Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Eight

The drama in my life! Now I had a long lost father whom no matter whom you are, if you were in my issues you too would feel guilty about what had just happened. I know I felt guilty. Wow. Who could have thought. My mother asked my uncle how she could contact him and he said something about him fixing shoes at some shop when he met him. My mother asked how that was possible because when he left her he had been a book keeper and was completing his accounting. My uncle said he did not not but suspects that my dad never fully healed after his ordeal. My mother started crying and my uncle told her crying won’t change anything. He said he would go look for him with her if she wanted but she said no, it was something she needed to do alone! She was still angry at him for not telling him the day she found but my uncle is a frank person. He asked her why she stopped looking for him in the first place when he went missing! He said he remembered too well how she gave up on him and said he was a typical man that’s why he left. Some people do not like hearing the truth told to them and my mother is one of them. She started shouting at him saying they never supported her that’s why things could have been better. He asked her how they could have because she is so proud, she thinks being a strong a woman means you can’t accept help even from your own family. I think it was my turn to leave. I should not be hearing such things being said of my mother even though they were true. She was proud. All single moms are and most of them carry a chip on their shoulder. Was I going to be like her? I hope not.

I went to my sister and asked me what had happened. I told her about the conversation and she laughed. She said this was too much for her and she could not believe this happened in real life. She said we should have gone to an episode of Khumbule’ khaya something I did not find funny at all. To my sister everything was a joke. It was a light hearted moment. This was devastating for me finding my father and finding him like this. I just wanted to cry. I went to kitchen and took the mop so I could clean the water I had missed him with. The though of what could have happened really haunted me. My mothers tjambok was also still lying there. What had happened to him? Clearly he had walked here so why hadn’t we tried to follow him my mother and I. We were cruel people that much I don’t doubt. I was cooking so I decided to focus on that. My mother would be hungry soon and she get cranky when hungry. Around. 9pm though she had not come out of her room. I went to check why because she was past here usual supper time but she said she was not hungry. She also said this coming weekend we were all going to church. Here we go! It’s never late! When something goes wrong in a black persons life church is the answer! I did not argue though because she tends to change her mind because normally she is too exhausted after it! I didn’t mind though. I needed this.

I had bigger things to concern myself with. I had to prepare myself for the maintenance thing. I did not want to be guilty of being under prepared. What does a woman even take to court? I had not researched that part? I was told most men are clever because they come prepared that’s why they pay less than they should! Also if you have a male judge he will probably be lenient on his fellow brother! I did not want that! As I was

“You must come in for work tomorrow!”

The message said. It was from my new boss. I was so excited.

I wanted to go tell my mum immediately but with the state that she was in I was not too sure about it. I needed money for lunch and the works. I doubt my sister could drop me off because of Amo and the traffic in the morning. I was on my own. The thought of myself getting a licence though is a nightmare! It is so flippen expensive and no matter what government tells you, you can’t get your license the right way! That much you can forget! They are corrupt the government themselves and they have to tell the people who work at the traffic department not be corrupt! Like how does that work? Everybody knows at least two people that boight their licences and it was time I bought mine. I cough drive but I was not perfect like my sister as I did not have enough practice. Oh, and one day I was going to need my own house! Yes definitely! See a job gives you that license to dream. I went and told my sister and the first thing she said was,

“What if he is changing his mind about the job?”

This girl is so uncalled for but I did not want to piss her off because of Amo. I played along and I told that was scaring me too. She just loved negativity no wonder why she was suicidal.

