Rumblings – Chapter Sixty One

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You know when you break up with someone you tell yourself all the things you will never do with that person. You swear to stay far away from them. When you have a kid with them and you work you tell yourself that you will not them to contribute in the child’s welfare until that moment Nhlanhla Nene says repo rate. You don’t even know what that is but you know your salary alone won’t cover it! You have a problem, a big one! You tell yourself that fuck it, you didn’t get pregnant by yourself the bastard must pay! Mmmm, the story is changing slightly right? Worse if you see he is posting up happy pictures with other women on Facebook you want to comment and say “after the bottle of moet you just bought those ladies ska lebala go reka pamphers tsa ngwana!” You don’t find baby daddies on Instagram, they are too backward and pictures expose, facebook on the other hand is their home! With that said I was curious, I can’t help it, I was curious to know what he wanted to tell me. It was long overdue me and him having this conversation.

I called my girl we had a lot to talk about. Firstly I wanted to know about Lunga!

“I met the bosses son today! Girl he is the hottest thing on two legs. Tell me more about him!”

I asked her. I know how she responds when does not want to seem interested.

“He is a doosh! What do you mean he is hot? That little boy! He is such an idiot! Don’t be fooled by the physique because he is a child in mentality! I bet you anything he tried to hit on! Damn moron!”

Oh My God! She was lying. That’s what she does! She was lying! Wow! When Aurelia lies she makes the situation sound really bad just like she was making him sound like the devil!

“Last time I saw him he was with two different girls! He is a womaniser and a drunkard!”

She went on and on for about ten minutes on why he was so bad. She was definitely screwing him like wow! Serves that old guy right though pretending he can keep up with the stamina of a young lady. I didn’t sympathise with him one bit because he had a wife so he must feel the pain. The day he finds out it will break him that much I can guarantee.

“There is something else I want to tell you!”

I continued,

“Mudenda broke up with Meladi!”

I said with glee. She responded immediately and said,


I was stumped. I wanted to ask her if this was not the best news she has heard ever but the way the so was cold I was not even going to dare to bring it out. Isn’t this always how things go though, your friends hate your ex more than you do. No matter what good thing he does they will remind you of how rotten he is. Eish, I wanted to tell her so badly how happy I was but I had to watch myself. Maybe she was right, Mudenda has a way of disappointing you meaning that I could have high expectations and he won’t show up! That’s what he does, ok I lie, I don’t remember him ever doing it but oh well, I felt it.

“How was your first day at work?”

Aurelia asked. I had forgotten all that. I was not sure how to respond because it could also have been a double edged sword as I know for a fact she hated the fact that I had taken the job. I played it down and told her I was grateful to her because without her my son would starve. She didn’t really like the thank you and brushed it off. I had betrayed her somewhat but I needed this so badly!

My mother called and said she was going to sleep at a night virgil for one of her colleague who had passed away. She sometimes did that. Nurses die almost as many as teachers and that’s saying a lot and HIV honestly has finished these two professions. Weird I know! Mudenda called and said he was ten minutes away. I told my sister I had a date with a guy I had met and she was all too happy for me to go because she knew I never went anywhere. She said she was expecting Kagiso in any case so it was a good time for me to be away. It meant she was going to get laid definitely, in her mother’s house! I had never done that! When he was outside he called? My sister wanted to run to the window to see whom it was but Amo cried at that moment! She had to go to her and I immediately ran out. I did not want her to see who I was with. She would be so angry.

“Hi there?”

He said with I am not sure what was a smile or what?

“I see your bought a new car I never saw this before!”

I responded but did not compliment it. Was he here to show of for his new car? He said it was a gift from his father that’s all and emphasised that he could not afford it even now. All baby daddies do that! The moment they know that you see he is making money he looks for an excuse to make sure that you don’t ask for any of it because God forbid you could end up feeding his child with it! The tragedy that is men! Sies!

“Where are we going?”

I asked him. He was driving with purpose and. By the looks of it we were going to Monte Casino which was not too far from my house!

“We need a place to talk!”

He said casually.

“Monte is too loud and am not dressed for it!”

