Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Four

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A lot of people, yourself included have sexual fantasies. It’s natural to want to do things you would not normally do. A fantasy however is tricky with someone you love. An example would be if you into that Fifty Shades of Grey shit how on earth do you moer your wife or husband. I mean can you ever look at him or her the same! I know I can’t! I would probably laughed everytime I think of him crying like a baby or wince at the thought of how vulnerable I was when we were doing what we were doing.m A fantasy only works with a mistress because that’s what she is, an extra in your life. That’s not the point though, there is nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild and trying new things but come on! Sex in your mother’s bed? What kind of fucked up fantasy is that. I often tell you this, my sister has no boundaries. Out of all the rooms in the house how can she have sex in my mothers bed. I know so many people when they speak of their fantasies or naughtiest moments they tell you how they had sex in their parents bedroom but when you actually see it, no man, no! It’s beyond disgusting.

“Really Judith! Really!”

I screamed at her and her butt naked boyfriend. I was actually so angry! This was not something I had actually ever thought of ever seeing.

“This is mama’s bed, not just anyone! The mother who gave birth to you and raised you, fixed all your problems and more! How do you disrespect her like that? She fucken feeds your ungrateful ass for crying out loud Judith come on!”

I asked. The screaming woke up Amo and immediately he started crying. He was right next to them when they were having sex! I did not pick him up immediately because I would have dropped him. I know he is just a baby but this was wrong. I swear she was doing it to punish mom for making her go to school again and if this was the case she was the type to spit in your food when cooking! Thank heavens we never allowed her near the pots then. How can two siblings be so different though. My sister was beyond redemption.

“O come on Faith don’t be so uptight it’s just a fantasy! It’s no big deal”

She said not bothering to cover up and funny enough neither was he! I am not a prude or anything,

“Look what he gave me!”

She said waving what looked from a distance like a diamond ring but I could tell from here how fake it was!

“He proposed to me!”

She said when I had not said anything back. I know what you meant just get the fuck off my mothers bed!

“Congratulations now get off my mothers bed and go have sex in your room! And when you are done come change the sheets. I mean you even went into the sheets really!l

I said angrily walking to pick up my son! I can’t believe she had done that, who does that!

“We were celebrating! We have already sex in every room, yours was next!”

She said and I am not sure whether she was kidding or not! I think I am cursed really! I am the more mature one, more reliable one at home yet I was the one who brought a baby home! How is that even possible? Churches are full of single mothers bazalwane yet all the girls they called promiscuous or naughty are the ones who are married whilst they are fighting to get a ring? How does that work? Judith had a ring now, fake or not she did, I did not! I am not saying getting married is my ultimate goal in life but for my wayward sister to beat me to it, without a baby nogal, clearly the joke was on me!

“And how can you have sex in front of Amo Judith?

I asked her! I was so irritated but she did not see anything wrong with it! She said Amo is a baby and all poor people who live in one room house have many kids so where are they making them. It was meant to be funny and her boyfriend laughed but I was just more annoyed. I took my baby and I went to my room. She followed me naked still and said,

“I am sorry. Please don’t tell mom. I will clean it up. I just got over excited when he went down on one knee. He wants to marry me imagine, me, the deliquent. He says he will take care of me and I don’t even have to go to school!”

The way women can be so stupid! A man will take care of you until he is tired of you leeching of him then what! She was blinded by love to even see that! I was too tired for this I told her we will discuss it in the morning. She left me alone.

When I got there my phone was ringing! I did not get to it in time though because it hung up when I got to it. When I looked I had 18 missed calls from a number I did not know! I called back.

“Good evening maam, I am a security guard at Monte Casino!”

A woman’s voice said. I could hear that she was not alone but I acted all surprised.

“Yes what can I do for you?”

I asked her so innocently.

“We are with a semi dressed…”

People laughed when she said that which confirmed that I was not wrong when I assumed that he was not alone.

“We are with a semi dressed man who says you stoole his clothes and his keys! Madam that’s a crime and you can be arrested for this. He asked us not to call the police if you bring back his things!”

She said trying to sound stern but I could hear she was about to laugh!

“Sisi, I didn’t steal his things. That man left his pregnant wife at home and triedd to sleep with me imagine!”

You see with women we understand one another. She will never forgive a man who cheats on a pregnant sister. That one I know as fact unless of course she is the one he is cheating with then of course, it ain’t her fault she got pregnant!

“His clothes are they by his car, just walk around your will find them, the keys too. I didn’t steal anything!”

I told her. She asked someone to check and when they found them they burst out laughing. I could hear Mudenda groan at the realization that he had not had to go through all that had he just looked. Now I had to brace for myself for the backlash!

“Sisi, how did he call for help though?”

I was curious to know. I really was. I am sure he was fuming though.