In the morning at 0430 I was up. I know it’s early but I hardly slept. My mother told me to calm down but eh guys it was my first job. I was at the office just before 0700 and guess what, we only started at 0800. Of all the days in the world it decided to be a very cold day and there I was dressed corporate, pencil skirt and jacket! I was so cold! Eventually everyone came and at this stage I was frozen to the bone. The reception got here first and she saw I was freezing. She gave me coffee. I hate coffee but with the way I was right now if you had given me hot piss I would have drunk it. I was directed to H.R and when I got there I was told I had to do my paperwork and get registered for tax. I felt important because your first job and also your second I.D. Number. If you don’t have a tax number you might as well not exist. Simple as that

You know when you go to university you expect to make a lot of money when you start working. Well that’s not the reality. Half of all students in university are in the Humanities meaning chances of them getting a job are so slim. Why? Because all they aspired to do was get to university without thinking this shit through. You now have a degree, are three years older, you paid that much amount of money for university, now you can’t get a job! BA in Philosophy? Really! What do you want to tell us so bad you had to go get a degree in it! Some degrees must be banned!

Another guy was starting work with me that same day. He kept on talking to me and he was flirting with me. I was very polite at first and told him to back off but this dude was relentless.

It was when he smacked my ass, just imagine that I lost it it.

“Listen here you fucken son of a bitch, I don’t know what kind of father raised you but stay the fuck away from me!”

I had my back to the door and at that moment from behind me someone said,

“I am that bitch who is his father, what has he done!”

I turned around to see my boss standing with his arms across his chest quite bemused!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

**Hey guys today’s chapter was inspired by the following letter***

Dear Mike

I graduated in a bullshit philosophy degree and 2012. I struggled so hard to get a job and eventually I got pregnant. My mother was already angry at me for having wasted her money at university and getting pregnant made her hate me. Baby daddy left at three months pregnant. I had no money meaning she was now taking care of my baby who as though I was bewitched was also so sickly. He is ok now. Eventually after a thousand applications begging and grovelling I got a job. Whilst the job paid a decent salary it was barely enough. I continued applying and not one company accepted me after I started working. With the money I am earning I can hardly afford UNISA meaning I would have had to stretch out my degree to make it cheaper. My boss seeing my desperation (he owns the company) made it clear to me that my job would include taking care of his sexual needs. He said it me directly. I thought I was clever and reported him to CCMA etc and they told me that with no evidence its a lose situation. A letter was sent to him and he told me again to my face that if the offer was too vile I can go find employment elsewhere. I need this job so badly. He told me that once a week I have to come with something for us to do if I was staying in the job. He will never approach me, I had to approach him. This way it will never seem like he is forcing me. I have reached a stage where every thursday or friday I blowjob him or have sex with him. On his side he has started to pay for my UNISA. At first my pride wouldn’t allow but I am now halfway through my HR degree through his money and sucking his dick! I tell myself this is temporary and I have told some of my friends who are all unemployed and looking and they all say they wish they were me! I am not even angry at him anymore, he talks to me like normal and treats me like a princess even. My contract was up for renewal and he let go of another guy who was more experienced than me but kept me. I won’t lie I cried because I was grateful that I was retained as things are tough at home.

Dear Mike, please ask your readers is this is normal and if any have had to grant sexual favors for jobs. Please ask Jackzorro and Bhejane (I think he is a guy) that if they were women, in my shoes what would they have done? I know my letter is long but I really would like to know if I am the only woman in this situation.

Thank You

Office Girl

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  1. Thanx for the fix Mike, QnA I’m unemployed so I know the struggle of going to school, getting the diploma, searchin for the job and not gettin it, so I’m not gonna judge u, cuz maybe if I was in ur shoes I’d do the same, imali impanze yesono, yet we can’t survive without it, so don’t beat urself up too much

  2. Yooo its a tough world out there today’s letter makes me so emotional as I am unemployed as well and I wonder if I will ever get a job or I have to take drastic measures as well like sacking someone’s dick

  3. Thanks Mike

    Office girl. I have never had to sleep with anyone for a job or money. I was lucky enough to get a decent job with my matric certificate and was able to register at Unisa. I am 2 modules away from completing my course. I am so so sorry you have to do this. It is not normal at all but it’s done all the time and so much that most people start to see it as normal. I am not going to judge you because I am a mother myself and I know that there is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do in this world to put food on the table for my kids. I wish you luck. I hope you complete your studies, get a better paying job and put this situation behind you.

