Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty

But what about my mother?  Why would he take her?  All these unanswered questions running through my head were driving me up the wall. I tried staying calm, someone once told me that a person’s character is tested in the stressful situation, if this was a character test I was failing dismally.  Victor arrived, the way my mind was so all over the place I only noticed that he had arrived when he called my name and was standing behind me “what happened?” he asked I just threw myself in his arms and tears started coming out like floods I couldn’t even speak, Victor just let me cry and did not say anything.  Mali his son, my step brother was standing behind him after I let go off Victor he gave me a hug and “hey Sis, everything is going to be okay don’t worry.”

I don’t know where other people who find you in a crisis get guts from to tell you that everything is going to be okay.  I mean I haven’t seen him in months and he comes and just decides that everything is going to be okay, who is he? God?  “Thanks Mali. Are you okay? I heard about your accident.”  I said trying to divert the attention away from me.  He down played the whole accident thing and said it was no big deal, they wanted to know what happened, I tried explaining and tried holding the tears back which was not easy.  The police called Victor to the side and said they needed to ask him som e questions.  I wanted to go to Mthobisi but I couldn’t leave without knowing that my mom and son were okay, this is the one time where I wished I could split myself in half and be at two places at the same damn time.  “Listen Mali, now that you guys are here I’m gonna go to the hospital to be with Mthobisi, please, please let me know of any develpments, I’m going to have my phone with me at all times, please don’t leave Victor, he needs you, we all need you.”  My step brother always has things to do and can never stay in one place for too long, he agreed that he would stick around for some time and will call me if there is any changes.

I arrived in hospital in less than 15 minutes and the fact that it was at night and there were not a lot of cars around helped a lot.  I went to the receptionist and told them I was looking for Mthobisi I was told that he’s in theatre and was directed to where the theatre was.  I saw Mthobisi’s mother with Tsepang, if looks could kill we would both be dead, Tshepang gave me a hug and told me that the operation was over and that he had now been taken to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  I asked how the operation went he said they don’t know it was too soon to tell.  I wanted to ask where he had been shot but decided that my heart would not be able to take it, what if they told me he was hit in the heart or spine I would just break.  He said they were told that they couldn’t see Mthobisi as yet, so once again it was a waiting game, we sat in the waiting area with my mother in law not saying anything and every once and again glaring at me.  I decided to be busy with my phone just to avoid my monster in law’s  ugly stares.  I sent a group whatsap to the girls and told them what had happened, She Rocks immediately called and asked if I was okay, I told her I was fine, and asked what she was doing up so late at night she said she couldn’t sleep she was feeling extremely nauseas and thinks it’s because of the ARV’s, she asked if she should come to the hospital I told her it was very late and not safe to drive that time of the night, she promised to come and see me the following day, I thanked her for the call.  My mother in law was giving me dirty looks while I was on the phone, that woman has serious issues, I sat there and ignored her completely.  I kept wanting to call Mthobisi to ask him where he was then I would remember that he was laying in hospital fighting for his life.  A nurse came and said “Are you the family of Mthobis Jumbe?” I jumped up and said “yes, I’m his wife.”  Monster also jumped up and said “I’m his mother.” She looked at both of us and said “okay, the operation was a success, we were able to remove three bullets out of him.” “Three bullets?” I exclaimed, my mother in law turned and looked at me and said “Lesedi please, this is not the time to be dramatic, let the nurse finish talking and stop acting.”  Yhooo, there is putting in your place and there is throwing in your place that woman threw me in my place shem, I was too embarrassed to even respond.  The nurse said we could go and see him but for a few minutes then go home, we not allowed to because he is still critical. When we go to his room he was connected to machines, in his mouth, hands everywhere, I could not stand to see my strong brave husband looking like that I ran out and didn’t care of what my mother in law will say or think.  Tshepang came to check on me, he asked if I was okay, I told him I could not stand to see his brother like that, he told me he understood and I should take my time I can see him whenever I was ready.  As much as I couldn’t stomach seeing my husband like that I needed him to know that I was there praying for him to come back to life so after five minutes of trying to calm myself down I went back to his room his mom was sitting next to him crying, I had never seen my mother in law cry, in fact I didn’t even think that she could cry.  I went across from her and held Mthobisi hand “Hey Honey, it’s me, you are going to be fine, just know that we are all here for you and we all love you.”  Mthobisi’s mom just nooded through her tears she couldn’t even speak.  I honestly didn’t know what to say.  A few minutes later the nurse told us that we have to go, we went out, I didn’t know where to go and I had not received any calls from my step-brother or step-dad and earlier on the police wouldn’t allow me in the house so I didn’t know if I was allowed to go sleep there or not so basically, I was motherless, husbandless, childless and homeless.  I called Victor and his phone just kept on ringing with no answer, I called Mali and he said there was a situation and he would call me back.  Don’t you just hate it when people do that, if you can tell me there is a situation then surely you can tell me what the situation is instead of making me wait?   Tshepang asked if I was okay because they were about to leave, I told them to go I was fine and they could go, my mother in law could not wait to get out of my sight, well the feeling was mutual.  They left, I couldn’t leave the hospital not because I wanted to stay but because I literally had nowhere to go.  I sat there waiting then I decided to call my sister I was taking chances that woman doesn’t sleep she dies and resurrect the next morning both she and her husband are the same.  Before they moved to Winchester Hills they were staying in Vosloorus, they once got robbed while sleeping, they removed them from their bed and took the bed and everything in the house when they woke up the next morning, house was empty and they were sleeping on the floor that’s how much those two sleep.  As I expected her phone rang with no answer, sometimes I wondered what is the point of having a sister if she is never there in times of needs, she didn’t even know our mother was missing.  I tried Lwazi my sister’s husband he was also not answering, just my blood luck.   At around 2am She Rocks called to ask how I was doing I told her that I had nowhere to go, she shouted at me and said “Lee, don’t be silly, come to my place you know you are always welcome here.  Should I come pick you up?”  I told her I would be fine and she shouldn’t worry.  I drove to her place and when I got there I couldn’t even sleep I kept going through the day’s event and none of it made sense, the fact that my husband was lying in hospital was the most frustrating of them all, I was helpless I didn’t know what to do, I just wanted everything to be back to normal, I was soo sick of my dramatic life.  I decide to pray “Father God, if you bring my husband back to me I promise I will be a good wife, I will get him out of this thug/mafia life, I will make sure we both live a straight and narrow life with no curves, no more drama, no more corruption, I promise God, please bring my mother and my son back please dear Lord and I will be a good faithful wife. Amen”  I know I always bargain with God when the ish hits the fan but that’s how I prayed and I really hoped that God was listening and would bring everyone back to me.  Funny enough after the prayer I feel asleep and had good dream of my entire family in a park happy and playing with Neo, even my mother in law was there and we were getting along fine, I was woken up by a call and it was Mali, the same step brother who  had promised to call me hours ago.  I sat up in bed and asked “where the hell have you been?  Why didn’t you call me back like you said you would?”  “Hey Sis, sorry man things just got crazy.  Are you okay?”  the hell was wrong with this guy asking me if I was okay, of course I was okay, “Mali ofcourse I’m not okay Mali, my husband is laying in hospital fighting for his life, my mother and son are missing and only God knows where they are.  Have you heard anything?”  Mali sounded like a deflated ballon and said “No Sis, nothing concrete.  Where are you?”  I told him I was at She Rocks place in the north, he said he would call me as soon as there was anything to report and Victor was with him at his place, thank God Victor was safe and had a place to go to.