“He was too far where he parked so no one goes there. Someone found him walking and he explained his situation. I must say it’s very odd even here to find someone walking with his butt out!”

No one likes being spoken about when they are there in person. I could hear him cursing me out and when he was done he drove off. The woman I was talking to told me that she wished she had the guts to punish her lying cheating boyfriend like I had done. Isn’t that every woman’s wish though, to punish our boyfriends at times because of how much they put us through. Something however always stops us and they go on to do more shit.

Tonight I was sleeping with a smile on my face because of Mudenda. I had to savor the moment. As I settled into bed I got an sms.

“I think I am pregnant Faith. I don’t know who the baby is. I am scared. What must I do?”

It was from Aurelia!

Too much drama for one day!

*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike’s Readers

I have a situation and I would like get some advise from your readers. I am soon to be 35, single mom and my son is 10 years old and my son lives with me full time. Just the two of us. I have a good job and work for a good company. Basically, I’m the typical “educated, independent woman” and I have my ish together. I have never been married and I have limited dating and exposing my son to the guys I have dated previously because dating is just not easy if you are a single mom and you cant expose your child to all the special “guys” out there..

I recently reconnected with a high school friend (I’ve known him for 20 years). Let’s call him Mr Wonderful. Mr Wonderful and I never dated in high school – we were just friends. We reconnected via social media in Dec, we started dating and we have been inseparable ever since. I have been very happy since we reconnected. I feel like I’m 15 years old again… It’s only been 6 months and we are very serious about building a life together. (he’s 37 by the way).For example – my son and I have already met his mother, his child (he’s divorced) some of his uncles and his sisters. My son gets along well with him and his child, and my family members that have met Mr Wonderful, completely love and adore him. He treats me like a queen…

My son was recently in hospital and I accumulated a lot of hospital and doctors’ bills that my medical aid will not cover – long complicated story. Mr Wonderful has suggested that we move in with him at his place so that I can manage those hospital bills and other bills accumulated. On that same note, he wants to go home to “bika” his intensions and pay lobola in September this year.

My question is, is moving in with him the right thing to do? My biggest issue is I have never depended on any man for anything… EVER! I have worked very hard in my life and career to give my child all I can. The father of my child doesn’t even pay me maintenance. I just take care of business and do what I have to….My issue is i don’t know if we should move in with him. But at the same time the hospital and doctor’s bills are not going to pay themselves…

Please advise….

Miss Independant

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  1. Miss Independent

    Being independent as a woman is not wrong at all, actually its a very good thing and it inspires lot of us women outchea, but lady sometimes you have to let your hair down a lil bit. Mr Wonderful has shown you how great he is, even went to a point of introducing you to his momma, girl he’s serious about. Independent women get lonely too, and I think you need a man to take of you and your son. You need to go from an independent wonderful mom that you are to a wonderful mom and wife that ought to be. Mr wonderful cares for you and by moving in he’s trying to help you cover up all bills so appreciate what he is trying to do and accept the offer. I think it’s a great idea to move in with Mr Wonderful Ms Independent

  2. Thanx Mike. Sisi move in with Mr Wonderful and swallow your pride, Rite now you need help so accept his help. If you feel so uncomfortable with it stay with him until your bills are paid then move out.

  3. Q&A
    we dont have a problem here, you basically saying things are working out for you and just looking for an excuse. move him with himm the man is serious bout you, thats the good man you ahve been waiting for,so dont spoil it with your doubt.

  4. @Miss Independent
    I say do things the right way. By that I mean, when he goes to ‘bika’ he must also ask for permission from all the elders for the two of you to live together. I don’t think they will have a problem. As an independent lady you will figure out the bills in the meantime while you wait for September.
    Before you move in with Mr. Wonderful you two need to have serious discussion about finances generally so that your expectations are the same. To be independent is great but once you find a mate, appreciate the partnership.

  5. And the goal goes to Faith, stupid Mudenda. Judith needs to grow up…….

    Miss Independent (singing Neo’s song) Its okay to let someone take care of you for a change but I would advise that he starts the lobola process before you move in with him. Don’t settle for vat n sit. This man sounds like a dream, its okay to let your guard down just a bit.

  6. @miss indipend,my advice is sincewell you see it as being dependant on him how bout you see it as being roommates,do your part go fifties on rent,groc and maid that way you wont be leeching off and it should leave you with xtra money to pay the bills&pls wait till you married then you both put your psyslips on datable and share responsibilities like husband&wifecos its only then when mi casa will be su casa,until then bring your part and do discuss it that you also want to contribute

  7. Miss Independent..

    Your name says it all. What if he wasn’t in the picture? How would you manage then? Think about it, then when you find the answer to that question your problem is solved.

