Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Three

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I was not being cruel! He had treated me so cheaply so I was going to return the favor. He better pray he does not end up in Daily Sun because you know how those perverts always seem to find out about stories like these! Imagine him and his proud self on page 3 walking with his butt out because he tried to have sex in a public place. I was so annoyed. I won’t lie and try to be great but part of me had wanted to shag him. It was not to spite anyone but for my own needs. Angry as I was I was still horny and cheap as people might think I am, he was the last man to have touched me and sleeping around is not usually a wise option. Most girls would go find the next available dick then they have nerve to call me cheap for going to my ex. As for Meladi, I am going to take a moment and feel for her. She must be in pain right now and broken. In her head at this point I am certain we were having round three and he was calling out my name! If she does not dump him because of this she will never dump him that’s for sure. Maybe I should call her? Nah, that would be overkill! Let her mind play tricks on her. Serves them both right! Now she will always watch her back when it comes to her man. A lot of girls in relationships are traveling down the road in which they have to constantly look over their shoulder because they cannot trust their men. I think all girls in fact at the back of their mind don’t trust their men. South African men are just bad! They cheat for fun and guess what, we the girls have been convinced that even if he has a girlfriend, it’s still flattering that he wants you so why not! We are part of the problem because we allow ourselves to be flattered by cheapness.

I was not sure what to do with his clothes now that I had them. I had not fully thought this through. How was he going to be rescued eventually. That’s another thought that went to mind. Taking his keys if he reported me would be theft that much I know for sure. I know as women when we make emotional decisions like the one I had just made we do not think of the real time consequences! I will give you an example, if you burn someone with water for example, are you prepared to spend ten years in jail where more than water will go on to and into you? It’s those things we never think through because we believe our anger is justified. Maybe I have good heart or something I don’t know. I decided to double back to the car. If you have been to Monte Casino you will know that’s it’s quite possible to walk in the parking lot with out being seen because it’s pretty big. I folded his clothes nicely and put his keys into the pocket. I went and placed them next to his car and I am certain he didn’t see me. I am sure he passed out trying to figure out what to do next. I am sure he was scared shitless. Imagine how he was going to curse himself when he realizes that his clothes and keys were by his car this whole time. There will be consequences though that much I am sure of.

I took a cab back home. It’s like a ten minute drive from Monte to my place so it was not expensive at all. I got a call from an unexpected person. I had not even saved the persons number. It was Thandeka, Aurelia”s friend from the party. She said she was just checking up on me and one of the guys at the party has been bugging her for my numbers. She said she was calling to ask for my permission to give one of the Nigerian guys my number. I told her I had to think about first because I was going through a lot at the moment. I could hear someone in the background moan with disapproval so I guess the guy was standing right behind her. Awkward moment but I don’t think I was ready to go that route. Not with a baby in the picture. We did however agree to have lunch at some point. When I got home, out of the cab, another call came in, a call I expected. It was Meladi. She had swallowed her pride.

“I am sorry for everything Faith, please please don’t fuck my man, please!”

Well firstly, women we need to get this, no man is yours, they will never ever be ours fully so stop over investing in this delusion! You are better off. Secondly calling the person you think is the mistress just shows how pathetic you are. I know of so many girls who call to insult the mistress when she too is getting fucked by the same man fucking you over. Why then are you shouting at her like it will make a difference? That shit don’t work. I asked her politely not call me and told her that her man will call her when he wants her. It was none of my business what happened between them just as it was none of hers who I fucked.

“But Faith you were never like this! You used be so sweet and nice now look at you?”

She said in what I think was either pleading or mocking not that I care. She is right though, when I loved Mudenda was meek and humble, sweet and kind. I allowed all my friends to walk all over me and look where that got me! It left me with a baby daddy, hectic mistrust and friendless. Never again. I told her not to call me again. I hung up.

When I got into our driveway the lights were on and there was a car outside. I had forgotten my sister was with her man! That’s why she had been so eager for me to go in the first place! I felt mean because she had been so looking forward to some alone time with her man. I often heard her on the phone complaining how much they did not nearly spend enough time together. I felt her pain because there were times I felt like that with Mudenda especially when he started working. What to do now? I could not go back to Monte. What if I bumped into Mudenda he would kill me for sure. Nope, home was the safest place to be. I sat by the garage but it took me a few minutes to realize that I could not stay outside much longer because it was a bit chilly. We have no doorbell. I tried knocking but they were playing music so they did not hear me and when it’s cold your knuckles go sore very fast. I used my key to enter.

When I entered they were not in the lounge or tv room but the music was playing. Romantic times I guess. That means I will not have to disturb them. I tip toed to my room. I could actually hear her mourn. God was punishing me really. Why did I reject that idiot? When I got to my room there was nothing like that! The light in my mothers and her room were on and the door was slightly open.

Just a peek!

I mean it’s something I will laugh at her in future about this. Curiosity is a bad thing.

The scene before me was enough to drive a preacher wild!

My sister and her man were having sex. They were butt naked and he was pounding her mercilessly. Having sex and seeing two people have sex in real life are two very different things.

That was not the problem I had with this situation though.

They were having sex in the same room with Amo!

And that’s not all!

They were having sex in my mothers bed!