I told him and it’s true I was not! I was not shabby because of the work clothes but it was too crowded. We agreed that we can just sit in the parking lot and honestly people gamble all days of the week. It was packed as usual and the funny thing is, there are these middle aged to old women who come to the casino to just come look at people gamble! It’s so creepy but who is judging. We found a quiet corner where the overhead light had blown out so it made it dark.

Mudenda was not sitting comfortable because his phone was at a funny angle. He took it out but because he held it by the touch screen it dialled. He didn’t see it neither did I.

“I am sorry for how I have behaved towards you. I don’t deserve your forgiveness and to be in this car with you right now. I made so many mistakes with you and I don’t know what I was thinking!”

He said,

“Meladi was a mistake! I was so angry when I thought you cheated with me that I fucked her at the party the first time. It meant nothing at the time she was just meant to hurt you I am sorry!”

He said.

“But what do you want from here?”

I asked him.

“I have missed doing this,”

He said, and he moved closer and he kissed me! He put his hand on my thigh and I just released a moan….

That’s when I heard in the back, in the silence,

“Hello, hello, Mudenda! Hello!”

He heard it too and he jumped up!


He screamed as he picked up the phone!

“Baby! Baby! Shit I am so sorry! It’s not what you think!”

He said!

He had lied about breaking up!

******The End ******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

dear Mike
Thank you Mike and The Team for the amazing work i have a problem and if i dont get help i will end up miserable and dead.i know to some this may seem useless.i am 26 and have one child growing up i was a very smart child and always came out top 3 in my dad was a very cultural man and would always perform rituals for me growing up i did not understand why but now i do. Im a child that was chosen by the ancestors to become a spiritual healer. my father passed away in 2004 and my problems began i started being a very rude person ant very mischievous at home some people may not believe or understand this but if u are chosen and have not accepted your calling the ancestors can be a burden and make your life hell.i matriculated and went to college where i was top of my class on the very last semester i failed miserably because i was constantly tired and no matter how hard i studied i would forget what i had studies i would completely stare at one place for the whole duration of the exam or scream and have fainting spells.i failed. I decided to look for a job because i no longer had money to o to school and didnt want to burden my mother since she was taking me to school and maintaining my son.i found a job at a retail and all was well for the first two months than after i would loose money( i was a till operator) everyone at work started hating me for no apparent reason (again the ancestors can make people dislike you ) i got fired after loosing a large sum of money.i met this guy and he understood my problem and took me to a healer he told me that i am supposed to be a healer and if i continue ignoring my calling i would not have a pleasant life a year into our relationship now i have tried all i can to accept my fate but each time i am suppose to go and perform the first ritual towards my calling (which is more like cleansing my ancestors so that they can be able to talk to me ) i loose money and my efforts remain in vain i am appealing to anyone who can help to please assist in raising funds for me to go and perform amagobongo to help me because in my family my mother is also tainted by my curse she has no way of helping takes a village to raise a child.umuntu umuntu ngabantu(a person is a person bcz of others) please help if u have even a relative who happens to be a sangoma or can help in raising funds so i can o cleanse and accept my calling please lens me a helping hand i dont a to end up crazy and unable to care for my son but that is what i will be if i dont get help .as it is i forget things and misplace things .


59 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Sixty One

  1. Ulayekile Faith! U neva use ur brains to think. First of all u freely showing him desperation, dat u’v been longing for him to apologize. If a guy hurt u once, when he cumz back to “apologize” neva eva make it easy for him.

  2. Ancestors are very understanding people. I also have a calling… yes i was in a edge of losing everything almost failed ok i failed only1 module(but it wasn’t because of them). Wat am trying to say is u have to talk to them, plead with them, ask them they will be lenient with you. I never did any rituals but i only talk to them using snaff… and they listen. U have to tell them u accept on ur own alone. Tell them u are ready to become a sangoma u’ll see your luck will change. U will get the money that is needed

  3. Shame Faith let go of that man he never loved you and he never will he is too full of himself to love another person. gal he cant even love his own son. Just let go of him.

  4. Lol Mudenda is a dochbag, He just wanted his thesis.


    My dear, you do not need any cleansing, you need Jesus. I would advise you to visit a church that spirit filled and deliverance based and give your life to Jesus. I promise you will not be disappointed.

