Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Two

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It’s funny really, when a woman is not in your situation she tends to have the loudest opinions. So many women and I believe I can say as many as 80 % have slept with an ex let alone a baby daddy. All these women because they regret that decision and call it a moment of weakness will be the first to laugh at you and tell you, another woman how weak you are. A real honest woman will tell you that when you have loved someone, even if you hate them at some point, that familiarity, that bond never fully goes away. It’s only when he hurt you really badly that you walk away saying he is evil, he is a dog, all those names we call them to make ourselves feel better that we think we have moved on. Why do you think men are so threatened by you attending an event where you ex is? It’s for that reason. White people call it closure black people call it disgusting or weak or whatever people think of me sitting in Mudenda’s car at this moment. This man hurt me, I am not stupid, I will never forget that but I had something for him and his girlfriend that would wound her forever and that’s her constant fear that she will always have to worry about me.

“Listen, Meladi please, it’s not what you think at all. I was just doing it to try recover my thesis!”

He said in his desperation but she was not buying it and the silence in the car made it such that I could hear everything she was saying,

“You lying dog! You were going to fuck her and then come home and fuck me!”

She shouted,

“How could you Mudenda? I am the mother of your unborn child!”

I couldn’t help it; she gave me an opening so I shouted loudly enough for her to hear,

“So am I!”

And girl oh girl did she go ballistic! She was angry! It’s a miracle I swear God is great that she didn’t give birth right there and then. It was like I had punched her in the stomach, ok sorry that’s mean to say of a pregnant woman but oh well it was!

“How can you let her talk to me like that? Get her out of your car Mudenda! Get her out!”

She screamed!

Guess what!

His phone made that battery dying sound and it switched off! Now ladies, we all know that if a guy tells us that his battery died it’s tantamount to him saying he is fucking someone else! I am not lying! Out of all the batteries in the world, in our minds, why yours? Why didn’t you charge it?

“Oh shit!”

He said.

“Can I use your phone?”

Lol I swear I felt like putting on that Medea accent and say,

“Boy you must have lost your mind!”

But I held it within and told him it would only make it worse. I was right too! Imagine him calling you with his mistresses’ phone! Aowa he would have grown balls of steel should he ever do that to you. It’s not even disrespectful it’s just suicide!

“But I need to talk to her!”

He pleaded.

“Do you want her to dump you?”

I asked him. He said no and I was not even hurt. I did not want him dumped either. That would be too easy and I won’t have someone to torment. He looked at me and I think we had made a break through. He sighed.

“I am sorry I lied but I have to go. She drives me crazy that girl. She runs to her father every second minute and oh no, he doesn’t know when to chill, he will call and want to advise me! I am tired!”

He said hitting his head on his staring. Did this guy really want to make hear his problems with his girlfriend? Was he for real. He thought I had forgotten that that he said he was here to fuck me because of his thesis!

“If you go now you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Either way you are in trouble! I am horny now not later so make up your mind!”

I said to him. He was a bit confused but I wasn’t. I knew what I was doing. Men! Do you know why women have more power than men when it comes to sex? Simple, because 99percent of the time a man can’t say no to you when you come on to him. It’s as simple as that. With women we get to reject these bastards for as long as we want at any time we want. Most girls obviously hide behind,
“If I initiate sex I am a whore!”
Like we live in the 1930s but that’s them and their backward oppressed minds! If you can’t ask a man in 2015 when then can you ask him out? When you are in your fifties? We oppress ourselves shem! I was going to shag him and I knew exactly what I was doing.

“You still want to have sex?”

He asked me curiously!

I had been horny for a while now and hadn’t been laid in six months so my answer was yes. Why should I be ashamed of wanting what I wanted? He was wearing tight jeans meaning they had to come off and I was wearing the skirt I had worn to the interview so I had to hike it up. I had already thought this through. I asked him if he had a condom and joked that the last time he didn’t have one we made a baby. It was an uncomfortable laugh he let out. He had one so we agreed to go to the back seat.

When we kissed there was no electricity but I didn’t mind. He was just hungry and was all over me. I pulled up my skirt and took off my panties. The man was practically drooling. The way men love sex though? It’s like the one thing that gets them happy almost always. His dick, it was bigger than I remember was already standing at full attention. What a guy!!! He put on his condom! I noticed the car keys were still in the ignition and I told him that it was not safe. I reached over, my naked ass in his face turning him on even more and pulled them out.

