Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Nine

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This is the new thing in South Africa and people used to get high and mighty about it once upon a time and quote the bible forgetting that Jesus does not own a company! In South Africa we have reached a point where employment is so scarce very few will be hard pressed to blame a woman if she sleeps with someone for a job! Men maybe will complain, some holier than thou women might complain but usually those too are employed join the chorus of despises it because they never reached desperation point.m Even myself, my 22 year old friend was sleeping with this 50 year married men and here I was employed with no experience whatsoever! It’s like I sucked his dick by default, second hand smoking! We are just grateful to get the job! Must be tough being a man because whose dick are you going to suck for the post. It’s reality. The blacks in this country thought they were so clever come independence! We introduced BEE and made sure white people can never be employed. They left and went into the sector with the biggest potential and money, the private sector. We fucked up government now people are complaining that white people in private sector are too rich we must BEE that shit too regardless of whether their wealth and IT companies came after 1994! Lol to be black at times! We don’t think with direction that’s why half your daughters are now sleeping with people for jobs. I was not going to sexually assaulted though but today I will let it pass. I wanted, no correction, I needed this job badly. I will suck whatever in for a year whatever happens then have the necessary experience!

“I said why is he a son of a bitch?”

He asked angrily!

“Is my wife a bitch to you young lady?”

I was in trouble. I had spoken too soon and I did not know he was lurking behind. Have you ever been in a situation where you say something rude or embarrassing about someone without realising that they are standing right behind you. I was a legend at that. I do that all the time so I should know better. This was crazy! I think he sounded angry at the fact that I was cursing at his son more than what the son had done.

“No dad it’s me I teased her about her shoes and she reacted! She didn’t even know who my father was!”

He said casually. The boy was smooth. He was hot too! He reminded me of that Lunga guy who does Big Brother but with a bit more I am not even sure what his name was because he probably lied to look cool! Idiot he might be ha had just saved my ass because imagine what would happen if I made this complaint on the first day before I even fully started! This guy had to be forgiven. I was focused on my work here though so I will not allow this fool to distract me! I could not allow for him to become a thing. Looking at him though I could not help but wonder if Aurelia had not seen this guy yet. He was so fine! Wow! My boss had good genes, I looked at him, nah I change my mind! Must have been the mother!

“Lunga! Listen this is work! You play in your time! I am tired of your shenanigans!”

He shouted at him. Unprofessional I know but thank you. Why didn’t he tell him though that I was out of bounds. He had said zero about that even when he walked out! Wait did he just call him Lunga? Ah, I didn’t see that one coming but good guess on my part! Pity he had a useless son!

“You are feisty hey I like that! You and I are going to have a good time together! I can’t wait!”

He said with a cheesy smile! He knew he could get away with it. It was his father’s company but something told me that they were not close. It was weird. I was standing next to this kid knowing my best friend was fucking his father whilst his mother is probably at home. It’s reached that point were sex really is senseless and meaningless. Will I ever be that girl? Maybe that’s why he resented his father who knows but by the looks of it he was a ladies man!

“Where did you school?”

I asked him! I told him I went to Tuks of which he said I was probably on a bursary! He meant it as an insult and I took it as one too. I asked him where he went and with a smug face responded,

“VC Sandton!”

I think he thought I would be owed but I responded,

“School of rejects!”

He responded,

“Excuse me?”

I retorted,

“Go to any VC in the country and pick three students in the same year who had five or six distinctions at matric! I dare you!”

I said folding my arms. I had cut him deep but I was not backing down because the truth hurts. VC what? Puliz! It’s not even a real University that’s why they call it varsity only otherwise it’s illegal! The kids there are so proud! I saw one on Rich Kids Of Mzansi (wait don’t they all go there) and I just shook my head at his ignorance. Looking at this fool here, he was no different! Self entitled pampous pricks who think their daddies money belongs to them! Where is the pride in working for your own shit? Ask anyone who knows these kids and you will know exactly who they are. He was touched. I swear if he could hit me he would have but he took it on the chin and rolled with it,

“All those VC kids will never be unemployed and in fact will employ you Tuks kids with all your brains and distinctions. Ain’t no beating that shit!”

He said and made a chuckle. Yes he had won. He was right. Degree might give you a name but you can’t eat when you are hungry no can it shelter you in the rain. I was humbled. Working with this guy was definitely going to be annoying but there was no turning back now. We had so much paper work to do that. He was not getting preferential treatment though this cheeseboy as whatever I did he to had to do for himself. The father kept on checking on us which annoyed Lunga because it meant he could not chat up the receptionist. With the way she was giggling and look at him like a hungry child after attending a black bazalwane church, you know those ones that take hours, it was only a matter of time before he chowed her! Women! We are weak sies!

