Realities – Chapter Eleven

There is thing in African culture in which we say a child will never lie. I don’t know where we get it from especially when it comes to a daughter telling her mother about her father’s shenanigans. We believe that the girl child has empathy towards the mother that’s why she will always report her father if he is doing something naughty. In fact she is expected to take after her mother in most traits hence why she is considered closer to her mother than father. She will not however report the mother and most often girl children believe that the mother is entitled to a bit of fun every now and again. This is not synonymous to black culture even white people have similar beliefs. Now as wife when your child tells you that what’s your first reaction. Do you throttle the man to express your anger? Sounds nice doesn’t it. Do you look at him and ask him to explain himself? In all honesty though men are the biggest liars if ever there was an example of it! Somehow we are taught to believe that women are the liars but truth be told we are nothing compared to men. Men lie even when it’s not necessary especially when they want to look important for a woman. That’s when they are at their best lying game.

My husband dropped the fork in his hand.

“What did you just say?”

I think he had wax in his ears because we had all heard what she had said. Even she changed her point at this point there was no turning back!

“I said. Tell mom how I caught you kissing Mrs Dlamini! You the one who said we must be honest always!”

She said taking a mouthful of rice!

“Sizwe don’t try to intimidate the child! You know. Truly well what she is talking about!”

Mrs Dlamini, Samantha, was a young lady who had lived in the same complex with us. She was only about 27 at the time but had two kids and married to a politician. She was also a stunning woman, the type that intimidate you to such an extent you don’t want them near your husband. She however was not a flirt and barely acknowledged our existence. My husband and her husband where on friendly terms but even then I would not call them friends. That’s why this was so shocking! Men! You can never trust them! They had moved out though and moved to a bigger estate from what I had heard, he was rich bugger the husband though a bit older than her. That’s all I remember of her but I knew exactly whom it was she was talking about!

I stood up angrily! It had sunk in!
“Not only do you have a bastard child now you are having affairs too Sizwe!”

He also stood up. I did not look at Nelisa as I said that but through my peripheral vision I saw her look down. Maybe that was a cheap shot but that had not been intended for her at all.

“I don’t know what she is talking about! You know me Nothabo that is not me! I do not cheat!”

All men say they don’t cheat. If Vavi can cheat in his office who is innocent! If Winnie Mandela can cheat on Nelson with Dali and Dali knowing who her husband is then who am I to even believe him! I can’t even defend him not that I wanted to. People say trust your man but why would a child, your child lie!

“Lintle when did I do this?”

He asked her in what sounded like desperation to me. I was not going to allow him to attack my child. No ways! I was not. He was destroying my family and I.

“Leave her out of this! Lintle, Nelisa go upstairs now!”

I shouted at the girls. When I said Nelisa’s name the shame swept in. Imagine meeting her for the first time and here I was falling apart like this. We had just shown that we were a very imperfect family in the moments she was here. I am all about keeping up appearances but I could not contain myself!

“Now you are saying our child is lying? Why would she lie? Why? What does she have to gain from that?”

I said. The cat caught his tongue! He was busted.

“You know what? I think I want a divorce! You are a liar and a cheat and I am not that woman who forgives cheating!”

I screamed! I went to him and starting punching him crying. He did not hit me back but kept on saying to me I must not do this! Imagine being caught by your own daughter cheating!

“Get out of my house now!”

I continued. He did not fight me. He picked up his keys and walked out. It was only moments later that I remembered he had left his bastard upstairs! Fuck! I was not going to drive her! I went up stairs to call her and to tell her to leave with that dog of a father of hers! I was not playing like that!

When I got upstairs Lintle’s door was slightly open.
“You shouldn’t have done that? Now you have started a fight that will never end!”
I heard Nelisa say to Lintle! I was not sure if this was a threat towards Lintle per say or she meant generally.

“They will get over it! I lied. My dad is too much of a coward to cheat on my mother! I was just punishing her for hitting me yesterday! Now we even!”

She said and giggled!