    When you give your life to Christ, He will take away the burdens of your past and give you a new and brighter future. If you have no church around you where you can go, please feel free to visit our church, check the website and choose a brunch closest to you,

  5. choose life choose JESUS there is power in the blood of Jesus He is free and available to help you no matter wat problems you have he loves you not only will he take your burdens away but he will also provide for you and your family giving your life to Jesus is the best thing you can do for yourself funa umbuso kaNkulunkulu kuqala konke okunye kuzoyizela # stayblessed and dnt forget uthandiwe someone died just for u

  6. Thanks Mike for the nice read. ..
    What a monday mike , for you and the team to choose such a letter:-):-):-)

    A2Q- stress young woman
    Mara how can you ask us money, for you do voodoo ceremonies. I mean we are multicultural here with so much different fates as well. You know what they say ” GOD IS FOR THE POORER” . This is said because when people have money, they don’t have time to strongly commit to churches demands. Thats why we have churches like ‘bazalwane’. But then again the very same church has helped so many people with so many different problem they face in life . Please lady, if you don’t have money go to spiritual churches like ,mapostol, masione or even bazalwane ge! Just For you to get help and get your life up and going Again. so, in so saying my dear African lady, am sorry I don’t have money but only an advise for you to go to any church that can help you with your spiritual calling.

  7. Q& udinga uJesu.uyena ozolungisa impilo yakho.konke kyoqala kabusha empilwen yakho.znikele kuye ngeqiniso.

  8. Ai.. some comments should just b just reserved Yazi.. honestly we are African n we had our traditional customs long before the bible surfaced. Girl I’ll b an ear n eyes for you. She didn’t say anything abt needing Jesus. She said she needs means to gt this ceremony done.

    Cebos is ryt Talk to dem.

  9. Q&A… cc talk to ur ancestors they do make ways for u ukuth wennze lokhu abakufunela khona. I also have a calling but if befuna something bayayivula imali so nawe khuluma nabo ngekhandlela @lst ubabonise n bacele kuth bakhanyise

  10. Morning dear FAM.. thanx alot Mike n team for the read.. hawu- do sum pipol really go out on dates to actually sit e parking lot?? Mina Faith uyangmangaza. Mudenda yena no words for him- kwenzekan kevele kumadoda yehheni….

  11. Faith kodwa nje ay….

    Some comments though, lo mntu needs help not judgemental responses. I’m sure she knows about Jesus and her religion is not voodoo.

    Sis plead with your ancestors that is ukungxengxeza in IsiXhosa. You will have to ask a sangoma on what you will need for that but I’m sure it will be less than R500. I have an aunt who didn’t want to accept her calling and became umzalwane (not that’s wrong ) for about 15 years but today she is a sangoma. When the calling calls you have to answer dear.

  12. But Faith why do you always want to hurt this cow, mxm focus on your baby and your new job, forget about Mudenda and Tidimalo, don’t even look at that Lunga

  13. Faith is academically smart and socially dumb shem. To be fooled ka njalo nje?!
    Thank you for the great read 🙂

  14. Yelllee!!! Faith must come up with something that cld break meladi asap..mayb tell mudenda to hang up shes about to cum, even though they aren’t fcking…something nje that can make meladi have a heart attack.. if i was Faith i was gonna make sure i cause trouble in their paradise shem!!!

  15. But we girls never learn. I believe in the saying that a Leopard never changes , a man who cheats and hurts you will never change. They only pretend to have changed when they need something. Faith must just forget about this Mudenda looser.

    @ Stressed eya mabitleng and speak to your ancestors gore bago tlele ka bonolo and baseke bago tsogela maatla. Speak to them and state your case. Badimo ba a kwishisha and I am sure they will be lenient on you after visiting their graves. Find out gore ke mang botse botse oo ago sokodishago and oye go bolela le yena. Ohloka snuifi fela mohlemongwe le jwala ba sesotho.

  16. Faith is a fool for thinking that, this no excuse of an ex really wanted something better than to be laid, disgusting! Id slap Faith if I was next to her, i guess being horny the whole afternoon really screwed her mind over for her to have jumped to being fucked in the car at a parking lot lol kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaks.

    Stressed lady. I don’t believe in that however to not comment and let you go without introducing you to Jesus would really be selfish of me. See the thing most of you may not understand is that we not saying there is no traditional customs we saying there is something better than tradition, there is Jesus Christ.

