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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fifty Two

Being taken away from the people you love against your free will to punish or get something from another person will never ever be right. I knew how devastated my husband was when Fundani had taken me and for him to go and do that to another family was beyond disgusting. How on earth can you put another person through the same hell that you went through, he more than anyone should have known better, I expected better than that from him. Mthobisi looked at me sternly and said “if you know what’s good for you will go back to the car.” I defiantly said “the only place I’m going back to is my prison cell.” By this time the girls had seen that something was going on and ran to where we were, Cleo shouted “Lesedi, have you lost your mind? You want to go back to that hell hole.” Before I could even explain both Cleo and She Rocks grabbed me by both arms and pulled me to the car. Herry handed the car keys to She Rocks and we went to the car they open and pushed me inside.


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  1. Mtho wa pota nare? Ene has he ever gone back to the families of those he’s killed and gave them “closure”?

    #husbands like these!

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