Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Nine

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I am going to take a moment and explain something. If you have never been pregnant you would never ever understand what true fear is. Fear is carrying a child inside of you and the thought that one small mistake can either harm or kill that child and for nine months it haunts you every day. To carry a person inside you might be the most precious thing in all existence but it is also the most fragile and scary. Think of all those girls who you know who drank or smoked a lot and when they got pregnant the literally stopped overnight, yes, that’s the power of fear and a mother unborn child bond. When you first go for prenatal care, the give you so many warnings and things to look out for when you fear your pregnancy is in distress. Bleeding definitely is very high up there! I was a mom, I went through that stress hence I was scared for her. I had to call Mudenda. I looked at the couch and the blood was a lot.  Blood stains. There is nothing more impossible to remove than that! Ok I lie, red wine but you get my point! When I was pregnant I was warned that bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage so this was bad. I immediately called an ambulance. At this stage she was panicking and screaming. My sister came to assist. She was panicking and she actually asked me if I had caused this. Judith is just stupid. How could I have caused this?


I knew Mudenda was not going to pick up my phone so I used hers. He picked up immediately and angrily said,

“Where are you? You are so fucken stupid! You never listen to me and now I can’t find you! What the hell is wrong with you?”

I don’t think he had ever used that tone with me when we were dating because much as he was an idiot he respected me during the relationship. I won’t lie though, there is not a single baby mama that does not take pleasure when she finds out her exes relationship is not working out. Hell if she was not dying on my couch I would have thrown a party but let’s leave that for another day.

“It’s not Meladi it’s Faith. She came to my house to shout at me and now she is bleeding. I have called an ambulance. They are going to ask for her medical aid details and what not so where do I find them?”

I asked him before he could get a chance to say something stupid. He was obviously still angry at me about what had happened but I did not want him to be distracted from the task at hand.

“Your house, what was she doing at your house?”

He asked me! See what I meant!

“Dude focus! I need to know where to take her!”

All he had heard was my house and he didn’t even ask how bad it is. If this was love then I am ok with it.

“In her glove compartment. That’s where she keeps it. She says it’s safer than her purse!”

He said. Didn’t really care about all that. I told him that I will tell him where they take her and hung up.

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, here I was taking care of my once friend, now who hates me the most, stole my fiance and now bleeding out on my couch. God has a way of humbling you. I hated this girl but I could never want her to suffer this. No.


The ambulance came and they asked who was coming with her. My sister and I both said we would come. She quickly packed up Amo and we went with them. We followed in our own car. When we got to the hospital they took her somewhere whilst we waited. My sister said it was best she go outside with Amo being she should not be exposed to the hospital like this. We had not thought about this in our haste to run to her aid. I agreed with her and actually felt like I was a bad mother for not thinking of this first. Maybe we should not be here! About an hour later her boyfriend of the year arrived. I decided to call Tidimalo because I did not want to be alone with him. He agreed to come and said he was not far. In a short time we were four. Tidimalo deliberately ignored Mudenda because he knew who he was.


My sister came back inside and said she had called Kagiso to tell him where she was. I think they had plans for later am not sure. She told me he said he would come see her later but he also wanted to talk to me. To me? What about? I didn’t want to talk to him. It was awkward enough I had seen him naked now what could he possibly want to stay? I was certainly not interested in this moment. I just nodded my head in acceptance. It was at that moment one of the nurses that had been taking care out.


“Good news. She just had a slight tearing but the doctor said she will be fine.m she has to be careful from now on and stop over exerting herself.”

She said. You could see the relief I believe on all our famous. I immediately said let’s go home to my sister but she instead that we should go in and see her. Really? Was that really necessary! I had saved the day so I must see her and ask her never to come ober again especially now that the doctor had insisted that she needed not to stress herself. It was like I am the one who was inviting her over when she was the one who was just showing up at my house at will like this was a brothel. Now I had to worry about how on earth I was going to clean that blood! I was so irritated by this because I knew my mother was not going to understand. Why couldn’t she just have bought the couches all our grand mothers have that are wrapped in a plastic so they last longer. This was going to be a huge problem. Her first question was going to be what Meladi was doing in our home in the first place so what was I going to tell her really? Why is my life so complicated though?


When we entered Meladi was lying on her back facing us.

“Hey baby!”

Boyfriend of the year said as we walked in. She looked at me in horror.

“What the hell is she doing here?”

She asked immediately.

“She is the one who brought you here so she was checking if you ok!”

Mudenda said I think defending me. How noble and unnecessary.

“Faith pushed me and I fell. That’s what caused this!”

She said with tears running down her face. Everyone turned to look at me. What the hell?

“Are you serious right now?”

I asked her!

“I just saved your baby’s life and maybe your life now you accuse me of something so bad?”

I asked her!


Out of the blue Mudenda came for me and started throttling me. He called me a witch and said I was trying to murder his baby. Men are funny though. Yesterday he wanted to fuck me yet today I was a witch. When a man calls you names honestly it’s baffling.

