Realities – Chapter Twenty Five

Fear is real people. When it comes to your doorstep it feels like it’s the end of the world. I am sure my husband sitting on the couch could hear my heart beating because that how much shock I was under. I had just asked them what they were doing here like really? That was a dumb question if ever there was one because I should have known that at some point this would happen. I was shit scared. My father had not responded yet and even if he could, by the time he did I would be dead. My brother I think noticed I was frozen and he come to the door. He was talking about coming to fix the computer something which I had no idea. When he got to the door he greeted them and they did not respond. Instead Mthobisi got a phonecall and pulled his wife with him to answer it. He was carrying a black back which looked like it had clothes in it. Weird I tell you.

This gave me a chance to call Sizwe to join me at the door and not just relax there like everything was fine. I promise you he had not bothered to stand up in all this time. If you think he is lazy wait till he gets to bed and you want to have sex! Some men have that thing in between their legs as mere decoration. It’s no joke. Most men truth be told can’t use it well so don’t be fooled by the deep voices and time spent in the gym! He asked what was so urgent as we walked towards me but when he looked outside and saw who was there, his face turned to ash. It was like he paled in moments. Lesedi saw him and pulled her hand away from his. He immediately turned and hung up the phone.

My brother said he needed to go talk to someone outside and he walked out towards the entrance. Lesedi was the first to speak and said,

“Hey Doc how are you?”

All my friends call me doc by the way. We still live in an age where for a girl if you dating a doctor other people think you are lucky. If you a man and you marry a doctor other people think you had done well for yourself. If she is your friend then you the front of the line. You have focused friends.

“How are you? Come in come in!”

I said with the biggest but fakest smile I could master. I was going to play dumb and act as though I was happy to see them. Don’t worry no one can fake a smile like a woman! It’s not that I did not like her, we were friends before but we now had nothing in common.

“Mthobisi, mkhaba I see, really?”

I said cracking a joke at the expense of a man that could end us all. He laughed back,

“It’s not a mkhaba, it’s success! Women don’t want a skinny man my age because clearly they are not feeding him right!”

He said. He walked in and greeted my husband like they had just been drinking together just last night. He was so relaxed for someone who had just killed another man.

“Mthobisi, you just drop in! How are you!”
My husband said in greeting. Unexpected guests are the worst because usually you are forced to fake the nicities! That was us right now hosting people we did not want!

“You have not been to Boksburg in a while what’s happening?”

He said to my husband and we both froze. Was this a hint as to why he was here? I was distracted by Lesedi saying,

“My husband insisted I escort him because he did not want to get lost! Imagine, a grown man getting lost! I tell him so often to buy a navigator but he just won’t listen. He says it’s gay. Really?”

She said. I could see she was making small talk which was not really like her.

“Is there a place where we can talk privately Sizwe?”

He said to my husband. We just looked at each other. My husband showed him to the next room and they went there. I think Lesedi could see that I was uncomfortable. She start telling me about everyone and not once did she ask me why I had pulled away from her. It’s amazing. It’s almost like an abusive relationship. The whole world is wrong just not you. I am certain she could see that she was ironically happy though. She was a woman in love, be it a nervous type of love.

We caught up on a few things but it was just small talk. She said we should have a get together with just the girls and I agreed. Not that I was going to go. It was the polite thing to do. I just had to survive this moment first.
Mthobisi walked back in and said to his wife they had to go. Just like that. He held out his hand so she could hold it. I can’t remember the last time I held hands with my husband. I can’t remember the last romantic thing we did. We got married so young meaning we had diapers to deal with before we could even enjoy each other. I was not olf but all that had died in me somehow. It now seemed desperate and overkill yet now looking at them I felt so jealous. I need to rekindle the romance with my husband somehow. I walked them to the door but my husband did not come out. As soon as they left and I closed the door behind me and ran to check on my husband. What if he was dead? He was too quiet.

“Sizwe what’s wrong?”

I said after I found him sitting slumped in the chair. I had not noticed this on Mthobisi when he walked out but he had left the bag he was carrying behind. It was in front of my husband who for a moment there I thought he was not breathing.

I moved closer to see what was inside. I half expected a person’s head the way my hubby was lost looking at whate ever it was.

