Rumblings – Chapter Seventy

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Have you ever been in a fight. There is that adrenalin you have after even if you lost the fight and you breathe in and out heavily like an unfit person having sex. Yes you know, kids do it mostly when they heave in and out to express how they are! I was so pissed off but funny enough, I did not have that. I was very calm and quiet. The drive home was not pleasant. My sister was saying that I was weak I should have beaten her up. Maybe she was right but then again, and then what? She was already in hospital. I however was worried about a lot of things. When did I become this woman who brawls? It’s not pride but does being a baby mama mean I must crude and always ready to defend myself. I did not like the me I had become because I had never liked attracting drama in the first place. I did not want my child to grow up knowing that his mother is a thug because that is exactly what I had become someone I did not recognise and again it was not because of weakness. People assume that when other people try pushing you around its because you are weak but I beg to differ. I could indeed have fought back but that was not me. Being a mother does however make you tough. You cannot make reckless decisions because when you are alone you have to think twice as much for your child. I just wanted to be with Amogelang right now. That’s all I wanted. I felt I was neglecting him lately and allowing all these distractions to stop me from being a good mother. Tidimalo was driving behind us. He had said he was coming with us at the hospital so I was not surprised. He on the other hand was smiling from ear to ass for finally getting his revenge on Mudenda. Men and their egos though! I wonder how Mudenda was feeling at this moment. Maybe it was time to give him back his thesis because I had put him through a lot if truth be told. I will think about properly when I am settled.

When I got home my neck hurt. My mother called and she said she was heading back today. I really had to wash the couch. My sister made it clear that she was not going too touch another woman’s blood. Yah neh, and she is the one heading to nursing school. She was right though, much as I hated Meladi she was my responsibility. One thing I knew though, I had been soft on this girl. She came to my house and caused all these problems yet now she was saying all these things. I wanted to call Mudenda and give him a piece of my mind but I did not. He will get what’s coming to him. She always lies to make to look bad. My phone rang at that moment and it was someone I had not heard from in a while, Zama. She apologized for the silence and said life had been hectic. She also told me that she hadd good news. She was graduating and also getting married in one grand ceremony in Ezakheni in Ladysmith. Wow. Bombshell! Was I that old where my friends were getting married? Time flies. Remember I said Zama had always been the bad girl of my group but here she was now getting married! I was the good one and I was a baby mama! Lol, ah, love has a way of playing jokes on you. I told her that most definitely I was coming. She said she had already spoken to Aurelia about it and she too was driving there. Crap! I had forgotten about Aurelia. What if my bosses wife had stuffed her in a bad somewhere!

As soon as Zama hung up I called Aurelia. She said she had just picked up her car and had had the best day ever! See why I say good girls usually end up last. Here is a girl who had spent a day with the wife of her sugardaddy saying she had had an incredible day whilst I had spent the day in hell with Meladi. Why always me honestly? Why can’t I just be carefree like all these other girls and enjoy life like they do? I was unhappy. I looked at the couch and it really made me want to cry. I had to clean that. She told me that she could be part of an advert campaign that was coming soon and it would pay her a lot. She was so excited. She would be on TV and Radio and magazines! I will be at home cleaning Amo’s diapers! This was life! This is a matter of have and have nots! Who ever said we are all created equal must have been very high on bad weed, sies! I had to sit and beg for jobs and she just had to show up.

Tidimalo started helping first remove the material around the couch cushion then look at the damage. It was bad. He said this cushion had to be replaced and I told him he must have lost his mind. By who? How? My mother loved these couches. Once upon a time only guests were allowed to sit on them. There was a strict rule of no food on the couch so even as adults we respected them. Now for her to find one damaged or missing this would no doubt lead to our murder. I put the cushion cover in the washing machine. Blood is difficult to take out so I hoped that all those million ads we see of OMO, Surf, Aerial with ever smiling women who can wash clothes were true! I know my mom hates doing laundry but have you ever seen how happy those women are? It’s like they leave to wash laundry! I prayed to the soap gods that this would work. My sister was talking to Tidimalo this whole time.

“Why did you cheat on my sister wena? Now look at the filth she is bringing home!”

She said as I was coming. He looked at me in a very awkward way. My sister has no chill!

“Leave him alone Judith Seopa! He has done nothing wrong!”

