Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Seven

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I swear you could hear the guard at the main gate fart the way my house was so quiet. There is an awkward silence that comes when you do something that you are not sure is morally right and you get away with it. I can’t explain it. My mother and I were in that moment. The house was so quiet I could even hear a car hooting in the distance. Much as he was probably lying I could not shake somewhere in the back of my mind that thought of what if he was telling the truth. What if… I can’t even believe I am saying this but what if all that had really happened to him? I mean it’s one helluva a lie to tell and be so precise and sincere at it. I tried to rack through my brain to remember everything he had said and even now, so soon after the moment, I could not find all his words. He had to have been lying. I am now a woman and this man just walks into my life and says I should call him daddy? That’s not how it works! As women we have been taught to be suspicious of this thing called a man because this thing has done so many bad things to us. We do not become defensive around men because we hate them, we become that because they have proven over and over again that trust them at your own peril! That’s my take on it! He had looked hungry and almost unkempt. He easily passed for someone who was struggling but it could have been because of poor life choices not Sterkfontein. Yes, there is that work. I googled it. It is a mental institution in Krugersdorp side. Did he make that up?

My mother was in her room now. She had closed the door. I went to her room but at the door I heard she was crying. At the same time my own baby cried. I chose Amo over my mother. He had been sleeping all this time. He was probably hungry. I held him in my arms and decided to feed him in about thirty minutes. I lay down on my back, and put my baby on my stomach. It is the most amazing feeling looking at that little precious joy lie there! Nothing in the world could touch him! Nothing! I would never ever allow harm to come his way. How does someone even leave behind something so precious willingly? My sister knocked and asked if she could come in.

“That was weird right what just happened?”

She said a bit nervously. I am certain in her voice I could detect that she was not too sure if we had done the right thing. Something was off here! My mother, I know her, she is too proud a woman, the moment my dad left she had never. Looked for him. Her pride would never allow that so what if what he was saying was true?

“I don’t think mum is ok go check on her!”

I said to my sister. She hated being a comforter!

“I have to feed Amo!”

I told her. She refused and came and took Amo instead. She was not going into my mothers room. Told you my sister is weird.

I knocked on my mothers door and she said come in. She was lying on her bed, face down and crying.

“Was he telling the truth?”

I asked her. I had to get answers and my mother was not the easiest person to get them out of.

“I don’t know! When he left I thought he left us. I still believe he did!”

I wanted to ask her so badly if she had looked for him but this is my mother we are talking about.

“How about you call Malume to see if he is telling the truth?”

I saw the fear in her eyes and I recognised it because it was exactly the same fear I had. This was, what if he was telling the truth? What then?

“Of course I want to know but what will knowing do to us. It’s been so many years now. It’s not like it will change the last sixteen years of our lives. It will not!”

She said as though she was pleading with me but I did not budge. I told her I wanted to know the truth because for so many years I had wondered were my father was. A lot of people won’t admit this but I believe it’s true, when you are growing up and you feel like your single mother is doing you an injustice, the first thought that comes to mind is,

“Will she be doing this if my dad was here?”

It’s true. Yes when we grow older our hatred for our father’s intensifies but when you are younger it’s different. You actually fantasize about how thing could and should be were he around. My mother seemed a bit hurt by me saying I thought about my father growing up. That’s another truth, single mothers, especially those that hate their baby daddy’s will make sure that you too the childd hates him just as much. You cannot take sides! You are hers and hers alone!

“I don’t mean it in a bad way but obviously I wondered. I know you know that. Every time you hit me you would say I was just like my father!”

I said defiantly but politely. Again she winced when I said that. I seem to be saying all the wrong things, hurtful thing but at least I could say them now. I was older.

“I will call your uncle but what ever he says nothing will change. Your father left me, us, when you were very young. I tried looking for him but when a person does not want to be found its like that. His family refused to help and at some point even accused me of killing him!”

She said and the tears started again,

“Imagine, me, killing a man and for what? I loved your father and yes he is right, I was not over Judy’s dad but when someone dies on you, they are impossible to get over!”

She explained. I had a bit of sympathy for her but I wanted to hear what my uncle would say. My mother was not my interest at this moment! She took out her phone and to mmy delight when she dialed my uncles number she immediately put it on speaker!


He said as soon as he picked up!

“We had a visitor earlier and I have some questions!”

She said without even greeting him back. There was a bit of silence on the line then he cleared his throat and said,

“I see he came!”

He said,

“But why didn’t you tell me vele? Why? How could you do this?”