Oh my God!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike,

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I have a friend. .. A great friend of mine whose 36 and is self employed. This friend of is going through a hectic messy divorce. He has 2 kids with his X wife to be. The divorce hasn’t been easy on him, I have seen him cry and it was just so heartbreaking…. But through the Grace of the Almighty He is getting better but he is lonely. Very lonely. I need to find him someone and I need the Teams help.. He needs Someone whose not looking for something serious. .. Someone whose willing to have fun with him… No gold diggers please… She needs to be practical, respectful, mature with a great sense of humour (his words). He has offices around Bloem, PTA and North west. If you maybe going through the same thing and perhaps need a friend whom you will be there for or visa versa kindly email me with a description of yourself and I will forward your emails to him and he will reply. My email address is


kind Regards,


57 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Eleven

  1. Calling Nelisa a bastard when she was sitting right there was just uncalled for in her books you are now step mommy from hell hope you will be ready for the after math… As for Dintle/Linte she is behaving this way cause you have allowed it, your husband had a bastard and you raised a monster

  2. hau kodwa Lintle!!!,

    m speechlees but ke m not surprised, aftrall she neliswa’s lil sisi

    Clearly bafuze udad

  3. I really think it is terrible to refer to children born out of wedlock as bastards. They should simply be children, I know its just the word that is used but the connotations of that word ”bastard” are really harsh, especially towards a child that had no say in being born.

    Paola, I think its sweet what you doing for your friend, lets hope people with the right intentions respond.

  4. AnQ tell your frnd 2 take a break from relationship n focus on his children n business being lonely 4 smtym yiyo into ayidingayo nt sm1 2 keep him buzy. He’s 36 n want sm1 whose not serious uyomtholaphi ufuna ukudlala naye n y umfunela umuntu ukhona moos wena as frnd,,, hayi gud luck

    1. You are right Nomvula who wants to play with a 36 year old to be his play mate aka sp… dish ….let him find closure first

  5. Today’s letter ne.. Paola I feel like your friend is too old to be playing the “re-bound game” .. Divorce is hard yes but crying won’t help him ka nex. He’s a man and he needs to take what he’s going through like a man. But it’s not my call to make, just as long as he doesn’t desert his children.

  6. Great Chapter Broeee….

    Is it Dintle or Lintle

    A2Q… Your friend needs a rebound…just what I need unfortunately I’m in MP…he’s too far

  7. Paolo,

    Skatlo bapala ka bana ba batho! Divorced men are damaged! He’s gonna look for his ex wife in the recent girlfriend, even worse the recent will be punished for the sins of the ex! Bloggers stay away from Paulo’s friend! Imagine jolaring a business and not dig for gold! I mean ema ha nyane Brother! Since he has money and wants just a play thing why Asa reke hodi SP(service provider).

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, disturbing chapter I must say. These kids aint loyal!!!


    There are escourt agencies for that type of thing, I think it is rather unpleasant for you to ask the family for such assistance, this aint no dating site bathong! But then again Im only speaking for me, if there are such freaks then they will respond.


  9. A2Q: so your friend is looking for a play thing yet he doesn’t want a gold digger? who wants to be played with without a reward of some sort? he should attend a support group for devorcee’s, he might have better luck finding a rebound there.

  10. QnA Lol @ 36 who wants to play ? Like seriously now …shudnt u be taking time off to heal and take care of ur business and kids , forget dating for a while

  11. lol aii who wants to be played and not get some moola ?? lol ebde a gona friend ya selo mo ke wena monna wa gona. atleast nkabe ore otla patela motho yo a tlo go thushago aii ngame!

  12. Love this story…

    Mr/Ms matchmaker, your friend needs to heal first ngoba he will break girls hearts regardless of wanting something that isnt serious.

    Take time out first

  13. Hahaha awu ngathi ngina 29 ngingenaskhathi samadlala honestly who wants to be a rebound sounds like this man needs a friend and you happen to be there, listen to him when he needs to talk offer advice,take him once.but he should go for counseling then after keh you can maybe he can look for someone but for now his focus should be work,his kids and him healing ayi intombi

  14. Lintle is definitely Nelisa’s sister, trouble is their middle name.

    Paola, shame bantu, hope he finds someone to wipe away his tears……..

  15. Why is this woman bringing Nelisa into her husband’s cheating though? Haa a man she is just being unreasonable and she wonders why her world is falling apart when she’s such a bad person. How would she feel if someone called her own child a bastard. Anyway Lintle is too much lolin she has no idea how frustrating it is ta have divorced parents. But hey at least her mother knows what she’s planning

  16. hoo Lintle doesn’t know the chaos she has caused, which will later affect her. what an idiot she is
    QnA very disturbing later I must say. try Badoo that’s if it still exist

  17. thank you mike and team for the daily dose.