    All the best honey

  4. auch faith,kodwa ke the spoilt brat was being none tolerable

    Surely the father knows his son

  5. Girl truth is we all all getting chowed…some are getting chowed for free. So rather be getting chowed with something in return. If I was in your shoes, I would gladly give it up shame. Luckily I had a bursary.

  6. Yooo QnA,your situation is very tough sisi you shouldn’t have lost hope in the Lord yazi.i am also looking for a job,i haven’t get one but i know a friend who took your route and her boss fired her after she refused him the cookie.Gudluk with your HR.

  7. Yoh.. QnA.. It’s not normal my dear. Nigga is taking advantage of ur situation. I think with the little experience u have, carry on applying for another job. U need to exit ASAP

    N if u really wana expose dis nigga gt evidence. it shouldn’t b dat difficult Now.. Record conversations if u must. Oh n have a journal where u ryt down everything.

    U need to think abt what u r doing coz ders all sorts of diseases out there, n only Lord knows how many women he’s doing the same thing to.

    I wish u the best of luck..

  8. Qn A cant u like record your conversations with your boss? that way ud have evidence that he is sexually exploiting you, that man will burn in hell, your letter just made me realise there are people out there who have serious problems, anyways qina sisi everything will pass.

  9. Wow touching letter right there. My sister, I am not even going to judge you because most of us have been unemployed with a degree in our hands.

    This days it does not even matter the kind of qualification you have. Take me for instance, I had a degree in Civil Engineering but I also had to sit at home for a while, applying and being rejected. When I finally found a job(Internship) the company that hired me was owned and managed by this old white man (married) who would send me stupid text messages as well as naked pics of himself…… JUST IMAGINE AN OLD WHITE WRINKLED DICK everyday….. I got tired and reported him to his black business partner and he told me not to worry he will take care of it, What a coward, he didnt care about me he was just concerned for his business. Eventually I could not take it any more and I sent in my resignation letter with notice, I didnt know how I was gonna survive but I kept praying to God for a miracle and He did come through for me, I did not even have to sit at home because the day after I resigned I got a call from an unknown company (to me) telling me they got my CV from an unknown person(to me) and they would like to come start work right away, no interviews needed.

    My point is, Trust in God, Sometimes we take matters into our own hands and by doing so you are telling God that you know what’s best for you and you do not need his help. I know it is not easy but if you trust in him you will not be disappointed.
    What your Boss is doing is not right but that’s what the world has come to now because they know its not easy finding a Job and you would do anything you can to keep yours.
    My dear start applying for student loans and even bursaries, never stop looking for a job elsewhere, that should not be your way of life.

    May God show you the way out of that situation.

  10. Thankx Mike
    QnAi feelyour pain dear and as a mother you need to provide for your kid but just take a moment and seek God for he is the answer to our unemployed my mom passed away last year and i was left with nothing and i have a 9 year old daughter nd times are tough but by praying and having faith that all things happens for a reason God will c u through because HE is our creator nd in this lyf we where not created to suffer especually what you going through

  11. Thanks Mikeesto, that BA in Philosophy comment killed me…. Hahahaha had me laughing for days.

    Office girl, often I jump right in and sometimes hit the nail, or the thumb in some cases. I’ve chosen a more glorious approach to this today, Philosophy and all. I can’t help but laugh at this Philosophy crap though LMAO!!!

    Ok I’m composed now so here goes, do you have a boyfriend? Like babydaddy or something? If not, do you enjoy these encounters with your boss? Coz I’ll tell you what, instead of only doing this for education, you could be doing this to be his wife. Trust me, if man could marry their strippers and mistresses they would, society has just programmed that ‘good-girl’ mentality in them. Good girl my foot, they are the ones running rampant and forbidden Ben10 fruits.