She asked her brother with a bit of anger, betrayal and disbelief in her voice!

“Tell you what? When I went to the hospital, I personally went, I did not call, because I did not believe him, I was stunned! What was I supposed to say to you Sisi? Was I supposed to come and say I found your long lost husband he lost hims mind?”

He responded…

Oh My God…

He was telling the truth!

*****The End*****

Bra Mike

My name is Terence and I am from Jhb North. I was dating a girl for three years who loved me dearly. There was nothing she would not do for me. She was there when ever I needed her and was attentive to our relationship. Myself on the other hand thought I was too cool for commitment. I cheated on her with her bestfriend. We were at a party and the friend was there. One thing led to the other and we had sex. It was only once but the betrayal seems like it was a million times. I felt bad about it immediately and wanted to confess and beg my gf for forgiveness. Fear however meant I did not do that. A few weeks ago my ex gf fought with her best friend and the friend confessed to her what had happened to hurt her. My ex gf had only recently discovered that she was pregnant and I had already bought the ring. She gave me back my ring and now she is threatening to abort our baby if she hasn’t already.

I know I hurt her. I do not know how else to apologise. I have never read your blog Bra Mike but she reads it religiously everyday. I am sorry with everything that I have. I messed up. There is no excuse. I love you and will never ever do what I did again to you or any woman. I have stopped drinking, smoking and partying. All the things you wanted. I will do. Whatever it takes for you to see I know I was wrong.

Please come home


42 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Seven

  1. Q&A
    Terrace you are just like every other men in the world, y’all never appreciate when your girlfriends do something good for y’all instead y’all go around sleeping with every Mary, Kate and Ashley, and worse y’all got got this tendency of fuckin up your lady’s friendships

    Chances are she might do the abortion just to get back at you and to not look like a fool who’s gonna have a kid with a nigga that slept with her bestfriend

    Some women are forgiving and some aren’t. I hope yours is the one that forgives because you’ll get those who’ll tell you that all your crap is forgive only to kill you in your sleep.

    Be there for her whenever she needs and she might see that you really need her back in your life.

  2. Imagine being in mental hospital and all along your wife believe that you left them! Tjooooo thanks Mike. A2Q my man I hope you realy have changed hey, when people beg they made lots of promises. Good luck

  3. Thankyou Mike.

    @ Q&A
    The best advice I can give you is that if you love her, don’t give up on her. The betrayal is big, and she might never trust you again, but as women our weakness is forgiveness. If she ever does forgive you, please don’t take advantage of that. All the best

  4. Ncooh Terence that’s a real plea right there, i’m sure your girl is seeing this, hopefully she’ll forgive you, and to the girl or shuld i say ex girl remember sweety everybody makes mistakes, don’t let go of a good man because of one stupid mistake that he’s remorseful about.

  5. Terrence,change for yourself as that is permanent. Changing your ways because you want to please others will only frustrate you, and in a while you will revert back to ur ways.

    Now that u know love,next girl hopefully you will keep.

    Let this lady go.

  6. Enkosi Bhuti Mike. Your books have a way of opening old wounds for some of us, absent fathers do not realize the pain and the wound that they leave their partners and children when they up and leave… As I say “The pain you left is unbearable, the wound you left is incurable, the pain and the wound, so much it left”

    @ Terence, you deserve every punishment you can get from the Lady, imagine how much of a fool she must be feeling right now, when she thinks back on the days when she would be with her witch “bestfriend” and you were around, and the two of you knowing what you did, you are a scum, you did not only just cheat on her but broke her friendship, even if she does take you back, it will take time for her to trust you.

    @ Terence ex girlfriend, dear, you have every right to kick that scum to the curb, but please if you have not done so already, please do not abort your baby to get back at him, he is not worth that precious life growing inside of you and remember that, that baby is yours too.

  7. lol Q-a this guy sounds like he is coming out of a movie.

    Qoute”I am sorry with everything that I have. I messed up. There is no excuse. I love you and will never ever do what I did again to you or any woman. I have stopped drinking, smoking and partying. All the things you wanted. I will do. Whatever it takes for you to see I know I was wrong.”

