Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Nine

“Ma’am please move back.”  I could hear one of the paramedics saying to me but it was like I was hearing him from far, all I could do was screaming, I was screaming because I refused to believe that the man in that stretcher was my husband, I knew what my eyes were seeing but my brain refused to believe it.  “What the hell happened to him?  Why isn’t he moving? Mthobisi, Honey, please say something.” I said with tearing filling up my eyes, the police officer who had been standing by the gate was now by my side. “Ma’am please you have to let the paramedics do their job.”  They put him in an ambulance and I stood there frozenin time it was as if everything was happening in slow motion, I heard people asking me questions but I could not answer them because they sounded like they were speaking in a tin and their voices would just fade off.  I could feel myself become weak and dizzy, I knew the signs by now and the last thing I needed was to faint, I sat down immediately and started counting to 10 and breathing in and out while doing it, I was not about to fail my husband I needed to be strong for him.  In the midst of all the drama that was going on there was still one nagging question, where the hell were my parents?  I stood up and tried to regain my strength and screamed “where are my parent’s?”

I swear people thought that I must have lost my mind because the blank stares I got were enough to make me think that I belonged in a mental institution.  I ran to the nearest police man and aksed “where are my parent’s?  They were inside the house before the shooting started happening.”  He looked at me and asked if I was sure because they couldn’t find anyone else in the house which made me panic even more I thought what if they had been kidnapped. “what about my son?  He’s only two years old he can’t be far, please look for him.”  Again the stupid lazy cop told me there was no one else in the house except for my husband “what about the people who did this to him?”  he said they must have ran off before they got there.  “maybe they also ran off with my parent s then.”  I said now getting annoyed.  “Ma’am like I said before there was no one else when we got here.  Have you tried calling your parents?”  I had not called my parents because I thought that they were hiding from the intruders and didn’t want the phone ringing and exposing their hide-out, but what he was saying at the moment was a good idea, I got my phone out the pocket and called my mom, while crossing my fingers that it’s on, it rang a couple of times with no answer, I decided to call Victor who said they were with his son who had an accident “oh thank God.  I don’t mean thank God that Mali had an accident, I’m just happy that you are with him and not here.”  I don’t think Victor actually understood what I was saying because he just continued and told me that Mali’s accident was not serious, he was fine, he didn’t even get hospitalized.  I told him there was some sort of break-in at our place and Mthobisi had been shot.  “Is everybody else okay?  You mom? Neo?”  I started sweating again when Victor said he was with his son I assumed that my mom and Neo were with him too.  “Aren’t they with you?”  I asked in a shaky voice.  “No, when I got the call about Mali your mom was bathing Neo and I wanted to rush here so I left without them and Neo’s nanny had gone home she will be back tomorrow.”

Now I was shaking “Oh God, oh God.”  I told the police that my mom was left in the house by my dad and I think she’s been taken, Victor was still holding on the phone.  I told them her car is not at the garage and maybe they took her car too.  They wanted her car registration numbers I quickly asked Victor who gave it to me, they said they will put out an alert for her car.   Victor said he was on his way home, I could hear him running to the car, he sounded like he wanted to cry, if a grown man his age was terrified of the outcome imagine how I felt.  I hung up and tried my mother’s number again, it was still ringing without an answer.  The cops asked if my mom’s car had tracker, I didn’t know, I called Victor who said it didn’t, I completely understood, they lived in one of the safest suburbs and had never had any break-ins or hijacking prior to this.

My husband was in hospital and I couldn’t be with him as I had to try and find my mom and son first.  I had to be strong for my husband my mom and most importantly for Neo.  In hard and difficult times like these everybody needs their mother and my husband was no exception I decided to put my feelings aside and call the  person whom if I was at a train station and I happen to bump into her and a train was coming, well I’m sure you can imagine the rest.  I called my mother in law, She was her usual, mean bitchy self.  “What do you want Lesedi?”  she said without even greeting.  “I need your help, I think Fundani has taken Neo and my mother.”  I could imagine the smile on her face after hearing that I needed her help. “What makes you think that?”  I explained how we got home and found the gates and garage opened and how we now can’t find my mom and Neo and deliberately left out the part of her son being shot. “I’m sorry Lesedi but I cannot help you.  Good Luck.”  You know when someone says something while they are smiling, that was her at that moment.  As she was about to hang up I said “wait, the real reason why I called was to let you know that Mthobisi had been shot, and it doesn’t look so good.”  I said crying. “Why in the blood hell did you not say so in the first place?”  She asked sounding extremely angry, now witch knew how I felt but I wasn’t done “I’m sorry I have to go.” “Which hospital….” Before she could finish her sentence I hung up, I know it was childish but it actually felt good.

She immediately called back, I let it ring, she called again and I only answered the third time she called “What is wrong with you Lesedi, you tell me my son has been shot then you just hung up, stop being so cruel and heartless…” I let her huff and puff for as long as she like I even put the phone away from my ear because my eardrums were close to bursting from her screams.  I think she must have realised that I was not listening because I heard her scream my name “yes.” I said calmly I wasn’t sure if she had asked me a question or not but yes just sounded like the right thing to say.  “Lesedi, where the hell is my son?” She asked sounding like she’s grinding her teeth, I actually didn’t know where her son was, all I knew was an ambualance had taken him, I told her I would ask the police officers and get back to her she told me she would wait on the line while I asked the police officers where her son had been taken.  I went to one of the officers and asked if they knew which hospital my husband had been taken to, he said Clinton hospital, I think my mother-in law heard because she was already passing the information to another person and then hung up without even saying goodbye, how rude!

The police wanted to take a statement but I had nothing to say because I knew nothing,  I wanted to call my real father but with him and his weak heart I could just be sending him to his grave so I decided to stay calm until I knew exactly what it is that was happening.  All I could imagine was Fundani holding my mom and son hostage.  Then it hit me, Fundani was my son’s father he had used my domestic worker to try and get information about us, he wanted Neo.  The bastard had probably been waiting for the right time to take my son and the day when he came to our place Neo was not there, he must have somehow found out where my parent ‘s stay and that my son stays with them he must have taken my son, that was the only reasonable explanation.  Oh God, how did I marry into this family of lunatics?

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  1. Oh lawd, I need air time fast. Technology never loved me and it’s time like these when I miss kasi coz there are tuck-shops everywhere

  2. Is Mthobisi really hurt, so Mtho’s mum doesn’t care if Neo is taken or not how selfish of the witch. mxm

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