Thank heavens at that moment Amo cried and she left the room.

“I don’t think your sister likes me much!”

He said as soon as she left the room. No that was not the case. My sister was just mean like that. She likes being inappropriate. I told him to leave her alone but he said no, I needed answers.

“When I dated you I was a child! Doo you remember I used to wear all those candy colored skinnies,”

He paused and laughed,

“I thought I was the coolest thing that was ever born. It’s funny at that age hurting someone else does not mean the same thing as hurting someone at this stage. I wanted every girl and I never realized what a good thing I had. When we eventually broke up and you dished me a bit of my own medicine I…”

We interrupted! Really! There was a knock at the door! I ran to answer it incredibly annoyed by whoever it was who had such audacity to knock at such a time. Imagine if you are a guy this being, just before you put in, into that girl you have wanted for so long then then someone walks in! Yeah. For me it felt like that.

It was two policeman I had never seen before and another man I had certainly met before!

It was Meladi’s father and he was driving an S500. That’s what powerful people do! They show up with things that symbolise power and everyone fears them.

I mention the car to make you realize how powerful he was and how fast the police were running around to please him. South African Police!

“This is her! Arrest her! I am going to drive behind you to make sure that I see you lock her up!”

He said coldly.

“But chief that’s not necessary we know our jobs!”

One of the officers protested!

“I know you do but I spoke to Bheki and he said I must make sure I see you do it?”l

Bheki? Bheki was not in the police anymore that much I knew but I realised that he was just showing off that his friends where very powerful and he could even be lying.

I was terrified!

They cuffed me and I felt the cold hard metal lock in!

“You are under arrest for assault!”

He said to me!

Tidimalo immediately called someone!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike,

Love all your diaries, great work and keep it up.

I am a 22 year old female. There is this guy “friend” of mine (Lets call him Gift), Gift is 24. We met when I was 19, he helped me carry my stuff when I was moving into res first year, and he was doing his second year. He is a born again Christian

(doesn’t date) and the most sindisiwe guy I know, back then I was just a church goer and sometimes stepped out of line. We were both doing the same course in varsity and he offered to be my mentor as he is very intelligent. He has been there for me ever since. I dated another guy first year and lost my virginity, Gift knew my boyfriend but never approved of me dating. Instead he use to persuade me to go to church with him but ngangimuCrossa. I fell pregnant at the end of second year and had a miscarriage and told Gift about the incident, he didn’t know how to respond so we just brushed it off and we pretend as if it never happened.

Gift is still a virgin, he told me that. I’ve been with 3 guys (not proud). Now the thing is we have been extremely close lately, we chat every night and call each other now and again (pity we are in different cities because of our jobs). I am now single and have learnt from my mistakes and I am a born again Christian now. Gifts’ friend told me that my Gift wants to propose to me.
I think he is an amazing person and any girl who was to get married to him would be the luckiest girl alive. He is funny, caring, respectful, God fearing and the most humble person I know. My worry is that I feel as though it would be wrong of me on so many levels to accept his proposal because he’s still pure and I’m damaged goods. Scary thing is I’m falling in love with him every single day but I just can’t, I feel he deserves way better than me. But ngyasaba, if I say yes, I will have to break his virginity…how does one do that?
And I’d really hate losing him :(.

Do you guys think I do stand a chance n
oGift or I should let him go?

(sorry for the long story


47 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Seventy

  1. hey Q and A,being born again means you have been forgiven of your sins and God no longer holds you accountable,thats what we call grace,read on it spend time with God and understand how He does not judge you on your past,for if u undetstand that you will be able to forgive yourself and allow yourself to be loved,talk to God about your fears and ask ur sisters in Christ to help pray for you so that u can perceive,then tell ur potential beau about ur fears and he might help alleviate them,remember love lives in Christ,therefore love lives in us

    1. U said it all, u have found the Lords grace and fogiveness and if he wanted to jugde you he would have left you frm long time ago. Dont let your fears and doubts drive u away frm Gods GIFT

  2. Hi Confused.

    You need to get it out of your mind that you are damaged goods just because you are not a virgin, that is insanity. He knows that you are not a virgin and he doesnt call you damaged goods, so why should you?? He wants to propose knowing you as well as he does.
    You should definitely go for it. You sound like the two of you will be very happy together. Wishing you all of the best

  3. Mike what is your problem with fat people? Why criticize them like that? What crime did they commit by being fat? I just don’t like bullies who pick on other peoples weaknesses.
    #I’m just saying. There is enough hatred in the world for fat people please let’s give the other children a space to breath. I had a friend who was bullied for being fat and tried taking her life so each time I read something criticizing fat people it hits home.