    Please come home

    Even the name is of a movie star…

    I wonder if you are truthfull or you didnt steal that line from a movie though but in any case who am i to judge. i applaude you for admiting you wrong and you know she deserves to be treated like a Queen.. Big ups to you. but her Bestfriend? you hit an all time low buddy but you already know that cant rub it in any further… That was never a friend anyway. yes you love her but give her the space she needs you betrayed her trust brother…

    @your ex_ my love take your time before making any decision you were angry for that little soul inside of you… pls think of him/her okay…. at the end it is what you want. i must admit your man is romantic though

  8. Poor man, all this time he was in a looney bin, this is just so sad.

    Terence, Terence, Terence….Not only did you screw someone but you screwed the “Best friend”, that kinda of hurt does not go away quickly. You will be lucky if she forgives you. All you can do is beg her not to abort your child. Sisi who reads Mike’s blog religiously aka Terence exGF, please don’t kill an innocent life to spite someone because that is no longer you being hurt but its just plain cruelty. I know you hurt, but two wrongs never make a right no matter how good you think you will feel afterwards…….My plea to you. and Terence, I hope you have learned your lesson nawe!

  9. Thnxxx Mikey 4 yet another bestie
    Terence problem wit u guys is u think with ur D’s now u might loose ur future wife n baby 4 wht 2 mnts pussy bt atleast u r takin initiative n u know what she likes its a + on ur side,,,Hope she 4givs U

  10. Q&A

    Terence you sound like a young man, and you made stupid mistakes. First of all you need to man up with what you did and apologies to your gf in person not on this blog hoping she will read it. I dont even know what advise you want from us. Dude and why does it matter that you stay in JHB north. IF you gonna cheat dont get caught and dont do it with the best friend, thats highskul behaviour.NX

  11. Hai I still don’t get how although Robert was in hospital for 3 years why didn’t his family fill in the gaps all the other years unless they still think Faith’s mom killed him. So what happened to him after the 3 years? who is he now? where does he stay? How does he then even remember that Faith’s mom loved Judith’s dad more????? Now I have questions Faith should be having ah!

    Terrance I hope this lady who read this blog religiously, doesn’t take you back. Something bad has to happen before you realise you had gold? I mean really? for 3 years she has been good to you and you go sleep with her best friend? you say you felt bad but never bothered to tell her the truth, please stop lying! if you felt bad and you knew what you did was wrong you would have told her the truth instead of her finding out from the friend, even your engagement was then based on a lie, you probably gave her the ring to cover your own guilt mxm. I hate hypocrites!

    @ Ms Terrance, I hope you change your mind about the baby, babies are a gift and should be loved and cared for, the child did no wrong, don’t punish the child for Terrance foolishness.

    Lovely read Team, Thanks


  13. QnA you are just like the rest of them awoneli. I hope she doesn’t abort the child, wena you don’t deserve her and I hope she doesn’t forgive you.

    What was going through your head when you were pulling down your zipper and when you were busy wearing a condom (that’s if you even wore it), and when you were busy pumping her best friend?

    You think apologizing to her here will change how much you hurt her? NXAAA

  14. I miss all the drama with Mudenda and Tidimalo….. Please Mike you just left us hanging nje..

    QnA: Wow Terrence, I must say I am a sucker for Romance and love so this to me was very beautiful and touching…. BUT its only the first step.

    If I was Mrs Terrence, I would probably forgive you just for my peace of mind. What you have done is one of the dumbest things you could do as a guy, even if she forgives you and takes you back there will be no trust at all, you will be turning her into an insecure, jealous and very needy girl friend of which I am sure you will dump in no time.

    I don’t get you guys, You get a good woman who loves and treats you right and then you had to go and mess it up by cheating and when she forgives you for your infertilities but because she cant trust you any more she changes and you end up complaining that she is this and that forgetting that you are the reason she is like that.

    Terrence, this is where you have to show her how much she means to you, how you have changed, show her that she can trust you, be an open book to her. No secrets no more, if this is not the only time you cheated please do tell her because as you have already experienced, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF COMING OUT!!!!!!

    As for the baby, You said Mrs Terrence reads this blog religiously so I would assume that she was just saying that to get back at you, she wouldn’t but hey that’s just my opinion.

    Good Luck Mr T

  15. QnA my guy, leave her be… u screwed up, deal with it. I just feel like u r not being genuine. Wats next? U gna send an Email “Love Back”. Get outa here. U n ur sorry self. What is she supposed to do with ur sorry cheating ass? Ai man. N I’m sure u thot it wud b all romantic neh? Nxa

    ExGf it’s ur decision to make my dear. Any decision u make I believe u would have thought it thru. Bt also bear in mind that if u keep the baby you will have to find a way to make friendship with dis nigga. If u abort you’ll b d one to deal with the emotions. Do what’s best for u sisi wam’.

