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Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven

I am a very impatient person and impatient people tend to be curious as well. My lack of patience had me walk into that house and that lead to curiosity which lead to my almost being killed. When I saw Harry pull his gun out survival instincts kicked in I threw myself on the floor, the fool didn’t even check to see who he was shooting at he just fired, what kind of a person does that? They had no respect for human life at all and after I had seen what they did to that baby I knew I was not dealing with people I was dealing with monsters. So there I was on the floor, praying to God that these two murderers do not come for me and finish me off. My ears were still ringing from the sound of the gun shoot, within seconds my husband was next to me “what the fuck are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to stay in the bloody car?” He was shouting at me, he was angry at me, where the hell did he get off being angry at me after what him and his friend did to that family. He was standing in front of me, didn’t bother to try and get me up he just said “get up and let’s go before the police get here, thanks to you the neighbours must have heard the gun shot and called the police.” While saying all that he was shouting at me, Harry came and helped me up and said with his deep Russian accent “Yes thanks to your wife that fool gave me the code, a bullet always does the trick. Let’s get out of you’re the police are on the way.” We walked to our cars, I wanted to run to the car I mean wouldn’t you run to the car after hearing the police were coming, Harry told me to slow down if I run we will look suspicious so we walked slowly to our cars, he even told me to stop looking so scared and smile, what the fuck was wrong with this man. Instead of smiling tears just flooded my eyes and he smiled and waved, I looked around and there was no one around, Mthobisi was waving and smiling too, these two fools were really getting on my nerves. We finally got to the car the car and that felt like the longest walk of my life, as soon as I sat inside I just broke down and cried, Mthobisi just drove in silence didn’t say a word. He stopped at the garage got me water and disprins I took the water and told him I don’t have a headache so I don’t need the pills, he said I will have it later, I took the pills and put them in my bag, by the time we got home I was still crying, I went straight to the bedroom, we were still not talking to each other. When I got to bed I cried some more, I cried myself to sleep. You know that feeling you get when someone is looking at you while you sleeping, I got that feeling and I opened my eyes and there was my husband next to me in bed staring at me, if this was any other day I would have found that romantic but at that moment that was the creepiest thing ever, I jumped and almost fell of the bed, my head felt heavy I had the most terrible headache ever, I went to my bag and got the pill he got me earlier and drank them, he knew all that crying would give me a headache. He told me to come back to bed, for the first time in my life I was actually petrified of my husband, I didn’t want to disobey him so I slowly got back to bed, he was still staring at me I asked if I had something on my face, he shook his head then said “What you saw today, you can never ever tell it to anyone Lesedi, I need you to forget about it, pretend it was just a bad dream.” I looked at him in disbelief and asked “Is that what you do? Do bad things to people then pretend it was just a bad dream? Is that how you live with yourself?” I was furious; he looked at me and told me I was obviously still angry he will speak to me once I had calmed down. He went downstairs and left me there, I looked for my phone in my bag I wanted some time out, I wanted to get away from Mthobisi, I couldn’t find my phone, I knew for a fact that I had left the phone in my bag then it hit me, my crazy husband had it, he didn’t want me talking to anyone because he probably thought I would rat on him. I decided I was not going to ask him about it. The headache had calmed down a bit so I went downstairs and he asked me to cook, seriously after the shit that happened he had an appetite for food, this person sitting in front of me was not my husband I didn’t know who he was but I knew I had to get away from him fast. I cooked the most horrendous food ever, if I had poison I would have thrown it in that food that’s how angry I was, the rice was half cooked, it was hard with lots of salt I just boiled the chicken it still had blood in it when I dished up I didn’t care I was just too angry at him and I wanted to punish him I know this was small punishment but it felt good, he ate the food and finished everything then thanked me for it. I of course didn’t eat. When he was done eating he said “I’m sorry for what you saw today, I never ever wanted you to see that, I mean how was I supposed to know that you were going to come inside that house when I asked you to stay in the car if only you would just listen Lesedi then things would be soo much easier between us.” I stared at him in total amazement, this man was shifting the blame to me like this was all my fault. I forced a smile and said “you go on about wanting a baby when you….” I couldn’t continue I just started crying again, a baby is innocent, the baby knows nothing about the parent’s dealing, I don’t care what Piet did or didn’t do but his baby did not deserve to be punished for his father’s sins. I managed to speak through my tears and said “that baby did nothing against you or Harry, he didn’t deserve what you did.” Mthobisi looked at me and said “We were not going to hurt that baby Lee, we were just trying to scare the guy a little bit, what kind of monsters do you think we are, we would never hurt a child, come on. And if you knew what Piet was you wouldn’t be defending him like this.” I told him I didn’t care what he was but no person deserves to be treated like that. “Oh cut the innocent act Lesedi, so it’s okay for you to kill and justify it and when I don’t even kill I just threaten you act like I killed Jesus.” This is the thing about men; they will use the shit you share with them when you are vulnerable against you. “Wow, that’s very low, that’s very low Mthobisi.” I said feeling defeated. He stood up and said we should stop fighting and rather get drunk, he went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of wine and whiskey he poured me a glass of wine while he had whiskey, we drank in silence after the second glass I started talking, telling him how disappointed I was in him and how I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to have a baby because his enemies will do the same to our kids, he told me no one will touch his family, he was very confident. I must have drank about 3 bottles of wine all by myself, I eventually blacked out, he couldn’t carry me upstairs so he took me to the guest bedroom downstairs.
