Realities – Chapter Twenty One

Only people who have never been to prison will readily say that this was a good idea. Why then do you get so scared when the police stop you even for something stupid as speeding? Don’t be a hero! We all know that it is the most terrifying thing ever even when you know you will get away with a fine. Now if the police scare you that much, what about the prisoners if you end up sleeping in jail. Most people that have been arrested for being drunk or whatever tell you that you sober up immediately! That’s fact. Then the fear and panic sets in! Girls and Boys Town is a first step towards prison meant to scare young people back into shape. It is real and it is not a joke. This is not like he was sending my daughter to her grandmother, he was sending her to jail, let’s get that straight

“Ma’am please step back!”

The bigger of the two men said. Ok he wasn’t bigger, he was huge! I stepped back but went for my husband whom I started hitting. This was all his fault. He pulled me into his arms and held me tightly. Nelisa at this stage had come downstairs to see what the commotion was about. When he saw her he told her to bring Nelisa’s bag. The big guy literally picked up my daughter to the car and locked her at the back like a prisoner. She had actually stopped kicking and screaming. The one who stayed behind asked Nelisa to open the bag. Everything of value or fancy they tossed out. She was literally left with pyjamas. He said that the other kids would not only steal but possibly beat her up for it! Now you say I am being irrational. She was a naughty child that needed disciplining by her absent parents and not a career criminal who needed jail. I know for a fact, she will never forgive us for this.

After she tossed out all the un necessities including any decent underwear there. They told us that we could only visit after a two days to make her acclimatise and miss home. They were torturing my baby. She also said I should not worry most kids after three days are begging to come home and after a week they are scared straight. A week! Seven Days. They also would not give her access to the phone in those forty eight ours and in my head all I could see was them torturing her. Eventually they left and I could not stop crying. It’s not that I did not want my child to be ‘fixed’ but the fact that I was scared for her.

My husband did not seem to worry even more. Nelisa asked to be taken home and he told her that I would take her. He gave her r200 and she gave him that disappointed thank you. Who can blame her if she had sugar daddies she was used to getting more. I did not want to look at my husband right now so leaving the house was actually a good thing. She came and we drove together in silence. When we got to her place she asked me if I wanted to see where she stayed. I said yes for the sake of it and went upstairs. Milpark was the building just next to the University Of Johannesburg. Her room mate was there and she introduced herself by name and surname as Thandeka Mkhize. She was a bit rural though. You know how every tribal group has an accent that you can identify them by, I could tell she was a Zulu girl. She seemed busy with her books but she had a weave more expensive than mine. Nelisa was not like her. She was actually more simplistic. She introduced me as her aunt which I think was ok. As she walked me out, the biggest man I had ever seen was walking towards us. Nelisa said hi to him and he greeted back. Haibo! How did this girl know such people? She saw the shock on my face and immediately smiled and said,

“Relax, that’s Thandeka’s friend. I stay far away from Nigerian men! She calls him Gorilla so don’t worry, he scares the crap out of me!”

I made an uneasy laugh but she had given me an opening and I was going to use it,

“Why do you date sugar daddies?”

She was a bit surprised by the question because I don’t think she thought I would ever ask.

“I am going to be honest with you and you can judge me if you want. The boys my age don’t respect us. They will date you and proceed to date every other girl in site. I know I am beautiful, more than other girls to be frank and because of that most guys my age want to fu… I mean have sex with me just to be able to tell their friends they hit that!”

I had no idea what hit that meant but go on with the excuses,

“Married men because they have so much to lose treat you with respect and yes there are some who are abusive but they only do it to girls who act like they are dating out of desperation!”

The way this girl was so candid and open about her relationship. I think if I was her mother I would die hearing such.

“They don’t demand too much sex because they can’t keep up and they love you with both money and gifts but am not about that. Rodney, that’s his name, had a wife, business and child. He never said a word out of place and makes sure every month I get an allowance. He insisted I save it and the apartment I stay at I don’t pay anything. So yes a day might come where I get dumped and he kicks me out but I am more than ready for it.”

