Realities – Chapter Thirty

A lot of people have never blacked out before! It’s like literally nothing happens. There is a darkness and a scary nothing that replaces it. That was me. All I had to remind of that morning was the pain of my jaw. It hit me sharply when I woke up and tried to yawn. Yes people I yawn in the morning when I wake up and stretch! That’s when everything that happened to me last night flooded back. Sizwe had punched me that son of a bitch! I looked at myself to see if he had beat me up some more when I was blacked out. Ok fine that is kind of paranoid but had I not kicked him when he was down. Concussion can actually kill you if you didn’t know this. He was not in the bad with me but I suspect he had run away when I was blacked out! How did I get to the bed though? He had even taken off the little make up I had on my face? He knew I hated sleeping with make up on but my jaw though? I felt as though he had cracked! I even had a headache to match. There was glass of watter and two GenPaynes next to the bed. It was clearly from him. I was in too much pain to ignore them. I know black people only know Panado and Grandpa, GenPayne is in that family too only stronger. I drank them as I stood up. Crap, I should have eaten first. Taking Pain Killers without eating is usually not advisable. I stood up and I felt dizzy. I looked at the time, it was 10:27am. I was so late for work I could not even bother.

I went downstairs and the first thing I noticed was that the rug was gone. He had taken my rug possibly to throw away the evidence. He had also cleaned up everything. The only evidence left was the dent on the coffee table. Everything was moving slowly as my head was throbbing. I noticed in the middle of the table was a note. It read,

“Breakfast is in the microwave. I will be back shortly!”

Was he really doing this? Was he really pretending as though nothing had happened? I was not going to let him get away with this. As I was thinking that I heard his car drive in. I immediately ran to grab a knife in the kitchen. He was definitely never going to hit me again. He came in holding the rug. Had he dry cleaned it already wow. How fast was that?

“I see you are up!”

He said as he walked towards me. He saw the knife in my hand and he stopped.

“Is that for me?”

He asked me. He bent over to put the rug down exposing his back to me! I could stab him and get away with it.

“How are you feeling?”

He asked me as though he forgot I was carrying this huge knife! Hello!

“I think we need to talk but first you must eat! I know how irrational you are when you are hungry!”

He said. Note I had not said a word to him still. He waked past me and went to warm up the food. His breakfast was also there.
“Can I borrow the knife please need to butter the bread?”

He said casually. It was then I looked at the knife I was holding! Ah, it was the butter knife! No wonder why he had given me his back. I handed it over and he washed it, warmed up our food, placed it on the table and said,

“Come let’s it!”

This was the weirdest thing ever. What if my husband was some kind of serial killer?

“Why are you acting as though nothing happened yesterday?”

I asked him.

“What happened?”

He asked me. See what I meant! I was so scared of this man.

“You said you wanted to call your father on me right so he can come take care of me! Shouldn’t I be the one who is more scared of you than the other way round!”

He asked me? Yes he was right. I had said that and I was going to it as soon as he was done acting weird.

“I am not going to jail on an empty stomach”

He said with a wry smile! He ate quickly and eventually I started eating too. He was obviously done before me. He took out his phone and dialled the police station. In our neighborhood we all have the police number, even Lintle knows it by heart.

“My name is Sizwe and I would like to report myself in. I beat up my wife last night and she is sitting next to me. She wants justice. Please come arrest me!”

He said. The officer on the other side got stuck just like I did. What the hell was he doing!

“Sir, this is an important line. Do not make prank calls to us ever again otherwise we could arrest you for that! It’s a serious crime!”

The officer hung up! I was so annoyed I wanted to laugh. He thought he had this all figured out! I will have my revenge. I took the phone and I called in sick at work again. This time my supervisor asked me what really was going on because in all the years he had known me I had never been sick. At work there is this joke that only male doctors get sick, which is true because once they become doctors the sleep with everyone because girls just love the idea of a man being a doctor. Go to anyy hospital and you will find a doctor who has slept with at least half of the nurses especially the young ones. No wonder why other men envy them. Regardless somewhere somehow they get burnt and get sick. I explained to him that I would explain when I came back. With us you can’t say “woman issues” to get him off your back because as doctor he has seen more and worked on more. A married doctor touches more women a day than a prostitute sleeps with men per day. They get to touch boobs and ass in the name of work for free. Ask any girl how she dreads going to her gynae and you will figure out why. It’s a good think we not peverts but touching is touching! My plan for today was hunt down this journalist. I know I had said I was not going to but I was too scared not to!

My brother called and he said he was coming. Sizwe just sat there and watched. I was not sure what to do now as the house had this deadly awkwardness in it.

“Go dress up, we are expecting someone!”

He said rather coldy. I hate being told what to do but he was right, I could not receive guests looking the way I did. It was embarrassing!

I decided to take a quick bath and dressed casually. It was only when I was finishing up that I heard the doorbell. His guests were here. I could hear the voices, one was a white lady but the other was not sure.