I called my sister to ask her how Amo was. You know I was so lucky to have her at home because it gave me peace of mind. There was no way I was going to let my mother chase her out. Most people at this stage would be looking for a nanny and women will tell you that these nannies can be so scary to leave your child with. I have heard enough horror stories to know I had to be scared.

We were done before midday. Thankfully! I was actually so exhausted. As we walked out he offered to give me a lift. I refused because I did not trust this pervert. What if he groped what was I going to do? I did not see where he went but the taxi was not too far away. I had not walked far when a car stopped behind. It was him!

“Are you sure you don’t need a lift?”

I told him no I was good and he sped off. His car looked exactly like, no wait…

Like Tidimalos!

White Mercedes Benz A Class!

I clap once!

Was Aurelia doing the son too!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the beautiful stories. I am in grade 11 in Cape Town and I think I am pregnant. I have missed my period. Two months ago I was raped on my way back from school. There were sports on a Saturday and my mother had said I should not go because someone had to be in the house. She was out of town so I went anyway. She is very strict but sports at school are compulsory so I would have been in trouble anyway. My mother is the type who will turn any story on its head and if I tell her she will probably say I was lying and I slept with the boys willingly. I am so scared. I don’t know what to do.

Please help me


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  1. Lol faith wa thoma ka go naganela kgakala akere?cheesy boy ba tena mare,Faith wena ha o ipeye fatshe I like dat ka wena

  2. QnA I just don’t get it? Why didn’t you go to the hospital after that? Get started on PEP…get checked out, be given other meds so you don’t get pregnant? I just don’t get it.

  3. thanks mike for the great morning read.

    qna- Im sorry for what happened to you it truly is the most traumatizing ordeal that can happen to anyone and.the only way to heal is to get professional help. I went through a familar situation but this will eat you up everyday so if u scared of talking to your mum talk to.someone who will be able to talk to your mom, or write her letter. sure she will be angry but jus know one important thing IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. you need to get medical treatment as well because you can get sti’s and pregnancy. Im sorry but u have to be a big girl ne and pray ,I promise you in time you.will heal and become a.stronger woman.

  4. Faith ka o rata ne gosa itlwaetse ka dis guy. JA Aurelia did the son dats y a tshaba dis guy nd dats y basa get along fr and son, now the son o itse diphiri tsa papa he can do anything dad aka se mo discipline nix

  5. Sorry about your ordeal Leona, buy a test and an abortion is free at most gvmnt hospitals, or if you have money do go to Marie stopes, do not go to any dodgy doctors. There’s no reason why you should keep such child and ruin your life. You can also attend counseling which is also free, your mother doesn’t have to find out. Get somebody you trust for moral support.

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, good read.

    Go see a doctor asap child, why do you sound so calm and cool about this ordeal? You actually sound more concerned that you might be pregnant than the fact that you were sexually assaulted. I have no words really!


  7. Thanks Mike love ur work…..

    Nana u need to go the hospital n get checked up.Askies for what you went through I hope and pray that u not pregnant rape is an awful thing to go through alone n tell ur mom she might stricked but she’s ur mom n I’m sure she loves you very much n will do what is best for you!

    All the best…

  8. Leona, this blog is for adultsand you should not be enjoying these stories. As for your situation you need to tell your mother the truth and she is the one person who will advise you. She will know which specialist Doctor, psychologist or Police to take you to. South African law allows for abortion in such circumstances, but you are too young to be doing all this on your on. Your mother is you solution.

  9. Hi mike and family
    Relebogela dijo tsa letsatsi ka metlha…

    A2Q-hey leona baby, am sorry your story doesn’t add up to me , the letter sound so deceitful. when I read your letter , you sound like someone who had a boyfriend and planned for that particular day to do your ‘get down together’.now because your pregnant, the poor guy turn to be a rapist. I feel that your doing this because you are terrified of your mother that and this why you want to through the poor guy under the bus to save your own skin.

    However, in spite of how one feel and percieve your story , sexual intercourse must never be forced otherwise its rape n needs to be reported to the police. Google FAMSA and call them ,they will counsel or even give you a face to face counselling service to your province .

  10. Thanks Mike and Team – this is getting interesting by the day

    Q&A your letter is vague, this terrible ordeal happened two months ago which i assume is March – and you only missed your period this month? did you have it last month or missed it as well? or did this happen just after your period? why did you wait this long though? you didn’t even buy the home pregnancy test? as far as i know rape victims need to go to the nearest hospital or clinic so they can be checked and given the necessary medication to prevent STI’s and HIV infection – which you don’t seem to be worried about expect being pregnant – i am not judging, it just doesnt add up. i suggest you consult with a GP as soon as possible and have yourself checked out and you need professional counselling as well. all the best.

