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Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty One

Screaming in a hospital is never a good idea, I got the weirdest looks from the people that were around and uncomfortable looks as if I had just gotten bad news about someone that was in hospital, one white old lady came to me and hugged me and told me to cry it all out, I didn’t want her stupid hug or to cry it all out I wanted my mom and son, one of the ladies I had seen at the hospital visiting a person in a room next  to my husband’s room came and asked if it something had happened to my husband I was crying so hard I couldn’t even answerher I just kept crying the white old lady just assumed that my husband must have died and said “he’s in a better place now with no pain.” That just pissed me off I pulled away from her hug and went outside to get away from all the stares and to get some fresh air.  I called Mali and his phone rang with no answer, I needed answers fast.  The two people that I could depend on in the world were missing in action, I decided to call sleeping beauty aka my sister, “damn Lee, so early in the morning, couldn’t you wait till we had breakfast.”  She said that without even saying hello.  “Your mother has gone missing, she’s been kidnaped or something I don’t know Naledi, while you too busy worrying about bacon and eggs our mother is fighting for her life somewhere.”  I said crying, and there was silence, I didn’t know if she had fainted or was still there but I continued “there was a break-in or something at home, Mthobisi got shot, our mom and my son are missing and Victor has been arrested.”  My sister can be a bit slow sometimes, I swear deep down in my heart I knew she was going to ask me to repeat what I had just said but she surprised me and said “where are you now?”  I told her I was in hospital she calmly said she was on the way.  I didn’t want to go back inside after the scene I had caused I decided to go wait for my sister in the car because it was getting a bit chilly outside, I received a lot of WhatsApp messages from the girls telling me to stay strong and that they are praying for Mthobisi’s recovery and for my mom and Neo’s safe return, I wanted to switch off the phone and just sleep and maybe after I  wake up this would all have been a terrible dream, but I couldn’t switch off my phone, I was expecting soo many calls. I didn’t  want to go to the police station, I didn’t want to hear any more bad news, I had heard enough bad news to last me a life time, I was going to sit with my husband until he recovered I needed my mother, I needed her more than ever.

A few minutes later my sister called she told me she was inside the hospital, I directed her to where I had parked and told her I couldn’t go back inside as I had caused a scene earlier, “such a drama queen.” She mumbled before hanging up, she probably thought that I wouldn’t hear that, I didn’t care what she thought of me, anyone in my situation would have reacted the same way.  She found me sitting in the car and first question was “why didn’t you leave a voicemail when you called last night? She is my mother too you know.”  Was she seriously picking a fight at this moment in our life when I could be loosing my husband, son and a mother all at once.  “I’m sorry.”  I said choosing to take the higher moral ground, okay I didn’t have a choice I didn’t have the strength to moer her and besides we were in a public place.  She smiled and said “it’s okay, next time send an sms or voicemail if you know I’m sleeping.”  My sister and I both love apologies especially if we feel that we’ve been wronged, our mom thought us about forgiveness at a very young age and in order to get that you need to apologise first. “Okay, tell me everything that happened.”  How I wish I knew exactly what had happened, I had half the story but I told her everything that I knew and everything that had happened she listened attentively and asked if I thought it was Fundani, I told her “Yes, with everything that is in me, I know he is connected to this, it smells like him.”  she asked if I had a plan and I told her I didn’t I just couldn’t think, I felt like I was paralyzed, my brain wasn’t functioning right. “Lesedi, you need to snap out of that depression mode, think like Mthobisi, if you were Mthobisi and you were in this situation what would you do?  Your husband has connections everywhere, use those damn connections to find our mother, your son and this bloody Fundani, there is no time for self-pity parties.”  Damn she was right, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself and not focusing on the bigger picture, I know for a fact that if you put your mind on something there is no chance in hell that you will not succeed, I needed to work on a plan fast, for now I needed to put my emotions on the side, when I went missing Mthobisi didn’t sit at home and cry day and night he worked on finding me, I was going to do the same, but I didn’t know exactly what he did but there was one person who was there throughout the whole ordeal, I dialled her number “Hey Lee, how are things going that side?”  “Hey Rock Star, can you come to Clinton hospital please, I need you.” I asked, “Sure, should I bring you anything?”  I told her that I didn’t need anything; my sister said she would go to the police station to find out what is going on with the Victor situation, the saying that two heads work better than one is so true, had I been alone I would have still been acting like a Nigerian woman who has just found her husband in bed with her best friend.

