Realities – Chapter Twenty Seven

There is an old ANC veteran I treat who always says that had apartheid been fought during the age of cell phones then we will never have achieved our independence. I laugh at him always because he tells the same story every time but when I think about it now he is right! Technology is bad. Yes it has made us live a more comfortable life but that has not necessarily made our lives better. Unemployment is largely due to it. I had not seen my brother at all. Now he had a video of what had happened but what he had not foreseen was that I am the one who was actually in trouble. Police always close ranks whenever you attack one of their own. They find a way of making sure that come what may you are the one who is guilty. In this case I was guilty!

“Who did you send it to?”

I screamed at him. He was a bit confused by why I was screaming.

“Sis I was protecting you? When they entered I immediately came this side because I know these bastards. They like stealing. That cop who called you in here had already stolen some of the money. He took a stack!”

I should have known.

“We need to find the person you sent the video to and get it deleted!”

“I can always call her!”

He said. He tried to dial the number but the person did not pick up as the phone was not going through.

“We need to go to her and make sure that she deletes this!”

I told him.

“That could be a problem!”

He said calmly.

“She is in Polokwane. Her phone is off because she is still at work. She is a nurse and when we were talking she said her battery was almost flat.”

I held my head in despair. Polokwane? That place is far! Why would he send that far!

“Take your jacket!”

My husband says. I knew. What he was thinking and I could not even say no because it had to be done. We were going to Polokwane. My brother kept on saying we were overreacting but it was not his life on the line.

“Did I tell you Joseph is dead?”

I asked him. He was shocked when I said this. I told him how he had died and who the man with money was. For the first time he took it seriously. He got annoyed with me and told me that there was something wrong with women; he said we rarely ever tell the full story at the full go no matter why we are always in trouble. My husband often accused me of the same person but I believe when I tell a story only the facts are important I don’t have to spell it out. Would you believe that this was my first road trip with my husband in probably three or four years. I know hey. Life has a way of getting in the way. We were on our way now, Polokwane here we come. I was tired though. It had been an emotionally tiring day and I missed my daughter so much. I fell asleep. When I woke up some two hours later we were entering Polokwane. He said he had called her already and we were meeting her at the mall of the North. What a name but who cares this is Limpopo. The mall was virtually empty but also the lateness of the hour attributed to that. When we got there she was in spur but I needed the bathroom first. Long trip! We are woman so please let us be great.

She was not what I expected. My brother was a doosh. I would never ever take him to Date My Family because he is definitely that type of man whom if you ask what he wants in a woman he will most likely say “as long as she is a yellowbone”. He was shallow and often made decisions without thinking which is why he was always in trouble.

Eventually I met her. They were already speaking to her. She was very polite and was refusing with her phone. She said she had received the file but was yet to download it on her Whatsapp because of data wars! I actually related with her! The way MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, TelkomMobile are robbing us when it comes to data costs it’s crazy. Zethu once received a bill of r37 000 on her contract for a one month period. When she took them to task, even hiring a lawyer to help they discovered her data usage for that month had only been worth r2800. It’s a true story. I did not doubt her though. We asked her if we could delete the file now that we were here. She said she did not have a problem but this was scaring her. I guess she was right. Imagine if strangers come all the way from a different town just to demand for your phone.

I don’t know why I told not to worry I was a Doctor so me and her were somehow in the same family. When you work in the same field somewhere somehow you relate. She immediately asked if I could help her in any way to transfer from here because she said she was learning nothing here. I obviously promised her anything just to get the phone back. When she handed over her phone for us to delete the file it was an old phone which I wonder how on earth could have opened it anyway. We walked outside. I deleted the file. My brother said that was not enough I had to wipe the phone. She refused but he was hearing none of it nor was I. I took out her sim card and memory card and handed it to her. She was shocked by this and tried to argue. I was not. I smashed her phone to the ground. You could see the tears in her eyes. I took out the money I had brought and told her that tomorrow she must go by herself an iphone. No one understands that phone like South African girls. I swear pouting and selfies were invented at the same time because I bet you anything that was the next thought on her mind. She did not even argue further. She had no transport home so we took her there. She said she was staying in a place called Flora Park so we drove her there. When we dropped her off my brother kissed her and we left. He had not mentioned they were this close. I asked him what was that about and he said he liked her. My brother had many girlfriends so I did not even entertain it. I asked my husband if I could drive since he had to be tired but he said he was fine. I was just glad I had driven all this way.

As we left Polokwane I got a call from an unfamiliar number.

“Today I did something I never do. I gave you back your money. I did it out of respect for my wife. Usually I am not so nice. Stop talking about me!”

It hung up. I did not even have to guess who had made that call. I knew who. I had to, I had to get to the second phone. My brother said the person still had not opened his phone.

“What kind of person leaves their phone switched off for so long?”

I asked him.

“Oh he is a journalist and at times he leaves the country so that’s why maybe it’s off!”

I turned to look at him furiously and my husband said the words for me,

“Why didn’t you tell us he is a journalist you fool?”

Of all the rotten luck in the world really?

“Take me to his house now!”

I demanded!

It was 11pm now!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

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  1. Joh! The brother kante o jang? Y go all the way to polokwane ko nurse istead of chasing after a journalist first?

  2. Aoo bathong this ppl driving all the way to Polokwane was just unnessesary seriously,they could just delete the send file especially if that file is not yet received or even if the phone is off,dweee,always the great chapters Enjjjoooyyying

  3. Ooohhh Mike , after all the hassles and stumbling blocks. I am glad you were never despondant and never gave up on the dream. I am waiting on my order for the book 🙂 I cannot WAIT to read up on Thandeka and Malume Rodney again.

    I sooo wish the tv thing happens hey. You will be my reason why I would get DSTV. I honesty dont have time for tv with work and my baby these days.

    Not sure why you writing to yourself , lol

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us. You are amazing and beyond.

    To think all of this started out as a joke , im sure you never ever anticipated all of this.

    I envy you at times, you are living your dream. Thank you Bhuti you are an inspiration to us all.

    Keep at it. May God open all doors for you to continue to bless us with your talent and give us food for our brains.

    Have a lovely weekend Team. Lots of Love


  4. Yo, this brother surely knows how to open a can of worms. Journalist! Really?

    Finally Thandeka is back. Already placed an order 🙂

  5. Hehehe what a waste to go all the way to Polokwane.
    Mike we will support u on the book don’t worry we will also refer our friends and family to buy it.

  6. 😀😀😀 Thanks Mikey so can’t wait, and thanks for the daily dose may we all stay blessed over the weekend

  7. Thanks Mike:)

    if ever u decide on a Movie, may I be one of your cast members asseblief:):)

    Thank you in advance!!!


  8. thank you so much, you are an amazing writer ,very inspiring and awesome. Keep doing what u love :*

  9. Heeepppiii!

    Let me ask a “stupid” question Advocate, can W order both books part1 & part2? I still have to check on the website but It will be ” not nice” to buy part2 without having collected part1.
    Having said that, UR d best in yo field! U make magic like Messi & UR outstanding like Ronaldo. UR a combination of both.

  10. Cant wait for Friday thanks Mikesto ,indeed its been a journey and were grateful were still together. what will some of us be without your books. Im so used to them that I always relate my life to them. because what you write are Non Friction stories but Life Learning Lessons. keep up the Good work

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