Rumblings – Chapter Sixty Five

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This was not the right time for me to make a fuss. Amongst women no matter what an idiot your friend was you can’t give it to them straight because that could cost your friendship. Dating is calming and for most people, cheating just adds that extra spice! However if you live in a country like ours were HIV is very real you always have to use a condom but who is listening surely you would not not use a condom. Her man was married meaning the likelihood of sleeping with his wife were probably hundred percent and I did say Lungile was so hot I am certain he was player. If this was political you would say this was like being given only two choices to vote for either EFF or UDM and guess what, you are a chartered accountant! What on earth was she thinking? People think HIV is only for poor people which indeed it is not and with the way these rich sugardaddies are chowing these so called model c girls it’s a wonder it’s not on the rise again. I called her back!

“You can’t be serious Aurelia!”

Come on now! She was not!

“What do you mean you do not know who the father is kante how many guys are you sleeping with?”

I asked pretending not to know about her and Lungile.

“Eish, I know I have been reckless. Please don’t judge me! You remember Lungile?”

I said yes I did but dwee I just met her this afternoon and I told her about it.

“Yes him!”

She said.

“Is he the other suspect? How can you be sleeping with both father and son Aurelia come on you are better than that!?”

Aurelia is my friend and I love but for this moment here, she was wrong. It’s like she was chowing the whole family because now she had clearly intersexted. Women don’t like to be judged. In fact they don’t want their friends to know the truth about what they get up to in the dark for fear of exactly this! However and this is true, usually being judged is being told the truth. When someone judges it’s because you are doing something wrong and usually your friends are trying to help. Aurelia was wrong and someone had to tell her.

“I knew you were going to judge that’s why I was scared of telling you!”

She declared! Yeah she better be scared because I was going to shout at her for being so reckless!

“Aurelia, you are my best friend in the whole world! I will not sit back and watch you ruin your life. Look at the facts, your baby daddy will be a married man if it’s him. He has a wife and a family. Door number two, if it’s his son, he will haunt you two for life! I daresay he will get violent on a level you can’t even possibly imagine because to him that betrayal will be so close to home! Thirdly, do not forget how the wife sitting at home will react when she finds out you shagging her man and having a baby by him?”

That was the cold hard truth and I don’t know if the truth qualifies as judgement.

“Ok I get it fucked up so what should I do?”

I know what she was getting at. She wanted me to decide for her whether she should abort or not! Girls do that a lot. They put life altering decisions in the hands of others so that they will in future have someone to blame. For example sleeping with those two men with no condoms means she put her life at risk not theirs and now she had the consequences to show for it.

“I will sleep on it. Tomorrow morning, yeah Saturday I know am going to drop off this forms at the office. We must hook up.”

I told her. She asked me what time I was going and I told her at 9am. We hung up but this was a heavy decision.

In the morning I went to my sisters room and I panicked when she was not there. I had not told her I had to go to the office last night because of the scene I had witnessed. I couldn’t take Amo to the office, imagine! I called her and her phone rang in the lounge. It was then she walked in from outside in her skimpy pyjamas.

“Are you the one calling me?”

She said looking at her phone! I told I was I thought she left.

“I was walking KG out that’s all!”

My sister is brave! He had slept here just imagine. I did not want to shout at her again because she had to baby sit for me.

“I have to go drop some documents I will be back soon!”

I told her. She said it was fine she was not planning on going anywhere. She said she needed some sleep because if they had not made a bbaby last night the way they shagged so many times then they never will. That’s her kind of a joke. I pretended to laugh but she is too much. A car pulled into the driveways,

“Is ma coming today?”

My sister said no and she asked me why. I told her I heard a car in the driveway. She ran so fast to my mothers room, I think to clean up as I went to the door to check who it was.

It was Aurelia!

I thought we had said we seeing each other later but oh well.

“Thought I would give you a ride!”

She said cheerfully. I think she was hiding the pain. I could see she had cried all night because no amount oof make up can hide that. I did not tell my sister who was hear and just slipped out. Maybe she will do a good job cleaning after herself.

“Are you ok?”

I asked her. She said we should talk about it after we finished with the office because she did not want to get there crying. It was a Saturday morning so I thought the office would be empty but she said that he often works Saturdays. Was she coming to see him? I was a bit confused. When we got there she parked outside and we went in together. The receptionist greeted us and she said I must hand in the forms to him directly but he had someone in his office. I got the impression, maybe I am wrong, that she did not recognize Aurelia. When we got there his door was wide open but he was actually in the boardroom meaning he saw us walking in. He froze a bit but continued with whoever he was with. Not two minutes later entered this beautiful woman! Goodness she was probably early 40s but the way she was stunning. I want to be like her definitely at that age. She greeted us nicely and asked if we were also here to see him. We said yes.

She sat with us and started talking. She actually spoke a lot. She complimented Aurelia on her hair and Aurelia complimented on her shoes. They started talking salons and fashion. She was so nice and so knowledgeable. They swapped numbers and actually agreed to have lunch so the older woman, Refilwe was her name, could introduce her to her brand. I won’t lie she focused more on Aurelia but isn’t it always the case, they all focus on the prettier one and that’s male or female. It was the he finally walked out and casually said,

“Girls I see you have met my wife. Morning baby!”

He said and gave her a peck on the cheek!

Ladies if you are going to sleep with another woman’s husband, you need to know what she looks like, know your enemy because one day you will be stabbed in the street!

Aurelia and I just looked stupid!


