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Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Two

I was soo annoyed by my step sister’s call that I couldn’t go back inside and see my husband with those negative and angry vibes that I had, I decided to calm myself down a bit before going back, I went to the hospital cafeteria to get myself some energy drink and got She Rocks some water as I was walking back to my husband’s room Linda called again, the stupid woman doesn’t give up “Listen Linda, you need to sort your problems with Rodney by your damn self.  How in God’s name are you going to be defeated by a small child, and why the hell did you allow her to stay in your place, but now that she stays in your place you know exactly where she is so why the hell don’t you just go there and beat the crap out of her, sometimes actions speak much louder than words so act and stop being such a baby. Grow some balls dammit”  Tjeeerrrr she was pathetic, honestly.  She thanked me and hung up, stupid woman didn’t even ask about her dad, did she even know, oh well, it wasn’t my place to tell her, my big mouth sister Naledi will tell her, if she could tell her about what mthobisi did to Lwazi then she could definitely tell her about her father being in jail. I hate dealing with other people’s problems especially when I have my own mountain to climb, people’s problems are tiring and draining after that call I was drained and just wanted to sleep, that’s how I deal with problems I sleep but there was no time to sleep, I gulped my energy drink down before She Rocks could preach to me about how bad they are for my health and went inside and handed her the water.  She said the nurse had come to tell her that we need to finish up because it was not yet visiting hours they had done us a favour.  I kissed my husband on the cheek and told him that I loved him and we left.  I hadn’t spoken to my real sister to find out about the whole Victor thing and not the fake one that only calls me when she needs something so I decided to call her “Hey Lee, I’m still at the police station, can I call you back in 10?”  She didn’t even wait for me to answer she just hanged up.  We decided to go to a nearby restaurant and grab some early lunch as we were both hungry, I couldn’t eat, my stomach was in a knot just thinking of all the drama that was going on in my life.  While we were sitting down after our food had come and I was just playing with it, I asked She Rocks “when I went missing there were things that Mthobisi did to find me, you were staying at our place, please friend I need you to tell me every little thing that you might have seen or heard anything, I need to find my mom and son and I know Fundani has them.” I said pleading with her.  She Rocks looked away trying to remember then said “a lot of shit went down when you had disappeared; there was a German guy who scared the crap out of me.”  I looked at her and said “okay go on”  She looked at me and said “it was nothing concrete that he said he just gave me instructions on what to say to the cops and what not to say.”  I nodded hoping she would continue but she didn’t “what about where I was found?”  I asked “Well, that’s another thing we didn’t find you where I said you were, we went to a house in some area that I don’t even know actually.” I jumped up excited and hugged her “Oh my God, do you realise that could be where my mom is being kept.  We need to go there now.” She looked at me with fear in her eyes “Lee I love you like a sister but that’s one place I am never going back to, I wet my pants from fear when I was there.  I’m sorry mara angiyi lapho mina.” I had to find a way to convince her I was not going to give up that easily, she finally said “besides it was dark, I had to switch off the lights while driving there and I swear to God I don’t know where there place is nor do I remember how we went there, I doubt Fundani would be stupid enough to keep your mom in the same place that he kept you in.”  She was right about that.  Her eyes popped out “there is another option though.  Your maid, she was dating him, we find her, we find him.”  I told her no one knew where she is she had just disappeared into thin air.  “When I was staying at your house she used to talk a lot about her boyfriend she said he had a house, shit I can’t remember where, that girl talked too much I would sometimes zone out while she’s talking.”  I looked at her with pleading eyes, “please try and remember, please.”  She smiled and said “She said he was renting a place for both of them, well mainly for her because he had another house somewhere with his wife but she suspected that it was his house and just didn’t want to tell her.  He was renting the house in  Mauritius.”

“Say what? You telling me she is in Mauritius now?  How on earth are we going to find her there?” I asked starting to loose hope.  “No, no, no, that’s what I also thought when she told me but it’s actually a name of the street, but for the life of me I can’t remember the area where this Mauritius street is.  She showed me the house on google maps but I honestly cannot remember the area, I was not interested when she told me and showed me.”  Another stumbling block, I asked if it was not Cosmo City because Mthobisi once told me that the whole areas streets are named after countries.  “Yes, that’s what she said, it’s Cosmo, I even thought of Cosmopolitan the cocktail when she mentioned it.”  she said , “okay, eat up fast we going there now.  Do you think you will recognise the house if you see it?”  I asked feeling anxious “I don’t know.”

As soon as she was done eating I paid the bill and we drove to Cosmo City in the North.  The main road in the area is South Africa Road, and just like my husband had said the streets were really named after countries, there is Sierra Leon Street, Angola Street, Niger Crescent you name any country and it’s there, we had got to some shopping complex that had Shoprite and decided to park She Rocks car there and drive around with my car.  We drove to Mauritius street thanks to the GPS, the street had really nice looking houses, you wouldn’t think this was a location, we drove around and the street was actually longer than we had thought and We stopped at about 5 houses that She Rocks thought looked like the one she saw on the picture to be honest most of the houses looked the same, we drove up and down about 7 times when I spotted Fundani driving out of a house, my heart almost stopped I whispered to She Rocks as if he could hear us “that’s him, I’m going to follow him.”  She too was shit scared her voice wouldn’t even come out she just nodded, I kept a distance and followed behind him, he drove out of Cosmo and into some area that had squatter camps luckily it was still during the day and we could see where we were going, She Rocks asked Siri on her iphone where we were and it said we were in Honeydew.  We followed behind him trying very hard not to loose him there where a lot of taxis around who kept trying to cut me off but I still managed to stay behind him.  We got to a stop sign her turned left and a taxi came speeding in front of me and just stopped right in front of me, people got off I couldn’t go around the taxi as there were cars, I impatiently waited, She Rocks kept on hitting the hooter, I told her it was useless taxi drivers just ruled the roads and if you hoot they take even longer to move.  Eventually the last person got out and he drove off, which gave me a chance to go through by the time I had turned left there was no sign of Fundani we had lost him, we both looked around and there was a lot of cars and a shisanyama with loud music and a lot of drunk people around, I was so annoyed, as I was driving slowly trying to see if I could spot Fundani anywhere there was a knock on my window, She Rocks jumped so high she almost hit the roof, I laughed and opened the window slightly the guy said “please park over there ma’am you are blocking the traffic.”  I parked where I was told to park on the side of the road She Rocks looked at me and said “now what?” I rested my head on the starring wheel trying to think of another plan and that’s when we heard another knock on the window this time it was the one and only Fundani, the window was still lightly opened  “Lesedi Jumbe, what the fuck do you think you are doing following me around like that?”

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  1. Lee just doesn’t learn hey. Akere the last time she did things solo Mthobisi saved her. Now what were they gon do if they got cornered? Hai maan. No wonder gotwe rona basadi re nagana ka dipelo. Mxim!

  2. Good question Jz where is backup Lee, like seriously! yho this blog comes alive in my head every time I read it.

    Thanks Team

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