Out of the corner of my I saw a punch pass my face and land squarely on his jaw.

He flew across the room and landed on his ass.

Guess what,

Tidimalo had punched him!

Why was this man not my man mara?


*****The End*****



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Dear Mike

Thank you for taking my letter. I have been married for 17 years. In that time my husband has cheated on mme several times and I have forgiven him. A year ago he was transferred to Durban and I remained in Kimberly as I am working here. During that time a male colleague asked me to dinner twice and I went. One of my husbands nephews saw us and reported me. My husband did not say anything about it for three weeks and I didn’t even know his nephew had seen us. The colleague and I did not have an affair we literally ate and went home. However my husband thought otherwise. When he came back he beat me up (it was the first time). Now I want a divorce. All my friends seem to be saying I am the one who is wrong in the first place for having gone on those dates even if nothing happened. My family and his family also blame me. I am having second thoughts and he has been apologizing asking for me to come home.

What do I do?

Thank You


30 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Nine

  1. dear Diana
    His hand was suppose to protect you not beat you. he will do is again. what you need to ask yourself is what do you really want, forget about every1 else think abt u

  2. I know one shouldn’t wish bad things on people neh mara Meladi is a phucken witch devil uqobo lawo faith should just get a restraining order against both of them so they stay as far a way from her as possible yoh this girl just made me hot under the color ekuseni kangaka

  3. Meladi wants to make faith look bad in front of Madunde so that he will never think of going back to her. Madunde has got the hearts for Faith and she knows it. I don’t like this Meladi chick. she’s emotionally unstable. If she’s not stealing other ppls bfs she’s attacking her current man’s ex and
    making wild accusations.

  4. I need more of this read,really,Mike can’t we have Rumblings twice before we have Realities once?pretty please..Diana my lady you forgave this man when he cheated on you the first time,he didn’t stop but did it again over and over he beat you up for the first time,whether he’s gonna do it again or not is completely up to you.I do not really condone divorce especially having been together that long but you definitely need to do something about the beating.If you don’t do anything about it believe me he’s gonna do it did nothing wrong by going out with a colleague but after 17 years of marriage your communication lines should be open to the extent of u being able to share with him that you are going out with a colleague especially if there’s nothing going on between you guys.stand your ground,decide what is you will tolerate and what not,love yourself enough,do something about it.

  5. Thanks Mike

    Diana sisi if there is still a chance you could save your marriage then try and save it but if you no longer love or respect him then trying will be a waste of time. When you are a married woman you are not expected to be going out on dinner dates with your colleagues without your discussing it with your hubby never there less there is absolutely no excuse for him beating you up.

  6. Diana. Your husband should have never hit you, that was very wrong. He hit you based on an assumption, which is very hurtful. And even if you were having an affair he had no right to hit you still.
    You should have told him you have been invited to dinner by a colleague, there is nothing wrong with sharing a meal with someone you work with.
    Cheating is a very hurtful thing and it shows lack of respect to the other partner. Your husband has done this over and over and is probably cheating on you as we speak now while he is in Durban.

    I personally think that divorce is the best way forward. I think marriage is a beautiful institution but it is based on mutual respect. To hit and cheat on me is not respect. Try counselling and talking but I really think too many lines have been crossed.

    I lost my sister to an abusive man. It starts out small and insignificant but believe me it grows. And it is worse for you when your family sees you in the wrong. I really think you must get out while you can think straight.

    Its not about the amount of years that you have been married, its about the quality of your relationship.

    Good Luck

  7. Faith will end up in jail if she doesn’t deal with Meladi soon! That girl is possessed!

    Diana, your husband clearly doesn’t not respect you the same way you respected him after he actually cheated and you didn’t! For him to beat you up and not even hear your side of the story means he does not compromise and will do it again. Times have changed dear, ukubekezela is not for every one

  8. Faith stop asking why Tidi isn’t your man, since he said he is into you, why didn’t you say anything, Meladi I don’t like her straight, she is such an arse mxm sorry Faith.

    Thanks Team wonderful as always.

  9. Diana.your husband allowed people to blame you for an innocent the dinner While he humiliates you by cheating on you several times And you for giving him but now he is apologising in private.he should tell your families what let to you going on that date and that he hit out of his own insecurities.
    hope you find peace should you take him back.

  10. Thanks Mikeesto, this chapter was just vivid in my brain nje getting me all excited… Enticing stuff.

    If you’re married for 17years, aren’t you a bit golden old for dates? Just pondering on that but anywho…. 🙂

    Men are such asses Mara, he cheated and when he ‘thinks’ you did too, he beats you up…what a load of bull! You need to punish that coward of yourz. Forget everyone that’s blaming you, society has consciously accepted men cheating as a norm and woman as b*t*he*, so they can go ride a donkey, pay them no mind. That man has crossed the line putting his dirty hands on you, kwazi ban ukuthi wenzan emdubaba. You know what, if divorcing seems best for you, do it. Let nobody influence your decision but yourself. We can give you all the advice to the best of our ablities but only YOU will have to live with that decision. Happiness first sisi, 17 years don’t mean jack. When last did he take you out on a ‘date’ kuze kubekho ama colleague that offer that…

    When push comes to shove, all good things come to an end, the 90’s were the best times ever, but where are they now? So what was 17 years if Yvonne Chaka Chaka aint relevant nomore? Who wouldve thought!!!