*****The End******
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have been working for government for 15 years now and I think I have seen it all. Sex amongst colleagues is a daily game regardless of whether they are married or not. Recently I changed churches and befriended the most wonderful lady there. Turns out she was married to one of the men who works for my department. He has slept with half of the department (figuratively) and one of the girls he was sleeping came out and said she was HIV positive. I don’t know if he knows but my friend from church speaks of him like a saint meaning for certain she has no idea. I don’t even know what am asking but should I tell her? I know I would want someone else to tell me in such a situation. Her life is definitely in danger.

Thank You


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  1. Dead by #febangedirection…..

    @Govt i think i would also want someone to tell me but if i had to tell someone else i wouldn’t know where to start. But i know this “mind your own business” thing is killing us….. Let me hear what the others have to say

  2. Now that is a Mega Hashtag LMAO!! #febangedirection killed me!!

    Dankie Mikeesto, awesome chapter as always.

    I think you should anonymously tip off this church friend of yours. Use a random number and let her in on her husband’s shenanigans. Then destroy that sim. This is a situation that will surely end families, so doing it live is going to be hard. One thing for sure though, you can’t let this go and pray she hears about it on her own.

    Wish you strength in abundance.


  3. I don’t blame them in the Government departments about most of them sleeping around, first of all you pay a bribe to get a job if you are a man, if you are a women panties down so its a norm. But guys condomise please?

  4. @Govt, rather not tell her hey. izindaba zabantu abayi 2 azingenwa. the next thing she will hate on you. most women really choice not to know what their partners are up to, trust me, if she wanted to know, she would have…

  5. Govt I think since you said you guys are friends, raise a topic about testing and convince her how important it is to know her status. In other words decide indirectly for her and husband to test, friends value each others views and advices it might work

  6. If it was my husband doing this sh!t, I would want to know every little detail. BUT I would prefer it done anonymously to avoid the uncomfortable conversation that will follow & me probably breaking down in the process.

    I would suggest: Write her an anonymous letter & put all the detailed information. Names of the previous & current shags, their cell numbers, dates when they met, incl the late night meetings etc, times when they met incl the out of town trip lies etc, description & maybe pics of the ladies. This is incase she wants to do her own investigative work.

    I know it sounds crazy, but this is someone’s life & health & future at stake, if you are going to spill the beans, make sure you do it very well. At the end of the day, you are looking out for someone’s wellbeing, without being put in that awkward situation.

    Good luck.

  7. Jst remembered the uyvonne chaka chaka song “weh makoti yekela indaba zabantu” #jstsinging u can tell ur lady fwd but jst knw dat either way u will end up the bad guy

  8. This man is soooooo arrogant……

    Govt, I say take the advice of those who say give her an anonymous tip. She needs to know because her health is at stake here.

  9. We Government who is ur man sleeping with?is she negative? Are u being cheated on or kucheathwa nawe does he love u ?yiloko ke okmele ngabe ukhathazeke ngako uyeke izindaba zabantu abashadilee usungumuntu westhathu lo okukhulunywa ngaye mabeyala umuntu ezoshada wena usulale nabawngaki since kwaGovt kuphiwana?d only thing ongayenza is to introduce the topic of ukyochecker after loko sekyoyphumela ke okwenziwa I oe yakhe nayo kodwa inofebangedirection

  10. That’s tru Mike #febarism ngade exchange no’s ne national office ngokungayazi qha
    @Govt- what can I say, @this moment en tym rather focus on ur F’s health by convincing her 2go 4an HIV test. Giving her details now will be too much 4her. Rather start with HIV talk en if that doesn’t work then do the anonymous part and be there 4her always

  11. Agree with Roses 100%! As hard as it may be impilo yomuntu le though I’d advice u @Govt to first assess the wife’s mindset re: cheating Hubby’s coz if she injures or kills him u will never 4give yoself. #InhliziyoAyiphakelwa.

  12. If Aurelia’s sugardaddy caught her with the little boy in the parking lot didnt he recognise his own son or know the car? If he did maybe they both in on it, u never know with men.

  13. A2Q
    U could bring up topics which focus on marriege and HIV/AIDS. Encourage her to get tested and if she is negative (people are always willing to tell you their status when they are negative) then you can warn her about her cheating husband as her life could be in danger.

    Having sex with someone who is HIV positive does not necessarily mean that you are HIV positive. The guy is maybe a serial cheat but he could be very careful and is using condoms with all the women/men.

  14. @Govt, If her man is as bad as u say she either knows it or doesn’t want to know. I don’t care how good at cheating he is that woman would know if she wanted to know. So I say stay out of it, its none of your business. You can advise on going for an HIV test but don’t tell her about the cheating.

  15. thanks Mike
    Govt i understnd dat de persn is ur frnd n al bt it is nt ur plc to tel her n besides u’ve neva seen de guy in persn shaging al those ladies u claim he did itz al advise wud b to advise ur frnd to knw her status

  16. I am also curious about the son and father , if they know that they are sleeping with 1 woman.
    @ Govt please try the anonymous way if it does not work , shiya kanjalo mntase advise that person to use protection qha .

  17. @Govt. Niya said it well. This woman probably knows her husband is not loyal.

    Sadly many women choose to turn a blind eye at these things and pretend all is well. Ask your friend to accompany you to do a HIV test, its a good way to explore other subjects like cheating partners etc.

    Just please DO NOT give your personal opinion about her personal life, you have no actual proof of his cheating ways, its just hearsay.

  18. @ Anonymous it aint your place to go telling her about what her x husband was up to.

    If it bothers you that much, tell her you need to test and ask her to come with you and convince her to also test… Then take it from there.

  19. thanks mike. themba not everyone is like that. I bet even in private sectors is also like that. govt please find a way to warn this lady about the husband sheganians

  20. A2Q: I’m with the ones who say tell her anonymously. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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