  16. Mhk Mike my brada,absent fathers neh.#Hurt.Wen I also think dat my dad is dead alive.Thank u Ntate Mike for yet another chapter.
    Q2A…..We love them(our men who art in our hearts)wholeheartedly.Some ppl hav a way of creatng enemies for u.Sleeping with ur woman s “best”friend.”one thing led to another” is a rustation lately mxm.I don get dis man like really ,actually I don wnt to get him.Have we all seen this?Ppl ask for forgiveness afta they are done with wat they wanted to do to u.Like really dis man ddnt knw he was making kak by unzipping for his woman s friend?As for da best friend,Tjhe Ausi u got a loose panty shem n hao rate motswalle wa hao.

  17. Dear Terence, I’m not really sure if I will ever forgive you or not. You really broke my heart. You betrayed all the love and the trust I had for you. I will never take you back as my man. I can’t spend the rest of my life wondering where you are and being suspicious all the time. I deserve better. I won’t murder my child. Keep your distance, I will keep mine.

  18. Thanks Mikeesto… Amnesia huh!!! I oughtta play that card in future lol.

    I couldn’t help but think of the movie 8mile. ” this guy aint no gangster, his real name is Terence, and Terence lives at home with both parents, and Terence parents have a real good marriage” lmfao!!!

    Terence my G, you messed up and you have since tried to apologise with all you are worth, you have quit things that make you happy, such as smoking, drinking and even partying. You have a backbone or you have clearly lost your marbles. Sacrifices are good yeah, but in the name of sorry, how many sacrifices will do to be accepted? Uzodlalwa ngaba fazi Sbali.

    You did wrong, you got found out and you lost your woman. Do all you can to show how sorry you are, but don’t lose yourself to get her back. Quitting the things that make you happy will indirectly lead you to cheat again or snap later in life and realise how much you gave. You love your woman, its evident, but you hurt her deeply nigga, imagine she slept with your dude…yea it aint the same but cheating is cheating. Keep at it and maybe you will get through to her, show her you are repentant, but to stop smoking and drinking will cause more harm than good in future.

    now remember player, you don’t cheat with a girl’s friend, with her family member or her enemy. And if you are retired, remember not to cheat at ALL.

    To the religious reader, cheating can be once off, or it can be a recurring illness. You know how your relationship was, if he made you happy and if its worth it to take him back or not. I sincerely hope that you recover from what he has done and that you are able to continue your life with no ill feelings towards him or your ex bff. Qina sester.


  19. Its been a year reading and not commenting, anyway I’m not a good writer so its not a problem
    Mike I have to say you are talented ngwana batho and ke ho lakaletsa mahlatse ho di buka tsa hao….
    Thank you for all the blogs, you are the best!!!!!! I hope this is not rude but can you please suggest other bolgs for me to read? I heard about the one talking about Mamelodi and something like that? Please please please, I know all your bogs but I wanna expore now

    @ Terrence. My bra you can never justify cheating, ke go kwela botlhoko for realising what you had while its already gone,changing for another person is not good because in future you might blame her for who you will because of her, try as much as you can to show her how sorry you are but don’t be pushy…..I hope she forgives you and start a family together,and once more not add the statistic of single woman.

    @ Religeous reader
    I know you’re hurt and it might feel like the end of the world but darling aborting is never a solution,he made a mistake yes but please think of your future,how happy he made you and if you can leave without him,,, think of the little precious you are caring and give him/her a chance, don’t rush into deciding on something you might regret tomorrow. Hope you forgive him

  20. thanx mike. For usisi ophoxwe u terrence, i’m very sorry and i know how it feels. But for mina umuntu ophoxile lana umngani ka sisters.. Bekangasiye umngani weqiniso, maybe bekayhalela le relationship enhle kangaka ngalendlela yokuthi bekafun ukuymosha vele.. Mina ngiyaye ngithi indoda iyohlala iyindoda nje njalo.. If wena wesfazane ulula kuba yinkinga… Lomngani bekangasiye umngani weqiniso.. Mina ngibona kunguye ophoxe u sisters okdlula i boyfriend yakhe…… Terrence i’m sure ufundile ukuthi ucabange before wenza, not ukuthi wenze bese uyacabanga.. Bekmel ucabang ukuthi kuzobanjani if lento oyenzile ifika ku girlfriend yakho… But gud luck mfwethu… To u sisters, abatwana bayisipho esivela kumdali, so asikho isdingo salento ofun ukyenza ngoba nawe umtanakho. Uyothini kanti uhushula lomtwana kanti wuye kuphela u nkulunkulu akubusise ngaye?

