Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps notice to readers

Hey Guys

Unfortunately today we will not be posting Missteps of A Young Wife Premium. We too pay for the “sms” service that we use and we don’t have enough numbers. Please enourage more people to sign up so we can keep the blog up. It’s so frustrating when we put so much effort 7days a week and only 15 people subscribe. Our service has advised us to get our house in order so please be supportive of us.

Thank You

Mike & Thozama

59 thoughts on “Missteps notice to readers

  1. You guys must think of getting an sms line for people outdide SA, that way youl have more subscribers. I am in Namibia and would love to buy the codes.

  2. Ya more ppl need 2 sign up,the R5 service has been around for a very long time but only see ppl comment on the previous post the next weekend, abantu abayeke kuba stingy ngo R5 babo coz bayafuna ukufunda but abafun ukukhokha. Mina nje ngidinwe ngiyafa coz akwenzeki ngingayi teng I service and 2day ngyangena with my R5 ready but no post. Ppl plz musani kuba ongoqo bandla kodwa nibe nijahe kuba o 1st to comment on last week’s post niyadika maan

  3. Hi Mike…how does one subscribe when abroad. I’m a big fan a friend introduced me to your blog but I’m not sure how to subscribe…

  4. Hayiiiiii Mike Noooooo!!! Let everyone pay for missteps if you don’t subscribe then u don’t get to read. Qha QWABA. And if we love the story as we all claim to, then no1 should have a problem with paying a R5 once a week. Hayiii mani ayikho lento tshini !!!!

  5. @stha, uthetha inyani ngok and now I feel like ku panishwa the people who support this blog instead of abantu abanga khokhi hayi mani . He shouldn’t have posted anything masive sonke le pain esikuyo. I can’t even focus @ work coz of lento .

  6. Ah people! Let us support Mike and Thozama unconditionally. We expect them to write and even give us bonus chapters but don’t want to pay for this services. R5 fela tota bathong? A re tlogeleng bo stingy tlheng. Mxim, Some ba itse go criticise-a le go etsa comments about chapters being short mara ba pallwa ke go support-a this sms initiative. Ra le kopa tlheng, now I have to wait yet another week. Mxim! Mike and T I hope and pray gore le kereye support.

  7. Ka tlhaloganya Team.
    The thing is ppl ba rata ntho tsa mahala maan!they claim to love the book bt they dnt wana pay.

  8. uhm so what happens to those that sent sms’s for pins and theres n story? that cannot be right. ntate Maphotho fix it please.

  9. Uhm well excuse u!! I appreciate the effort that Mike puts into missteps, but some of us have no choice but to wait on the free posts cz the premium thing doesn’t work outside SA, maybe if that got sorted more will subscribe, u do realise that majority of us who read ur books are not in SA right?!

  10. Thankx for letting us know it’s a pity I’ve already bought my pin for this week but I’m complaining

  11. Come on ppl!! Mike and his team work very hard to keep us entertained. I am now suffering from withdrawal. Subscribe pls, its only R5.Keep up the awesome work team!

  12. Let missteps be for the paying subscribers for Saturday. Already we are receiving free blog for realities and rumblings. In that case more people will subscribe to the sms service. For those who are out of the country Mike will have to make a plan. Waiting till next week is torture

  13. Pity, hey! Personally, I hate reading anything with too many spellinng and gramatical mistakes. When i pay for it, i expect effort. Readability.

    That being said, i am here every week paying for not so perfect reading (better than the other diaries, i must concede). If there was better readability, I know I would invite my other friends who loooove to read (readable) blogs and willing to pay for it. Do consider better editing tu.

  14. We want to support you Mike na sis Tho sadly we are not all in S.A I tried roaming on my vodacom and using the subscription but it did not work…I hope those who can will take heed to your notice and assist until you are able to come up with a cross border service that many of your other readers can subscribe to.

  15. The Irony, When @Sifelani Complains About Spelling & Grammar But Can’t Even Spell Spelling.. #ICan’t

  16. I will speak for myself as someone who pays for the premium… I only do it to support you, Mike, and I really enjoy the storyline (well, also because I bought the first premium I don’t want to have to wait two weeks to catch up) but would certainly appreciate a LOT of editing being done.

    Too many of us have beeeeennn asking for better grammar and spelling to simply ignore. Too many of my comments have been actually deleted (except the time I responded to some skank sleeping with my husband and had the nerve to write a ‘Dear Mike’ about it). I have (privately, I might add) offered to help edit a couple of times, and been ignored. If in doubt, think / search back to an email highlighting the difference between ‘ramblings’ and ‘rumblings’ right after you posted chapter 1 and asked us which we prefer between (the misspelt TITLE) Rumblings and Realities.