She Rocks arrived looking like death, she said the medication to prevent her from contracting the HIV virus was making her extremely sick, I felt bad for calling her to come to me, I would have gone to her if I knew things were so bad.  She asked that we go inside because she was feeling nauseous and might need to run to the bathroom at any moment, true to her word in less than five minutes that we were inside the hospital she was running to the bathroom.  The nurse who had earlier told me that the doctor was busy with my husband came and told me that I could go and see him, I decided to wait for She Rocks to come out from the bathroom first, while I was waiting Mthobisi’ s mom called and asked where I was, I told her I was at the hospital, she seemed surprised I don’t know where she thought I would be, that woman really believes that I do not love her son, she asked how he was doing I told her I didn’t know the doctors were still busy with him,  I decided not to mention the fact that he had slipped into a comma, she was hurting enough and as much as I didn’t like her I believed that no parent should have to go through what she was going through, she asked  me to please tell him that she loves him when I see him, I said I would and told her I would call her back and let her know how he was doing.  We were actually being civil towards each other which is something that hardly ever happens but tragedy will always mellow people down.  She Rocks cmae back while I was still talking to my mother-in, I wrapped up the call and told She Rocks we can go and see Mthobisi.  We went to his room and he was hooked to all sorts of pipes and machines and had bandages everywhere.  “I’m starting to hate hospital, this just reminds me of the time you were in hospital Lee.” I smiled and told her “I survived and I have faith that he will survive too, we need to speak to him as if he’s awake, when I was in hospital and you guys would speak to me I could hear you.”

I started “Hey Honey, I’m here with She Rocks, uhhmmm…” I actually ran out of things to say, I didn’t know what else to say.  She Rocks being the Rock Star that she is took over without blinking an eyelid, “Hey brother-in law, I just have to tell you, this hospital dress code doesn’t suit you at all, I mean your complexion is all wrong for it.” I smiled and whispered a thank you to her, she nodded and continues “By the way, I’ve been following Mayweather on twitter and he retweeted one of my tweets to him, I think you were right I am definitely going to be a Mrs. Mayweather plus we both do boxing so it’s a perfect combination.”  I told him that his mom sends her love and she would come by later.  I must say it was very hard for me talking to my husband and not receiving any response, She Rocks just kept talking and telling him all the good things that were happening, she never mentioned anything negative not even things about John, she was so sweet, having her there really made things easy for me because whenever I couldn’t speak she would just take over and tell him jokes and silly stories.

While we were busy sitting and talking to Mthobisi my phone rang, it was my sister, I didn’t want  Mthobisi hearing all the drama that was going on it could kill him so I decided to go and take the call outside and left him with She Rocks.  Ohh when I say my sister I don’t mean Naledi, I mean my step sister Linda, we hardly ever talk, she only calls when there is an emergency and her dad being in jail definitely qualified this as an emergency call or so I thought.

“Hi Linda.” I answered trying to sound happy to hear from her “Hello Lesedi, I’m going to get straight to the point.”  This is the thing about me and her no pleasantries, she calls tells me what she wants and the call ends, we’ve never been close both Naledi and I tried when her dad married my mom but she made it pretty clear that she was not interested in having a relationship with us because she felt like we had somehow stolen her father from her, which was fine with me, one sister was more than enough.  She continued “Naledi told me about how you and Mthobisi got her husband in line when he was misbehaving.  Well, I need you guys to do the same thing to Rodney, he’s having an affair with a girl by the name of Nelisa, young enough to be his daughter, worst of all she stays in our apartment in Millpark, maybe you guys can deal with them both.”  WTF was this? Was this woman listening to herself?  What were we the bloody husband straightener’s?  First of all it’s not an apartment it’s a flat, how she loves sounding and acting all fancy.  “Linda, does that big head of yours work?” I asked sounding irritated “Lesedi I know we are not close and all but you must see this child she is so beautiful, you and Mthobisi are my only hope, please help me, we are family and family needs to be there for each other.”  What bullshit was this, I was soo angry I had no words for her I just dropped the phone.

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    Thanks Thoziesto, you are Mighty

  2. Mike hawe mah jizas what d hell hayibo Mike…another twist, this is so interesting damn I love ur work… Kwaze kwamnandi kusazofiwa LA!!!

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    Tnx team

  4. okay can we get the whole book already. This is so interesting. I just want to find out what happened to thandeka

    1. hahaha Mthobisi kidnapped her because of Nothabo’s Husband….they are talking abt hiring Gorilla to be their bodyguard, maybe Dr and her Husband will go to the police so Mtho will come after them (including their bodyguard), thats y Thandeka will be on the firing line (just speculating we2)

  5. I’ve been reading your diaries for a very long time now and It’s my first time commenting you have an amazing talent Ngigcwele ngomsebenzi wakho Mike.

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