Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Three

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There are times when even a lie cannot get you out of a situation no matter how good a liar you are! They say the truth will set you free but whom am I kidding, this truth will only set you free from your life! There is no way my mother was not going to kill her or us. I had told her of the disrespect. This not a case of #1000blackwaystodie to do! No, this was worse than losing your mother’s tupperware nor was this a simple matter of calling her by her first name in public! This went deeper. Violating someone else’s personal space the way my sister had done was beyond redemption. Even I could not find my way around it. When we girls are in love we are talked into doing stupid things by the guy that we are seeing. Most of us, the weak ones here, will do anything just to please him. Some girls are chameleons, they will change everything about themselves just to please him. I have known girls who dumped all their friends some from childhood simply because they had a new man in their lives. Really girls how stupid are we to throw away all we have built for someone whom I can guarantee you will not throw his friends away for you. What’s worse this guy usually won’t even marry you. The point is, my sister as far as I know had always been naughty, she called herself a bad bitch even at her ripe old age but she had never actually done things in the home. She must really love this guy for her to have done this. Love! Eish that terrible thing that has ruined most women! We kid ourselves and say it’s the best thing ever but that’s the bullshit that makes us feel great against all odds!

“Judith come here this instant! Don’t make me come there!”

She screamed out again. She was boiling. She was so angry I could see her veins pop out. What ever happens I did not want her to kick out Judith again because I definitely needed her to baby sit. Honestly if I believed in ancestors and all that jazz this is the point I will be saying something was trying to prevent me from taking this job. I have no doubt whatsoever about this. Every turn I had taken there had been one drama or the other. My phone rang and the sharp look my mother gave me meant I hung up the call without even looking at it. I kept my eyes on her the whole time.

“Yes ma what’s wrong? I was still putting away things in the cupboard!”

Judith said as she entered the room! She saw what my mother was holding and immediately she froze but tried to act as natural as possible. She lifted her hands on her said and casually said,

“Ah ma we know what condoms are why are you showing them to us? Really”

She said trying to make it seem like it was not as big a deal as she was making it up to be. She laughed even at the end to make it seem like it was some joke.

“Why is this in my house and under my bed?”

My mother asked her angrily. Note how my mother was directing her questions to my sister and not me. It’s because she knew there was no way in hell I could have done this. That’s the problem with being a problem child when ever something happens the blame is usually placed on your shoulders even before you confess.

“I need and answer young lady!”

I wanted to jump in but on this one I was not qualified.

“I think it’s mine.”

She said quietly.

“Did you have sex in my room?”

My said angrily but my sister looked at her with such a look of horror on her face that even I was convinced by her deception.

“Haibo ma you can’t honestly ask me such a thing? Why would I have sex in your room? That is the ultimate disrespect and for you to even ask me that shows how little you must think I respect you.”

She said and my mother snapped and said,

“Just answer the question!”

My sister responded defiantly,

“No mum, I did not. I had sex in my room. I am sorry I was excited and…”

My mother, my newly violently mother through her shoe at her angrily!

“What is wrong with you honestly? How could you have sex in my house?”

She screamed. Parents are unreasonable though. They act as though they did not break their virginity under trees, in cars, boyfriends house or their own houses once upon a time. In fact most high school kids have sex in their own homes when their parents are away. I was not shifting the blame on my mother please don’t GET me wrong. My sister was sexually active and my mother knew that. It was her idea that my sister should bring her boyfriend hoMe so we knew she was safe. Ever since that had happened my sister had stopped disappearing for days.

“No mum you don’t understand,”
She said jumping out the way.

“Kagiso proposed to me and I said yes, look!”

She said showing her the ring. My mother froze. My sister waved her ring from a distance so that my mother could see it.

“I am sorry I got excited and we wwere celebrating in my room I don’t know how the wrap ended up here. Maybe someone set me up!”