  11. @nqaba who told you this blog is for adults? My 16 year old sister loves this blog and I don’t stop her reading it, DOAZG and the Sugar baby book speak about teens. Do you see an age restriction anywhere? When Mike restricts the blog then kids will stop reading. So narrow minded really, this is somewhat educational

  12. Faith thou eish this life is hard but one needs to know that we all make choices and the hard part is living with them.

    Q&A- GUYS I think she is still young and even thou she has heard of all the things you are talking about her only concern is being pregnant because it is that visible thing come on think about it. We can say what ever when you find yourself in a situation you just don’t know what to do. We can only advice her and trust that she will do the right thing for herself and act on this has quickly as possible before it turns into something big which could change her life forever.

    I stay in Cape Town and I would not mind helping you if you need someone to talk to or go with you to the clinic or doctor or what ever help. I feel that young people have everything available to them but yet they don’t know how to utilize the resources or don’t have enough information or mentors or peer educators in schools to assist them. I think you can maybe talk to your teacher.

  13. Goog read big Mike. Thank you

    Leona, I think u took too long without telling yo mom , reporting to police and even going to the clinic, now u r on your own. First make a plan to tell yo mom ask other elders you trust who will help u confront your mother. She wil help u going forwad. Gud luck


  14. Thanks Mike.

    Q&A: somehow someway you sound like you are being untruthful. you sound way too calm for somebody who got raped. if you can send mails, I believe you wise enough to know that when one has been raped you must report to the police and you have to go get checked. YOU WORRIED ABOUT BEING PREGNANT 2 MONTHS LATER!!! REALLY… Sisi, there are people out there who need real help. stop wasting space over lies. you simply slept around and now you want sympathy and act like you been raped. be ashamed. just go tell mommy you went to the sports day and played so hard that you ended up getting pregnant.

    I don’t wish you Luck, I wish you to grow up and face what you did and stop lying about being raped.

  15. U so ryt Mababy , leona kid is probably fooling us, yes we shouldn’t judge but she’s just too good to be true , what is it that she’s being taught at school??? Ai stop playing games here , ddnt u know there are concequencies for being raped n not report it? Why come out after two months??? Not just two months but after realising u myt be pregnant, so to me you wouldn’t have came out about you being raped if u had seen ur periods??? Wena u probably got lied to by ur bf , aker le phaphela dilo lele bana, stop feeling pity for urslf and own up for ur own mistakes.

  16. Leona dear, maybe it’s your choice of words but you seem very calm for a rape victim. That said, speak to your mom and be absolutely honest. It will be hard but she is your mother and the only person to help you rectify your situation while having your best interests at heart. You need her guidance now.

    Guys, we need to be very careful how we speak to others and especially children. No one is perfect and as much as today’s adolescents tend to engage in physical activities, we need to remember that their emotional intelligence and maturity level has not fully developed. So our words can/will break them. The use of harsh vocabulary and statements towards this child is just not right. Imagine your child being spoken to in such tones. I don’t think any of us would appreciate it. Let’s take care to how we answer these letters that come in, not just to children but to the public at large. But then again, this is just my opinion.

  17. QnA Leona the best option here is to speak to your mother, she is the only one who’ll solve this misfortune. Weather it’s Rape or not you still need to see a professional ASAP.

    Adults let’s not be judgemental about this story, it doesn’t matter if she is lying or not, she needs our help and clearly she need her mother more. This is our future adults let’s build them instead of breaking them.

    Leona if you are lying to us baby shame on you but if you are telling the truth you need to do what is right and report this culprits (by the way this story has lots of loopholes) do you know your rapists?

    Good luck.

  18. Wonder who made some of you God to be judging and throwing insults to this girl.Even God doesn’t do that.The post realisation of the consequences of your ordeal are painful but its not too late to do what’s right.Seek medical attention to rule out HIV and determine how far are you into the pregnancy. Stress can also make you skip your periods. Rule out all the posibilities. Once you have all the info than seek counselling together with your mom.Goodluck young lady.

  19. Exciting chapter as always Mike. I really like what u wrote about the private sector and BEE, I really love how u point out facts about our country. Ur a realistic that’s why your books are so amazing. Each one is different and has its own angle but u manage to link them all somehow. U really are a talented man. Thank u for giving us something to look forward to everyday

  20. N, I may be narrow minded to you, but if the truth be told if you allow you 16 year old sister to read and enjoy these blogs you are irresponsible. Mike will not restrict the age for you……nanzo.

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