    The Beauty of being for Christ is that His Grace is Sufficient for us all. You all complaining that Christianity this, Christianity that, but you not complaining that our lives are being consumed by the lasted technology. I know I can’t really compare the 2 but how is that, we are okay to except other changes in the world but when it comes to tradition and Christ we are quick to say Jesus is current news? I’ll have you know God will remain God even after tradition has failed.

    I am in full agreement with what Favored Daughter of God said, all you need is God and Deliverance.

    Thanks Team

  17. Thanks Ta-Mike nanamhlanje QnA ,People we all know that Faith n Religion r sensitive issues hence all these Wars in the world n we all know that we r all entitled to our own Beliefs n Opinions but I’m sure when someones posts something here they are looking for Guidance,Advise n Help so I’m urging people that if u don’t agree with something don’t be Judgemental or Rude that’s all coz I myself I’m not a Sangoma but I do believe in my Ancestors n I know that God does exist (I think we all know that by the way)I pray to him also u may say what u like about that,lastly sisi Amasiko ethu Nezithethe is not “Voodoo”.

  18. Q&A: Dear you need Jesus. Just calm down for a moment. Salvation is free. You don’t need any money to go to the house of God. It’s free and eternal. Try Jesus and see.

  19. Can I just add my 2cents..
    ? Jesus is the truth, the way and life.
    But ke cc if u have so much faith in ur ancestors, u would believe they will come through for u. Thina Christians that’s wat we believe in, right?
    My bible says ke blessings doesn’t become a burden…

  20. @Stressed my grandmother was jc like you until she came accorss monna wa Sefapano Jeso… Africans or not Jesus is the only answer to this problem. Tshelete ya go lahla bophelo ba gago yona nna ga ke nayo. Ask yourself gore badimo bao ba gago ba go hloile go fihla kae mo ba palelwang ke go go fa tshelete ya go phetha thato ya bona??? Srusly ngwanesho accept Jesus as ur Lord and savour o tlo bona gore u don’t need 2 worry about such things

  21. QnA.Christians tho. Judge not lest ye be judged?..No ok.

    Anyway from my own isn’t always a factor it depends kuGobela wakho ukuthi usebenza kanjani. A number of sangoma’s will do work first and even support u aswell and you will pay later when ur can do so or they don’t name a price and u pay wat u think u should.This is in KZN so I don’t know abt other places.And like most people said already if ukhuluma neThonga lakho in the correct manner things will come together.

  22. Jesus had to be risen, so he cannot be associated with the dead. U seriosly nees Jesus in your life and to be delivered from what you were put thru. You need to pray to God and break the covenant, renounce your dedication. And accept Him as your Lord and saviour. He understands and He will set you free. Choose Him sisi and your life will change for the better, in His word He tells us that he knows the plans He has for us and those plans r not to hurt or to harm us, but they r to give us life, prosper us and give us a future. Give your life to Him, you will never be disappointed. His mercy is sufficient for us all. I cud go on tell you about Him, He is a wonderful councelor, the Prince of peace, the one who gave His life for you, to him you r important and to the ancestors you r not.

  23. Dnt know what happened to the other part of my response to you stressed lady. But nje, swop your ancestors for Jesus and you will be the most peacful person. And you will be free from all that.

  24. Nice read. Faith misbehaves though.

    Ewu…stressed Mtakamah khuleka uphahle ucele idlozi lakho likukhanyisele. hlukana nale genge ehlakaniphe kakhulu

  25. GOSH GUYS ANISIYEKE NGO JESUS. UJESU AKAHLANGENE NAMASIKO… before yall comment about JESUS TRY AND DO RESEARCH ON ANCESTORS. EVEN IF SHE CHOOSES JESUS HER ANCESTORS STILL NEED HER TO BE A SANGOMA AKUJIKI ITS LIKE WHEN U ARE GAY NO AMOUNT OF JESUS CAN HELP YOU!!!! So either yall help her with fundraising or just shush and enough on the jesus theory. in the end she is chosen to be a sangoma and that will not change.

  26. A2Q

    Udinga uJesu nje kuphela…once you accept him as ur lord …. start praying and attending church, all this ancestor crap will go away u will see….Jesus is the answer!

