Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Six

Another thought came to my head, what kind of a friend would I be if I left my friend to face danger all by herself, if she were in my shoes she would never leave me there she would come fight for me, mara Cleo leyena waphapha, why couldn’t she just call the police like a normal suburban wife, why was she acting all ghetto with thugs, they were probably going to take that knife and cut her up in pieces with it. I went back to the kitchen to go look for something that could help me fight them off even though every fibre of my being was saying run to your car and drive home. All I could find where plastic cricket bats that belonged to her kids, shit man, I grabbed a pan and followed behind her, nshe looked at me and whispered “are you planning on frying something?” I signalled for her to just go and shut up, she move  to her bedroom door and opened it with so much force, what I saw in there will forever be engravers d in my memory, it was Cleo’s husband with their ex-nanny she was on top ridding him like there is no tomorrow, I stood there in so much shock that even the pan that was in my hands fell on the floor. Finding out that your partner is cheating has to be one of the worst things that could ever happen to a person but catching them red handed on the act is some traumatic shit that would need years and years of therapy to get over. As soon as the door opened the girl jump off Cleo’s husband and stupid girl instead of running for the door she started looking for her clothes, and was still putting on her panties when Cleo went for her with soo much force she stabbed her in the stomach I was still standing there with my mouth wide opened, Cleo had just literally stabbed the girl in a stomach, I couldn’t move, her husband was also trying to get dressed but when he saw that Cleo had just stabbed the girl he was like “baby it’s not what you think I promise” Hebana was this man denying what had just happened when we had seen the whole thing happen right in front of us, this denying code that men have has got to have a limit if you were caught in the act just apologize and don’t deny because the denying pisses woman off even more. Cleo tried pulling the knife out of the girl but it seemed like it was stuck, she looked at me and said “come help me pull this shit out” I couldn’t move I was frozen, she yanked it out and it came out and the girl screamed from the pain, her husband came from behind her and tried holding her back, she fought him off and turned around and swung the knife at him, he moved back and she missed, she tried again and again he moved back and she missed then he grabbed her arm that had the knife and twisted it behind her, this gave the girl the opportunity to run, she ran past me as I was standing by the door, I didn’t even try stopping her, she was bleeding and was holding her clothes and ran out. Cleo screamed at me, “hit her in the head with your pan.” I was still frozen I couldn’t even see where the pan was. I whisper “I can’t” Vusi was still twisting her arm the knife fell and as soon the knife fell he let go of her hand as soon as he let go of her hand she jumped the bed, Jesus the power that anger gives people is amazing, she landed next to me at the door and pushed me to the side then ran downstairs, Vusi was busy getting dressed, I followed Cleo downstairs she was soo fast she literally jumped four stairs at a time, I was right behind her but slower. The stupid girl was in the kitchen getting dressed, what is it with this getting dressed nonsense, why the hell not run for your life, you will get dressed when you are outside and safe but I guess she feared being seeing by the neighbour’s and since she did stay in the area people knew her and the stigma of being seeing running out of a married man’s house naked is not one that you want and once people see that they just know exactly what is going on. As she was busy getting dressed she had managed to put her jeans on and was now putting on her bra Cleo shouted “you still here bitch?” she looked at Cleo and you could see the fear in her eyes, as Cleo went for her the girl grabbed the bottle of wine that we had put on the table and were planning on drinking it. Cleo didn’t seem to care that she had a bottle of wine in her hand or maybe she didn’t think she would do anything with it Cleo went for her, everything was just happening so fast, as Cleo went for her she hit her on the face with the bottle of wine and it broke in Cleo’s face, I freaked out “oh my God Cleo, are you okay, I said moving close to her, all she did was wipe the wine and blood with her hand like this was no big deal. Cleo then grabbed another knife and this time went for the girl’s face she went stabbed her on her left cheek and while the girl was still in shock of that she went for one of her breast, Jesus Cleo was planning on butchering the girl right there and then. Cleo’s face was now dripping of blood and red wine I didn’t know what was what anymore but I knew this had gone too far I needed to step in and stop this nonsense. I screamed “Cleo, stop this now, look at you, you are bleeding.” Cleo was not done she was not going to let a bit of blood stop her, Vusi finally came downstairs fully dressed I don’t think he realised the mess that he had created until he laid eyes on his girlfriend and saw what she looked like , he grabbed Cleo and twisted her arm again the knife fell and his girlfriend got an opportunity to run outside, I was grateful to Vusi coming downstairs because Cleo would have killed that girl. I knew people got angry when they were cheated on some would even go as far as burning their partners with hot water or beating the shit out of them both but this, this was another level of crazy. Cleo shouted at me “Lee, grab another knife and let me kill this bastard.” Vusi looked at me, let go of his wife and ran, he knew if I had to choose between him and my friend I would definitely choose my friend. As he was running out he grabbed Cleo’s keys that were on the table and locked us inside.

