Realities – Chapter Fourteen

Have you ever you ever gone shopping, filled up your trolley and walked around picking things up one by one? You know the time it takes to shop and pick up things as you walk aisle by aisle just to make sure you have got it right! Then you enter that long queue and eventually your turn comes! You can see the hearts sink of the people behind you because they know you are going to take long! And true to being women, only when she asks you to settle the bill do you think of taking out your bank card because who uses cash anymore really? Then you realize that the card is missing and you freeze. You want to empty your bag right there and then at the counter to see if it’s really there but doing so means your emergency pad or pads might fall out too! Then you think and it’s never polite the way words come out,

“Where the fuck is it?”

The first place is the car but already in the queue is a fat white womman who is clearing her throat to hint that she has to go, she can’t wait for you to fix your problem! I bet you in your head you can feel her anger. Now comes the shame of the humiliation of explaining to the cashier who is looking at you expectantly! Yup, that feeling! I wasn’t feeling like that! I had fuel in my tank and it’s not like a trolley which they can take back!

“Eh sorry baba I seem to have left my card!”

I told him looking stupid and desperate. He gave me that big grin these petrol attendants all seem to have and said,

“Sebenzisa iEwallet!”

Have you ever noticed how everyone calls it Ewallet regardless of what bank you use! Isn’t Ewallet for FNB users. That was fine though, I asked him what atm they had inside and he said Capitec! I just wanted to die. Capitec was just the worst! You can’t do anything with Capitec especially when you need it urgently! No wonder why it’s so cheap. I asked him get another bank and he said across the street. It was not close which just made it suck even more!

“Mama please park your car over there, and give my manager the keys of your car!”

I felt like such a criminal. What’s worse this is Jhb and living my car was like asking someone to rob me. It’s weird that I felt a bit of relief that the manager was white but he gave me that funny look. I was so ashamed. I felt like screaming,

“Hey I am a doctor!”

But I am sure he would have said a doctor who could not pay her bills. It was ridiculous! The bank was a block behind this really was a walk of shame. I stomped down the corner angrily feeling like an idiot. Why didn’t I double check my bag in the morning. I bet you anything she was laughing where ever she was. That child was becoming evil. People with cars hardly walk in crowded areas. We jog in neighborhoods andd gym so I was not so keen with rubbing shoulders with too many people. I had actually developed a genuine fear of people and when I got the money I was literally running back at a trot for fear of being robbed. Paranoia I tell you. Eventually I got the money and thank God too that my bill was not above a thousand as Nedbank only has a thousand rand limit for their Imali!

Angry as I was I now had to think of what needed to happen. Lintle was definitely fighting me and if I fought fire with fire I would lose. She has more time on her hands to fuck her life as opposed to me fixing it. I had to do something. I cannot keep on hitting her. Needless to say I was late to work and I was in a bad mood.

Zethu came to ask me what was going and when I told her the story she just shook her head. She recommended a psychologist friend of hers whom I should take my daughter to. Therapy is not a black thing to be honest. We grew up with a belt or a stick as the cheapest and most efficient form of therapy. Now I was being told that I had to pay someone to fix my daughter and our relationship that was getting more and more strained. What I could not get though was why she was acting out like this. I had don’t nothing wrong to her and yes she had grown up spoilt but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally my phone rang. It was my husband. I started to cry. Thank God I could hide in my office. I explained to him the full story of the lie and how I caught it. I was not sure whether to tell him about Nelisa and her sugardaddy but I decided now was not the time. We had our own problems to fix. I asked him to come and told him that I will make it up to him in any way he wanted.m I asked him where he had slept and he just said a friends place. He did not want to reveal and I did not push. I just wanted him home. I needed his help raising our daughter and I did not want to be yet another failed marriage. The number of people who divorce these days are more than the number of people who get jobs! Simple fact! I don’t want to be a failed statistic. He agreed that he was going to come that evening so we could talk things through and then decide on what to do with Lintle. She was in trouble and she did not even know what we had in store for her.