    The thing about practising marriage Sis’wam is that it starts becoming a rare gem.. Being introduced to uncles and gogo’s and all that means absolutely nothing.

    You’re independent after all,so you don’t need him to sort your bills out. Qina mtshana..uThixo uzokubonelela. Eyokuhlalisana yona, ukuba usamncwasile umtshato, suyiqala tuu.

  8. Eish Faith ulandelwa yidrama nje shem ayikuniki kuphumla. Enkosi bhuti and team

    @Miss Independent – there is this thing they call negotiation, it does not only go down in the boardroom and lobola round table. If you feel uncomfortable about moving in with him then i suggest you negotiate repayment terms with the service providers. It might take longer and a bit more expensive to pay them off due to interest (some actually don’t charge interest if you negotiate and are honest about your situation) but at least you will have peace of mind and please do take Loano’s sound advice.

    All the best!!

  9. Faith u served Mudeda right shame

    Q&A Sis as u are saying u are independent pay the bills while u staying at ur place its part of being independent, I agree with Gee God will make a way.

  10. Dear Miss Independent

    What happened to your principles of protecting your son from meeting every Tom, Dick and Harry? Are you ready to expose him into a vat n sit relationship that might end up sour? Do you really love this guy or you just inlove with the idea that he MIGHT setle your bills? Are you gonna sign any legally binding agreement that you are moving in with him so he can pay the hospital bills in return? Believe me, men will promise you the world whereas all they want is somebody to f#?* everyday and night. The only time you can move in with that boy is when you have a marriage certificate and a ring on your finger.

  11. A2Q Im all about the independent woman and i am striving to be one myself. but even independent ppl need help sometimes, we need companions too, we also need to be loved and assisted too. At the moment your independence doesn’t seem to be working well for you so you can pay your bills, and besides this man is not offering to pay your bills. he is offering you a chance and assistance so you will be in a financial position that allows you to pay your bills. that way you will still b able to pay your bills and not completely depend on him but assist each other along the way.

  12. @Miss Indipendent-big mistake indipendent women make is that they don’t think they deserve to be loved or to be treated like queens. Clearly mr Wonderful love and care for u and I say he must start with negotiations, go 2 ur home and ask 4 u officially (if bika is the word I mean that), then you can move in. Enjoy and remember life is tooo long 2 live it by urself.

  13. Don’t do it sisi. His intentions might be good, but you have managed to do things right till now. Please hold out till he pays the lobola. Tell him you want to be his wife first… things the right way.

  14. Miss independent I think you already no what you want to do. You’ve come so far on your own – without vat n sit. Why start now? I say do things the right way. Sure, there may be financial strains, but I’m sure u have had some tough times before and u came through. Namanje-ke uThixo uzokubonelela.

  15. Thanks Mikeesto, dose well received.


    Until the day this Lobola nonsense is completely eradicated, Women will never truly be equals with Men. You are 35, your get married clock is long gone, if you wanna move in with that man, go right ahead. People say don’t van n sit?? For what? vat n sit can be a financial benefit to both parties, and social benefit even. You don’t have to act wife and cook and wash his clothes and all that. Nuh, plus you guys sound loaded, so a washing machine, dishwasher and even a maid can deal with all that. This getting married nonsense is so embedded into some people that they would rather be single and lala amaLundi into their 60’s rather than moving in with their partner without a gawddamn ring. Mxm!!

    Sisi, its cost effective and you can do terms and conditions even, it all depends what your morals value more, some brownie points of waiting to marry before moving in with a man, or your livelihood. Clock is ticking, bills are raising.


  16. Independency is what thing u should not give it up by should not allow it to stop u for being in love and allowing someone who has good intentions to help u.

    Dont punish him for other men’s mistakes. Even hard working independent women need some help at some stage. Allow him n let love guide u to building a home for all four of u n possibly five of u.

    Good luck :*

  17. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto!

    Q&A: Miss “Independent”
    Spot the difference??? The “e” on my independent spelling. This simply means U cud do more wth a little help. Everyone (me include) can achieve mo wth a little help every now & then & 4U its like forever bcz it luks lyk this Mr Wonderful is very serious.
    Bcz U hav had yo own space 4too long it bcumz dfclt to allow some1 in yo inner circle so I suggest U minimize any damage if any comes yo way. Both of U can send yo kids to stay with yo parents 4 a while & only the 2of U move in 2gether temporarily until lobola issues are done, then yo kids can join U. This wil protect yo kids for a while since there are so many things to do b4 the actual big day etc.
    Sometimes things don’t always come the way W want them to come but if U miss this guy then U ruin a gud things by the looks of it from all angles. Yo doubts might make this guy have 2nd thots. On the other hand he shudnt giv up on U if U don’t agree wth his offer. But again there is no guarantee on anything in life.

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