I went downstairs immediately. It was indeed a white lady and a coloured guy.

“Nothabo this is Lynn Fester and Bradley Peters, they are from a law firm in Sandton. I called them here so we can negotiate our divorce!”

You could hear a pin drop!

Please punch me again so I can black out!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I bow my head to you and your team, You are brilliant writers.

I have been dating the same guy for seven years now. In that time I have cheated several times and he has never caught me. I slept with his brother twice and the brother is married. I know his wife and she loves me. His parents adore me. At the time my boyfriend was unemployed and I was. He was lazy and always made up excuses to get a job. He was not abusive per se but he was distant and I think he was cheating too but I never found out. I know it’s cliché to say this but I love my man regardless. On my side, the cheating has not happened though since 2013 August. Over the last six months he turned his life around and he became born again. He is now working with upward mobility too. I still earn more than him but that’s not the point. Two weeks ago he asked me to marry him in front of his parents. I obviously said yes. His brother was there and I could see him look down in shame.

Should I tell my fiance the truth about his brother and me? Secondly I am scared the brother who also seems to be tithering towards this born again business will confess to him to get redemption? Is there anything I can do to prevent this. I have thought of breaking up with him completely but how would this work?

Thank You


36 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Thirty

  1. Ayeye Nothabo!! The Dr!! Ba go tlhala. The guy is smooth jong!! Happy monday every1 and Thanx Mike. Great read

  2. ThankQ Mikey n team i was waiting all weekend great read…Parys wow cc am so sorry but ubolile his brother sies maan amanyala lawo…puu

  3. Having the guts to sleep with his brother is a great concern my dear, one cannot be sure if you will not do it again but ke since he is born again you might never know, he might forgive you, those ppl can forgive the worst “we”… coming clean is the only way otherwise how can u live with yourself

  4. Nothabo, you had this coming….

    Parys, It looks likes this secret is going to come out and you just have to brave yourself for when it does……You can’t stop the brother from confessing. Out of all the men you could cheat with, you choose one in your man’s blood line! Sisi, you are going reap what you sowed!

  5. Thnxxx Mikey
    Parys u 1 of them lady’s who don’t know what u want in life U had a gud man who loved u and u had to go and compare his dick to his brother’s Dies maaànnñ,,Tell de guy the truth O mo golole in dis web of lies u created for urself

  6. Yhooo”dr” Nothabo s full of herself xem lol m starting 2 love her soon 2 b ex husband,thanx Mikey

  7. @ Parys, sisi DO NOT CONFESS, MEN DON’T FORGIVE, Born again or not born again that is one sin they just do not forgive, worse his own brother, he will be forever reminded of what you did even if he breaks up with you because it’s someone in the family you will not only break his heart, you will destroy the entire family.
    I’m not going to sit here and judge you, we’ve all done some things that we are not proud of. What happened happened, you need to sit the brother down tell him to keep his mouth shut because you both have a lot to loose. He will loose his wife and a respect from his family and you will loose a potential husband. This is life sisi not Days Of Our Lives, confessions destroy lives, keep your secret. It could have been worse, you could have been pregnant with the brother’s child, thank your lucky stars that you are not and keep your mouth shut and shut your legs too for the brother or any other guy.

    Good Luck

  8. Yey, Sizwe is tired of her shit! One thing people fail to understand is words hurt more and are not easily forgotten than punches. Sizwe is doing the whole reverse psychology thing on Nothabo, he knows how Nothabo loves “the perfect family thing” and will refuse the divorce and she’ll look past the other things.

    Parys lady, eish ne. I’m a believer of “the truth is a selfish act” when it comes to such cases. You will feel relieved for telling the truth, but what will the truth do to the other person??

    Unfortunately, in your case it is going to come out. It’s better he hears it from you than the brother. To tell you the truth, he will leave you after this, it will be by God’s grace if he stays.

    It’s better you tell him ASAP, before things go to far. You don’t want to get married and you are always looking over your shoulder. You won’t enjoy your marriage.

    I strongly advise you after telling him the truth, you should walk away. He will likely confront his brother, and the parents will soon find out about this as well. Learn from this experience and don’t repeat it with the next guy. It’s going to hurt big time, but at least you will have your sanity.

  9. Thanx Mike and the team….this is brilliant….I really luv yo books….so awesome. For u Parys sies cc what kind of a gal sleeps with brothers u r shame in our society u need prayers

  10. Parys le indofanayo!DO NOT CONFESS,uyophela lomshado wakho ungakacali and you will destroy that family,why did you say yes knowing very well you slept with the brother?If I were you I would end the relationship and leave that family in peace.Next time you must remember you dont cheat with relatives and friends!

  11. Jah serves you right Nothabo, u always on a ten now its time to taste your own medicine…haha medicine. Thnx Mikey much appreaciated yeah.