    I’ve always said that I respect not the actions that one commits, I respect the inner hustler in you. So with my lady Mbau is an obvious benchmark, you have a CEO at your disposal, what do you have to show for it? It can’t only be a CCMA letter bathong. Your education is being paid for, is it prepaid? Did he buy you a car, does he pay for your bond?

    All these questions will need to be answered before you can answer the moral question. I don’t see no wrong in what you do, I see wrong in what you don’t do about what you do that ultimately makes you a fool. So make sure your ass covers all the bases before another jobless graduate comes along to steal your oral Thursdays.

    Hustle on Sister.

  12. yohhh kwazekwanzima sis kuvelekwathi angikhale while reading your letter i wish you can find another job soon aish…..


  13. Office girl I’m so desperate for a job right now id do what u r doing in a heart beat. The world is screwed up and people r taking advantage of us.

  14. Dankie Adv Maphoto

    A2Q “and I quote frm my comrade in arms_ Would u rather give it to that nigga from gugulethu who will chow it for free and moer u for it and still get nothing in return or give it where u benefit. Sisi your education is being taken care of, u r employed. Other graduates who will judge u r hawking at park station making a 3rd of a 3rd of your salary abanye baxwebile elokshini with their degrees and pride waiting for good things to come to them not realising that its the left overs from you those who hustle. Mna I applaud u bt eish wenza kancane sesi. U must take advantage of that situation, u must milk that son of a bisciut more than jst schl fees. U should own the latest S9 smart tab, drive the latest smart car n live in the latest smart apartment.

    I recommend u read words to hustle_ Hustlers bible by gayton mckenzie(uxolo mike)


  15. Office Girl, honestly I cannot say that if roles were reversed I would not do what you are doing. However, many in our society have made this situation seem as though it is normal. It isn’t because you’re forced by circumstances to allow yourself to provide sexual pleasures to your employer.

    I have personally not been in your situation and do not wish it on anybody. I recommend that you hold your fort the best way you see fit. If it means you suck your employer’s D**K then so be it.

    But just know that you have the power to stop his evil ways and again it is your decision. The readers have said that you could perhaps record all the details of this arrangement with your boss and once you’ve attained all reasonable proof, you may proceed to report this guy.

    I believe that you’re not the only girl providing this service and certainly won’t be the last, therefore, in-order to prevent this perverted boss of yours from exploiting the up and coming vulnerable young girls. I suggest you do something about your situation.
    Remember that no human being is bigger than the other. God loves us all, God has given you authority to rule. Do right by yourself.

    @Mike Can I offer myself to proof read your chapters before you publish them? I believe I could be off great assistance to you and your team. This will in turn help me improve my writing and reading skills as my job is in that space.


  16. Hello family!! How is everyone doing? Great chapter But’ Mike.

    Q&A sisi, is that all you getting from this guy? Ga le itse go ja banna. Morally, what you are doing is wrong but in reality, whoever thinks you are wrong can go swim in the nearest pothole. All of us ra jewa and it’s a shame that most us it’s guys who don’t even give us a single cent. Bo miss goody-goody will say you are a slut, a whore or whatever. At least you are getting an education out of your bitchiness and bona they are getting R50 airtime and probably blowing bananas that are not even worth blowing. One thing you don’t realize is that you have the upper hand here. Play it safe, but also play it smart. Make sure the day this “relationship” ends, you have your own car, own house, and a fat bank balance. Don’t just walk away with a degree sweetheart. If you want leverage, start recording your conversations, get anything that you can to keep yourself two steps ahead of him. I can’t believe I just said that. Hell baby girl, be a good and smart hustler. Let me know if you need tips. I can make you thousands from that dude.

    Enjoy the weekend family

  17. Officegirl…. my heart goes out to u hey. ur letter brought tears to my eyes. I’m 27, have matric and I have a wonderful job. Sisi morally what u r doing is wrong but I can tell u there is a lot of ppl in ur shoes.