  27. You need jesus? Really? That’s the advice you giving her? You need jesus? Mxm anikho serious xem! Stressed my dear, talk to them. Ask them ukuthi if bengakuvuleli izinhlanhla uzobanceda kanjani? Sukuma ntombazane bakulalele, thetha!

  28. Thanks Mikeesto, Faith is really starting to irritate me, uthanda izinto namadoda yerr!!

    A2Q (My 2 cents)

    I always make sure to play it safe when it comes to views on religion coz ‘christians’ tend to catch feelings more than any other group of people in the entire universe, you wonder where these wars came from… Then they play their ‘jesus’ card as if it signifies anything concrete. ‘you need jesus’ they keep saying… Where does one find this Jew, and does he really replace the calling of the ancestral processes that ‘Africans’, in particular, black people go through? Abantu sebezinikezele nje kule Christianity yabo as if its a way of life, or rather the only way of life. They call our cultures and tradition voodoo, because bona amasiko abawazi or chose to abandon them for the sake of righteousness kulo ‘Jesus’ wabo…. Come heritage day, they put their cultural swagger on and flaunt as if they are blacker than thou, kanti they just pretentious beings trapped in a faith system of slavery. If I go on any further people will boil with animosity and that whole Christianity act will be out the window… Need I remind you that this so called Christianity of yours was only brought to the motherland early 1900’s. Before that, your ancestors, which you have abandoned now, were living life with their belief system and it never faultered. Abanye babantu abamnyama are the reason oodarkie besa dlalwa ngabelungu nanamhlanje.

    Colonialism fell, along with apartheid, the grave error of the past though that still haunts is the so called ‘holybook’ which, ironically was brought to these shores by the very people that oppressed black people. They gave you Apartheid, you didn’t want it. They gave you Bantu education, you didn’t want it. They gave you the bible, and you fell inlove with the silly idea that a Man, like any other, died and was resurrected, and up he went to the heavens….mxm!

    Let’s just co exist bantu and stop disrespecting one another’s cultures or religion, tribal or racial.

    Sisi weh, amadlozi are very patient, consult with them bakukhanyisele so that you can do what is needed to complete the process of your calling. Don’t just accept doom thoughts and think you’re cursed nje for no good reason. Zonke ezi zinto zenzeka kuwe zinezi zathu zazo, wena funa inyani qha ko siyazi, uthethe nabantu bakowenu abadala ngentlonipho, abanako ukuqalekisa.

    Makube Chosi


    1. That was your 2 cent worth, everyone who said “You need Jesus” that was their 2 cent worth. As much as you giving your opinion about ancestors, allow others to give their views and stop being a close minded.

      If I choose to follow Christianity, it’s my perogative. By u writing an essay about “that Jew” u are disrespecting my religion.

  29. Sisi I don’t normally comment I had to coz it will be wrong of me not too.

    First of all I’m not saying amasiko awekho akhona but what I’m against and don’t believe in is making a dead person happy they had their life they had a chance. This is your time if they really cared about you they wouldn’t be taking money from you and making you fail to me that’s selfish that’s why I have never belived in such and secondly my problem is labantu abanye babo bebeyizi gebengu behlukumeza abantu the next thing when they die bayi dlozi elihle pulizzzzz ayikho lento kudlalwa ngathi la. All I know is ngesiZulu we had what we call Umvelinqangi which is God our ancerstors used to go to the mountains and fast (bazile) and send an elder to go and talk to God just like the olden days in the bible they prayed for rain and food and it came. If we knew our history kahle we will know that divination is not from us we believe in God colonisation isithole simazi uNkulunkulu ( uMkhulu omkhulu) but that’s your choice sisi. I have been where you are I. Was a straight A student went to then Natal Tech to study marketing I failed twice came back home kwathiwa until accept I will be a nobody and since I told myself I will not do such I didn’t I stood my ground My parents banxenxesa and I was told idlozi enginalo is so powerful to a point yokuthi I will tell uGobela wam what to do and back then I didn’t know Jesus but I had no interest of being a sangoma, my belief was if God trully exist He will not force me to do something I don’t want and now that I know Jesus it turns out I was right God will give you free will but He will not force you to choose that’s how much he loves us.

    God gives us all gifts and how you use them its up to you he will not take the gift but his presence will move away from a person because of their choice. I still see vision and dream dreams I prophesy to ppl and pray for ppl.