His jeans were fully off now and on my side of the car as though they were a pillow. Actually he said that. Lol how considerate. I told him that it’s only fair I take off my skirt too but I had to stand up as I was not as flexible as him. The glee on his face was priceless. I opened the door on my side and stepped out. I laughed at him as he was slowly stroking his dick maybe to keep it hard I don’t know.

I grabbed his jeans, and his keys and I banged the door shut!

“What are you doing?”

He shouted panicking!

“You think I am some whore you going to fuck for a thesis!”

I said to him showing him his keys!

“Get back here right now, I am warning you!”

He screamed! This man was not taking me seriously! Who the fuck did he thing he was!

“Uyangxhaphela wena ..uhambe ubhebha wonke amagolo ungenza islima nxxxxxxx. ….hambofa ungjwayel amasimba wena! Voetsek!”

I shouted as I walked away. I had his keys, his pants and his underwear and his phone was flat!

Beat that!

******The End*****

*PS The Zulu part please ask Zulus to translate because lol its too deep for me I am a Christian!

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanx a lot for your blog. I’m so hooked, its not funny.

Now to my letter… I’m originally from Jhb but I stay in Cape Town it used to be because of work but now its mainly because of my relationship. I’m 7months pregnant and its been the best experience. Despite the fact that I lost my job at 3months. My boyfriend however has been the best thing in my life from day 1 and the pregnancy didn’t change him. He’s what other girls consider a ‘dream man’ and we have a perfect relationship. He’s been so supportive and he’s been there for me both emotionally and financially. Besides that I’m used to my independency but I haven’t felt the void of not having a salary and I know our child will be well taken care of. Lately though we’ve been having problems. There’s this girl they have a history, they briefly dated way before we met but because of distance it didn’t work out. She is from Jhb (I know hey my boyfriend and Jhb girls) while he is in Cape Town obviously. However she recently reappeared from whatever hole she was in and made contact with him and he seems to like it. We had a fight about it and he promised he wouldn’t carry on with it. He did so and life went back to normal so I thought. He went to Jhb (for work related purposes) 2 weeks ago and he contacted her and by evidence they were planning on meeting until I got sick and he had to cut his trip short and return to Cape Town. My boyfriend is clumsy, I don’t know if he’s stupid or what but he never deletes his msgs or conversations so me being a woman who occasionally checks his phone as they say wayisusa uzoyimela. We had another fight but he promised they didn’t meet and apologised, I let it go and he blocked her. This morning I go through his phone again and noticed that he had unblocked her and they were speaking again. Not only did I feel deceived but I don’t think I want to be with him anymore because clearly this girl means something to him. I have to move back home to have the baby and he decided he’s gonna transfer to Jhb so we can still be together (this was decided way before this girl reappeared). I know its a big decision for him and I have no doubt that he loves me but I don’t trust him. I feel like I’m just waiting to be cheated on and especially when we get to Jhb where this girl is. Please advice me on what to do. I have the choice of having the baby here in Cape Town and making it work with him but won’t that be running away from what’s waiting to happen?!

Sorry for the long essay 🙂

Soon to be mommy!

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  1. Thank you Mike for a good dose <3

    #unfortunately I am a Christian too would have translated that especially as a professional translator lol

  2. Yho!!! Mudenda is special shame… does he not learn… hamba Faith

    Mommy to be; you have my sympathy, you will have to look over your shoulder as he is flirting with problems… but you cant make him stop, he needs to that himself… . about having the baby in Cape Town, if you would be doing that just to try and keep him from cheating then its not wise, coz he will find other means… good luck

  3. @mommy to be
    Am in similar situation,for me it’s worse it’s with an ex-girlfriend,he doesn’t want to get back with her but again he doesn’t want to cut the ties…..he is busy searching her,they secretly talked at some occasions,don’t know about meetings but after our two years relationship she called this year ka valentine,when I asked her what she wanted she couldn’t answer as she knew about my existence,brother man told her about my existence she said,but the way I see it,he just can’t cut ties I don’t know how to justify this for my own peace as we expecting our first born soon….and he doesn’t want to see what this is doing to me,he says he was just searching her on facebook nothing much,we fought about her valentine call,told him he is leading her on,so now recently he was searching he going through her profile when I found him,I asked him what he looking for,he said he was bored and it’s normal,I have an ex,he has two kids now and probably planning to get married soon,we loved each other then It’s just that a lot had happened that could have prevented us to make our things right,then he moved on first but has respected his decision ever since,has respected his gf by cutting contact even if he at some point wanted to continue with contact,he wanted to marry at some point but a lot had happened and I knew very well that we wouldn’t worked pass what we went through,so lately my current is making me feel like starting that contact,I also know my ex loved me,and with his weakness that I know he might enjoy the attention just to show this one,I have tried in many occasions to show current what this is doing to my ego,esteem but he doesn’t get it or rather he doesn’t want to get it,I am running out of options…..advice too please

  4. Hihiihihihhuhigigiigihihihihihi Faith ohhhhh faith, I am dam proud of you. To translate the Zulu ………no… Its too deep I have a calling I can say such words

  5. Nice read Mike… Q&A My sister what i can tell you is that most men if not all have that one woman or girl whom we tell “even if I get married i’ll still hook up with you”. Its crayze but its one of those moments that are kinda hard to describe. But rest assurred he loves you and will never leave you… Just don’t nag him.

