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Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Three

She Rocks quickly answered “We here for the meat it is a shisanyama after all. Don’t flatter yourself.”  He ignored her and said “I’m going to ask once only and you better answer me before I break this car window and pull you out with your hair.”  Listen, you can do or say anything but never threaten a black girl with her hair these damn weaves are expensive and very painful when pulled out, just the mention of being dragged with my expensive weave gave me a headache and shivers, I quickly opened the car door hitting him in the process I don’t think he was expecting me to get out of the car, he screamed “ouch” I mumbled a sorry,  She Rocks whispered “what are you doing? Stay in the car Lee.” It was too late I was already one foot out and she had no choice but to follow.  We stood outside with him glaring at me with his ugly piercing eyes okay not ugly but scary “I know you have my mother and son and I want them back.”  I saw confusion on his face, damn this guy looked exactly like Mfundo it was as if I was looking at Mfundo and that was just super creepy.

“Do you mean your mother in law?” he asked still confused “No Fundani, my own mother.”  He laughed and said “is this supposed to be some kind of a joke, what would I want with your mother, the only bitch I want is your mother in law and I want to kill her with my bare hands, she is a witch and deserves to die.”  The look on his eyes said he was genuinely telling the truth.  I didn’t mention my son being missing too I didn’t know what reaction I would get about that and I knew if he didn’t know where my mom was then he definitely didn’t know where Neo was.   Now I felt foolish for chasing him around like that when he had nothing to do with my mother’s disappearance, and this meant I was now back at square one and as much as I didn’t want to believe that Victor had something to do with this now he was becoming my only suspect, I have watched enough crime channels to know that husband’s kill their wives’ for insurance money all the time.  Could Victor have had my mom killed for money, the world we live in has us questioning the people that are supposed to be our partners, soul-mates and confidants?

I was not done with Fundani “what about my husband?”  He looked at me with his eyes wide opened “Is he missing too?” For a second I could have sworn that I saw a bit of caring in his eyes but that was for a second then he was back to his usual cold self “No, he was shot and is in hospital in a coma.” She Rocks answered annoyed.  He looked at me and said “is that true? When did this happen?  Your husband is stupid, I have tried warning him to stay away from…” he quickly stopped himself “From what?” both She Rocks and I asked “The Germans.” He said then quickly asked which hospital he was in “Why so you could go finish him off?” I asked angrily.  He looked away and said “Mthobisi is my blood I would never shoot him and live him alive that would just be cruel, if I had anything to do with this he would be dead as we speak.” That just sent chills down my spine; he said that without blinking like this was a normal everyday thing, how did I get associated with such people in my life? She Rocks said we should leave because we were not getting anywhere with him, as I was about to go in the car I turned and looked him in the eyes and told him “Tell your girlfriend to bring my furniture back.”  He smiled and said it was already back at our house.  She Rocks and I drove back to the Shoprite Shopping complex to collect her car, I asked if she could come with me to the house in Midrand to see if everything was really back like he said we drove in a convoy to Midrand.

We got to the estate and I opened the door and all the furniture was back in the house, it was not in it’s rightful place but it was back, everything that had gone missing was there, what game were these two playing I wondered.  She Rocks said we need to call a locksmith urgently to change the locks of the house, she googled one and called while I went upstairs to go check and make sure all was still well up there.  I came back and told her everything looked fine, she said locksmith was on his way he will call when at the gate and I can send him the code.  Within 20 minutes the locksmith was calling saying he is at the gate, I sent him the code and directed him to our place, he came and changed all the locks in the house even the ones to the bathrooms that’s how paranoid I was, I paid  him his money via ewallet and he left.  After he was gone She Rocks and I sat there planning on the net step of action I asked “Do you think Mthobisi could have pissed off the Russians and they did this?”  she shook her head and said she didn’t know, this was the thing about a man who had soo many dealings and secrets, now he was lying in a hospital bed with all his secrets, dammit this was frustrating.  My sister called she said “Victor has been released; the stupid police arrested him because he was tired of answering their questions and they felt that he had something to hide.” The police can be so arrogant and stupid, imagine the hours they wasted, I was soo bloody annoyed.  As soon as she got off the phone Linda phoned “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that my father had been arrested?” Was this woman serious? I didn’t have the time or strength for her nonsense I hung up the phone and luckily this time she didn’t call back.

I still needed to shout at Naledi for telling Linda about what Mthobisi did to her husband why the hell couldn’t she keep her mouth shut, I couldn’t say it in front of She Rocks I had to wait till I saw her face to face and make her apologise like she made me apologise for not sending a text message.  Now all the people I had suspected were cleared it had to be the Germans and one thing I have heard about those people is you don’t mess with them.  Mthobisi once told me that when Germans want you they come for you  and only you, there was a guy who owned a shop and he had somehow pissed off the German he never told me how the guy pissed off the German but he said they made sure that his shop was empty and made sure all the employees had knocked off and no customers were around and the guy was hardly ever alone in the shop but they were patient and they waited for months for him to be alone and it had to be done at his shop to send a clear message, there one very unfortunate day when he was alone they bombed up the place with the guy inside.  So knowing what I knew about the Germans if it was them they would have made sure that he died so this didn’t feel like their  doing. As we were sitting at my house wrecking our brains trying to figure out who could be behind this I got a call from a landline number “Is this Lesedi Jumbe?” the voice asked I said yes she told me she was calling from the hospital and they needed me to come there urgently, my heart almost stopped, I didn’t ask why I just said I was on the way, I told She Rocks who said we should hold hands and say a prayer even she could feel something was not right, I told her we will pray on the way to the hospital, I just felt that it was too late for prayers, whatever happened had already happened and there was no reversing it.