    In my past I literally sold my body and only bcos I liked things. But u know God was my way out. I gave my life to Him and He has been faithful ever since. I went back to school (Unisa) I’m in my final year, only paid for first semester and got nsfas loan

    My advice is maybe u should consider Him too. God can never dissapoint u. I wish u the best.

  18. to God’s favourite daughter, wow wow and wow… you know after reading this girls letter I thought to myself would I do that? while reading through comments, one of the readers wrote, “well we all get chowed anyway, so might as well” I thought she does, well, have a point, but when I got to your comment I was like hell yeah you now on point. Nothing beats trusting God and His will being done and not taking matters into our own hands, sometimes we need to just be patient and let god handle everything, if we put everything in God’s hands, there won’t be a need to sleep with the boss to retain your position in the company. so I second you God’s favourite daughter, just instead of being on your knees giving a blow job, rather pray, God will come through for you like he does for all His children. stay strong my sister

  19. hahahaha u killed me Mike with that Philosophy degree, which couldn’t help ask myself what job opportunities do they get.

    QnA Office Lady sisi the ball is in your court, some of us have hidden Skelton of how we got jobs it might not be through sexual interactions, what im trying to say is were @ no liberty to judge you. life this days is difficult especially if you have a baby

  20. Q&A sisi I won’t judge coz I have been in the same situation, not once but thrice, first two times I ended up quiting my job, nd isat at home for more than 2 yrs looking for a job, then 3rd time was when I was doing my btech, my research supervisor, who was also the HOD, offered to give me a job and a pass mark for my research subject nd not only that, but a mark high enough to enable me to get a full scholarship for my masters. I agreed as I was tired of sitting at home with qualifications and no job, nd he was true to his word, in my case however, luckily, I never had to sleep with him or keep my promise as his wife found out and repremanded him, I thank the gods for that, as the thought of doing anything sexual with him gives me the chills, but I had to play along just so I can get what I needed. So do what u gotta do, just make sure that whatever he gives u is something that will sustain u in future, chances r he won’t always be there nd myt toss u aside the minute fresh meat comes along. Today I have my btech, doing my master, fully paid for by the scholarship, and a job, nd it’s not even written on my forehead how I got all of that.

  21. Today’s letter. Wow Office girl you are really strong.My impression is you need to keep that job right? And if you day your boss treats you like a princess then there is no need to report him. Although, you do need leverage. Like everyone said fat bank balance, paid apartment and car atleast. Surely you will emerge out of that ordeal soon.

    I have realised that most of us are struggling in getting a job. I won’t lie the though had crossed my mind. Personally have too much pride and I believe God will see me through. @Savedgirl I am also a liker of things, but I just don’t have the bones to give my cookie away. Just can’t and won’t. Even if I did. I don’t know how it’s done or where you even find these men. No judgement at all just saying.

    I second @God’s favourite daughter.
    God is faithful. Blessed weekend y’all.

  22. Sisi i dont believe in judging. I believe that as a person you have the will and power to turn anything around, you just need to be creative and precise. You have been thrown lemons, those lemons were specifically meant for you.
    Life is about consequences, so everything you do has consequences, either big or small, they may affect you directly or your kids so you need to be vigilant as you pace through life not naive and gullible. Lets review your lemons. Your ceo is imposing his sexual desires on you. This is how you can safely turn it around: record him, making sure that he admits to the abuse of power, for the mere purpose that you are replaceable so you need to safeguard your position of power. With the services you offer milk him for a car, better salary, allowances, education for your kid as well- LEMONADE BABY LEMONADE. Make sure the car is in your name. If for any reason he decides he is done when you are not, the recording is there to demand a payoff. OR you could record him now and demand a pay off now, that wont make business sense though cause the share price will still be low. The longer you peacefully stick around the more info you acquire about the scum, enough info to destroy not hurt him DESTROY. lastly the best advice is that you report him and have faith in God, the consequences of having your total faith in God are blessings in abundant. Remember faith is believing were you see no motive. My last advice is the most difficult but the harder it is the sweeter the victory. Only you can decide how you want your book of life written. Goodluck

  23. Mike, when I saw the Philosophy comment I cringed as I had that opinion during my varsity days when hearing about it but could not comment as I chose to respect other people’s degrees.
    It is not wise to ask man about morality of sex as we have different measure. Sex for job is irking the “holy” DA as it goes to elections this weekend, so what can we be.