  6. eagerly waiting for Jackzorro or Bhejane or KayVee to translate the Zulu part for me, *puppy eyes* Mike rra 🙁

  7. Inhlamba engaka Mike, you wrote, translate it, I am Christian too! LOL !!!!!!! Faith played that card well, for a moment there I thought she was being stupid.

    Soon to be mommy and Tebogo Thelma, I hope somebody will advise you well ladies…I don’t get why a guy needs to continue or start another “friendship” with another women whilst he should be devoting his full attention to the mother of his unborn child whom he claims to love so much. Some things just don’t make sense and hopefully somebody will make sense out of it for all of us.

  8. thks Mikey.

    my Jackie help your sista here translate baba my zulu is very limited. ( something like oa phapha go you oa ntlwaela o mas*#pa)

    Nongo @BW

  9. Thanks Mike & team, wow I didn’t see that one coming. Nice one Faith.

    QNA, I don’t know how to advise you my dear. Let me relate my story to you hopefully you can pick something up. I was once in a similar situation with my husband (who was my boyfriend then). He had this ex that we was apparently extremely inlove with at the time of the their relationship and out of nowhere she dumped him. By the time I met him, they had been apart for a little over 2 years but whenever he mentioned her, I could see in his eyes that he still loved her even though he denied it.

    Fastforward 2 years into our relationship, he bumped into the ex’s sister and then got hold of the ex’s contact details (she had moved to England by this time), they started chatting on whatsapp and all, told him I wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation and he promised he had stopped. About 4 months down the line I bumped into his gmail chats (they were all about 2 months old), he was literally begging the girl to take her back, and surprisingly she was also ready to. When I confronted him about it, he told me he didn’t know what got into him, he was sorry and as he had stopped hence the chats were over 2 months old.

    From what I could see, he needed closure, maybe from the was they broke up and all and he needed to contact her otherwise he would still be wondering to this day. After that we moved on from the ex and we now can freely mention her without any sparks or anything. My 2cents worth dear is that your throwing tantrums or trying to stop him won’t help, he has to want to stop, and only then will he stop. For now, let him be and just believe in your love, if you guys are meant to be together, you will be this is just a minor hump on the road.

    All the best.

  10. Lol yoooooohhh modimo forgive me #translation in my weak zulu#

    You take me for granted, you go around fucking every ***** you making me a fool, go to hell. *ungijwayela amasimba* lol I’ll leave that one to Jackzorro

  11. Thank you Mike and Team….Lol I cant hepl but laugh at you recent posts. So much comdedy. Im loving every minute of these chapters lately. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every morning. I pray to God he nurtures your talent and take it to great heights ( see I’m Christian too) lol.

    Okaaaay Soon to Mommy and Tebogo Thelma.

    Ladies, first of all I also have a ‘deam man’ lol. And he kiiiinda did what your man is doing son to be Mommy. But because I love this man I told him how what he’s doing is making me feel and what it could do to our relationship and luckily for me he stopped, Well I think he did because I also decided not to snoop on his phone because that is just unnecessary stress to me.

    Not to say accept his cheating ways or anything but, your man is not perfect. Im not sure why he does the things he does but you need to somehow trust in his love for you that he will not cheat on you. Remember pregnant people are overlly emotional as it is. Now if you act the ‘forever insecure, detective’ girlfriend, he will get annoyed. On the same breathe, you cant just ignore whats going on.

    Yes talk to him ( they say communication is important in relationships) but how you talk to him about it will be the outcome of hoe things pan out. Remember ladies 90% of aguments are not what’s been said , but how its been said.

    I always write things down to my boyfriend because I now I will say things that I will regret and can never take back.

  12. If Mudenda is used to getting things done his way, he’s doomed this tym around. Serves him ryt, he will never take advantage of Faith ever again.