She said. I was so scared of her I won’t lie. Maybe I should not have asked. These are the kind of people that kill you with a smile whilst explaining why it’s for the good of everyone else that you die!

“Don’t you worry about his wife at home that he hurting? You are harming her too by your actions and one day it will happen to you too. It’s called kharma!”

I asked her.

“She is not my business, her man is. He is not really her man to be honest because once he starts looking outside of marriage something is missing. I am not a prostitute Auntie, and to that end would you rather he has a mistress, me, or be sleeping with prostitutes, different ones everyday. The only difference between me and what you would call a mistress is that I am young otherwise I am just like you. Yes one day I will or might get married and yes he might or will cheat but unlike you I don’t have unrealistic expectations were I expect a man to be hundred percent faithful.”

This child needed Jesus, no she needed God Himself and all the angels in heaven to come possess her. Yes that’s better! She was smiling as she said this even. See why I said she had a coldness about her, an I don’t give a fuck attitude! Now tell me if you would allow your daughter to be close to such a person who thinks she has such a clear view of the world?

As I drove out of Milpark I looked around and just saw the concrete coldness of the place and it reminded me of where my daughter was. I was not going to fight it though. I called Joseph, the private investigator.

“Please don’t call again! Please!”

And then?

What had happened to the man who was so eager to take my money just yesterday?

“What’s wrong?”

I asked him.

“In my investigations I bumped into a Mthobisi character! I barely escaped with my life. Doctors are saying I could have been paralysed or killed! Please please I am begging you stay away from me!”

Mthobisi? That’s Lesedi’s husband moes!

Even I didn’t want to go that route,

The man was scary!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

You are a great writer! I know we have started to take it for granted but if truth be told the fact that you post us something every day is amazing. Thank you on behalf of everyone.

My problem, Mike I am in love with my boss. He is not married but divorced. He has never flirted with me but every time I see him I just melt. I am not a bad girl at alll but I have noticed that I have changed my dress code. My skirts are a bit shorter and tighter but the guy will not blink. I don’t stalk him or anything but I am reaching that point. My friends tell me that I am going to get myself fired that’s why I asked for a transfer. I doubt I will get one. I have worked with him for four years. I am thirty one and he is 39. I feel pathetic now.

Anyway I want this man guys. He is very single that much I am certain but I know he won’t be for long. Help a sister out. What should I do?

Thank You

Home Affairs

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  1. Maar, Mike … I did mention before that “a genius has got nothing on you” akere!

    Damn … You are good … NO … Great!!! U de Bom!

  2. Wow Mthobisi in the miX. Plus Gorrila lol! I just love how you linking the stories! Am glad that I have read all the other books!
    Thank you team. Keep up the good work.

  3. So all these different stories are a part of One BIG crazy novel…I’m impressed. You’re damn good.

  4. A&Q cc just tell the guy how you feel, we are all equal after all, there’s only two things that can happen here he can either reject you or accept, so i say take a chance but do that expecting any kind of outcome. Gudluck!!!

  5. Wait, hold the phone,what in the world could Mthobisi have on the PI????? How I love your twists Mike!

    Home affairs, this guy doesn’t seem interested. You could ask him and his answer might make it awkward for you as you might not receive the response you would have wanted. If you really feel you want to know, go ahead, I personally would just let it go and find another crush, but that’s me and you are not me so handle it they way you see fit!

  6. WOW Mike you are amazing really Amazing, I never thought i will see a day where Missteps, DOAZG and Realities are in on place. This is just greatness thanx Mike

  7. Dankie Mike
    Damn! What a twist! A re ke gobotse gape” Mike entlek wena o tsoba eng? What are you smoking man?

    A2Q Abraham lincon once quoted “Things may come to those who wait but its the things left by those who hustle. So go for what you want, shela indoda sisi


  8. Hauuuuuuuu TaMike, you the Boss, thanx for the intersexion. Lord knows how much m greatful for this Blog. You r a blessing in our lives.