  4. A2Q

    Your are a new creation in Christ. Holy, righteous and without fault. You are redeemed. Don’t let the devil deceive you into thinking your are not good enough. My sister your a worthy of love, you are worthy of being loved by Gift. Forgive yourself,coz God has. Gift knows your past and that isn’t stopping him from loving you. When he does propose have a conversations with him about all your fears so he knows how you feel, settle every inferiority complex before you wear his ring. And as for the sex lol all will come together on your wedding night.

    Pray and Good luck.

  5. Hamba Confused…. Uthini na sisi, ‘you are damaged goods’? Sisi don’t call yourself names, yes you slept with 3 guys so what? When you lost your virginity, the guy you slept with had slept with how many girls before you?? You made your mistakes and you learned from them, don’t be too hush on yourself! Give yourself credit and some self love and allow a good man to love you, like you deserve to be loved! And, if ‘virgin Gift’ is that man for you then so be it! If he ever proposes SAY YES for you do love him and when it comes to the ‘dance’, trust me there will be not much teaching for all he has to do is to stick it inside LOL!

  6. If u are now born again Christian there is no need to worry about the past. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says anyone who is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away. If u really love him why not.

  7. Hayi bo Confused… how can a person be so hard on themselves!!! tshiini Bawo, Gift has always been on your side, he knows almost all your shenanigans and for you to want to run away now is just point blank stupid and inconsiderate of him. He has watched you make mistakes and I am certain he has prayed for you to see the light. God has forgiven you for your naughty shenanigans and I think it is time you forgive yourself and accept Gift’s proposal when and if it happens!

    All I am trying to say is there is no human who is “Damaged Goods”!!!

  8. Thanks Mike,nw Meladi is dealing wth a wrong chick..
    QnA l thnk u have t forgive urslf first in order t see tht despite ur past Gift still sees u good enuf for him nd ur future togethermhe wouldnt wnt t propose to sum1 who is nt good enough fr him..

  9. Gals hu col themselves damaged goods seem to amaze me its like you lookig for a sympathy card for us to tell u, “u not” jst to boost ur ego mxm plz n i knw a few born agains hu have done worse but they have forgiven themselves n have moved past their mistakes n focussig on God n 3 guys is not bad galz ur age have been wif way more den dat

  10. Mike and the team…u guys are gifted thank God for u!


    If you really love this guy like u say u do i do not see anything that should stop u from having a great time of ur life. U r born again now and in christ u r a new creation STOP conderming urself.

  11. See, I said just the other day that Faith will end up arrested and Boom, there it is…Tidimalo siza umntwana wabantu Bo!

    Confused, you are not damanged goods and you also deserve a happy life. You are born again, meaning you have been cleansed and forgiven for your sins. He doesn’t judge you for your past so why are you judging yourself….

    Happy Birthday LOLO)))))))

  12. Shit has hit de fan, Tanx Mike

    Confused: I blieve u deserve him afterall he chose u regardless of ur flaws….take a chance wit him, he has bin der 4 u even @ ur lowest now according 2 me datz a man nd a half….1 of a kind, take dat leap of faith!

  13. Hi confused. Not only has God forgiven your sins He does not remember them and don’t let the devil trick you into living in guilt, sisi you can never undo your past or un sleep with the man you slept with if you think 3 is bad try 21 and I’m born again and I know for sure that God does not remember that because the blood of Jesus has wash me clean and I’m not in guilt or shame if given an opportunity to do over of course I would but I thank God for Salvation leave that guilt behide and worship your God for delivering you and Marry that man

  14. Ha.a Mike this is too much Faith always face with trouble she also deserve to be happy , now she will have criminal record for assault. Hayi hayi enough now yini

  15. happy womb exit day Lolo:-)

    @QA Romans 8 verse 1 therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus 2 for the law of the Spirit which brings us life in union with Christ Jesushas set me free

    so dear being a born again means whatever happened in the past God has forgiven us kudlulile sizelwe kabusha sahlanzwa ngegazi lemvana dnt give yourself a hard time over nothing repent from whatever you did and then have faith that usuthethelelwe izono zakho God is a righteous God unomusa once you give yourself to Jesus uqala a new page in life dnt give up on a chance to marry umuntu that loves you and nawe omthandayo

    Good luck cc;-)

  16. OMG…Faith’s life just need cleansing , eritual yamahloti……her life will get back on track i can see the light and the end of all her misfortunes , Tidimalo will make this happen.