Around 8 in the morning I got up and checked my phone, no messages from Mthobisi or missed calls from my mom, I was really hoping that by now something would have come up.  She Rocks made me breakfast, I could not eat, I could not stomach anything, I pretended to eat and when she said she was going to shower I went to the dustbin and threw away the breakfast.  I showered and borrowed some of She Rocks clothes as my clothes from the previous day had blood stains and drove to the hospital.  The nurse told me that Mthobisi was not doing well at all, he had gone into a comma, tears just started flowing down my face I asked if I could see him she said the doctor was busy with him and I wouldn’t be able to see him.  I sat at the waiting room crying my eyes out. My phone rang it was the police “We have found your mother’s car deserted…….” And that’s all I heard everything else was just a blur, I asked him to repeat what he had just said he said they had found my mother’s car deserted in the middle of nowhere “what about my mother and son? Are they okay?”  the officer  responded by saying “No ma’am we have not found your mom or kid but your step-dad has been taken into custody.”  I almost dropped the phone “I’m sorry what?”  He repeated that Victor had been arrested with implications to my mother’s disappearance.  I hung up the phone and once again screamed.

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  1. Aowa! Victor? Mxim. The police and not doing their jobs! Like ruri now. Can’t wait for next week. Thanks Mike and the team.

  2. Haibo!y victor?phela ke darling motho oo,hw can they even suspect him,,,monster in law is behind dis no doubt.
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  3. It cant be Victor…he is a sweet man. Fundani caused Mali’s accicent so that Victor can be out of the house. I hope he doesnt drug and rape Lesedi’s mom. Fundani is probably bonding with his real son (Neo). Just out of curiosity….when are we going to hear about Lesedi opening a case for the burglary in her midrand house or making the helper pay for cleaning out the house? Cause I also think that Fundani is involved. This guy is all out for a kill. All Lesedi needs is God!

  4. Is everyone in Lesedi’s life a criminal???? Kodwa why must we wait for next weekend??? *crying*

  5. this was dope, thanks Mike and Thozama:)

    it sure feels like I was watching a movie, cant wait for next week…

  6. Kanti why is victor arrested, no team Mtho can’t be in a comma he is too strong for that. tjp sad for centuries.

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