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  1. Oh but Mike you are something else. Thanx once again
    Shucks! Cleo is badass hehehe. It seems Lee and her crew are all insane, proper insane and i love it! Can’t wait for next week.

    Missteps is for sale vele? Not that i mind. Such great work deserves a lil gratitude

  2. a man can break u,we all thought cleo was stupid but all the pain she kept inside. I dont blame her,any human is capable of killing ha ha ha

  3. I’m sorry but are we now being penalised due to the fact that you do not have more premium subscribers, there is nothing we can do to help that situation as you’ve only made that service available to your fellow country mates and unfortunately most of us are not south African

  4. I would have done the same shame poor Cleo. Men dont realise what they do to men when the cheat. I wanted to butcher ths other bitch last year when my man left me for her, good thing he stopped me lol hahahaha crazy ,stupid days lol

  5. Yoh Cleo…..bt it serves d B… ryt gttng d job was nt enough nw want to b d madam in ada womans bed

  6. This was worth every penny….As much as Cleo was angry this will yield serious consequences.I almost burnt my ex’s car and flat when I found out he was cheating. This would have landed me in prison and I have a very bright future ahead. Karma I do believed will get him.

  7. Lol hahahahahaaa this last two chapters left me in stitches kwakwakwaaaaa…….
    Man Cleo means business, but she let the lying cheating bastard hoe called her man off the hook, she should have started with him first. Some kind of friend you are Lee why didn’t you tackle the bastard while Cleo was busy with the stupid bitch

  8. wow oh how I wish I could hav the whole book why can’t they let u publish it lik Khaya mxm I so lov ur work mokone…so proud of u mkhaya

  9. Go Cleo yoo this girl has power.i dd the same wen i found my ex husband wit my ex best friend kodwa not ngomese bt wit a bat.lol ya ne amadoda

  10. Damn vusi wa e duba thankga maan!mosadi o lemetse wena o santse o keya ntlu,tjerrrrrrr
    U wana c true coloures of ur woman,bring a side chick home ull c her,vusi ddnt knw dat mare
    Tnx team

  11. I would like to thank my grandma,she taught me to let go
    previously Mike made notes to plea with readers they should understand the PREMIUMS are not a MUST but for those who wants mores reads,now the game changes.i fail to understand when others seeing this as being stingy or what..it’s not on when people share/taste their talent with us on social media & when they improve,they dump us along the way.those who truely loves reading social diarie will agree with me when i say we saw lot of talent but along the way they just stopped writting,some tells you they were out of Data,some are writting exams etc.that’s why most diaries i don’t LIKE nor Comment coz as soon they notice they’re on flames they forget how that fire began
    Nevertheless if this is it then Goodluck guys & May God Bless you.

    PLZ keep us informed when the book is out..i will be the first to buy!!

  12. Hhahahahaha this chapter is really funny, was imagining everything in my mind, anger will drive you mad, really don’t blame Cleo it’s hard to keep calm in such situations.

  13. I thought my boyfriend’s family have but Lee has the mother of all drama. She makes my life seem so damn boring but I’m good thanks.
    Mike you are the best

  14. hey mike m a 23yr old gal who seems to have difficulties with commitment. when ever i meet a guy and he tries to be serious i slowly run away, i dn’t knw why i sometimes thought it has to do with my past and not being able to have a figure father in my life. sometimes even cheat for no reason at all.at first i ddnt realise this till one of my friends talked to me abt this and maybe she was right i do need help before it to late

  15. Ah shame Cleo but she shouldn’t have over reacted like that some women just like dating married men and it’s no big deal really good e shouldn’t just other people who they fall in love with, I’m also dating a married man and I love him so much and I won’t leave him and I don’t care that he’s married we have three children together and we are very happy and Cleo should just let her husband be.

  16. OMGEEEEEE, crazy doesn’t even begin to explain what Cleo just did… yikes……………

  17. Mike please can you continue the old way since you cant accomodate all your readers for now. Because last week i read the notice that there wont be any post and left the diary. I come back today and youve posted meaning if i buy my pin i wont be able to read the 20th posts. This system aint beneficial for all of us:(

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