Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Eight

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I am not perfect. I had snapped. That arrogant bastard had been rubbing it into my face that he was using my friend as a sperm bank. I am a baby mama and trust me I know what it feels to have a sperm donor and a man use you just for sex. It is not nice. It is degrading and God knows it makes you feel like shit. I do not think Aurelia knew what was coming to her because she was in bliss. Now she was allowing the wife to befriend and even allow her to drive her somewhere what if she knew and she was trying to get her killed. She is a wife everyone will sympathize with her and not stupid Aurelia. Still I know I should not have lost my temper and revealed her secret. This was bad. I tried calling her but her phone was not going through. Maybe she was still in the meeting who knows! Wait, what if Refilwe, my bosses wife had killed her! I laughed at the thought. That was too ridiculous.

When I got home my sister had not only cleaned but she was starting to cook as well. She was wearing an apron and had a recipe book in hand. Amo was in the TV room watching TV if that even makes sense. Ok let me put it this way, the TV was keeping him entertained and he was playing. My sister was even singing church songs, exactly like how my mother does it when she is cooking. Guess there was a little of my mother in her after all. This was a new side of her I did not know. It’s obvious I had to ask who had died. She laughed it off. She was really in a good a mood.

“Now that I am getting married I have to start practicing every day. I also want a baby asap so that he is more committed I don’t believe I want to be that woman who even after five years of marriage will still not have a baby because my career comes first!”

If only she could hear how funny she sounded though. Already talking about career when she did not even have an education. That’s my sister for you, you got to love her the way she was delusional.

“Tidimalo was here earlier on. He said he had tried to call you and actually he even tried to call when he was here but you phone was off!l

That’s strange. My phone was never off today, on silent maybe but never off. I had no missed calls from him either. I called him back. He said he wanted to take me out for lunch and thought he would surprise me. I told him about my day and he said he would come by later if he could. He said his friends were making plans to go to the Durban July and wanted to see if Aurelia and I would be going. I laughed and asked him with what money and who would babysit Amo whilst I was chasing horses. He laughed and said he was asking regardless. I told him I will think about it. When I put down the phone there was a knock at my door! Who was it though?

I opened without asking for some reason and before I could even clearly identify the person I got slapped on my face! Yes, you guessed it, it was. Meladi! Kodwa usathane uyangilinga nxa! I am going to kill this girl some day just watch.

“That is for what you did to my man!”

She screamed. Really! I wanted to hit her so bad but I stopped myself. The last time I hit her the police had come and I don’t want such drama anymore. My sister came into the room running because of the commotion.

“Did you just hit my sister?”

She said looking at me still holding my cheek! I told her to stand down because she would have killed this girl! My sister is violent.

“Did your sister tell you what she did to my man?”

Meladi asked then burst into tears. I don’t know if it was anger or hormones but she was just a mess!

“No she did not!”

My sister said confused. I wanted Meladi to hear it so she could be humiliated further when she knew I rejected her man. I told my sister in front of her the whole story right up to where the guards found him. My sister laughed so hard I am sure she had stomach pains at the end of it all. It was kind of a funny story. As predicted Meladi had nowhere to hide.

I know as girls we get all angry when our men cheat and we find out with who. Even if she is hotter than us or uglier than us the fact that he did hurts so much and we are fuming at this. What we have never considered as girls is how we feel when we know our man, the best thing to happen to us, asked out another girl and she rejected him. He was not good enough for her but for you, he is a king! Ouch! Your best is not even close to being her worst! That’s what Meladi had to think off! I saw the man she put on a pedastal not worthy of me even if he was gagging for it! Her knowing that her man wanted me and I could have him at any time was punishment enough. It’s not even betrayal or vengeance on my part, I had done the right thing by saying no but the next time he wanted pussy she will know it was because he was settling for second best! The truth does not always set you free no matter who tells you what!

“Can I please sit down Faith I am tired?”

She said. She was still angry but I been pregnant before and I know how she feels. I hated her but did not want to kill her. She was going through enough as is.

“No! You must leave!”

My sister said but I told her that her pots were burning and she left. I gave a place to sit! She looked so exhausted. I know when something is wrong so I asked her and no I did not do it because I had to but because genuinely I meant it.

“Are you ok? You seem a bit flushed! Must I get you some water?”

She refused and said her stomach was painful. I decided to go get water regardless. My sister had indeed burnt what ever she was cooking and was cleaning up the mess she had cause there. Typical.


