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Bonus *** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Nine

Mthobisi said “She? There is a She that you killed. Who are you because you are not the woman that I married? What happened to the sweet innocent Lesedi who doesn’t go around killing people?” I had no response I had no come back, he was right; I was an evil monster who watched while her friend butchered another human being in front of her. Mthobisi was still going on telling me crap on the phone I decided to hang-up, truth hurts and sometimes not hearing it is much better. I went back to the office, I couldn’t work my mind was all over the place, I could not focus on a single thing. My mom called. I was so happy to hear from her, I asked her how she was doing, how she was feeling, all these questions at once; I wasn’t even giving her a chance to answer. “Baby girl, can you come and see me when you knock off, bring Zandile and Cleopatra with you.” My mom only calls m baby girl when something is seriously not right, I asked if everything was okay and she said “why wouldn’t it be?” She was acting very weird I agreed, I called the girls and told them about the conversation with my mom, they said it was probably no big deal maybe she missed spending time with us and anyway Mthobisi wanted to see Neo and they were planning on going there, we agreed to meet at my mom’s place and they were going to come with Mthobisi. I then whispered, “Cleo, I think you killed that girl, but we will talk about it later.” Cleo shouted “in that case we should celebrate.” They agree that we will discuss it in more details later, I went back to work but at that stage the nerves, stress, worry, panic anything negative had me by the balls in other words I was shit scared, each time the work landline rang I would start sweating thinking it’s reception calling to tell me the police are downstairs to arrest me, Cindy kept asking if I was okay, and I would just nod, how do you even start explaining to someone like her what you have done and how at any minute the police could come and arrest you and how you have soo many skeletons and I mean real skeletons all over Johannesburg. Around four Cindy suggested that we call it a day, to say I was relieved would be an understatement, I wanted to run out of there and never come back, but I walked like a lady, smiled and waved goodbye to people, acted like all was well in the world even though I was dying inside, but woman do this all the time it’s just one of those things that God gave us, an ability to pretend. I finally arrived at the parking, jumped into my car and headed straight to Alberton to my mom’s house.

When I arrived at my mother’s house the girls and Mthobisi were already there. I sat with my mom chatting about how she was doing, she said she was well but just didn’t feel safe anymore in the house so Victor had installed cameras and an alarm system, I smiled and said he was such a sweet and loving husband. Mthobisi hardly spoke to me, I didn’t get what his problem was if anyone should be understanding about this whole situation it’s him, but he was there acting all high and mighty, I decided to ignore him back, he had more shit to hide than me and should be grateful that I mind my own business I don’t go looking into his.

After an hour of sitting and chatting with everyone and with my mom not saying why she wanted us there and neither of us wanted to ask her why she had called us there we all just assumed that she had missed us and wanted to see us, there was a knock at the door, my mom went to go open the door, it was Cleo’s mom, I expected to see Vusi behind her or Vusi mom or Vusi’s uncles, black couples love family meeting after they had fucked up, but she was alone.   We were all surprised, we all stood up and hugged her. Cleo was irritated to the core she and her mom do not have the best relationships; they only speak when there is problems or emergencies. We all sat down, and my mom said that she had called us there because Cleo’s mom had been trying to get hold of Cleo and all of us, she has something she would like to discuss with all of us. I wondered how Vusi cheating on Cleo affected the rest of us, why didn’t she just speak to her daughter in private without the rest of us hearing their dirty laundry, not that we didn’t know any of it but sometime privacy is needed just for control.

