Rumblings – Chapter Seventy Four

Is there anything more fulfilling or gratifying than seeing your ex who mistreated you suffer. I don’t care how religious you are but there is that little element of triumph. You know that song by Beyonce, The Best Thing I Never Had, every single girl relates on some level to that song because at times you really did dodge a bullet. I know I did. Now imagine if that ex is also your baby daddy! Yho! Even my ancestors are dancing! Ladies admit it, there is a part of us that wants to see our evil baby daddies suffer. I know it could be embarrassing to admit but the way we hate some of these men it makes sense that we don’t want the best for them. Once upon a time when they still called us bae maybe that was the case but now when things have reached this stage every girl knows that this is the best feeling ever. He was now a nemesis and the fact that he had hit me just made this feeling even more profound. So his precious relationship was falling apart? Good. I had no respect. Karma is a bitch and he was starting to learn this the hard way. I slept like a baby that night. My mother slept with Amo meaning I had peace. So much had happened so I was pretty exhausted.

In the morning my mum left for work. She brought Amo to my room and said that I was to cook oxtail because she was going to have a visitor. In the house I did say I was the best cook. We did not have it meaning I would have to go buy it. My mum works long hours. I was lazy to go buy it because it was actually kind of cold and you know how us black the cold makes us cranky. Judith was in a mood today though because she refused to look after Amo. I told her that mum had sent me to the shops and she said I must do what every other mother does and wrap him on my backs and go! Like I would ever! What? It was when I told her to give me the car keys that she changed her mind because she knew I was a terrible driver. I was used to her mood swings in any case so she will be fine. I went to the shops but was delayed when I bumped into an old schoolmate of mine from Tuks. She was a year above me andd had been studying medicine. Now she was an intern so it was good catching up. I only managed to go home an hour later. When I got there Judith was not there. She had said she had a few things to do so I figured she took Amo with. I have always said for a crazy person Judith was like the best aunt in the world. She loved my baby so much.

Oxtail! Eish it’s a whole of boiling. My mother called to ask me if I had bought it. What was so important about today. She told me she wanted me to make a spread so I must go back and buy some ingredients. I told her I had no money for it. She hesitated then told me where she hid her bank card. That’s my mother for you. She told me not to tell my sister where it stayed and I just agreed. Now I had to go back and it was even slightly drizzling. My mother asked me where my sister was to drive me but I told her she musst have gone to the shops or something. I was annoyed though. There was a car in the house and here I was walking. Fine it was not far at all but still. On the way Lungi called me! My bosses son! What did he want now? He said he was on his way to see me. I told him I don’t like people who drop in unannounced but he said he desperately needed to talk. The last time we had spoken I had accidentally spilled the fact that Aurelia could be pregnant with his child. He was not far. I told him I was at the shops so we met there. I bought the things I needed and told him that I had left my oxtail on the stove so we had to go back. That’s the only reason why I invited him to my house.

He actually was very helpful. He washed his hands and helped me chop and so on. I asked him who had taught him to chop like a woman and he said in his house there was nothing like a boy child. He said his mother might look all glamorous and all but she was a mother first. He told me how his father had cheated on her so many times and Aurelia had been the last straw. When he found out he wanted to teach both of them a lesson but now it was complicated because if I was right and she was pregnant his life was over. I asked him if he did not think that the child was his father’s meaning his little brother and it irritated him immensely.

“Don’t say that!”

He shouted. I can’t blame him. It must suck having your dad impregnate your woman but worse, he had impregnated his father’s makhwapeni. What a low moment in his life I bet! He told me that he was going to speak to Aurelia and if this was true he had to convince her to abort. I told him straight up that she was not that kind of girl and she would rather die first than have an abortion. She was my best friend and I knew her. He asked me how it would work though if indeed it was his. He pointed out how not only would her father dump her but also probably disown him. His mother too would probably never forgive him because he knew about the affair and instead of telling her he had instead also went after the same woman who had ruined her marriage. I got his argument totally. I asked him why he had gone for Aurelia in the first place and he said he had not. She came after him and when he discovered who she was all he had wanted was to punish her but things just went further than he wanted. Truthfully he had made his bed but I promised him that I was going to talk to her. We changed topics and started talking about life and working together. He was actually very decent and ambitious but ain’t all man. I promise you every girl has heard from a man how successful a business man he wants to be and heard several business plans. No difference here but he said he wants to invest in something simple if only his father could give him the money. The simple idea, chickens! I laughed so hard.