    Q, A: you sound like a very wonderful person, whom need not to refer to herself as “damaged Good” as a christian you should know that the minute you kneel down and pray asking God to please forgive you for ALL YOUR SINS, “damaged goods as you refer to it” fades away and you are cleansed by the holy spirit…say yes to the proposal and never look back ever again life is way to precious to be worrying about things that never made you.

  17. thanx Ta Mike

    Q&A there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ. yekele ukuzibeka amabala and stop condemning yourself, allow love and good things in your life. Gift knows all your flows and he still wants you. i say go for it and yes to
    the dude

  18. iyooooo! I just need more I think we need a premium for this… hmm! sho! I hate Meladi shame how can she do this to a girl she once called a friend? like faith said last chapter I think That ass Mudenda doesn’t love Meladi the way he loved faith now Meladi is trying to force tht love.

    anyway Confused my sister u have to have an intimate relationship with God first before you go for Gift because if you don’t you are gonna hurt both Gift and yourself as it is clear you think you are not worthy of his love. which is wrong you are worthy girl by you being born again you are agreeing new creature all this things of your new life you must understand and find who you are in crust first before being married

  19. I understand aw u feelin cos ve been dere. I had dis childhood friend dat i liked very much and he does likes mě much too, and nothing was goin on btw us so i went ahead and started dating. He never said anytin, i later found out his stl a virgin,d likeness kept growing, until i met an amazing man who i fell in love with,and d man proposed. Mý childhood boyfriend later came and proposed buh i didnt accepts cos he didnt no i was nolonger a virgin.and ve accepted to bez smeone else wife.we are both married to different pple , bůh we stl chat once in a bluemoon So since urs knws dat means he loves u like dat.just enjoy do říde

  20. QnA: Let me share a story with you, I once had a friend like that @varsity and I dated, broke my virginity and all. A year later my friend proposed a relationship but I felt the same like you (him being pure and me not) and decided we remain friends and guess what, I was just fooling myself that he’s pure and I’m damaged goods cos years later he impregnated someone outside wedlock, only then did they get married.

    I say marry Gift, he knows about your past but is willing to get married to you, stop worrying yourself!!!

  21. Meladi o nagana maka a gage a tla moagela motse?gotsho ke ena a buileng maka ko mudenda gore a hate Faith like dat.o lebetse ntatage ha phelele sa ruri?tjo wa mbora ngwana oo hle some le dad wa gage
    Faith hang in there go tla siama….

  22. maledi is such a bit.cant she give it a rest.seriously how can one live with so much drama.she is the proverbial bitch for all i know.

  23. Oh Zamas wedding is in ezakheni Ladysmith where i live. i hope it is in section A by my house so i can attend lol. thanx for the mention Mike

  24. Thanks Mikeesto, still don’t see where the fat was though, maybe I’m just skinny reading…

    Goodnight fam.

  25. Tshidilicious lol when did Mike bully or mention anything about fatness… Maybe you’re seeing things ngeke oe awuchaze cos thats just a big fat assumption ryt there

  26. Dear Confused,
    I don’t understand why you would do that to yourself and expect someone to see you as worthy of their love.

    Gift decided to love you just the way you are and I don’t see why you don’t. He knows very well what he is getting himself into.

    Treaure yourself and what you might possibly have with Gift. If you don’t take gift as your partner, another nasty girl will come along and you will wonder why you didn’t take a chance with him.

    I say go for it, girl … Imagine you reject him and he ends up in the arms of an bad girl.

    Good Luck …

  27. Tnx Mike u don’t dissapoint n 2 Confuse go for it swty u hve bn given a second chance so grab it wth both hands n make Gift a happy man ol d best…

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