    “Normal” is a different word but that is how the word “harassment” came into workplace because it was done a lot and some were trying to fight it. Remember, normal does not mean right but many people are doing it everyday. To see if it is normal I will tell you of similar incidents that you can testify to:
    – Girls sleeping with someone to pay their tuition
    – Girl becomes a live in girlfriend as there is no accommodation or food during university.
    – Girl comes to Gauteng and stay with a guy until she finds a job. Remember Xhosa girl saying “Mama, ndiyaphangela ngoku”

    Like many people have said, go on until you finish your degree but most importantly have an exit strategy. Like the girls in my example above, had a focus to finish studies then relationship is over (I know of one who ended up marrying the guy, but that is rare).

    The issue of recording and trying to trap the guy, as suggested, is not fair as you are a willing participant and are doing it in exchange as well. So deal with your conscience as you are not being abused but are paying for your studies with your ass.

    Few years ago, a friend gave a girl, who was a waiter, an offer of helping her studies (suggests a course, registration and tuition) in exchange and both of them had no illusion that there will be a relationship between them. Like many girls she first tried to go the morality route but now she is an auxiliary nurse. Of course when he is hungry, he calls her to quench the fire. His argument, why can’t he brighten the future of someone who gives him some with no strings attached; apparently he was not giving her airtime nor clothes just studies.

    My questions to you:
    How are you going to deal with your conscience on that you bought a degree with your ass. I notice that your conscience is starting to eat you, so how are you going to manage it till you get a degree.
    What is your plan when you get a degree, i.e. go to HR department and blowing him or quit the company.
    Is the guy married/in a relationship, what if he wants you to be officially his mistress. Not getting funding only but all that comes with a relationship (ok being a mistress). One of you may develop some feelings.
    Are you dating at the moment, if yes, do you have plan to ensure that your bf doesn’t catch you. Are you managing your sexuality as not to be confused in case you conceive? I know you don’t use condom.

    As I said before, what will be your EXIT strategy.

    1. Your question of would you sleep with someone paying your fees reminds a movie called “Good Luck Chuck” which is about a guy whom after every woman sleeps with him, she finds her soul mate (normally get married).

      I ask few female friends/colleagues if they would sleep with such a guy, and they all shouted “Without a doubt”.
      So most women would close their eyes and sleep with him as you do your boss though they will consider it wrong or bad.

  24. No need to record him and let him get punished because at first you didnt like it but now you getting along with the agreement .God in the one that gives punishment,just Seek God and tell him your situation.Walk away freely girl.

    #cant judge you

  25. Thanks Team. Just to put a spanner in the mix: Would people still feel the same if it were a domestic worker having to sleep with their boss, or a child (teenager) having to sleep with some relative distant or close to get the money and have them pay their school fees? I’m in no way judging, but we live in a messec up world. I wouldn’t wish what you’re gping through on anyone I know. Life sucks!!!

    1. Here are funny answers

      Domestic worker sleeping with a boss, that is normally called a housewife.
      Teen sleeping with relative is called sugar daddy.

      This is really horrible to think about it, but it happens.

  26. This letter really takes me back to where I was doing my inservice training in civil engineering and got along with the boss due to we were coming from the same place but along the middle of the training he wanted me to be his galfriend and I refused yoh yoh after that he was treating me so bad I nearly quited but I continued . He has not signed my logbook as yet and told me straight that I must not put him as my reference so I am stuck with no job uncompleted diploma and wish to do another inservice training . My main point is I did not give into him but I believe God will come with a better solution for me . You have already taken your desicion meant as well finish it but don’t make it your ladder

  27. but u posted in the wrong diary mike…. anyhoo Gods Fav Daughter Amen:) if only Office girl can respond to Bhejanes questions….

