself up to a world of heartache and pain. I am nonetheless afraid of letting go of him because he is all I have ever known. In spite of the cheating he has been a good boyfriend and taken good care of me. Is that enough for me to stay with him though?

Thank You

Scared Jhb

Hey Guys

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Thank You

15 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Forty

  1. Thanx Mike for the dose.
    AnQ I think what you did is the right decision. Even though he knows you love him and vis a visa he needs to learn that ubr not gna b his door met. But, dnt forget that this could be your future husband so, he needs to know the reasons why you refused his proposal so that he works on them. If the guy truly loves you he should change and later propoze again.

    All the best

  2. This Dr thou :v :v tjo I died and came back! QnA mhmmmmm ai soccer players! Been there, done that, sold that tshirt. If you can tolerate his sh*t then hlala sesi lungise into yakho but the trust has been broken already. Relationship without trust is as good as dead “I know he will cheat again” ehhhh e nana.

  3. Thanks Team.
    Q & A: it’s up to you cc, I hope that you will find somebody that will not cheat on you or atleast respect you enough to hide his cheating ways from you. Loving a cheating husband / boyfriend eats you up daily coz usuke wazi kahle ukuthi if they are not in front of you they are busy somewhere.

  4. Yhooooo hay ndiyamoyika mna uNothabo awuuuu…
    Thank you Mike and team for the daily dose.

    Hay I also dont understand why us women are so harsh and cruel torwards each other when we do the very same thing men do to us..We have now “acceped” that men cheat and its okay…NO its NOT okay…whether its a guy or woman, its just not right qhaa qwaba.

    QnA : My love the very fact that you are doubting marrying this guy is a sign. Listen to that inner voice, it will never let you down. You should not settle. NEVER EVER settle.

    Yes he’s a good boyfried…BUUUT will that be enough to hold a marriage??


  5. This Nothabo,stupid Dr how do you know he cheated??? Is your guilty conscious already cripping in? Mxim, that’s how much I like poor Sizwe. Dr High and mighty needs to stop jumping to conclusions. What you did still don’t justify your actions.You gave yourself away so cheap. Sies. Where is your pride and dignity as a woman, a mother for that fact?

  6. Thanx big Mike
    Hey Nothabo stop bullying your husband ’cause you are also cheating now that you started you won’t stop trust me. This is life he will make a mistake again I future you will do it again…two wrong doesn’t make a right
    QnA my sister most soccer players are like most taxi drivers. You need to be mentally strong to go that route gud luck

  7. Goodday,Good people please may I have an email were I can contact mike so that I can post my story thank you.

  8. Shame Nothabo, two wrongs will NEVER make a right no matter how much you want to justify it!

    Scared Joburg, does the cheating not hurt you? If it doesn’t then he is all good for you but all I know is that a man who is good to me would not do things that would hurt me .i.e cheating!

  9. Nothabo o bua nnete,women ba ituba o kare ha ba ntsha bana in that hole!
    Mare o etsa sink ka sizwe
    Ka leboga team

  10. Q&A “he knows yu worship his ass”sisi get yourself a job and leave him.what wil happen if he get injured and never be able to play again?whose going to provide for both of u.because with this soccer players they don’t have plan B.

  11. Da Mike, what a closing line “Every woman knows her dog”.

    Q&A: CC if this guy does not respect U now then the r/ship is single sided. RU independent or dependent on him?
    Stand on yo own & discuss his #febarism. If he doesn’t work harder to win yo commitment & love then back khohlwa cc!
    Marriage is all abt R E S P E C T!
    – PapaG

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