She said with a serious look on her face. In the house there had been two people, her and me so she had basically said I set her up! I was not happy with what she had just said though no matter how badly she wanted to get herself out of this jam. My mother looked at me and said,

“Did you do this to your sister?”

Of which I immediately said no.

“This man who wants to marry you, what does he do for a living?”

She asked her.

“He is a manager at Pick n Pay?”

She said with a smile on a face but you should have seen how her response had drained the blood out of my mothers face and to a certain extent mine. Had she not told me that he did something else, white collar stuff I can’t remember!

“He works at Pick n Pay?”

She asked again. My sister said yes and I don’t think she realized where this was going. I did. When your parents send you to good schools, you live in a good neighborhood there are things they do not expect you to do as they have expectations for you. Marrying a guy who works at Pick n Pay was certainly not one of them.

“You are not marrying him!”

She said coldly.

“What do you mean I am not marrying him?”

My sister asked incredulously.

“You heard me correctly. You are not marrying him!”

She said crossing her arms across her chest still holding the condom wrap in her hand.

“But I love him!”

She protest.

“And I love you too! That’s my instruction you are not marrying him!”

My sister looked her dead in the eye and responded,

“Like hell I am not!”

Battle lines drawn!

***** The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Dear Mike. I hope these letter finds u well,My name is Thobelani Ngobese I stay in uMlazi,i work in the Air Force as a soldier.Bhuti Mike I write this letter to invite or help the guys that have graduated but not working or those who are working but they are like me,they get paid on a payday but get broke same day,i need people who have goals,people who are willing to b helped so they will help others,i need people who see them self’s some where in life.good people I was introduced to a business called Network Marketing these business doesn’t need your money or anything we just need your mind and your body to have money,my partner who joined 3 months back he started with R7 000 yesterday he got R20000 because his a hard worker,we don’t rob people bhuti Mike or what so if u interested in this business you can send me your name and surname on these no…0740273473/ call me if u want 2 on 0747903196 your details it for me to book you a seat in our business seminar that happens on a weekend where most of us are not working.
Mr Maphoto please help me to help our community so we will stop saying Government is doing anything for us,on addition good people it’s doesn’t matter if u working or not,who ever read these and do as I’m asking he/she will never regret…”Success is about how many people you take along with”.

Helping Soldier

51 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Three

  1. The letter though…says we do not need your money but a partner started with R7000 and he got R20000. A pyramid scheme in any other name, shape or form is still a pyramid scheme. Period. Let’s stop taking advantage of our fellow brothers and sisters by promising them unrealistic wealth.

  2. Judith, mara! When is she going to grow up?

    Brother Soldier, keep up the good work and I sincerely hope this is a legit business and that you were not taken for a ride. These Ponzy schemes are good @ hiding themselves.

    All of the Best to those going to try it out.

    Happy Tuesday, All …

  3. Sho big Mike good read but again very very short
    Soldier to me this sound like a pyramid scheme which I have no problem with…all I know is a winner here is a first in first out…alikho isinamuva la or shall I say isukamuva likholwa izagila…..
    Good luck guys


  4. Mxm that guy is not even a manager if you ask me! Judith yena!

    QnA bhuth Mike I really hope you checked with this guy to check if he’s legit and all. The way he defends himself naye lol.

    Siyabonga bhuti. Ababaningi abafana nawe. Thank you so much.

  5. Guys I get your names and Numbers I will assist you in your places,mina I’m based in Dbn so those who are in Dbn they will b lucky to work with me but plz let us help each other…thanks bhuti Mike for taking me serious.

  6. Will Judith ever grow up maar iyo aa. helping soldier you say this business doesn’t require money but ur friend started with R7000. does this then mean you need money to start? I’m a Lil confused guys help.

  7. Tnx Mike
    Ayi I rest my case on Judith….

    QnA m lost u say no money is required but ur friend started off with R7000??????

  8. Please forgive me my English is not gud,he started with R7000 that his salary his earning now he got paid R15 000

    1. In your letter you wrote R20 000 and now you are talking of R 15 000??? Something seems dodgy about this whole business shame! Give us the contact details of the business, the website and the likes not just your cellphone number!