    And it doesn’t matter what ppl say at the end of the day Sisi Jesus is the way the truth and the life noma singazikhohlisa sithini, those who are busy saying ” stop talking abt Jesus blah blah blah” they r the first to say a little prayer when in trouble or abt to die ababizi amadlozi so nathi anisiyeke ngalamadlozi enu.

    I chose Jesus coz amadlozi never did anything good for me apart from threatening me telling me I won’t have kids, I’ll be poor I won’t finish school blah blah blah mxm I have 2 degrees busy with my honours, I have a daughter and a loving man who worships the ground I walk on. I make R144500 after deduction if it wasn’t for Jesus I would be broke trying to please amadlozi ai mina ngiyabonga

    Good luck but I’m happy with Jesus I sleep at night knowing my tithe protects me and Gods angels surround me. And those who go back after choosing Jesus well their problem is they didn’t separate themself. When u are in Christ you must commit yourself fully and not be devided. When you are in Christ you are a new creation and its free and you won’t have to make rituals and be threaten abt porvety, sickness etc etc your choice

    Jesus freak and proud

  30. I can relate to what just happened faith,baby dadies have so much power over our emotions its even ridiculous!!!

  31. Faith, please faith don’t let Mudenda make u an toilet please girl. He decided to go let him go and forget about him. The only thing he will do to you is make you a tennis ball uzaku nteka girlbuzoba yisikiki sakhe.
    Q.a Ubizo kumele uluvume futhi uphahle ubancele bakubonise indlela okumele uyithathe, uyazi abazali bethu bayasimoshela nano kwizidalwa ngoba bazihlabela njalo ngalenkathi zingasatholi inyama noma kungahlatswanga zidinwa kabi zibone ingathi ziyadelelwa

  32. @Phozisa ngiyabonga mina well said Jesus is the way # Proudly born again Christian ngingumntwana kaNkulunkulu uMzalwane Jesus freak and proud:-)

  33. Faith, mara why?????? Mudenda is an idiot as usual.

    @Stressed, udinga uJesu. I personally know someone who was told they had ubizo and will die if they don’t accept it. Firstly, they are still alive because kubo they don’t believe in such and through the power of praying and deliverance of God, she made the choice to not allow ubizo and chose God.

    @Phozisa, well said and Thank you! The only thing I can add to that is the Sangoma’s, inyanga’s or prophets you go to for help are human and will also die but God, the God I choose to believe in, have faith in and have seen him work through me, the one I trust is everlasting. It amazes me when people say Christians are so judgemental yet they are being judgemental as well! Glass houses!!!!!!!!!!

    Viva Jesus freaks who are proud and not afraid to admit it!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mhk I am a Christian but can’t sit around them as are so good in criticizing other ppl s beliefs n judge more than God does.N funny they get offended easily n we call them batho ba rapelang .Advice n post n stop voodoo wat wat tseo tsa lona hawo n if u don hav anything positive to say jus shush.

  35. Faith…stupid

    I remember @ one point in my life,2009, i got sick and cos my family ddnt know wat was wrong with me, dy took me to some sangoma, and he told me i have a calling, i refused nd ddnt accept dat. Dat night i prayed, asked God to save so dat i can praise him, or die if i trully hv a calling. Guess what i woke up feeling better in the morning and too from there. That man said i wnt hv kids, coz ugogo ubambe isbeletho sami, im married now, with a 2 year old bby. And bk then i was on a pill dats why i couldnt fall pregnant.
    Trust in d Lord Jesus, and ull be saved. Pray gal and feel d burden ofload on u.

  36. I’m a proud sangoma nd bin treatin ppl for over 15 years. I love Jesus nd praise him everyday engabe why ppl think if u a sangoma u dnt blv in God. Ppl shuld really stop ukuphawula ngezinto abangazazi. Cc wam I knw exactly what u goin thru but what u askin for u not goin to get. Akunamuntu wakunika imali yikuthwasa but isangoma oyoya kuso sikulaphe will take care of u nd wnt charge u. Phela ds is a callin nd we all bin thru it. We knw hw its like. We have o business ppl who went bankrupt before bath the umsebenzi. Akekho umuntu owathwasa enemali cc so funa ugobela oryt nd yonke into izoba ryt.

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