    If this was semi-readable, I would certainly invite my friends to support às well. Unlike me, they don’t have loyalty but pay for a good read. A number of them tried to follow right at the beginning but gave up. If they, the folks on a news and entertainment blog I religiously follow (with some 58, 000 odd readers) and other discerning readers believed you offer value for money; am pretty sure you would get at least a thousand people to buy the premium.

    Am not asking for a perfect, error-free read, but something readable (simple PARAGRAPHS would go a looong way). Less reflection and more actuall story (as in, more than one scene per post) would make a world of difference.

    You insist you do an average of 1400 to 1600 words per post. Not only does this very rarely happen (I know because i always copy the chapter to Word after unlocking it as the code sometimes expires before I get to 2nd chapter(rarely))

    Am not saying this is the ONLY reason for the dwindling numbers despite a riveting storyline, am saying if you ignore our requests and pleas long enough, we WILL show less and less support. A premium read must be just that, ‘premium’ or people will just wait for the free version.

    I wish you would take us seriously about improving the readability of your blog, and we will bring you more readers prepared to pay for a good read.

    Negative as the above may sound, I actually believe there is a great talent in you! I love how, of late, your diaries are intertwining (intersecting lol). The suspense at the end of each chapter is awesome! A little bit of editing will be good for business 🙂

    Use this, don’t use this; up to you. If I were you, I would listen to even 1/15 of paying readers.

  17. Just cause you can afford the R5 every week does not mean everyone can, I personally would love to buy premium every week but I can’t afford as a student my budget is already stretched to the limit with rent groceries and other things I can’t afford to put aside R20 for a blog I’m sorry and if I remember correctly the premium was started because some people demanded more chapters.

  18. Yazi angazi nokuthi ngithini nkosi yami…..

    Mr M I am a big fan of your good work….in fact ngiyaziqenya ngomsebenz wakho omuhle.

    Kodwa not having our weekend dose cha kubuhlungu nokho…

    Some of us would even pay on a daily basis.


  19. Mike i onced invited friends & family members but they gave up along the way complaining about the diaries habing plenty of explainations & examples,again in a week you were/are posting two chapters the three the following & they ended up loosing interest.

    I don’t mind paying for each chapter everyday as long as you can cut explainations & examples.

  20. We always have an excuse as black people. I’m shocked that editing can coz so much problem. We are stuck with low budget movies on mzansi magic but no one is complaining instead we are embracing the platform for our upcoming writers and directors who are not rich and yet passionate about this industry.

  21. Let’s see…say premium was started at around Chapter 20. That would mean one has paid around R250 for the diary so far (assuming R5 x 50 chapters then throw in some bonus chapters). And this figure will increase each week. The average, well edited and proofed book retails around R100. I’d say editing is pretty important.

  22. Hi Mike sum of us tried buying de premiun service but unfortunately we struggled with our pins so we decided to let it go. even after emailing u guys for assistance i for 1 never got a response so if myb that was sorted we will support u definetly

  23. Noted warra. But can you plz post links on ur FB so we can share the links, like you used to do when Missteps started. I blv me sharing all your writings all my frnds read and I am sure that will help with the subscriber numbers. Much love brother.

  24. Hi

    SO i go and get the pin before checking the chapters and i get this. every week i subscribe to this. what my problem is you should have disabled the sms already. i hope when you decide to write i will have it for free then.

  25. Dear Mike & Thozi

    I will speak for myself. At the beginning I was very happy to pay R5 a week (less than R1 a day) actually for the awesome 2 chapters and sometimes 3 (with bonus) but with time I realised it didn’t make any financial sense that I pay when some people get the same chapters for free. All I needed to do was wait 2 weeks and then catch up, so in a way its like whether u pay or not, u still get the same product. Like right now as it stands, we all in the same position, at the same chapter, both the paying and the non-paying readers. Why pay then? What I’m suggesting guys is that let’s have everybody pay for missteps, its a good read and I blv with all my heart that people will pay for it (its only less than R1 a day) after all, because as it stands right now, the people that are being punished right now are the one that actually pays for the chapters, they are the ones that are left hanging, they are the ones that found out after paying for this week’s chapters that they will have to wait for the free chapters (that will be available to everyone) next weekend. R5 a week for missteps period, and you will get your support.

  26. The dwindling number of subscribers might be because of poor grammar and typos. Maybe it is not much but I do not think people will continue to pay for something that is so poorly written.

    The storyline is so interesting, it makes one keep coming back for more but we need to be realistic and ask, Is the storyline enough to keep people coming back even though the grammar and the typos continue…

    I continue to come back because of the storyline and loyalty but I will admit, I get so annoyed every time there are spelling mistakes some of which can be avoided. While, it is important for us to subscribe and help recruit, you need to get your house in order as indicated and get your editing up to standard.