  11. Meladi ne boyfriend of the year yakhe bayandidina shem stru…
    Thank you bhuti and team.

    Q&A – I think you are having second thoughts because both families are blaming you. I agree with those who say think of yourself for a change. Your hapiness comes first so please do what is best for you and do not let yourself be bulldozed into staying in a miserable situation if you want out!

    God’s guidance and all the best!

  12. Lols So what was 17 years if Yvonne Chaka Chaka aint relevant nomore? Who wouldve thought!!! Hahaha jackzorro u killed me

  13. Q&A What was your motives when you went out on a date with a male colleague without telling your husband? Have you thought about your colleagues motives?
    You telling us that your hubby cheated then you did forgive did it motivate you to go out on a date? I mean his cheating ways?
    I feel that you telling us about his cheating is a deliberatly way of trying to win our sympathy forgetting that you have forgiven him. For me, you mentioning this (his cheating), it tatamount to revenge & your actions where not innocent irrespective of what you say.

    Yes he was wrong for putting his hands on you, he was angry. Women also bit up men when they are angry. When you discovered that he cheated did you smile? what did you do? I’m sure you were angry. He fails to control himself & it not everyone who is good with that. Mind you, it was for the first time he did that.

    Accept that you played your part in his behavior & try fix your marriage. It surprising that for the past 16 yrs you are not saying you went out on a date with a colleague but the moment your husband get a transfer to Durban you start having date with your Colleague. What your intension?

    1. I cant believe this hogwash thAt I am reading. i assume that you are a grown ass person so for me to reas this nonsense really makes me angry. The beating isnt about her, its about him. It had nothing to do with her action. Even if she had gone out and slept with said colleague, he had no right to hit her. Your thinking is the reason why men think they can go around and beat women. “Women beat up men all the time” are you out of your freaking mind? Stop being silly. Stop watching TV and read books so that you can realise why this mindset of your is so detrimental to society!!

  14. i am really not one to comment but can i please agree with Dee on this one, i know we always want more from you but i dont think i can survive without this book…everything has to stop so i can enjoy it properly.

  15. Meledi is a witch!Faith stop being soft on dat b$$¥h nd show her wre to get off!

    Dian who’s hurting here,u or both families?do they knw wat ur husband has put u throu?naganela wena nt ada ppl!

  16. QnA – I tally agree with Dee,Loano and Jackzorro. These 3 have sumed up all I was thinking. Sisi kuyajolwa emtshatweni and people will always cheat especially if the other party is far away. I know it was just dinner but isn’t that how it always starts? Woman to woman, we both know where that was heading, a woman has needs ekugqibeleni. Hubby should’ve never laid his hands on u.The time he cheated who gave him a beat down?? Nobody…iyakuqhela lendoda sisi and u better do something otherwise he’ll do it again and again and again….

  17. Diana leave that man, unless you are ok with being his punching bag for life. Despite it being a date, that husband of yours believed the first thing his nephew told him. It could have been a dinner meeting with a colleague. You are a grown ass man and your father doesnt beat you anymore, what makes him think he has the right to beat you?! Arg dont let anyone make excuses for him, think of yourself. He has been thinking of himself all along mos

  18. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto; always putting a twist to keep us guessing! Mavellous!

    Sisi Di, I understand UR trying 2protect yoself & yes yo hubby was very wrong to beat U. However bringing his past shenanigans in this episode of U dating yo colleague is like hiding from yo own shadow. Dating with someone while UR married to someone else IS ALSO CHEATING. Cheating once or twice or many times is still CHEATING. It doesn’t make it any less or any worse!

    I C the spark has already gone in this marriage. Is it worth saving according 2U, since UR asking 4our advice. Do U guys still love each other to go past this latest drama???That’s the biggest question U both need to face. Sit down with a neutral elder “mentor” or if U prefer counseling.
    In the end its abt both of U if U can leave with/without each other. If U want 2try again then set new ground rules & the first year from now shud be probation. If it works gud4u if not hardy! – PapaG

  19. I do not understand why elders come into play when women fuck up, I have never understood it. all of your friends and family should stay the fuck out of your marriage. Where the hell were they when u cried yourself to sleep. where the hell where they when you needed a shoulder to lean on…Look lady i get he fucked up too but the current situation is the one you have been involved in…17 years of marriage and he went on a whim/freaking assumption to beat you. Hell yeah divorce is what i would go for too. Sounds like this man of yours either has money to have all these people on his side a sad reality for most black families or for 17 years you have protected his image that people are now thinking you are the foolish one. Either way the choice is your in the and you will live with the consequences, But remember you need to be true to yourself even if it means disappointing other people. Happiness is not the other person’s responsibility but your own.

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