  9. Woow Mike i wil give t to u…u da bom bra, neva thot Realities wil b a combination of all the books Confessions, Misteps,DOAZG and now Rumblings since Aurelia is Thandeka Mkhize’s frend am sure she wil also feature in Realities…Great work bra

  10. Thanks Mike great work as always

    Home Affairs

    if he was really interested, with all the efforts you’ve made to make him notice you, he could have said or done something!!!
    find another crush

  11. Loving this blog totally, but now what i dont get is how does the Doctor know about Lee, please someone enlighten me im confused…

  12. Hehehehe…hayibo Mike I. Can’t wait for d next chapter this is way too interesting ngizoke ngizwe!

  13. OMG! Mike!!! Wow! Zulu girl goes to Joburg, Confessions of a sugar baby, Missteps of a young married wife + Realities !!! Bless you Mike!

  14. Great chapter mike, u know its funny how I caneva predict wats going to haappen next. U r definately a good writter

    QnA: girl I totally feel you. M more or less in your shoes, well not really inlove with him bt wud gv anythng to have jst an hour session with him. In the two years that I’ve worked with him I’ve gvn myslf tym to study him lol, myt be ready to make my move soon. I thnk if its a relationship ur looking for then ay jst frget abt it, if he ddnt notice u on those short n tight skirts then u myt not b wat he is looking for or better, he’s gay. Lol. Bosses r human too hey lol

  15. thanks Mike

    Home Affairs if I were you I would secretly deal with my crush and get over it. If the guy had any interest in you she would have told you by now. You go and tell him your feelings, he rejects you, and then what? How do you face him at work everyday after that.

  16. Ba2ng Mike o ngwana mang mar, damn u good bro. I wonder Mtho o dirang y is the PI so scared. Mtho ke die hard waitse. Thank u nyc read

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    Tnx again

  19. Wow mike I give it to you!! How did u realy bring all these guys in one coner, even maMkhize too.

  20. Mike ndikothulela umnqwazi bhuti, you’re good. thank you for the great read

    @Home Affairs – have you always had a crush for the dude or is it recent? due to him being divorced maybe? 4 years is a long time to feel that way and do nothing about it which means you’ve managed to keep your distance/feelings in check this long so what has now triggered such? If i were you; just to see if he’s really not interested or actually interested and is waiting to see how long will it take for you to confess your undying crush for him; i would – let’s say you’ll be having a non work related light conversation and he says something nice or the likes so wena in response to that just say for example “you know i like you” and leave it at that – don’t elaborate. if he is interested in you he might ask why you said that then you can take it from there. But you know guys normally notice when a girl is trying to impress them as we gals do. he might be secretly enjoying lento oyenzayo like changing your dress code or is just amused and thinking you’re crazy. Either way you will not know until you do something about it. you know the bible says “I can do all things in Christ who strenghtens me” it does not mean you watch the things you would like to do evolving on their own – you have to do something about it. so who knows what will happen if you do tell the dude how you feel? just be subtle about it hey?

    Good luck nontombi

  21. Haha I just had to take a study break and read.:) mthobisi in the mix, wish there were more chapters to read

  22. Mike dude uyinja phandle qha,can u imagine my 2 favourite characters from your books in one book again Nelisa n My main man Ta-Mtho,that was great boss keep up the good work.QnA Sisi like Siya rightfully said its 20Fit-in so ke sana if uyayifuna indoda yixelele qha coz the guy has probably noticed u but he doesn’t wanna jump into conclusions coz I can tell u as a guy there’s nothing more hurtful than jumping into yo own conclusions n the the lady tells u “No I was just being nice” we all need assurance n I’m sure as a Divorcee he’s just being careful as u can expect from him.