Meladi called out! What did she want? She sounded in pain though so I ran back,

She tried to stand up and that’s when I saw it,

There was a pool of blood on my mothers r31 000 couch and guess what,

It was not leather!

Goodness was that really the first thought that came to my mind at a time like this!

I was now evil indeed!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphot (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi family

I’m a huge supporter of ur work from back in the day, if there was commission for recommendations I’d be balling now.

With that said I wana try summarise my story without being too vague. I’m a young lady in my late 20’s, had an okay upbringing yet establishing myself hasn’t been easy. Lost my job last December after my boss had been trying to get into my pants for the last 4 years and realised it will never happen, his reason 4 my ‘retrenchment’ was that aslong as I’m still working with him he’ll never b successful n that’s an accounting firm based in the heart of our capital city (church square). ooh so I’ve been told I have a dark cloud over me n I’l never amount to anything in the world, the story is I’l wonder around till I commit suicide n I got this from different sources, pastors, prophets n ppl close to me claiming to have been told specifically about me including my then boss. Do I believe all this? Being told the same thing by different ppl for years can mess with ones head. As a result I’ve done wat I could then yet it was pointless coz I cudnt bring myself to using the ‘remedies’ b it water, muti or oil. I just struggle with such beliefs. Hence I just pushed it all aside n decided to soldier on. Not to say it doesn’t affect me at times coz it does n yes I do think of suicide a lot but the thought of my daughter keeps me going n I eventually snap out of it.

I’ve been independent since I was 20, wud get small jobs to cover up my expenses n put myself to school as I’d varsity n qualification hop if there’s even such a thing – so I don’t have to stress my parents about me. Long story short, the job I lost was paying for my place, putting my 4yr old to creche (in the burbs) paying for her nanny and putting me to school at unisa amongst other things.

Being a black sista I tried getting a job but there were always expectations from male connects n ofcoz in tendering aswell. I Recently scraped off my savings n opened up a beauty therapy spot for our black ppl yet its been quite. I been doing my bit with advertising n still on it! not giving up. I honestly believe I’m a smart woman n very resourceful aswell, I’m one of those that my people call wen they need things done, social or business. I get things done… Quick! So I just opened up a one stop shop for Entrepreneurs wana be or hustlers on stumbling blocks. All the paperwork you need for your business to get to the next level, not only that, certain services aswell.

I honestly didn’t know what else to do hence I wrote to you, please let me help others succeed in their business endeavours while they help put me back to school and have my daughter back, had to take her to grams ekasi where school is cheaper.

Moral of the story… Its tough out here, but we can do it, all u have to do is start somewhere! Will be listening on the other side for comments, advice n enquiries…


19 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Eight

  1. Thank you Mike.

    Soldier I am so so soooo proud of you. what an inspiring letter. My advise is, pray sisi, pray until something happens. I will also pray for you. We don’t grow when times are easy, we grow through challenges. Uyakhuliswa sisi and all your hard work will pay off eventually.

    Wishing you all the best

  2. Mhh faith bathi!why ngathi sizoba be home birth #ClapOnce

    Thanks Mikey

    Qna sis wam keep praying,u one tough woman #inspired

  3. A2Q it really breaks my heart how sisters are abused by men. This is truly heartbreaking. So we are scared of being raped on the streets and scared of being raped at work. What have women done really. All those people that say you are doomed need a reality check..They not God. It’s not over until you are success. Doesn’t matter how hard your hustle is don’t give up. I’m so proud of you for soldiering on. Not many can do what you are doing. Respect to you…respect for denying that horrid man the cookie. I look up to woman like you. I’m keeping you in my prayers. What I can’t do for you God can do a hundred times over.

  4. Faith your in trouble sister, am not sure if ever you follow evil or evil follows you. ..

    A2q- soldier lady your a true inspiration to ladies like me who still trying to find themselves . Nobody said it would easy and you going through all but still believe in future. Keep on doing what you best sister and one day you will look back and see your all hard work. God bless and wish you all the lack in the world. ..

  5. Faith,boo boo kitty trouble follows you everywhere. Still waiting for Aurelia to come land it on your cheek too. Hihihi. And stop leaving Amo unattended mun, what kind of mother does that. That meladi is evil!!! Also your mum will come deal with you for the couch, girl you got it bad.

    Meladi’s pregnancy is definitely complicated,if you say pool of blood. Her baby is in danger. Her water was supposed to break instead, right? Pray nothing bad happens for they will blame it on you boo boo kitty.