When I got closer I saw it.

It was money.

Lots and lost of money!

On top of it was a cell phone I know I had seen before but I could not remember where. Some of these things you don’t pay attention to you know.

“Did he make any threats or demands?”

I said wit fear and panic in my voice! My husband did not look up but he responded,

“He walked in and said that he had brought back my money. I did not count it but I believe him when he says there is R1.5million there! Look!

He said very stunned even now.


I know my husband had loaned him the money but it felt like blood money. It felt wrong. I didn’t want it in my house! Hell no! Such things get you robbed!

There was another knock on the door! Where they back already? Did they want the money back? I was scared. We walked together to the door to open because I was not dying alone! When I got there I saw lights. Police lights.

I opened the door and two of them entered pointing guns. Guns in my house what the hell!

“We traced a phone of a man murdered in Boksburg to here!”

He said. Three more walked in immediately.

“I found it sir and you better come look at this!”

One of them said!

We were so dead!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike

Good work love your diaries something I look forward too. I’m a 37 year old woman with 3 kids 2 that belong to my late sister. i was working for a company and my contract ended in 2013 since then I have been applying and nothing is coming my way I’m so frustrated the only thing I think of is suicide.
Mike and your readers please help me with a job I’m willing to start from the bottom I have attached my Cv thanks in advance.


28 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Twenty Five

  1. Eisan! Hai nnno, Mthobisi is the shit maan! Can’t wait for next week. Mr Maphoto ke gore talent flows in abundance neh. God bless.

  2. Dankie Mike

    Eish u knw that moment when Michael Schofield is about to escape and you so glued n tuned in then boom the episode ends. Cnt wait for nxt week tues This some action packed series

    Uyinja sbari

  3. Ohhh shame how is poor Sizwe going to handle this. As for uMthobisi tjooo hayi ungcolile but I still love him 🙂

  4. Yoh Mthobisi is clever hle!
    Siya@gugs I know that moment very well. Pity this aint a series we just have to wait for next week tuesday! Could time just fly hle!
    Thanks bra Mike.

  5. Thanks Mike

    Sbosh, I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time. I hope you do get help soon. Please don’t give up and don’t even entertain the suicidal thoughts sisi you have three kids that depend on you. If you kill yourself you will be letting those kids down. We have enough orphans in SA please do not add to that. I will pray for you and please pray for yourself too.

    Wishing you all the best

  6. Wow! Thanks Mike, I love your dairies. Every morning I get to work make a cup of coffee & read. Bliss I tell you 🙂

    I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling so much to get another job. I can only imagine how frustrating and depressing it is to keep applying for a job without success.
    My advise to you is to do an quick change of attitude, you sound desperate and that is where you need to start. I know it sounds easier said than done but fool your mind and relax, figure out in detail what you want and how you want to feel. Clear your mind and make a plan, figure out why your applications have been unsuccessful and see if you can remedy that.
    Now you will have to rewrite your CV and whatever else goes with it, in your new fresh, relaxed and positive state (not in desperado).

    Feelings of despair rarely ever have positive outcome. Pray hard.

    All the best Sbosh

  7. Happy Friday.
    Thank you Mike.

    I wonder why people don’t threaten to kill themselves when they have money. #just a thought.

    if everything in life came easy, then we’d all be billionaires by now. But then again…. iyaaaaa!!!!!

  8. Damn!!! Thanks Mikeesto, we need a Steven Spielberg to put this motion picture in theatres no lie.

    We seem to be having a lot of suicidal family members oflate. This is a huge concern, sizani bantu. As for Peter Pan, #NoComment 🙂

  9. Thank you Mike and the Team for a great read as always. U guys r the best.

    @Suicidal lady!opting for Suicide is a coward way of doing things, no one was promised that things will be easy all the time, allow this situation to draw you closer to God thru prayer, He is Jehova Jaireh, He shall supply all your needs. Stay strong cc, there r some ppl in worst situations than yourself out there, death shud never be an option in your life He (Jesus Christ) came so u may have life and have it more abundantly!dnt fail those children.

  10. Ke’a leboga. feels good to have caught up with all the stories.
    out of interest’ sake, are the time lines in the different stories linked?

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