LIKE What the Fuck!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

‎Hey mike

Am a lady aged 27, engaged, my mum was happy about everything until last year when i was about to be lobola’d, she denied the lobola and i was surprised, asking her y she said she does not like my MIL(mum in law), i got so stressed i even lost weight, i truly love my man, we r in love despite that but he want to marry me, I want to marry him and problem is my mum, i told her i aint in love with my MIL but my hubby, and she is now against the idea of me seeing my man, I can’t go on now, i love my man and we need to plan a family‎, we old now, I don’t know but I am thinking of going to live with my man maybe she will realise that we live each other, I really do respect her but choosing for me whom to love is something else, can’t leave my man, he is my happiness .what is your view dear readers?

Thank You


17 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Three

  1. Dankie Boss! Ja Faith ziyabuya cc. I think u shud have agreed to give permission to Thandeka to give whoever your number. I’m so looking forward to what’s happening with her.
    Blessed Day every1

  2. Maria
    have you ever ask her why she hates your mother in law,maybe they have history,maybe it’s something that will affect you in future,figure out why,ask someone whom used to be close to your mom back in the days,there is a reason,no mother would just be unreasonable like that,maybe your mother in law stole your dad long ago,then forget it,woman to woman you will loose your Mom over a man….but figure out first b4 you move In with that man,maybe you sharing a father,it might be a very reason she returned lobola,your mom can never be jealous of you…..if you are meant to be with your man things will work out,it’s better to delay lenyalO than rush to it and regret forever

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, nice one buddy.


    Ousie Maria, your Mom is preventing your wedding out of spite for your soon Mom inLaw… Aowa!! That’s selfish to the extreme bathong… This is about you and your happiness, and despite her bitterness for your MIL, she needs to put her needs and wants aside Cheeny! Unless she is saying your MIL is an after 9 type of Gogo then ke nawe you have some considerations to make but either than that, your Mom is wrong.

    I say follow your heart Sestere, even if it means temporarily vat n Sit met dy man van jou. Your Oulady needs to butt the hell out of your relationship, and where is your Dad anyway? Why is your Mom rejecting Lobola transactions vele, ooMalule baphi? This is nonsensical. That’s why cultural things don’t involve women, they are too emotional. Manje she is clouded by hate so bad she can’t even see how miserable she is making you. Your Mom Aint Loyal.

    Goodluck Maria, but take action for your happiness. Loboling type of Men are becoming extinct, act fast.


  4. Thank you Mikeeestooo and team 🙂 Happy Friday peeps!!!

    Maria my dear… Let me get this straight, your mom was happy that you were engaged rigth? So she accepted your boyfriend and loves him , correct?

    So your mother does not want you to marry the man that you love ( whom she accpeted by the way ) because of HIS mother?? Why? What does your Fiance’s mother do that your mother doesnt like so much that she is prepared to sacrifice your wedding and your happiness for??

    Your Mother needs to butt out of your relationship. You are the one marrying into this family NOT HER. This will be YOUR mother-in-law not hers.

    This is about you my dear and not her. You need to sit her down and make her understand that. This is your happiness, fight for it sisi.

  5. Faith sorry, maria you are not marring your mother in law and its not your mothers marriage its your happiness and yours only our mothers must leave us to do our own mistakes and be happy about whatever makes us happy

  6. has Judith lost her mind, having sex on her mom’s bed ah! Poor Amo doesn’t even what’s happening around him. Shem askies Faith, you will be strong!

    Maria talk to your mom and get to the bottom of this, I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for her behavior, jackz asked the right questions where are the uncles in all this? hai.
    But before you resent your mom, try an explain to her what this is doing to you.
    Some parents though, refusing lobola hai #thinking out loud

    Thanks Team

  7. Ts been a while since I comment.
    Let me jus say Thanks Mike n team, dis Mudenda character is so childish shaim! Yoh ay Faith ur sista ngeke ke gintsa hle akahloniphi nje ay ngeke mina if I was ur mom was gona disown ha! She’s 3much 4 a gal.
    Q&A she knows something about da family maybe yall related nje! Blacks with secrets!!!

  8. Thanx big Mike….can’t wait for Tuesday

    QnA , I wonder what is your mom’s problem, move in with him for a while so she can take u serious , good luck


  9. Take you own decision sista you are an adult. Your mum will tell you if there is something you have to know. Why was she excited with the engagement? Hai ausi it’s hard to find a partner matsatsing ana kgetha motho wa hao. Mum will sort herself beside you not getting married to your mil.

  10. Q&A
    My dear, you are a grown woman now, don’t see why you let your Mom do that to you bcuz of your MIL.

    After that she leaves you with unanswered questions? As if you are a child. Maybe if she explains to you what her problem is, you might understand.

    So you are correct, do what’s right by you and your man, don’t let ur Mom ruin your life. Even if there’s something bad between the two of them, it looks like your Mom prefers that you find out about it in the streets.

    Probably when its too late …?

    Do what makes you & your hubby happy, dear…

  11. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto – Salute!

    Q&A: CC Maria, I can feel there’s strong secret btwn the two women. I suggest U giv her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t tell U the real reason why (within one month for exmpl) then U will move in wth yo lover and MEAN IT!
    That’s the only way she will tell U otherwise move in & myb 1day she will accept the lobola that’s if there’s no secrets. Gudluck – PapaG

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