    #TGIF Blessed weekend y’all. Be safe

  6. Soldier, its really hard out here… I am also in my late 20s, was told of the dark cloud a lot of times from different sources, I’l never amount to anything in the world, I’l wonder around till I commit suicide. And with everything that has happened in my life till now, am starting to believe it. I also cant use any of the remedies suggested I use. Likely I still have a job and they are paying for my studies at Unisa… There thing is I don’t want this Job anymore and I have thoughts of quitting everyday. Reading your post on soldiering on has given me a new light and I am going to go on regardless of the struggles.
    I just wrote to tell you , you are not alone and already you have saved my future, therefore I see a bright future for you.. MWAH..GOD BLESS

  7. Thanks Mike, great Chapter. Faith reminds me and the father of my child le girlfriend yakhe, (They emotionally abused me those 2 idiots).

    Dear Soldier, wow. What an inspiring story sisi. I can relate. I would advise you to pray and pray hard sisi, God is a wonderful man, He listens and answers prayers…all in due time. You know what 1 Thes Pray without ceasing baby. I pray your business succeeds. Do not sit back and wait for an opportunity to avail itself, create opportunities for yourself and others.

    Do contact me as well on my email address I think we have a lot to discuss. and no don’t use muthi or whatever that you were using, just pray and pray until something happens

  8. Faith neh, askies dear things are just not in your favour, Meladi though who did she even get to your place, I know pregnancy makes woman do crazy things but this Meladi sure is a psycho! Well hope the baby is okay , for Faith sake even when she annoys me sometimes.

    Thanks Team, lovely weekend family.

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, Friday dose #TGIF

    If only this ‘ghetto science’ was used to cure cancer and aids, instead of casting spells on broke people for them not to amount to anything.

    Your letter is inspiring indeed and you have soldiered on beyond the obstacles. Your mission is ongoing and until God calls you home, in whatever way he choses, March on sister. I salute your resistant hustle and hope you don’t abort your mission.
    Over and out.


  10. Soldier. you truly inspire me. many women sleep with their bosses or generally sleep around and justify it by saying its a means to an end (all psycho babble to me). the only way to work smart is to work hard. I believe you’ve done and continue to do that.

    Im really inspired by your letter as a woman who also had to hustle hard to get an education and fight for a career. im touched that you want to help others achieve thier dreams. you have an incredible heart and i wish you all the best

  11. Mama TT

    Q-A … Can you please contact me on my email.. i might have something but need a bit more clearity

  12. Thank you all for the encouraging words and to those reaching out. Hoping to bounce back with a testimony after this test. Mama T I didn’t get your email address. I’l certainly get intouch.

  13. A2Q I Luv u sisters.iba ne themba Ku jehova he is working on u ungayeki phikelela ukhothoze.I Luv the the comment pray until something happen.waze walenza ilanga lami

  14. Hi Family

    I’m sorry to divert from today’s Q&A by Soldier, however I’m new around this space and don’t know where to go for advise.

    I get that this story is about rumblings of a baby mama, however please allow me to pose why I need advise.

    I’m 28, in a relationship with this amazing guy, and he has kids with different women. I don’t have any children and always dreamt and hoped to have kids in a marriage and also hoped my first child would be my man/husbands first. I love him dearly but every time I think of his kids, I get depressed and experience some withdrawal feelings towards him. Not to get a head of myself, but I don’t know whether I will be able to handle being an instant mother, whether I will be able to deal with baby mamas (hate feelings towards them) and whether I will be able to love those kids like I will my own. I have accepted that he has them, and that it was all in the past, but I don’t know if I can live with this for my entire life should we tie the knot. I need advise not criticism, should I seek professional help? Should I tell him how I feel? Is it normal for a lady who doesn’t have kids to feel this way?

    Awaiting advise


  15. Salute to Adv Cmndr Maphoto. UR d bomb!

    Q&A: Soldier, U inspire not only girls & women but even boys & us men as U ask 4d respect that U deserve too. U teach us to review ourselves so we respect the girls & women around us.
    Over & above all, UR fighting this battle not only 4yoself but for our dotaz too. Dont giv up! God is great & will open doors 4U. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

    This is a challenge 4sistaz wth high positions, pls help a sister out if U can. That goes 4REAL men who do not abuse their power, give a sister a break without expecting sexual favors.
    Soldier on soldier! – PapaG

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