Eventually he had to go. It was getting late in any case but most of the ccoking was done. I decided to call Judith but her phone was off. I went to her room to check on her but she was not there. Something made me open her wardrobe and that’s when I panicked!

She was gone!

Her wardrobe was empty!

I ran to Amo’s wardrobe and his clothes too where gone!

What the fuck?

She had run away with my baby!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Firstly big up to Mike i am so in love with “Rumblings of a jilted baby mama”. Secondly i need advice and badly. I’ve been in a relationship to a perfect man or so I thought for 3 years the first 2 years we stayed close to each other but the 3rd year distance came in between us. i work like 300km away from him and we see each other once a month and sometimes twice depending on our finances, we call each other daily and talk like minimum of 5 times a day. Thing now is that he is cheating. some chick had call a few weeks back telling me to stay away from her man but i ignored it and thought it might be a wrong number until I decided to dig and noticed they both work at the same place. I confronted him but he refused and said the pictures where taken at some work event and there’s nothing more but the pictures not even a new born would believe that they are not together. Thing now is I decided to let it slide cause i just dont wanna believe he would cheat and i love him a lot so I wanna fight for my relationship and give him benefit of the doubt. My problem is how do I fight while I’m so far away and they see each other daily. Should I just give up and give this new lady my boyfriend so easily? If I don’t give up on us where do I even begin to patch the insecurities that I have now?

Sorry for the long read.

Thank You


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  2. Thanks Mikeesto, I’ve said it, Judith is a G lol.

    Heartbroken, I say you have two options here, you need to decide though, which one to take.

    1. You didn’t catch your Man cheating, he didn’t confess, you didn’t find any evidence when ‘once a month’ comes along. So besides that girl’s phone call, you have no other reason to believe your bf is cheating… So why allow another woman to cause you doubts over your relationship and the trustworthiness of your man?! So let that ish go nd continue with your man.

    2. 300KM’s is no joke, seeing each once a month is a very slow and dragging means to end this relationship. 31days, you see each other for 1 or 2 days if lucky (money-permitted) who do you think is keeping him warm for 29days… Who’s keeping you warm for that time? This aint no Bo and Hope kind of thing, its real life fancy face, so unless your job is temporary, let the man get warm and get yourself some too… And if your morals don’t allow you, then end this long distance extravaganza. Listen to that Brandy song for some comfort 🙂


  3. Except but how does one run away with someone else’s baby??????? Judith is crazy, for real!

    Heartbroken, if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it is a duck and therefore He is cheating, where else would this women get your contacts unless less she is in close contact with your man? Just because he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t mean its not true. Sisi, you can continue to “brush” it over all you want but eventually you will end up hurt! Spare yourself the pain kwamanje!

  4. Lol mara jackzorro u always right to the point, to me otherwise I don’t know to others.

    Heartbroken e ba strong sisi .akere wa utlwa bare “guilty until proven guilty” though for us women its not easy not to listen to our inner voice as it is our guide to let us know if something is not right And not an eazy skill to aquire but in your case I say practice to look away from issues that will make you guys quarrel when you don’t have prove. Good luck sisi

  5. I found this and I thought I should share to respond to you heart broken.

    For a relationship to have any hope of overcoming the devastation of an affair, there are some key commitments a spouse who was cheated on must get from their partner. Here are five

    Commitment 1: I need you to admit it!
    If your spouse cheated on you, they must be willing to admit it if your relationship is to have any hope of overcoming the affair. While an admission does not dull the pain, it is a key first step towards rebuilding your trust in your spouse. If you attempt to move on from the affair without your spouse ever admitting it, you might never be able to fully trust them in the future. Please bear in mind, however, that getting your partner to admit to the affair doesn’t mean you should use their admission against them – especially if you are both working to rebuild your relationship.

    Commitment 2: No more secrecy so I do not have to snoop around!
    Rebuilding trust is not something that happens overnight. It is actually a journey. If your spouse cheated on you, it is understandable if it takes you a while to trust them again, even after you have accepted their apology. You might want the liberty to check their phone anytime you wish. You might want the liberty to know their whereabouts every second of the day. If your spouse is truly willing to rebuild the relationship with you, they must grant you the latitude to monitor their movements and actions as part of the process of rebuilding trust.

