Rumblings – Seventy One

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All is fair in the love and war between a baby mama and his current wife and girlfriend if he is not complying with agreements struck. However, what was happening here was betraying that trust. Most men have a secret thing for their baby mama and it’s not our fault that it is him that wants us not the other way round. I have a problem with a baby mama who actively pursues her ex especially when he is married but in the same breathe I have no sympathy for the new wife or girlfriend if he is cheating on her. Why must I suffer alone. The situation over here was different, I am the one who was being sympathetic and carrying. It’s time I closed my eyes to pity! Most parents that have single children will guard them jealously to the point of paranoia. In today’s economy most wise parents are opting for one child only and it has its merits. Maybe for me too Amo will be my last but that is not the point. That was the situation of Meladi. She was an only child which meant that the father guarded her jealously. Even in university she always complained on how he treated her like an egg. We all knew him. He was friendly with us but in that strict way. He was not the broody father that sits in the car and looks angry all the time. No that would be a lie. He used a crack a joke or two with us. He was always on us about studying. She used to lie to him all the time to get more things out of him which was not necessary because she had lots of money at school but you know how kids are. At the time it was funny and nice because we honestly all benefited as she would buy us drinks and so on. Made sense too because we never needed older men nor sugardaddies in university because we actually never went hungry. This is another reason why Aurelia had shocked the daylights out of me when she started dating my boss. Meladi had been my friend therefore and we had been close even when she started pulling disappearing acts.

“I didn’t do anything. She is the one who came here to my house. I never touched her!”

I protested. My sister also came out and started screaming at the police. There was chaos. Even the neighbors came out. Meladi’s arrogant father did not care until he saw someone videotaping with their cellphone. He pointed to the policeman that someone was taping them. You see black police officers have a tendency of backing down when it’s white people doing things. The person taping was the white boy from across my street. We had actually never spoken to him before and I wonder he was doing it. He went over to the boy who was around 16 to ask him to stop. I could hear the boy call out his father when the officer approached him. When his father came out he backed off and came back. It’s like in South Africa there are two laws, one for rich or white and the other for poor or black. When he came back Meladi’s father asked him why he did not confiscate it but the police man quickly said that with white people they are prepared to take it all the way. They are relentless.

“So if my sister was white would you have arrested her too?”

My sister asked him. He ignored her and started talking to Meladi’s father. My baby started crying. It was such a sad sight. Tidimalo warned me not to fight. He said he was going to call his uncle who was a judge to find out what can be done. Meladi’s dad said he best go and do that when he heard him say that.

They put me in the back of the van and all I could see where those news reports where people die in police custody or get beaten up. Tidimalo insisted on driving behind them even if they warned him. He mentioned some rights I didn’t know and the allowed him. My sister and Amo came with him. I was so relieved that I was not alone. When we got to the station I was crying. I was so scared. People, I can assure you that you do not want to go to jail. It is the scariest thing ever. I had not noticed but Meladi’s father had slipped away somehow. He was not with us? Where was he?

In the station the God’s where in my favor for once as the white police officer who once came to my house was in the station. Imagine. He actually recognised me and said,

“You again!”

The other officers asked him if he knew me and he explained our meeting and how I had been attacked by Meladi. It was so strange. The moment he shut his mouth I open mine to immediately explain what had happened that afternoon, including how I not only took her to hospital but also how I had been strangled by Mudenda. He came closer and to inspect my throat and I had bruises which he acknowledges. White people smell funny!

“You should presses charges! I don’t support abuse! These are defensive wounds and I can see it!”

He said pointing out to the other two! The officers started discussing Meladi’s father. They were debating whether or not he was just a name dropper. They were warning the one defending me about the consequences. The white officer said that I should not be charged unless the person who laid the charge was there. Whatever was decided, if the intention had been to scare me it had totally worked. I was not messing with Meladi now in any way. Tidimalo and my sister were now also here, with my crying baby. Amo could clearly sense that something was wrong. This just added to the stress of the occasion. My sister immediately went to speak up for me. She had not been there when I explained to the officers and when she came in and said exactly what I had said it was clear who was lying. The black officers were stuck. Meladi’s father had put the fear of God in them and now they were not sure what to do. I am certain had the white cop not been there they will have put me in the cells. He stood there looking at them wanting to see what they will do next. Eventually one of them came and removed the cuffs on me. I wanted to tell them that I was going to press charges but I was so scared.