  9. How do I check if ur business is valid. I hv a feeling that this is those scams which says we can multiple ur money. Wht did u friend exactly contribute besides the 7g???????? Mmmmh am sorry but I’ll pass on this one. In life there r no shortcuts unless if ur a hustler bby

  10. Q&A Can i please answer this this Helping Soldier i don’t understand why you people are not honest when inviting people to this business Seminor what it is, well i have been to one In PTA its actually IFA/ Clientelle. on that invite when you get there they tell you how much they are earning what porche houses and cars they are driving and the trips they going to overseas they play you vedios while they on the trip. funny enough wen i went to one 90% was full off IFA memebers.

    Thats what it is, and they tell you when u invite people dont tell them where u inviting them just BUSINESS SEMINAR.

  11. Nice chapter Mike, not sure with this Soldier you don’t specify what kind of business and now the figures changed!

  12. Hahaha mike u killed by saying…. No, this was worse than losing your mother’s tupperware nor was this a simple matter of calling her by her first name in public! Hahsha #datemyfamily killed me this weekend. I love how u tswaked it to our daily dose. Love the way u put things together. O boss!! Ra leboga

    As for the tupperware guy damn am dead for ages….that guy are ka se nyaka skaftin saka, lols lyk really

  13. Thanks Mikeesto, Judith is a G

    Soldier, thanks for serving our country….. But know this, people pay attention here, figures don’t mysteriously change from 20 to 15…. From 0 to 7000… Thanks Mbe, I think that clarifies a lot.


  14. Judith though, hahahaha classic! what is wrong with parents so what the guy works ko pick n pay, surely he won’t end there hai.

    Network Marking is similar to your avon,amway and them guys. Soldier is not forcing anyone he is just saying should someone be interested they can join yho!

    Thanks Team

  15. Lolin ke rata Judith mare waitse this girl cracks me up for days aowa yoh! She’s never wrong tlhe lolin ja.

    @soldier:Kante didn’t u say he earned 20K now suddenly he got 15K.. Where did the other 5K go? Tax? Aii nna hake tlhaloganye mos

  16. Death by incorporating #date my family:-). Now that’s how you start a birthday…already have a highlight for it! Thank you for a great chapter Mike. Judith should just get together with Nothabo’s brother. They’d be a perfect fit.

    1. Come to think of it Kayleigh she could be the nurse they(Nothabo & crew) went to see coz afta this Judith is definately being sent away.

  17. Yes Mbe it’s IFA but it was introduced to me as Network marketing and I find it so interesting cos I’m so in need of money and it worked for me.

  18. So Mbe what u saying to people who are not earning anything or who are earning else than their problems,they mustn’t go and get helped and be like those people driving big cars and big houses? Are their doing crime with what they are doing?

    1. If you can go back and read what i said, i never encouraged anyone not to go i was just telling them what it is so they know what they are attending. Because you IFA memebers will not reveal whta this Business seminar is. And so they know the earning, you earn as u invite more pple.

  19. Lolin I love Judith thoughshe’s never wrong tlhe yoh

    Tjo mare soldier ur friend earned 20K mare now ke 15K! What happened ta the other 5K? Tax?

  20. Helping soldier I also agree with Mbe. iv also been to one of the seminars. why cant you be honest from the beginning and provide the full information to allow people to make up their minds before coming to the seminar.

    people don’t get money for showing up they have to take a policy and invite others who will also need to take a policy in order for them to gain their commission. if its worked for you that’s great maybe it will work for others too. but why not just be honest about what it is about.

  21. Hi Mike

    How do we contact you or your people directly without making an enquiry? im not a grammar nazi but this one is just glaring at me at the top there….Straighback or straightback??

    secondly can your web designer give us an option to Minimise the top part in black…its very awkward when reading this at work and the manager walks past . it was not a problem before as this part disappeared when scrolling down and reading.