The next morning I woke up with the worst babalaaz by the time I got up it was 09:30 on a Monday, I had not set my alarm because my husband had hidden my phone, I was late for work so I decided to call in sick and nurse my hangover. I woke Mthobisi up and told him to give me my phone I needed to call in sick at work, he said “good idea, you can ask Nothabo to write you a doctor’s note.” He said handing me the phone; dammit me not going to work meant we were definitely going to see Nothabo. I called Cindy and told her I was not feeling too good and won’t be coming in, she said not to worry; she will tell Andile if she asks. I decided to sleep some more Mthobisi got up and said he was going to make us breakfast, he made some delicious breakfast I could smell it in the room I decide to go shower instead while he prepared breakfast when I was done he had already eaten, I jumped on the food, I was starving and babalaaz was killing me lucky for me he knew so he made lots of greasy and spicy food I ate, he had not taken my phone back so when he went upstairs to shower I quickly called She Rocks, “Listen Rock Star I can’t talk much that Nigerian friend of yours, can he organise me a passport and id with a different name but with my picture on it and a birth certificate for Neo?” She Rocks protested “Just because he’s Nigerian it doesn’t mean he is into those kinds of things Lee, why must you box people. Besides what do you need that shit for? Are you planning on skipping the country with Neo?” She asked shocked. “Yes, I need to get as far away from Mthobisi as possible and I know for a fact that he won’t let me go, the only way I will leave him is in a body bag, please Rock Star, please do this for me.” I could hear she wanted to cry “You know when you were kidnaped and I found out all those things about him, I knew this day would come but I just didn’t expect it to come so soon. Okay fine so how are we going to do this Lee?” She asked “I have a plan that I’m working on, but please get me those documents asap and if you can’t get hold of me on my phone just come to the house and call Mthobisi when you at the gate he will be forced to send you the code to get in when you tell him you at the gate.” She agreed, I hung up and deleted the call from call history and put the phone back in the bedroom. I ate my breakfast when he came downstairs I was ready for us to go.
We drove to Nathabo’s place, I was not really looking forward to seeing that woman but I didn’t have a choice. Mthobisi took the bag that Harry had given him the previous day from the boot and brought it with us, he knocked and Nothabo came to open the door, the look on her face when she saw him, she went pale she almost fainted, that’s when I knew my husband had somehow threaten them, how many people was he planning on making enemies with? We went inside; Sizwe was also there he was a nervous wreck in front of Mthobisi. We made small talk and I lied about why I had accompanied Mthobisi some story about him not remembering where they stayed and I had to direct him and said he hated using gps. Then Nothabo’s husband and my husband went to another room to talk. I stayed with her and we again made small uncomfortable talk, I so badly wanted to tell her what was going on but in fear of judgement I kept my mouth shut and besides who knew how long it would take before my husband and Sizwe finished talking, they could come out, hear me and I could get her life in danger, but by the look of things their lives were already in danger. I asked about her daughter and she lied and said she was visiting her grandparents I could see she was lying because she started twiddling her hands, I wondered if my husband had not kidnaped their child, I could not ask that obviously. Finally they come out of the room and that painful awkwardness between myself and Nothabo could be finally over. When we got to the car my husband called the police, he drove to the corner of the street and said we will wait there for the police to arrive. We waited and a few minutes later the police arrived at Nothabo and Sizwe’s house and he drove away with a smile on his face. I didn’t even want to know what that was about.
He said he had another thing that he needed to do and asked if I wanted to go with him, I said “no thanks please drop me home.” After what I saw yesterday I was better off not knowing what he did in his spare time, he said “I’m actually going to pick up some documents at work, so I can work from home and stay with you.” We drove to his work he went inside while I stayed in the car he left his phone inside the car, I knew his password, I called She Rocks and said “If I just disappear with Neo my husband has connections everywhere he will find me in a matter of days, the only way to do this is to die.” She Rocks exclaimed “Oh my gosh Lee, please don’t tell me you are planning on killing yourself.” I laughed and told her not to be ridiculous “I need you girls to help me fake my own death, that’s the only way I will ever be free from this man.”

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  1. Hehehe wow!ur stories are like a good wine sir, they get better with time. Thank u so much for the great read…

  2. Lee tlogela manganga le go se itshepe,let ur hsby b nd ur life will go bk to normal ok
    Ke a leboga team

  3. Wow Mike you are the greatest shame. To think I thought hore Lee was very happy with her life le Mtho now this. Thanks My Brother.

  4. I feel for Lee I cnt imagine what she’s realy going through,its not so nice live in such a fair ur hole life…..If I was on her shoes I’d also fake my own death…..Thanks Mike can’t wait for the next Premium!

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