Tidimalo said we should leave and I agreed. As we were getting ready to leave guess who walked in, Meladi’s father.

“Where the hell is she going?”

He bellowed. Everyone was startled by him because we had not expected him.

“Sir please calm this is not a brothel!”

The white officer said. He was not taking nonsense. Meladi’s father walked up to him and asked why I was being allowed to leave. The officer told him that police were not toys to be used to settle scores. He said usually they get baby mothers that come to open a case to punish their baby daddy and that was not their job. By his tone I could sense he was already irritated. He then told him that it was shameful to have a grown man bully a child like me. He called him shameless and shallow. I do not think Meladi’s father had ever been told to his face what a loser he was because the shock on his face was evident for all to see.

In walked in Mudenda. I guess visiting hours were over. I immediatelt said,

“There is the one who strangled me!”

Pointing at him! He should have stayed in the car!

“So am I!”

Said Tidimalo and my sister stood up and said,

“And me too!”

She had not even been there!

The white officer turned to the black officers and said,

“Arrest that man!”

Mudenda stood rooted to the spot, the black officers stared at Meladi’s father as though waiting for instructions!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Mike and Zama
I’m a 2nd year Wits student and I have been hooked on your books since my matric year. I heard about your site from a friend and I have been keeping up with you ever since.
Oh I got no problem and I don’t need any kind of advice , I was just letting you know how grateful I am as your reader – It’s not easy to write something as interesting as your stories are.
I hardly comment or anything but that doesn’t mean your efforts are left unnoticed.
Keep up the good work.

26 thoughts on “Rumblings – Seventy One

  1. thank yo so much mike please dont stop wit your stories thy rlly do motivate me to keep going wit life everyday and push even more in everything i do thank you so much u rlly are blessed…..and as for mudenda and his maledi thy still gna gt it

  2. ThankQ Mikey n team great read indeed n as 4 Mudenda’s father uthanda izinto mxm they should lock him up as well uyaphapha

  3. Mudenda & Meladi deserve each other shame, I just wish they can keep Faith out of it. She sounds like a sweet girl whose life would be drama-free and focused if it was not for this duo’s chaos, nxa. In fact Tidimalo must just marry her and start fresh drama.

    Thanks Mike, you the best va

  4. Can Faith just go home and resume to cleaning the mother’s couch already? Or Tidi must buy his mother-in-law a new one. 🙂

  5. I hate meladi le ntatage!
    Mudande got what’s he deserves.tnx to the white police man
    Tnx again team for the good wrk

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, funny chapter this, black cops are puppets no doubt.

    So what’s going to happen now, Realities on Wednesday? Or Rumblings? these public holidays irritate the ish out of me when it comes to not getting our daily dosages. But anyway enkosi kau.

  7. I hate to b a baby mama, bt I’m telling u faith’s drama is so related to me recently… mudenda wnt get away with this, same goes to the useless gf wos trying to save her relationship by lying
    Tnx Mike 4 ur hard work,u r a mentor to some of us..keep up de gud work

  8. Faith is such a skhokho ( in an accent). She must press charges against Mudenda or he buys the couches, the whole set ngob uyis dwanyampuphu.

    Wena Tidi stop hiding behind the bushes, faith is the girl for you.

  9. “I guess visiting hours were over.”
    hahahaha i totally enjoyed this chapter. Mudenda needs to sleep at least two nights in jail for being such a lying coward with his arrogant ass and stupid dramatic girlfriend. Best chapter ever, had to stop myself from laughing out loud at work.
    Thanks Mike

  10. Good shot Mr Police man , Faith plz don’t 4get to get retraining order against Mudeda & Maledi abezwa u need it. And tell Maledi father to go fix the issue of the sofa

  11. Lol funny chapter. Thank you bhut’ Mike 🙂 you never disappoint from uThandeka, to uNelisa, uMxo and now Faith. I’m a happy reader. Keep it up 😉

  12. Mike thank u so much for this great book, I wish there was some consipation for ur effort coz clearly you are doing a great job.

    And as for Meladi and her family and Mudenda and his family karma is a bi**h, they shall know that 1 day d pain that they causing Amo nd Faith wont go un niticed.

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