I still had my appointment to make and nothing really improved my mood that day. I still could not believe that Lintle stole my wallet. Maybe she was on drugs. I should have called the mother of that boy to find out what they had been up to. Something was wrong. It’s a wonder why people rush to be parents. I called my mother and asked her for advice. She laughed at me and said that people with degrees think there is a manual for raising chilfren when really there is none. She said that I should move her back home with her. The thought was tempting but I could never really send my daughter away. I loved her too much. Once upon a time being raised by your grandmother was norm but nowadays keeping up appearances means you raise your own kid as it’s usually one at most two children to keep the bills down! I had so much to think about.

I really was hoping that he had nothing new after what he had told me already. The private investigator was happy to see me but obviously all he saw was money. I wanted him to just explain what was going on.

“Madam your husband is in lots of trouble. Every where I checked it seems like SARS and the Hawks are coming for him and his partners! I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t run away when he finds out because the charges them against are substantial. Maybe you must tell him!”

No! That would make me like Lesedi. You know us women want rich men but never think how they make their money! We just happy to eat and get fat, show up at weddings looking expensive and take pictures for instagram like my daughter always says.

“I have more…”

What more could he tell me,

“Your husband has a daughter!”

He said casually but looked at my face to see my reaction.

“I met her already, she attends school here in Jhb!”

He shook his head slowly maybe for dramatic effect!

“Not her. He has another daughter with what I think is her mother’s sister! Still don’t have the name!”

I didn’t even hear the end of that! I could hear Chris Rock ask Michael Jackson!

“Another kid! Another kid!”

What now?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Hey Mike and readers, mina angazi if my forehead is written “fit to be a stepmom” or kanjani. I’m 22years old and I’ve been dating this 27years old guy *John* for 7months now and he has a 4year old child and I recently found out that he still seeing the baby mama. When I confronted him he told me they’re not back together but obviously they’re communicating for the sake of the baby but I really don’t believe that! It happened again that I met this 24years old guy *Alex* a month ago, he is a very nice guy and I like him, he was open to me from the beginning that he has a 1year old child but broke up with the baby mama, I also got to chill with him and his kid and from my “thinking” I’m taking it as he wouldn’t let me meet his kid if he wasn’t serious about me whereas I’ve never met Johns child. I love John and I like Alex already, I really don’t know what to do in this situation, would love the readers to help me!

PS: I think there should be some feedback from those who previously wrote and asked for advice etc on how is everything now on their side. *Just a thought*

Thank You


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32 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Fourteen

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, that Chris Rock comment was hilarious, I actually recall that scene in his stand up… Bravo!

    Maybe if these guys had names like Thembitshe or Mfiliseni then you wouldn’t have step kids to worry about, but abo Alex are players and Johns are like…. Well I don’t really know any Johns yaz, except for Black and naye he likes things lol. #IKnowTheyAreAliases

    If you have a problem with people with kids, you should actually make it your No-Date policy, but if you are busy with people born between 85-92, you need serious search materials coz most of those already have bambinos.

    Happy hunting, oh and hurry up, 93’s to 95’s are going to come out Father to be’s after this winter.


    1. i think the reason why she put an asterisk before the names is because she aint using the okes real names

  2. Hao mara, y ddnt Sizwe tell his wife about Nozipho Neliswa’s cousin akere he knew about her mos. Haaai ds men lebona. Ayeye, nw he hs 2 explain. As 4 Lintle, she shud b taken to her grandma.

  3. Jackzorro#DEAD!!!!!! What’s Jackzoros name on Facebook? ? I just want to see his face!

    … GOOD LUCK. .. its a long and lonely walk you’re:about to travel!

  4. Thank you Mike. Mike please put up Jackzorro’s picture up on Facebook. He is too funny
    I am dead for days. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Jackzorro, Please show us your face

  5. Haha, @Jackzorro will never show his face. Kunini sa linda. Don’t worry Jackzorro, it won’t change how we feel about you, lol.