    I thank you.

  22. QnA… What is it that you guys do really? its good to help, but be clear please. when you say your mind and body, are you perhaps talking prostitution? what is it kahle kahle.

    More pyramid schemes I see. next thing we know, people will be making money ngemali yaka Gogo ye pension. hai maan… No No No

  23. @ helping soldier plz stop laying to good ppl me n u we know datz not true.guys this a scam hv bn working with this guy for a decade n non of this is true..

  24. Mike,

    I expect better from you than publishing such letters. Some people will go and lose their money, and think you endorsed such solicitation. We all know how this will end badly. I refuse to believe you have not seen similar scams before. Even if you never have, this is irresponsible of you. It will tarnish your brand at best.


    1. Sifelani It is IFA hence that Helping soldier is not denying coz he knows im telling the truth, all they want pple to do is to join which you choose a life policy that you will pay according to ur age group, then after that you are liable on a policy and the money that you dont have, if you not a pple’s shame forget coz the more pple you invite the more money you earn thats what they say….. funny enough they wont even hide how to show u how much they earned only God knows if that is true or they seculate the same message. #justsaying.

  25. Guys the IFA bussines works, but like any other bussiness u need to put in the work, i was recruited around april, managed to recruit about 3 people in turn…..and as promised i was paid R200.00 for my efforts. this was on the 20th of June (last week actually), just that i’m too busy/lazy to keep inviting & not really a good sales person. so if you are one of those who figure you are capable of selling ice to an eskimo or hungry enough, then you can sure make extra cash here. the catch however, you take out some form of policy with clientelle, but that will pay for itself if you work hard enough……I say with the level of unemployment in our country, lets not knock it down without understanding it.might work for someone out there

  26. Hi Mike…some of the comment u just need to ignore them mara witse….Fulu’s kind of comments…so she/he means u should change ur website so that she can read blogs at work…ke gore o go kopa gore o chenje ur website to suit her n only her’s needs mxm..Aowa bathong

  27. well i h0pe this is legit im a bit concerned hay coz there r a lot of ponzi schemes out there that exploit people, their businesses are more based on recruiting new investors than focusing on the actual product or sercive they offer which might also turn out to be non existing…. be careful of investents that have unrealistic high returns because these companies use new investors money to make payoffs and then in a year or so that company will be liquidated and all the money that u invested and the proceeds from the investment which are actually cash distributions will be gone down the drain and u mite not even be able to arrest the owner as the company mite not be registered and the owner mite be using a phoney name. my friends at work lost a lot of money because of these schemes and some of them have not recovered from their losses so these get rich quick schemes are a no go area unless losing money is not a big deal…

  28. This is the IFA thing kakade. When you go to the meetings you will be enticed and end up signing up (like I did). When your people don’t pay up, they deduct the money from your bank account.

    It’s so difficult to get out of this thing. When you call they make you stay on the line for so long. My airtime even ran out! And they require you to send emails ,etc. I will NEVER do that thing again or suggest it to others.

  29. thanx Mike… as for helping soldier hope ur honest,blv u m guys ders a gym at town “pta” wen they call they tell u if u interested in gyming,u cn come for a free trial so u can see if ur interesetd, the moment u say u r interested! They make u sign a contract thta ur nt even aware u are signing bcs its written in small letters,they even choose for u a term n how much u pay every month.I was amazed that they asked me for my banking details, I googled “body lab” the complaints! I had to go cncl de contract

  30. and if u dnt cancel in time u end up paying even when u r not going to the gym and I tried fyting them unfortunatly my signature binded me to the contract, but no1 cares abt the fact that no1 told u abt de contract! SO hlping soldier ppl work hard to earn their money so if ppl r sarcastic abt ur proposal dnt b amazed n I also knw abt the IFA n if orata dilo what dey say abt cars dey drive n trips ul b interested to join bt its all abt tje person hu invited u d emore clients he gets de better de commision

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