  13. As for “Uyangxhaphela wena ..uhambe ubhebha wonke amagolo ungenza islima nxxxxxxx. ….hambofa ungjwayel amasimba wena! Voetsek” lmfao Faith you have outdone yourself girl!!! =D

  14. Tjo Faith! what a pleasant and surprising turn of events! Mike ubosso

    @ STM & TT take Doctor’s advise. I have a male friend who is married, when we met i he told me he was married and he was not looking for a romantic relationship but just wanted to be a friend, he told his wife about it and at first she did not have a problem with it until she met me (i cant help being beautiful ke bantu). i told the dude that if his wife is not ok with it we must not continue with this friendship as platonic as it was i did not want to cause problems between them (i also have a boyfriend and he knows about this male friend and had actually met him) at first he agreed then he would after a while call me “just to check up on me” one time he did that and his wife called me threatening to leave her husband and if i wanted him i could have him (i was shocked) i told the dude and he told me he is not going to do that and he can take the punches. i was uneasy about that and i wrote him a long e-mail trying to make him understand where his wife was coming from and the consequences of his actions – he seemed to listen and he stopped for a good six months or so then he called and asked if he still had a friend, he was missing me and all. he begged me that we should keep in touch a hello and a chat here and there, i reminded him about our chat he told me he loves his wife and had no intensions of losing her. all am trying to say is it might not be romantic feelings involved just friendship – well in my case we were never romantically involved – but if you feel uncomfortable about their relationship speak to the dude and raise your concerns, tell him how you feel and the consequences of his actions.

    all the best

  15. yooooo rolling on the floor with laughter (last part kaFaith) yuuuuuuu Mike cant believe you wrote that 😂😂😂 koda wangbusisa.

  16. yooooo rolling on the floor with laughter (last part kaFaith) yuuuuuuu Mike cant believe you wrote that 😂😂😂 koda wangbusisa syabonga.

  17. LOLEST!!! YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN… HAHAHA! We may as well all be such than coz the juicy stuff u write here is not Christian-like, but I aint judging dude, just saying… poor Mudenda tho, Faith is being mean now…

  18. Dankie Adv Maphoto

    Hahahaaaaaa! May I ask “Mike what are you smoking man?

    Translation___eish I’m a Sangoma, cnt say such phrase

  19. Hahahaha loling all the way..yoh faith ur my hero, sooo didnt expect that I was already saying your a fool to sleep with him again but you did even better..well written mike u keep me hooked

  20. Let me help translate for the non-Zulu:
    Uyangixhaphela – think – wet smelly pussy, that males a funny sound
    Uhamba ubhebha wonke amagoli ungenza islima – you go around fucking all cunts and you’re making me a stupid
    Hambofa ungijwayela amasimba – go die, go to hell, you think I’m shit.
    These words: uyangixhaphela, igolo, are very deep Zulu insults… Not your normal voetsek!!!

  21. …MAKES funny wet sound. The sound you’d hear if you step on a super wet smelly towel… The one you don’t even want to touch with your own hands…

  22. Wow what a turn of events lol well done Mike
    I’d have to agree with zaza on this one had a similar experience with my husband I found out after we were married about this ex that he just couldn’t get over,one day he asked me to check a mail for him since where he was he couldn’t access internet and I decided to go through his email and and I discovered mails between him and the ex and in one of them they were declaring their love for one another,I confronted him and asked him to be honest and he told me the truth,to cut a ling story short since the ex was also married with two kids i told my husband how this made me feel and i told him they should do all they want to get closure but should they have an affair and i find out about it then it will be the end of our marriage,shortly after they went on a date (lunch) and he came back saying he doesn’t want to hear from her again she cheated on him n now she was willing to cheat on her husband it showed that she had not changed and I could see that he meant it 6 yrs later we are still happily married and haven’t had any ex problems

  23. Mike I’m dead

    Lady mommy that guy is going to fuck his ex,u need to find a job cause this guy has the financial power.we cheat that’s it,he will not leave u but stop messing with his phone or ull just stress urself

  24. After a long horrible day, this is what the Dr ordered. Mike you killed it with strong language and all. #CantTranslate I’m born again

  25. The translation is:
    “You take me lightly, for granted, like a piece of shit……just because you are in the habit of going around screwing cheap/fucking around……don’t take me for granted……you think I am an imbecile?? No, I am not as low or cheapy as you want to take me for…..”

  26. Kwaaaaaaaaaaa…lmao. I am so inlove with u Faith, u had me worried there for a sec, I thord u were getting week

  27. Kwaaaaaaaaaaa…lmao. I am so inlove with u Faith, u had me worried there for a sec, I thord u were getting weak

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