  28. They said it all.there is a campony i know where this lady sleeps with a boss who is a milionier, she drives latest suvs.owns a block of flats and she is the director of the campony (no matric) her son is a hr mananger no university qualification only those 6 months couses,so who are we to gudge its tough aut there do wht u gotta do

  29. Dear Office Girl,

    What your boss is doing to you is called rape, decide what you want to do and report it to the police. The Sexual Offences Act 32 of 2007, calls that rape. Look it up and decide. Good luck.

  30. Thanx again big Mike
    This time I agree with Jackzorro. Office girl must just focus on her studies that’s her future it is paid for. Its like she is being spoiled with material things.
    Thanx : Sbuwa

  31. I have always said there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a prostitute, you are just using a part of your body (punani) to make money, just like some of us use our brains and hands to make money. If unembeza uyakudla its your choice ukuhlala nonembeza wakho or be broke. Goodluck, make sure u don’t get HIV in the process cause all that will not be worth it!

  32. Are you making these letters up also? Or is it just a coincidence that you talk about Philosophy in the chapter and in the letter?

  33. Q&A I didn’t know we have so many hypocrites. On the one hand they advise Office Girl to earn as much as possible from her Boss and on the other that she must record him and DESTROY him when she has obtained a degree, house, car, cellphone and S9 tablet – that is nonsense.

    I am a seasoned HR Executive, and I don’t condone sexual harassment. Female employees who feel there is a case of sexual harassment should, if they so wish (highly recommended) report the matter to HR or to the CEO (if the perpetrator is HR) for full investigation. Most professions, including Government have a Code of Ethics that would banish perpetrators. Also, if a case borders on Rape as defined in the Act, the unwilling victim should, if they wish report the matter to the Police.

    In a privately owned business, where the perpetrator is the owner, the would be victim has a clear choice to either give in and be a sex slave or to quit employment. I would not advise the would be victim to go sleep with the perpetrator so that she would record him and then go to the Police to cry rape – I just do not agree.

    If you agree to sexual exploitation in return to benefits – don’t cry foul – the choice is yours. People are responsible for the life choices that they make – and consequences thereof.

    If there is a case here, I find Office Girl to be equally culpable as her Boss – they are both victims and need redemption.

  34. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto – Salute!

    @Mbali – Not sure if U will do a good job on proof-reading Mr Maphoto’s writings. All your 3 last sentences need someone to proof-read the.
    1) When you ask you say “May I” instead of “Can I” bcz yes you can but that doesn’t mean you’ve been allowed.
    2) “Of” not “off”
    3) “space” can only be used in spoken English not written as it will be meaningless contextually.

    Q&A: U made yo bed the day U alwd it 2happen. 2late now 4 unembeza. But if U want 2turn yo back U jst have 2simply walk away. Or else enjoy every moment & make a plan 4yo future. – PapaG.

  35. Office girl you know sometimes as a girl you have to make some bad decisions in order to make ends meet. Sometimes you need to take the long narrow ugly road in order to reach your final destination and unfortunately yours had to be the ugliest of them all. But look at the bright side he’s helping you with your tuition money and has even let go of the experienced worker and let you stay. Lot of women do this all the time and others even do it only to get nothing in return or only a box of chocolates. He might think he’s playing you but you can be smart about this and take it as a grown ass girl, BEAT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME. It’s not written all over your face that you are sleeping with your boss and the fruits at the end are going to be fruitful. Whenever you think about letting your pride get in the way of what you doing think about your son. FYI YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS SITUATION JUST THAT YOU DECIDED TO TALK ABOUT IT

  36. office girl, do not even stress yourself about this you will get over it! but focus on getting a degree and a stable job! we all have a story to tell! in xhosa we say uThixo akaphi ngasandla, do what you have to do to get what you want.

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