    Q&A, let me understand this, so your 36 years old MAN friend who is in the middle of a divorce and heartbroken has got his friend (YOU) looking for a rebound fling for him not just on the internet but on someone else’s blog, and on top of that the rebound should be no gold digger. So what’s in it for the rebound fling? a frustruated mrengerenge? yho good luck, please do update us when you eventually come right.

  18. QnA feel free to hook me up. you will have my motivational letter in your mailbox soon. not that I am shallow and go for looks only but is he physically appealing too?

  19. Poula yadlala wena I need to get paid for keeping a man busy , what then he want do dig a whole of my honey, then I why not I dig him too shebana , so mine I must what waist my time looking good for him getting the money we’re eh. It gonna be give n take

  20. thank you. Linhle needs serious discipline or the family will break.

    Poulo, tel your manfriend gore monna ke go jewa, he has businesses but ga btle a gold digger let him drown in his sorrows then, coa tshwanetse a beche ka koloi le ntlo thats when a ka reng ke jelwe fa . le a mo lesa bring him to me o tla cross boarder a pegiwa ke S.A embassy. mxm.

  21. Mxm Paola I believe nguwe le friend yakho uthetha ngayo. Is he that heartbroken to an extent that he cant even write his own letter? Hay sudlala ngat apha

  22. Wow Lintle is too much, I can’t deal.

    Paola I dated a divorcee and I won’t anymore especially someone who doesn’t want anything serious. What will that lady gain in the relationship if not digging gold or serious relationship.

    Tell your friend that good luck with his search, clearly he wants to play at 36 and he should buy toy to play with

  23. Thnk you Miley. Ay this child though is such a brat she irritates me tjerr, please Nelisa sort her out kancane she needs ur touch to open her eyes mxm

  24. Thank you Bra Mike for always giving us the best….wow….and for this Lintle….what a troublemaker….what kind of a child is this????She really need psychologists….shame for an innocent husband to be blamed for something he hasn’t done

  25. Bathong Paola or whatever her/his name is wa bora serious, even if we wanted to assist you, how can we if you are not honest about yourself. Clearly, there is no friend here, paola is himself/herself, finish n klaar nje,

  26. Lol what a boring letter, wena Paola u talking bout yourself we not stupid neh, tsa mo shela mahn there are a lot of single ladies ba nyakang banna

  27. Foolish child doesn’t know the extend her stupidity has or can possibly cause this family. this is what happens when the government says we can’t beat our own children they become foolish and don’t take life seriously mxm, annoyed with Lintle for decades.

    Paola what man at 36 wants to play? who does he think will be his play thing? there are escort agencies for such nonsense, you and your “friend” should stop wasting our time mxm.

    Thanks Team

  28. Yooo its a hard knock life i tell ya

    paola rebounds are fr five year olds your friend just needs jesus

  29. Wena paola wa gafa! you call fun ,when a man wants a lady but not planning anything serious with the relationship? Maybe am crazy I don’t know, but that is so wrong. Let the guy deal with his divorce the way that will make him accept that its really over after the divorce and be courageous to move on after everything is finalised. Wena with ur assumptions you might even have percieved things wrongly, from your perspective to this whole predicament.

    I can see the caring friend from a distance but its not fair to play with womens heart. please! encourage your friend to do any sport of somehow and not waisting ladies’time. At his age who wouldn’t want to keep him , because clearly his the ideal to many women

    It is notable we live in a chaotic society but lets aim at constructing it .

  30. This Lintle brat is a wrecker and her mother is trusting her too much that she doesn’t see things through her eyes but her daughters, she will end up alone i tell you

  31. Linthle needs to be sent packing to boarding school. otherwise there will be no marriage left to speak of here.

    I could not stop laughing reading Paolo’s letter! Shame did his ex leave him for his whoring ways? Has he played with all the pretty playthings in Bloem or wherever he is based that now he must come dip his whore stick into into Mike’s readers?

    Sort out your divorce and emotional wellbeing of your kids and stop thinking of play things. As someone suggested, there are professionally paid playthings out there and I think as long as you pay them they are willing to offer you an ear and a shoulder to cry on. Sies!

  32. Wena Paola uyahlekisa. U R an aspiring comedian. Why wud U “line up” yo friend here? This is not the place.
    Ask yo friend to google & he will find the right sites & he will have to pay, there is no free “plaything”. But if he gets freebies come back & let us know
    know. Im sho some of us can join him (winking). – PapaG.

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