  27. zaza you are spot on, why pay if you can wait and besides for the third time i have no been getting my pin so sorry its a no from me

  28. Mina for 1 I dnt mind paying, the problem is I still struggle to read 2 chapters using 1 pin, so I finally gave up….I think I’m slow serious

  29. Mike n mis Thozama, im sori iv bin a bad bad man,, u knw how they say being broke to a point where u cnt even pay attention,well one silly day last year i was @ dt point,i ddn hv airtime bt i had data bundles i wanted to read d premium so i tried d code i had used d previouse week n it actually went thru as a result up until this day iv bin using dt same code,,75418,,askies dawg nawe queen,, mawsukhala kanjena nam ngishaywa isazelo unembeza,,,,so u shud also look into dt………uxolo ba4……….

  30. Reading through the comments am ashamed, how can we be so ungrateful though. Some people complaining about grammar and spelling can’t even spell themselves. Anyway since all the other books are free shouldn’t we be grateful for those and stop complaining about a really small thing. They are struggling to pay for the sms service how do you expect them to pay for editing? Anyway, can the blog be made available to those of us who don’t mind the bad spelling and grammar for R5 maybe in a form of a book even if its just an electronic copy to avoid publishing costs but I’d pay for you to email me a pdf unedited just so that I can read and finish the story.

  31. Mike and Thozama, when you 1st introduced the premium I subscribed and had a problem with my PIN and I notified you and never received any feedback so I stopped. I was not going to pay R5 for nothing.

    I agree with those that are saying everyone must pay for the weekend blog however before you implement that you need to ensure that everything is working 100% and should any problems arise you respond to our queries.

    Last but not least please do proof reading before posting.

  32. Everyday i read from diaries,magazines,online news to books etc..

    My point is..am using my data to support the any blog i read & it would be best if Mr mike you can strike a deal with Network providers to give you a certain percentage from what they getting from our data coz they also benefit a lot from your work.

  33. no problem Mike & Tho, we will support you guys
    freebies get to an end in life
    thanks again for amazing work

  34. Hey Mike I tried using the sms service everytime I do it vele ingasebenzi pin I eventually gave up because even the help option ithi error qho ndizama uyisebenzisa 🙁

  35. so again there will be no post this week as well? Mike my brada your failure to communicate with us adequately with regards to these changes is not on. Let us know please

  36. I guess congratulations are in order for the 15 subscribers.

    Askies to those outside SA…

    I concur with Sifelani though and a whole lot of other readers. I’d rather wait for the Book than the weekly subs. Tis not being stingy or anything like that but nje fela ke hore premium chapters were initially introduced for the less patient readers nje.

    Missteps is a nice read, entertaining and you guys are doing good but ka nnete an edited book would really be cheaper and worth it than the weekly (with lots of errors) premium chapters.

    All the best Mike and Thozama… To the fellow reads/supporters, enjoy the subs angithi. What does it for one may not necessarily do it for the other mos… Ha re loane/asilwi and we are definitely not fighting.

  37. All the best Mike and Thozama… To the fellow readers/supporters, enjoy the subs angithi. What does it for one may not necessarily do it for the other mos… Ha re loane/asilwi and we are definitely not fighting.

  38. I would like to thank my grandma,she taught me to let go

    previously Mike made notes to plea with readers they should understand the PREMIUMS are not a MUST but for those who wants mores reads,now the game changes.i fail to understand when others seeing this as being stingy or what..it’s not on when people share/taste their talent with us on social media & when they improve,they dump us along the way.those who truely loves reading social diarie will agree with me when i say we saw lot of talent but along the way they just stopped writting,some tells you they were out of Data,some are writting exams etc.that’s why most diaries i don’t LIKE nor Comment coz as soon they notice they’re on flames they forget how that fire began

    Nevertheless if this is it then Goodluck guys & May God Bless you.

  39. I don’t understand where this is coming from.. initially I thought the whole point of the subscription was for those who could afford them. It’s not about being stingy but simply not affording to spend 5r to read a chapter when I can wait for it. Technically those that are paying are the same as those that aren’t because they are just 2chapters ahead. If it’s not lucrative rather leave it because I’m certainly not going to pay just to be 2 chapters ahead.

  40. I enjoy all ur work Mike n Thozama. I dnt care abt spelling n grammar bcoz I can correct dat myself as I read. Every writer makes a mistake. As for the Premium chapters I tried it 3 tyms, but the pin always expired whn I get to chapter 2. So I dnt knw if i’m doom kop or wat. I wud enter the pin kahle n read, but whn I get to the next chapter it will say it has expired, I gave up. If there is anyone wu is willing to assist me, I dnt mind paying Premiums bcoz its worth it

  41. Dear Mike and Team. I would happily pay for the premiums but we need a commitment that more editing and basic paragraph structure and sentence construction is adhered to. and also the meaning of words is not used in the wrong way thus muddling up the story.

    Then I will subscribe.

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