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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight

Within minutes Mthobisi was back in the car luckily I had managed to delete the call from the call history on his phone and put the phone back where I found it. He was happy, smiling, something was up and I was too scared to ask, knowing it could upset me even further . We drove home, I sat and watched a bit of TV while he worked or pretended to work for all I know he could have been sitting behind his laptop pretending to be working while on Facebook or twitter or worse watching porn. Around lunch time Mthobisi’s phone rang he looked at it then looked at me I asked him who it was “Cleo” he said, I stood up and grabbed the phone from him and answered. “We at the gate, send us the code.” I told Mthobisi Cleo was at the gate and I needed to send her the code to enter he looked at me with no emotion on his face for a second I was sure he was going to say no, but he just nodded his head,

10 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight

  1. Lee I don’t support this decision becoz not only r u running away from MT also u will be hurting those that loves u with this fake death, and u know how Mthobisi luvs Neo.

  2. Hi Mike I hope you are well. is there a problem with the SMS system as I have sent to requests for a the pin but I don’t get.

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