    Commitment 3: Get tested!
    Part of the commitment to rebuild trust in the relationship will include a plan to fix your sex life and regain intimacy. While you might be ready to forgive your spouse and get in between the sheets for great make-up sex, you need to insist that the both of you (yes, you too) get tested first, so that you can be sure that you are really starting on a clean slate, so to speak. Better safe than sorry! This is one demand that you surely shouldn’t overlook, even if your spouse insists that “it” happened just once and they used protection. Forgiving infidelity doesn’t mean you have to ignore reality.

    Commitment 4: You can never see or talk to that person again!
    A lot of affairs happen with someone within the same social circle as you and your partner, or someone your partner works with. When people cheat, it is often because they believe they are no longer getting the attention they desire from their partners. Rather than working with their partners through the issues that led to the emotional and physical distance, they seek out that attention elsewhere, typically from people of the opposite sex within their social or work circles. If the marriage is truly to stand a chance of overcoming such an affair, the erring partner must commit to completely ending the relationship with the other person, even if it means developing a new social circle that doesn’t include that individual, or finding a new job that doesn’t require them working together.

    Commitment 5: You have to be committed to creating new memories for us!
    The only reason couples that are able to overcome affairs succeed is because they were able to restore their love for one another. This process can only be successful if you are willing to create new positive memories with each other that cause the old memories related to the affair to fade away. When you are the aggrieved party trying to get over an affair, it is natural for you to harbor a lot of resentment, as a result of these memories. One effective method of dealing with this resentment is to avoid expressing the resentful words to your spouse by channeling that energy towards activities, like spending time together doing positive things that’ll eventually form new memories that replace the old ones.

    Nothing ever truly prepares you for the negative effects of infidelity. However, if through prayer, reflection and soul searching you make the commitment to forgive your partner and restore your marriage, these five commitments can help move you along the journey towards healing and true restoration.

  6. in a nutshell what am saying is its either you stay or you leave. You yourself know which one on this decision you can be able to live with.

  7. Kikikikiki Judith though!

    QnA if he’s busy entertaining other girls he’s not worth it. And where does he get the time ta cheat when he talks ta u 5 times a day? Ja ne ke boss(o)

  8. why fight for someone who doesnt think you are worth it?,commitment and being faithful is not a syndromme,if someone values you they wouldn’t want to hurt you,so it is clear that the guy doesn’t,but its upto u whether you want to prolong the pain by avoiding the truth

  9. Dankie Mikey

    QnA. nana men will always cheat, be it u together or far apart. my advice is to js follow your heart, u love him n atlst he is still respecting you enough to deny it. Singawagqiba onke lamadoda if we dump any guy who cheats on us. Jackzorro is ryt get urslf sum fun on the side js to distress.

  10. thank you for your comments on my issue. and well me and the nyatsi we talking and they are definitely dating and she’s telling me that my man loves me and I should be patient with him which is just bull shit as to why is she even with him if she knows where his heart is. and she says I should ignore this issue cause the more I interrogate him I’m just pushing him away. but I’ve decided to let go. he didn’t confess and I won’t get a confession. I don’t like sharing and won’t fight for someone who isn’t willing to fight for me

  11. Ta Da Mike – UR our Sociologist.
    Heartbroken, if U quit now wtout a fight, it will always haunt U & delay yo progress in love life. Fine the other btch confessed messing up wth yo man but he declares UR d1.
    I suggest U go to his workplace 1wknd unannounced & C what UR dealing wth. Avoid any “cat fights” or drama but go wth d intention of markng yo territory.
    Show him how low & heartbreaking his actions R & get a confession. If he can’t confess, then U can call it quits.
    If he does then U hav 2discus yo future soon. Ask him how long he is gonna “drag U along” as U need 2also plan yo life how U will leave 2getha. 3yrs of dating is fair to make life time commitments. By now he shud have put the little ring while U both plan a future/wedding etc.
    If he doesn’t commit 6months from now U can QUIT. @least U wil hav done yo bit & that way U can find CLOSURE! – PapaG.

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