  12. Thanks Team – what a way to start the week. ‘Negotiating our divorce…’ Wow!!!
    Parys – do not confess, deal with the truth when and if it comes out. Akuyona iDays le, men don’t forgive such. Ufa wazi – hence you are called ‘umfazi’. Get married and live happily ever after (if ever there is such a thing..)

  13. hahahaha, Sizwe killed me xame, Nothabo u in 4 a treat. poor guy u always treat like a fool n mistake his gentleness for a weakling, lol, #u dead… for parys, haibo cc, dnt u even think of telling him de truth n dnt u eva thnk of cheating again, uzogula uze ugulise umtwana omunye….I think Tshidilicius said it nicely

  14. hahahaha, Sizwe killed me xame, Nothabo u in 4 a treat. poor guy u always treat like a fool n mistake his gentleness for a weakness, lol, #u dead… for parys, haibo cc, dnt u even think of telling him de truth n dnt u eva thnk of cheating again, uzogula uze ugulise umtwana omunye….I think Tshidilicius said it nicely

  15. QnA my God woman! His brother pho? U brave shem. Anyways yena has he confessed anythin since he was born again? Wena why makes u think u need to confess coz phela wena u not born again? Umuntu is askin ur hand in marriage wena ufuna kumtshela izindaba ezimbi. Awukahle ukuphapha Jo.God gv us unembeza so we cn pay for our pvt sins. Don’t worry u payin for u cheatin njengoba uhlalele ovalweni nje. Ul pay everyday futhi. So dnt ruin I life yaka bf nge confession yemfebo yakho

  16. Thank you Team – brilliant as always
    You know Parys i thought these things only happen in soapies, as a result i do not know how to advise you. I do not understand how you can say you love a person and then do the very thing that you know will really hurt them when they find out. I know we all make mistakes and learn from them but did you not think of the consequences when you cheated? I am not sure if you cheated on him coz he was lazy or you were bored: why didn’t you just end the relationship then? and now you’ve gone and said YES you’ll marry the dude without thinking just because you thought it was what was expected of you. I am not judging just trying to make sense of this situation. I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do. My opinion – being born again does not mean you broadcast your confessions to the world, your future brother-in-law OR maybe he will not be your brother-in-law under the circumstances – might not confess his sins to his brother but he needs to confess to God because he committed adultery with you being married and all.

  17. Thanks Mike and the team for a great read as always.

    Mike I still haven’t received any response from your side regarding my pin for Sat’s Missteps. It gave me the msg “pin expired or invalid” pls help toe!
    My number is 078 274 1705

  18. Parys nothing good will come from flogging a dead horse. @ least keep one thing shut. As for the brother let him tell then do the normal women thing cry and deny.

  19. Parys o ntja, I hope the brother can do u feel sleeping with brothers sies u r pathetic sfebe

  20. Nothabo u are a diva a kere wena,o nagana go na le monna o tla dumelwang go trapiwa ke mosadi?
    Tjo parys botekatse bo beilwe mare brother wa bf ya gago?cheee o rwes tau nops
    Tnx team

  21. Parys… Were u ever gona confess if he ddnt propose to you? So now all of a sudden you have decided to develope a conscious? Wow.
    Listen my dear, confession will not free you in this situation, but it will surely break you, and not just you but the brother’s marriage as well, your fiance’s life, break the family at large. Don’t be selfish and self centered here. You might think confession is what you need to free your conscious, but never thought of the damage to the family? U are so wrong.

  22. Thanks Mike

    Bofebe net Yohh,confess n tell us later the results can’t wait.U left out if the brother was a better fucker or what?ahhhh women they always find a dump reason to cheat n blame us,he was lazy so u fuck his brother?did u what his brother to fix ur man?who approached who with the cheating…. Bofebe aahhh

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  25. Thanks Mike and to Parys remember the truth will set u free but will make your bf misserable and could tore his family apart some things are better kept a secret

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  27. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto.
    As 4Parys, jaw down.
    Of all types of Febarisms 1can commit U chose this1. A sin that cud destroy the whol family!
    Yes U not d first1 nor d last1 but U seem so proud & confident that it won’t come out. RUN CC!
    Most ppl who commit this crime do as revenge aft their mam has cheated & then they leave. Problem is wth us men, once U “test” 4biden fruit W want more. This wil jst put more risk of getng caught. This bustd may even blackmail 4ever 2get more of the sugar.
    Ubolile CC, Im sori 2b blunt. The next worst thing U cud do is marrying this poor dud whom U don’t even RESPECT. B4 U mek d whol family rot lyk yoslf, wear yo running shoes! – PapaG

  28. she deserves it, she’s selfish n too self centred.

    DO NOT CONFESS…I REPEAT… DO NOT CONFESS. Truth shall not set you free. uzobulala omunye umntwana and ke sisi amadoda awaxoli.

  29. #TeamSizwe,you are disrespectful and too proud Nothabo,you deserve to be loney without your daughter nor hubby.Well played Sizwe.

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