I told She Rocks that I wouldn’t be able to drive and suggested we used one car, we used her car and she drove so slow I could see she was shaking fearing what we would hear when we get to the hospital.  I didn’t know if I should call Mthobisi’ s mom to meet us at the hospital or just first hear what they have to tell me and then call her after, I decided to call her after I got the news at the hospital, that woman can be a pain when she wants to be.  When we arrived at the hospital I asked She Rocks to say a short prayer and the way she was soo scared she couldn’t even pray all she said “Father God please let Mthobisi be okay. Amen”  Shortest prayer in the history of She Rock’s prayers, I wanted to ask is that all but decided to let it go, we walked out of the car and went inside the hospital, I could feel my knees getting weaker by the second, we went straight to his room without asking any questions and when we got there his bed was empty and all made up, my heart just dropped I sat down at the chair next to his bed and tears just rolled down, She Rocks was also crying she said she would go and find a nurse my phone rang before she could go I answered it was a police man “we think we might have found your mother’s body.”  I was sure I had not heard this man correctly “I’m sorry my what.”  He continued “Your mother’s body has been found, we need you to…..” before he could even finish that sentence I fainted.

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  1. Thanks Thoziesto, you are Mighty, and dankie for the bonus team.

    Poor LEE, I think that evil woman took her son Mtho though.

  2. SHIIIIIIT! I just hope Mthobisi has pulled out of the coma and is in recovery and the body isn’t really Lee’s mom’s shame man Lee wenkosi! Great material once again Team, we thank you

  3. tjo hectic …this aint life at all yoh …to much pain yet it makes for a great read #sad..thanks team 4 anada gr8 read

  4. Eish mara, i hope Mthobisi is ok Or maybe transferred elsewhere. Poor Lee, a sad but great chapter.

  5. This is so sad, my heart is beating so fast. Please Mike let Mtho be ok. He can’t die,not like this hle. The suspense is killing me,can’t wait for next weekend. Thanks Mike and Thozama for a great read.

  6. Nooo!!!!Lee’s mom cant be dead what about Neo this chapter was really sad im in tears on a sunday morning thank u team excellent work as always..God bless

  7. Hhhhm, this gets very tricky and interesting. Can it be the Germans? Will they be angry for the drugs that were taken by the police in Hilbrow? Just thinking like Lee.
    This is very nice Mike and Mighty Thozama! Cant wait

  8. OMG….Mtho though i wish life upon him, no man share love like him, and God should never for sake him, as for Lee i love her to bits..thanks for the read Mike you are absolutely amazing, and your team also its amazing…..

  9. We read these last week. We are waiting for 144-146.

    Some weeks we get the bonus episode and others we don’t. Please be consistent.

  10. I’ve been refreshing the page for the past 3 hours… Mike and T what’s happening? Itching for my fix

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  13. I will speak for myself as someone who pays for the premium… I only do it to support you, Mike, and I really enjoy the storyline (well, also because I bought the first premium I don’t want to have to wait two weeks to catch up) but would certainly appreciate a LOT of editing being done.

    Too many of us have beeeeennn asking for better grammar and spelling to simply ignore. Too many of my comments have been actually deleted (except the time I responded to some skank sleeping with my husband and had the nerve to write a ‘Dear Mike’ about it). I have (privately, I might add) offered to help edit a couple of times, and been ignored. If in doubt, think / search back to an email highlighting the difference between ‘ramblings’ and ‘rumblings’ right after you posted chapter 1 and asked us which we prefer between (the misspelt TITLE) Rumblings and Realities.

    If this was semi-readable, I would certainly invite my friends to support às well. Unlike me, they don’t have loyalty but pay for a good read. A number of them tried to follow right at the beginning but gave up. If they, the folks on a news and entertainment blog I religiously follow (with some 58, 000 odd readers) and other discerning readers believed you offer value for money; am pretty sure you would get at least a thousand people to buy the premium.

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    I wish you would take us seriously about improving the readability of your blog, and we will bring you more readers prepared to pay for a good read.

    Negative as the above may sound, I actually believe there is a great talent in you! I love how, of late, your diaries are intertwining (intersecting lol). The suspense at the end of each chapter is awesome! A little bit of editing will be good for business 🙂

    Use this, don’t use this; up to you. You may soon be looking at 14 paying ‘fans’

  14. mothobisi is recovering well so he is sent to another room…. mistaken identity with lee’s mom… i hope

  15. Mike and team Hi.

    Paying for the premium isn’t really the problem, but most of us readers are not SA based. If possible, do create a platform on which we can contribute our share too. Thanks

    Blessed Sunday fam.

  16. Poor Lee, I am not sure my body can handle so much drama in one day. I truly hope its mistaken identity with Lee’s mom and where is Neo, why was the furniture brought back, did they not hide cameras or drugs in it? Yho this blog makes me so suspicious about every single move in it.

    Mtho recover well neh.

    Thanks Team awesome read

  17. Okay I know I’m a year late. I’m enjoying the catch up I’m doing however right now I’m confused: is it the Germans or Russians?

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