Cleo’s mom spoke “it’s good to see all of you my children again.” she tried smiling but couldn’t instead she started crying. Cleo snapped at her, “oh mother stop being so dramatic, Vusi and I will sort this out in our own way, I don’t need you interfering.” Her mom stopped crying and looked at Cleo and asked “Are you and Vusi having problems, oh Cleopatra what have you done to that poor man? I told you to stop treating him like a child.” Cleo was not going to take that laying down she asked “ooh wow mom, you don’t even know what the problem is and already you blaming me, the bastard cheated on me and you want to blame me for it?” Cleo and her mom know how to go off at each other and once they start trust me it takes a very, very, very long time for them to stop. She Rocks whispered to me “wake me up when this fighting is over, I’m falling asleep.” I looked at her and told her to stay the hell up if she knew what was good for her. She stood up, trying to calm the situation and asked “would anybody like some tea or coffee.” Cleo’s mom answered “no my dear, please sit down, I needed all three of you here, to tell you, well to also ask you something.” She Rocks sat down, Mthobisi asked if he should leave and my mom said he should stay he was part of the family, he stayed we all listened as Cleo’s mom spoke “remember our house, the one we used to stay in a few streets away from here?” We all nodded, Cleo and I became friends because we stayed in the same area she stayed a few streets away from my parents’ house. When we were in tertiary Cleo’s mom sold that house and they bought another house in Randburg. She continued “Well, I got a call from the police, the new owners of the house wanted to use the space at the back yard to make a pool, they hired a company to do that for them, as they were digging they found a skeleton, bones of a person.” She paused and tears just rolled down her face, she continued “for years and years I thought my husband had left me, one day we woke up and he was gone without a trace, I knew he couldn’t have just left me that man did love me.” she was again crying. Shit, shit, shit, I swear my heart stopped beating, all our jaws were literally dropped to the floor. She Rocks stood up and signalled that she wanted to throw up and ran to the bathroom, the rest of us sat there in silence. I couldn’t even look at Cleo, my mom was comforting Cleo’s mom, when She Rocks came back Cleo’s mom continued this time she was calm “When Leo disappeared the three of you started acting strangely, there was always whispering and each time I would enter a room you would stop talking, Cleo you hated him and at first I thought it was because you thought he was trying to replace your real dad but it was more than that, there is something more, the police asked me if I suspected anyone and…” she paused “I need you girls to tell me what happened to my husband, how did he end up dead in my backyard? All these years…” At that stage I was shaking like a leaf. Never in our wildest dream did we think that this day would come where we were faced by our parents like some teenagers and asked to confess our crimes. We were all silent for a good five minutes. “You don’t have to tell me anything, I won’t force it out of you, but the police will, I have named the three of you as the suspects, the police are investigating you.” Ohhh shit, that is why Mthobisi’s connection said I was under investigation for murder, Jesus Christ what had Cleo’s crazy mother done. She had just opened a can of worms, she had just unleashed a bomb that was about to blow up in all of our faces but most of all it was about to blow her face I didn’t know what the other two girls were thinking but all I knew was if she knew our reasons for doing what we did, God help us all…..

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  1. Ulala good luck girls….. but why would Cleo’s mother do that? Really? A mother is supposed to protect

  2. Can sumone plz help me with subscribing for the premiums coz 3 wks is just 2 much without any chapters!

  3. Today I decided to stop being stingy and purchased the pins and I must say. What I read was worth every penny. Thank u mike. Now we going to know. The secret about these girls but I love how they stand together. How I wish I had girlfriends like these not the ones who will stab me in the back the first moment I turnaround! Thank u mike and thozama

  4. Cleo’s mother dznt love her daughter shem!hw cn she do dat ko ngwaneng wa gage vele?
    Danki ngibongile team.

  5. Cleo’s mom is not loyal…how can she put out her daughter like that without even getting the story first..hayi lomama no!

  6. any good samaritan 2 forward the premiums 2 me on ma e-mail(tabbzie@gmail.com).we who aint 4rm S.A r suffering coz we cant subscribe…plz guys help me.N MIKE,plz come up wid a soln,ur killing us over here

  7. 6 Chapters in one day…. whew…. what a dosage.. now I will make sure that I have airtime every weekend… Missteps is worth paying for. I really hope SA fans will use this SMS thingy coz after all Mike gives us 2books weekly for free…

  8. amazing how people go on about how Cleo’s mom is not loyal, how she can do that to her daughter and you wonder why the rate of crime is so high in our country, not only do we live with criminals, we protect them and basically condone what they so in the name of family. Imagine how enraged yol would be if u were related to the ex husband, u would want justice yet you want the culprit protected. Story or not but goes to show ha rena nnete. Truly sad these girls must pay, no deed must go unpunished, thy have gotten away too many times, time they grew up and faced the music

  9. O. M. G
    My favorite girls are in shit. Mthobisi must help them tu….. Hai i hate cleo’s mom now.

    Thnx Mike

  10. Yho! these girls mara too much drama but Lesedi has been through a lot lately.
    Your too talented Mike nice work.

  11. OMG shit is about to hit the pan, I used to wonder when this ladies will be caught of all their crimes. but Cleo’s mom why didn’t she speak to the girls first before listing their names as possible suspects, some mom’s can really through you under the bus to die.

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