  21. Ayi QnA ya today is sooo sad won’t lie n its da best fwds that r the most dangerous hu hurt you ms thang I’m sorry sisi hope u healing well n life goes on uzoba ryt oky

  22. Mike
    I am starting to like the QnA now as it is moving in a different direction. People were asking why guys are not posting in QnA so now it is. This reminds me of a confession song:

    Dear Mr. Editor, won’t you please Print my story in your magazine? Warn all the lovers how a cheating heart, Can only end up in misery

    I was a lyin’, cheating fool I treated her so cruel Broke her heart and made her cry
    Broke every rule and that’s my
    (True confession)
    She can read the story
    (Read it in your magazine)
    That’s my true confession

    And I’m sorry(Sorry that I treated her so mean) Oh, I’m sorry that I treated her mean

    Now I would call her up and apologize If I was half the man I should be But I’m afraid it’s too late for that ‘Cause I know she wouldn’t listen to me

    (c) Brook Benton – My True Confession

    1. Daaaaaaaamn! I love that song, so accurate for the situation right now.

      you made my day, thanks man

  23. @ Terance: admitting you have wronged someone is the first step, and you are on the right track. temptation is temptation and you were no different from anyone. ba ka go roga ba ka go tshega but atleast you owning up for your actions hopefully its not too late. everyone gives into temptation Adam and Eve did it….those who have been hurt before may judge a bit too harshly and forget to look at the bigger picture (forgiveness). Keep at it and maybe she’ll eventually forgive you but careful not to end up having stalker tendencie, if you not winning and it’s time to let go you will know.

  24. @Miss Thang: you are hurt, angry and betrayed but don’t bite your nose to spite your face, evaluate the following: 1) clearly your friend was never a real friend ha ele gore ntse a eletsa monna wa gago nako e yothe e it takes 2 and le ene she is at fault but because we are women we tend to be more hard on the guys and forgive our “friends” for all you know she made a play for your man, she has proved to be an evil little soul for throwing that in your face. 2) only you know your man you the only one who has the insite into wether he is a serial cheat or its a mistake. non the less take your time heal and make decisions on a clear head don’t make decisions when you are angry. ask yourself this thou if you were married to this chap would you divorce him for cheating? banna ba a thokwa nana i’m sure you have read situations tsa other ladies and with relationships. 3) write down the pros and cons of your relationship and see if you can choose to live without him i repeat pros and cons of your relationship eseng di “what if” just things you are sure of. Good Luck…..

  25. Thank you mike, we are learning a lot from your books and this blog,

    Q&A Give your woman some time, this is still fresh, she’s angry and hurt, when she decides to forgive you, you will know. Even if she finds it in her heart to forgive you things will never be the same, recovering from that is a process , if she forgives you she will have to learn to love you without trusting you which is very patient with her. put yourself in her shoes bro, if it was you what were you going to do?

    MIS Thang Sorry you had to go through this, aspecially at this stage when you are expecting a child, most of us are victims of betrayal, we learn a lesson or three, make adjustments and forgive if possible , I hope your Ex has learnt from his mistake.

  26. “I stopped drinking, partying smoking. All the things you wanted” wena Terrebce what do you want? Why are you putting all this on her, haven’t you hurt her enough? Now she must feel sorry because you cheated but you changed, so it’s all moonlight and roses? Yes you own up to what you did, but doesn’t make you ‘man enough’ it’s just logic of doing what millions do when they are wrong. Do you really want this woman back? Are you willing to ‘do the work’? Or are you just panicking because you’re alone now and can’t take back the ring? Introspection bhuti please

    Avid reader, sisi what is your betrayal limit? Can you forgive and forget? Because if you can forgive and not forget then don’t forgive at all as this betrayal will play out in every argument you will have with gentle brother Terence should you take him back. The decision to abort the baby is yours. We may all be pro choice but yoy never know how deep something will cut you until you hear from someone who’s been there. Goodluck to you both

  27. Thanx again big Mike

    Yoh! Bhejane u chose the right song for the situation…..I also love it….J/zoro I noticed that sometimes wenza ngamabomu. Next time I won’t be mad at u


  28. QnA Typical guy story…3 years and that is what she gets in return hmmmm, you men can be f**Ken selfish and damn cruel…so when did you realize are that you are now too cool for a commitment??? Stop putting pressure on the girl when she is already hurt by you and her so called bestfriend, you knew what you were doing now you are writing on blogs begging her back. Nigga words do not mean anything actions do. Good thing you know u messed up.

    Ex GF aborting your child wont change what happened nor will it make it any better. Keep your child if you want to jut do not make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling.

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