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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Seven

I took Cleo to the bathroom and helped her washed her face, the damage done by the wine bottle wasn’t too bad, the girl had hit her above the eye and the wound was not deep, we cleaned it with Dettol and I put her kids band aid on the wound. Then we had to figure a way to get out of the house, Cleo said there was no way in hell she would be sleeping in that house, she packed a few of her clothes and I told her she could come stay at my place. We tried windows but they had burglar proof I suddenly realised that maybe Vusi didn’t lock us up because he was afraid we would go after him, he locked the door so he could go and get the police to come and arrest our stupid asses. How did I manage to get myself in these stupid, unnecessary situations, it’s like disaster always waited for me to be around then would struck. Why couldn’t this have happened while Cleo was alone, it had to wait for me to be there, now I would also go to jail because I was a bloody accomplice and this was not even


30 thoughts on “*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Seven

  1. It sad for some of us that can afford no more misteps ja neh been reading this for 2 years manje all gone

  2. Ohwell, was good while it lasted. I use the operamini app. So just my luck. I won’t read anymore. Goodluck Mike and tx for the other reads.. I’ll just find another online book to read

  3. Lol mike u really mean business this time . If you don’t subscribe you can’t read:-):-):-). O bolaile dingame straight. …

    Nice read by the way team. ..

  4. Mike could you please make a plan for readers outside of S.A, we love your work and would pay if there was a way we could. Thank you kindly

  5. So no more inserts for us who don’t pay#clapshands#oh well thank you guess we’ll continue with rumblings and realities

  6. 🙁 mike why do you have to do is like this? 🙁 🙁 I thought this week you were going to post last weekends chapter that were in the premium for free..At least make a plan for us non South African readers. Or can you at least post premium in one week and then the next week posting what the previous premium but for free I don’t know if you get it but ya please consider.
    Yours sincerely
    The Namibian Fan
    Thank you

  7. Lol! Cleo is bad ass. Cleo for president hahahaha. Lee wa gafa ge ele ene aleng in kaak killing people is an option mara for babangwe it’s a no-no?! Crossing fingers hoping Mtho is all good tuu.

  8. Lol I think they should make the bonus paid for as well cause I still read it without reading the premiums and predict what happened before

  9. No offence bt I remember in de beggining u said dt premium is 4ppl hu cnt wait 4de nxt weekend 2read. U shud hv warnd us,missteps is my fav other weeks I buy others I cnt,I prefer hvn data dan airtym,dnt u get somthng frm dt or cnt we buy de code wit data???Like automaticaly wen u online without de sms business!!! A heads up would b great,guys missteps is on sale so we knw wat to expect wen we come read

  10. hi mike.
    please get us a sms service in namibia cause this is really unfair. i love this book from all your other books. and i am willing to pay for a code. so you only accommodating your fellow south african’s is not fair.

  11. are people seriously complaining for paying for someones work? i’ve been buying the service not because i couldnt wait for the ff weekend but only because i value Mike’s work

  12. poor Mthobisi his paying for his sins

    subscribe how, I’m confused because I always pay for the Premium. cant wait for my book to be delivered Today, so excited

  13. Thanks Mike…

    if u cant pay a lousy R5 then you cant read.
    No pay No read as simple as that….


  14. I just don’t understand why ppl are complaining cause u all said let contribute now that u should u can’t keep up with ur words practice what you preache ppl…good one mike if they can’t pay they won’t read full stop we mean business now

  15. This paying thing has never been a bad idea, Mike says he has been talking to Namibian and Zimbabwean mobile service providers to try and get the international audience. ke le Motswana i will be hoping that round trip will include Botswana at one point. i’d like to believe we are not complaining about paying besides R5 is somewhere around P3 so ga se madi a ntshang mokola

  16. nah mike what happened to communication? you should have warned us now we here craving for our daily dose and there’s nothing. this cravings are bad.

  17. It’s so sad for some of us who can’t afford for the sms’s. I’ve been reading this book for almost two years.Mara why Mike is doing this to us heh

  18. Me again still having the same problem got d pin it won’t work the R5 was taken I was sent a pin tried using it. It won’t won’t pls reply ply

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