  6. Eish Doc you’ve opened a can of worms so brace yourself lady there is a tidal wave coming your way! thanks bhuti Mike

    @BK – you are brewing a disaster for your self yaz – 1stly you are still with John whom you don’t completely trust bcoz of his fibs & a child you’ve never met and you’re chilling with Alex and his child and liking him already. you need to think hard about what you want. weigh your pros and cons. communication is the best way to go. Good luck

  7. Thanx Mike and Team… 🙂 Lmao..DEAD…Keeeeeelled it today , ANOTHER CHILD!!!

    JackZorro please give us our Christmas Pressie , you did promise to send us your pic…LOL. Uyandi bulala wena…

  8. Mike and Team!! Niyayenza into yenu shem!! Bringing N (Nelisa) in like that and Lesedi….. Hope you get your TV break soon!!!

    Q&A: Jack is right!!! Either you build a very strong bridge and get over your “step mommy” phobia or you will be searching and searching (while these men are making babies with other people) and searching some more for that guy that has no child.

  9. I don’t think the lady has issues with this babies. The real issue is that men lie about their relationship status, especially those with kids.
    Mina I say trust ur instincts, if u feel the baby mama is still in the picture. Chance s are she really is.

  10. Story is confusing me now..

    at 22 you should be focusing on your career and or studies not being a step mother. I hope you not putting all your energy in dating. If you dont wnat someone with kids, then dont date them simple as that.

  11. @Josh, I also wanna c Jackzorro face hle. Jackzorro ur comment cracked me up time n thnk u 4 dat. I got test week n so laughing isn’t something I’m doing a lot this week. BK, I’m also BK 😉 well I decided I don wanna b “mam’ncane” mna n 1 of my guy frnds thinks I’m crazy kodwa dats jus how it is. So if like me u don wanna b raising stepkids make it ur policy n stick 2 it. Ungawari abt not finding a guy kuthiwa there’s a Jack 4 every Jill moss. All d best

  12. Lmfao OMG Jackzorro, wena mara (/_\) and its really hard finding a guy without a child nowadays… Okay guys I feel what you saying and as for me focusing on my career and stuff, I’m doing exactly that.I’m very focused on other things other than Dating,I’m on my last year studying Hospitality and I also have a part time Job so I think you shouldn’t worry about that Ndoda-enemali. Thank you Sanche, I really don’t have any problem with their Kids BUT nje how the baby mamas will always be involved, I love kids and can’t wait to have my own 1day. Oh well, thanks for your input guys, I just hope Alex will be for keeps!

  13. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto
    Like the way Lesedi is coming in…
    Talk about 5in1.

    Q&A: BK U need 2take a chill pill.
    Soon U wilb asking us which guy2 choose bcz UR so in love wth both.

    Yo story tho tells me how much our society is being “Americanised”. I heard on radio recently that U can “hire” ppl 2cry at a funeral. “Professional mourners” & some even faint but ofcoz U hv 2pay mo 4that.
    My point is, now W need dating agents. Single, childless, beautiful lady with degree – looking 4a handsome hunk. Money not a problem. Or rich mature (old) man – looking 4an attractive lady with 2kids or less.
    Ppl, jobs R scarce so entrepreneurs pls start not only thinking out of the box, but imagine there is no box at all! Yes WR losing our cultures but with the speed WR moving at WR heading there.
    Food 4thot! – PapaG

  14. Aowa jackzoro u freaking me out hle , ora gore rena bo singles who are looking for 85’s-92’s without baby mama drama will be hard to find any??? Lol but I still have hope .
    QnA stick to the one that you spending time with her kid ey , if he was still with the mama he wouldn’t have introduced u to the kid , johny yena aowa there’s smthing fishy just dish him n carry on with alex.

  15. Hi! Likewise, am really fond of u and ya stories, however on this chapter (14) there were just too many spelling mistakes and also gramma mistakes. I believe this will be attended to. Chees!

  16. Thanks abuti Mike
    Lol JZ is king hle we loves u , and I also wanna see ur pic 🙂
    Bk if maybe 1day u get married then find out ur husband has 4 other kids outside marriage don’t be surprised cos like really this days almost every one has kids/(a)kid, its not really difficult for men to hide their kids just cos he knows the woman he wants to marry don’t want any step kids.

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