  23. Mr Maphoto sir….u really to be recognised by this work u are doing, am also glad that I started all ur blocks from the beginning and there’s nothing confusing me here…just amazed by ur work…ThankQ very much. @Sipho, Doc is the woman who lesedi mentioned twice that she is full of herself coz she is a doctor and they don’t like to bother her or include her in their plans…she is actually the girls distant friend..

  24. Give that author a Bells its not possible!!! how did you interlink Diary,Missteps,Confessions and Rumblings. You have taken literature to the next level, you Mike are the next Shakespeare it is therefore scientifically proven that you are a genius #FirstTimeCommenting

  25. Doesn’t make sense to link Zulu girls and confessions this way. In confessions they met Rodneys wife and slept over while in Zulu girl the only met at the braai. We are missing the finer details of the story just link them.

  26. No man I have to give it to you. The way you bring all these stories together. It’s absolute pure talent. I wonder what Mthobisi did to poor Joseph

  27. Bosso ke mang? MIKE Hats off to u bra this is huge n intresting @ the same tym we thank u very much

  28. Tjo bra Mike n team u guys are so creative.Imagine all books combined! !!!
    Readers imagine if this was a series of sm sort. Mzantsi’s short stories. La bona maar
    No e naganisise Bra Mike
    U deserve much much mre exposure

  29. Good read Mike, thanx.

    Home Affairs sis,
    Not all men apreciate short dresses, you may be putting him off by the change of dress. you need to continue being the you that he has known all these years. change can mean, to him, that maybe you found someone new (romantically).
    Like the other commemtor here wrote, “study him”. The two of you should have at least something in common that you like and he does too – work could be a one starting point, but whatever you do, don’t appear desparet. we men are like lions, we want to hunt not to be hunted.

    Good luck

  30. Home affairs.. You kinda do have stalker tendencies, I mean having feelings for the man for 4 years! Yikes! I don’t know a lot about men , but one thing I do know, is that when a man wants you, he wants you, they are pretty simple in that context.. Plus he sounds old school, he wants to be the one doing the chasing and if he’s not doing it I think it kinda spells out he’s just not that into you..
    Move on luvie, this one aint for you.. Goodluck!

  31. Mikeesto Mara!!! You deserve a freakin Oscar for this motion picture no doubt, bravo!!!

    Home Affairs, Siya wase Gux is spot on. Shela sisi.

  32. Mike whoever is paying you mst double ur salary.Wow such great combination,U the boss..Mtho nd Gorilla tgthr nt fgtng the mighty Thandeka hehhehe.Thank yal

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    Please keep up the big work, u’re the next big thing broer

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  36. Mike – u r the bestest, i am so glad i am up to date with all your books,
    But hey man, you are the BOMMMMMM.
    all the best Mike
    love this diary to bits

  37. None of the Soapies on SABC1/2/4,/eTV come near Mike’s stories. Guys please join me in persuading Mike to serialise these stories as Soapies.

    Mike you are fuckin’ good.

  38. Awesome read Mike and the Team, the twist is so beautiful and the merging of this stories are brilliant, Mthobisi is a proper gangster even Private Investigators are afraid of him wow. Mike will we ever know what it is that Mthobisi is doing, I know the is a board and some criminal activities but I still think there is more, he is just a G.

    Thanks Team

  39. 5Salutes 4U Da Mike! Exalicious!

    Cc Home Affairs, If U rlly want this man, do more research abt him, his family,how he got divorced etc. Make friends wth his PA myb so U know whats important to him. Then surprise him wth that info, he wil notice yo efforts.

    Yes Iv said b4 men R hunters but he is a caged tiger now after the divorce. Once bitten twice shy. Yes he might need yo enticing bt b very careful not to b 2cheap as he is not going to make another “mistake” soon as Uv noticed.
    Tell him how U admire him personally @a prof level & compliment him then C his reactions. If he is into U, he will start openig up 2U. If he doesn’t, myb UR not his type (sori I knw it hurts). Myb he is not ready to date again. Like all ppl, there is something WR attracted 2in our potential other.
    Gudluck. – PapaG.

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